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Wireless laser printers that work?

Why Facebook sucks

Nexus 4 arrives

Time for voter suppression trials

Re: Our Twitter archives

Bandwidth poverty

A time of information poverty

Bullet points on Ev's new startup

Why I quit Netflix

Jeremy Lin and the small picture

The new Camp David accord

Two best movies of 2012

How I ran ThinkTank/1987 in Chrome


ThinkTank 2.41NP (1987)

Microsoft's bet-the-cash-cow move

Adjectives for Mitt Romney

Who's your BOTY?

How to help the open web

I hope Mark Cuban reads this

Our news predicament

Where is

The Apple of Steve's Eye

Google Reader communities

How tech companies grow

What is going on in Gaza?

Linkblog via email

Seamless + NYMag reviews

Vivid dreams

Jeremy Lin belongs in Brooklyn

How did Cuban get caught?

Spielberg's Lincoln

Generals Have Sex!

My iPad history

The new electorate

Tech reporting is often nonsense

Horserace punditry is over

How to spot an outliner

This is not Steve's Apple

My new blogging platform

The people are never a lame duck

Thanks President Clinton

Why Romney Lost

"They don't know they're dead"

Boehner on ObamaCare

The world is socialist, part II

Strange numbers

What Republicans look like, to me

As Repubs try to figure it out

Election almanac e-book?

Dear Repubs, we heard you

It's a good day

Today we're the Decider-in-Chief

My favorite movies

If Obama wins

Pando on corporate platforms

How much does the NYT cost?

What are red state folks saying?

Crowd-sourcing the election

Help Annie help NYC

Crane on the move

Most brutal political ad, ever

The 2001 Marathon

Occupy Staten Island

Nate is great!

No marathon

The paywall contradiction


I'm tired too Abby


Is Google Maps realtime?

The worst NY player

Obama and Christie FTW

Google Maps API overview?

Hurricane status report

Climate change

NYT River repair work

A social network's soul

Sandy's message

Lost Twitter connection

Our Soviet Union

Listening is Hard

Why Obama Now

Sharing and mobile sites

Olbermann don't sell out!

Buck-passing bullshit

We need BYTE

Walter O's revenge

AWS river

Our crunch?

Crowley and Raddatz killed

He just makes this shit up

Today's AWS outage

Why the press isn't tough on candidates

Two warm-up projects

I named my company UserLand

Uber strikes out at JFK

Do VCs ever spot the new thing

Is Number One the only one

Microsoft keeps blowing it

Morning in America


I'm okay with Romney winning

Do you love Silicon Valley

Let's call them users

How to kick Twitter addiction

The new River tab on Scripting

California trip

Obama's easy sell

Dark social web history

In 2016, a two-screen debate

He called the President 'boy'

AT&T will turn its customers in

My blue iPod Touch is beautiful

My linkblog has an archive

Radio2 volunteers

New iPod Touch shipping?

Catching up on OPML & RSS stuff

Mr President, grow a pair

Unbreaking our Twitter

Test post for Google Reader readers

A reprieve for Google Reader readers

Outline your Twitter conversations

To Google Reader readers

New features

They taught outlining wrong

I need grad students

Update on OPML Comments

A funny thing about outliners

Romney cowardice

Compromising Obama

The drama of debate redesign

First October thought


Ron Paul would probably like this

Twitter is a tragic tale

How Dave Develops

This is another test

Sites should have a "readable" button

Romney as human being

Twitter may need a Plan B

Romney's 47 percent

The Angry Birds platform?

I want a Galaxy S3 but..

I thought "stench" was real

47% was not a gaffe

Why Obama didn't meet at UN

Problem posting to Twitter

Today's podcast

Open fields for discourse

Why didn't Apple ease into maps?

As a renewed Knicks fan

Humanity doesn't scale

Favorite movie reviews feeds?

Comments on Costolo talk

A comment *and* a blog post

An open note to Doc

A new feature sneak

Maps, Tweetie and dBASE

A day of construction

Un-Web 2.0

MP3 of Romney's fund-raiser

Question about SoundCloud

Dear Green Button People

Jury duty, voting and Romney

I feel a little like a kid

River with JSON-encoded OPML

OWS on its anniversary

Tech discussion of comments feed

Newspapers and blogging

To OWS -- please use the web

Why Google is OK

Whole post to Scripting feed

Dear @diveintomark

I don't think this is Kansas

An idea for reporters conducting live interviews

A question about class warfare

YouTube in the developing world

Blogging in transition

A message to Republicans: Enough

Do you see a green button on this page?

Witting with Greenwald

Dead people on voting rolls

A test of outline comments

To TechCrunch hackathoners's impressive start

Breakdown of feed formats

Life outside Twitter

About Twitter's changes in transition

Why a second term for Obama?

Ann Richards 1988 keynote

Repubs lie and obstruct, but Obama does not lead

The real liars are the press

Embedded registration form

Odd pic of two Presidents

Obama gets 1/2 of it