" } } }, "5": { "text": "Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having conferences like the Dealbook conference. But there's also nothing wrong with saying the truth about it, that the system it exposes yields inbred journalism. People who are close friends with the people they cover aren't really covering them. If that's all there is, then we aren't getting news. And that leads to huge problems. Open technologies are ignored because there's no marketing budget for them. Housing markets are turned into gambling casinos by people who already have more money than they could ever spend. Ordinary middle class people are turned out of their own homes. There are real consequences to this system. And global problems going unaddressed because the reporter didn't want to piss off some guy they use as a source.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 14:27:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "15914" }, "6": { "text": "We need dozens of people working at the Times doing what Margaret Sullivan does. I think Andrew Ross Sorkin needs to feel the heat, he needs to feel pressure to stab his friends in the back when they do something awful, and we need to get Felix Salmon to use his intellect to expose their mediocrity, not defend their parties.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 14:30:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15915" }, "7": { "text": "Sullivan's piece marked a beginning, perhaps. I hope.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 14:37:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "15917" }, "8": { "text": "A couple of postscripts.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 14:43:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "15918", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. My mother, a NYT daily reader for a long time, wrote on her blog that she might stop reading the Times because they weren't covering the Bradley Manning trial. She read about this in the Times itself in a Sullivan column. I said this is the reason to stay subscribed. That they now have the guts to criticize themselves so openly is a very positive thing for the Times, and a first. They are bending just a little to the advent of the blog. There's hope. In the past we wouldn't have known they were doing this. Now we do.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 14:43:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15919" }, "1": { "text": "2. I remember a column in PC Mag written in 1983 by Peter Norton, who was fast becoming the go-to guy for technical information about the IBM PC which was booming. I had used his book to guide my implementation of ThinkTank for the PC. And I read every word in every one of his columns. In the previous column he had said that the new version of IBM PC DOS was awful. It didn't work. Crashed. Lost data. He was right. It was awful. But he had gotten reprimanded by someone -- he didn't say who -- and he would never again question the wisdom of IBM. I thought it was remarkably honest of him to write this one last column. And true to his word, he never again challenged IBM. That was a very lonely moment. Up till then I felt like we were all in this together. Even IBM could benefit from honest criticism. That was the end of something important.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 14:45:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15920" } } } } }, "33": { "text": "The Internet as ecosystem", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 04:26:43 GMT", "name": "theInternetEcosystem", "pgfnum": "15897", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "There are huge parallels betw the Internet and our planet.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 04:26:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "15898" }, "1": { "text": "Open formats and protocols are like the DNA of endangered species.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 04:27:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "15899" }, "2": { "text": "\"AThe proliferation of corporate networks is like the spreading of corporate everything from coffee to big box stores to airports. Sameness, lack of diversity, individuality withers. What makes life interesting fades away, conformity reigns.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 04:27:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15900" }, "3": { "text": "But there still is art, even if most people don't live artisitc lives. And you can still use the open Internet even if most people don't.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 04:28:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "15901" }, "4": { "text": "Google owning Reader is bad for open stuff the same way it was bad that GM owned the public transit system of Los Angeles. It's like the fox guarding the hen house. Read the story in Buzzfeed and see if the analogy holds.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 04:28:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "15902" }, "5": { "text": "It was strange reading Gruber's account of the evolution of system scripting on the Mac, because all the diversity that was present as it was evolving is gone from his story. As if it never happened.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 04:29:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15903" }, "6": { "text": "So the thing that matters on the net is choice. If you choose something other than what everyone else is using, you're helping the net. You can still use the stuff everyone is using. But find a way to express yourself that's unique and that you know has value. And when you do that you're helping our intellectual and informational planet. And that probably can help the real planet too because if we're communicating and sharing ideas and information, we're better able to see problems, and perhaps find ways to solve them.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 04:30:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15904" }, "7": { "text": "Freaking out isn't going to help anything. Instead do the the opposite. Think, and act, and do something full of thought, for the Internet. Roll up your sleeves and do some good work.", "created": "Fri, 14 Dec 2012 04:32:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "15905" } } }, "34": { "text": "AppleScript was not alone", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 14:34:33 GMT", "name": "applescriptWasNotAlone", "pgfnum": "15861", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "John Gruber has a piece in MacWorld about AppleScript in which he says that Open Scripting Architecture was supported only by Apple. That's not correct.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 14:34:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15862", "subs": { "0": { "text": "AppleScript was not originally intended to be the only OSA scripting language, but it was. The idea was that OSA was language-agnostic, and the plan was for there to be several of them eventually. AppleScript was the friendly language, derived from HyperCard's HyperTalk (therein another story entirely) and intended for use by non-programmers. The theory being that a programming language that looked like prose rather than code might enable a broad swath of 'non-programmers' to, well, program.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 14:41:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "15866" } } }, "1": { "text": "UserLand's Frontier scripting environment supported OSA, both as a client and a server. The syntax of our language, known as UserTalk, is most like Python -- though it is a contemporary of Python, development started in 1988.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 14:40:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15865" }, "2": { "text": "The OSA compatibility and the struggle with Apple to allow us to co-exist with AppleScript is well documented in the archive of Scripting News.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 14:43:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "15867", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Working With AppleScript: Shows how to run AppleScript code inside the Frontier environment.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 14:45:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "15869" }, "1": { "text": "UserTalk Everywhere: Frontier implements the Open Scripting Architecture, making it easy for scripting clients to hook up to the Frontier system.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 14:44:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15868" }, "2": { "text": "A Google search for \"AppleScript\" on scripting.com.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 14:46:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "15870" } } }, "3": { "text": "Update: There's a JavaScript OSA component too.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 15:15:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15872" } } }, "35": { "text": "The API makes Flickr great", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 23:49:00 GMT", "name": "tryingTheNewFlickr", "pgfnum": "15851", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AJust read the review of the new Flickr mobile app from Nick Bilton at the NYT.", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 23:49:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "15852" }, "1": { "text": "I'm a Flickr user from the beginning, and I've stuck with it.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 01:58:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15859" }, "2": { "text": "I like Flickr for the API. It enables me to mirror everything I put up there on S3 which is really important to me.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 00:12:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15858" }, "3": { "text": "Hope they don't break the API. It's another of their big advantages, a huge base of compatible software. Lots of it hasn't been updated in a long time, all the more reason to leave it alone. (They've been talking about deprecating stuff for a long time, but my stuff still runs, which is good.)", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 01:58:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15860" }, "4": { "text": "Installed it on my iPod Touch . That's where I take most of my pictures.", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 23:55:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "15853" }, "5": { "text": "It took me a few tries to remember the combination of username and password. Eventually got in.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 00:04:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15854" }, "6": { "text": "Was able to browse my photos. Took a new photo of a couple of soda cans on my desk. Used a filter to reduce the glare and give it an oldtime look. Not trying to demo the camera -- just want to see how the software works.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 00:05:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "15855" }, "7": { "text": "I'm glad they updated Flickr. It works. If more people use Flickr I'm happy. It's a mature photo service with tons of users and lots of photos, and a full API that I've built on. If it has a more assured future, I'm happy.", "created": "Thu, 13 Dec 2012 00:06:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "15857" }, "8": { "text": "But don't break my apps. Please. :-)", "created": "Sat, 15 Dec 2012 20:05:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "15955" } } }, "36": { "text": "An idea for a product", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 23:05:25 GMT", "name": "anIdeaForAProduct", "pgfnum": "15839", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AThis is not a simple or obvious idea, so if you're skimming and expect to get it -- you probably won't. Just a caveat from someone who's accustomed to comments from people who aren't paying much attention. :-)", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 22:37:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "15840" }, "1": { "text": "Anyway, here's a little background for motivation.", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 22:38:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15841" }, "2": { "text": "The last week I've been helping my very good friend NakedJen get started in the world of smartphones. Until now she had a Blackberry that could do SMS, but had email disabled. I don't really understand why, but it's not important to the story. She was hard to reach via email, and she couldn't use any of the apps we all like to use. She didn't have maps or any of the other cool stuff we're all playing with these days.", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 22:38:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15842" }, "3": { "text": "Once I understood where she was, I gave her a phone I wasn't using, one of the first Google Nexus phones. It was a gift from Google. So it was totally appropriate that I pass it on to NakedJen.", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 22:40:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15843" }, "4": { "text": "I think she stayed up all night playing with the phone. When I checked in with her, she had done all kinds of customizations. The next day she was installing apps. She was giggling with glee at every revelation. I think she saw that this mode of computer use is actually pretty simple. And she's taking it back with her to Salt Lake City, where her family there will be very happy I'm sure that Jen will be part of the 21st Century (something I like to kid her about).", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 22:41:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15844" }, "5": { "text": "Next part of the story. This morning I got a Fedex from a longtime friend at Microsoft. In the package there were two new smartphones, a Nokia 920 and 810. Since I am a T-Mobile guy, I started with the 810. It's a lovely piece of tech. The performance and color are amazing. It's also very easy to guess where everything is. I had it set up to work over wifi with my GMail account in about five minutes. A few minutes later I was taking pictures and had installed the Twitter app. I sent a text message. Then we went out for a walk. I took my iPod Touch, iPad LTE and Nexus 4 with me, in addition to the 810, and of course NakedJen and her Android phone. It all worked just fine. Everything that didn't have its own service plan connected to the net via Bluetooth through the iPad.", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 22:43:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "15845" }, "6": { "text": "When we came back it was time for Jen to go home to Utah. She tried to get Glympse going but for some reason it didn't work, so I fell back to using text messages to follow her progress to La Guardia and her flight to Milwaukee.", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 22:48:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "15847" }, "7": { "text": "Now finally I'm able to explain the idea.", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 22:48:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "15848" }, "8": { "text": "\"AWhen I tried to send text messages from my desktop Mac, all of a sudden I was dropped into a horribly complex maze of things that make no sense. I can't even figure out how to send an SMS without someone sending me one first. I tried reading all of Google's docs, installed all the software they told me to install, and in the end I went back to the Nexus 4 to communicate with Jen. Later I realized I could do what I needed to with the Voice website. But there were problems there too. I ended up having to enter the number manually, my contacts list was useless in that context.", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 22:49:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "15849" }, "9": { "text": "The idea is this -- Google or Microsoft or Apple -- create a new app that runs on the desktop that's designed with the parameters of a smartphone. Leverage the skills I already have. I was able to set up the Windows Phone in a few minutes, on an OS that I had never used. I am a relatively expert Mac user, but failed after a half hour. The lesson is pretty clear. At the very least the desktop has to do what the mobile device does, with the same care of design and simplicity. What I'm left with is a hodgepodge of stuff that wasn't designed to do this. Time for a fresh look.", "created": "Wed, 12 Dec 2012 22:50:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15850" } } }, "37": { "text": "More than a tweet, less than a post", "created": "Tue, 11 Dec 2012 17:33:19 GMT", "name": "aNewKindOfBlogPost", "pgfnum": "15852", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "There's a place for something between a tweet and a blog post.", "created": "Tue, 11 Dec 2012 17:33:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "15853" }, "1": { "text": "That's what I've been trying to explore here on the threads site.", "created": "Tue, 11 Dec 2012 17:33:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "15854" }, "2": { "text": "Quick little bits that wouldn't fit into 140 chars, and can benefit from having a place to comment with more than 140.", "created": "Tue, 11 Dec 2012 17:33:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15855" }, "3": { "text": "Maybe we need a name for this. Pweet?", "created": "Tue, 11 Dec 2012 17:34:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "15856" } } }, "38": { "text": "There are a lot of assholes out there", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:43:46 GMT", "name": "thereAreALotOfAssholesOutThere", "pgfnum": "15818", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Re the Guardian profile of Julian Assange, which I wrote about earlier today.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:43:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15819" }, "1": { "text": "1. I'm sure the Guardian has profiled lots of assholes.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:42:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15814" }, "2": { "text": "2. I'm also sure they don't make most the articles about what assholes they are.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:43:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15815" }, "3": { "text": "3. How do they decide to make the story about what an asshole the person is?", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:43:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "15816" }, "4": { "text": "My theory is that they do it if and only if other publications do.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:44:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "15821" }, "5": { "text": "And of course if Barack Obama were a huge asshole they wouldn't make the story about that. Or Mitch McConnell (who surely is as abrasive as any public figure ever profiled) because to do so would show bias. It would not be balanced.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:45:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "15822" }, "6": { "text": "\"AThat's how school kids decide who to bully, for example. If everyone makes someone their bitch, then it's okay for you to. So the Times runs a magazine profile about Assange's socks and other minutia, so the Guardian can find other scabs to pick at. Even if their readers might feel more than a little empathy for the guy.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:46:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15823" }, "7": { "text": "I wonder if their profiles of the Royal Family include this kind of stuff?", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:51:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "15825" }, "8": { "text": "Would they interview the Queen the way they interview Assange?", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:51:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15826" }, "9": { "text": "In British culture is that even considered a reasonable question?", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:52:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "15827" }, "10": { "text": "Assange isn't a founder of Google. Doesn't control a huge budget. Isn't a military commander. He's broke and lives in exile in a closet. He can't really do anything to you. He certainly can't pull his ads! :-)", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:58:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "15829" }, "11": { "text": "Kicking someone when they're down is considered poor style in the US. A sign of cowardice. How about in Britain?", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:53:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "15828" } } }, "39": { "text": "Twitter copying Instagram", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 22:56:28 GMT", "name": "shameTwitterBecomingInstagram", "pgfnum": "15809", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "It's a shame that Twitter is copying the features of Instagram instead of giving us features only Twitter can. The web is crying. :-(", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 22:56:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15810" } } }, "40": { "text": "Central Park hawk", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 22:52:36 GMT", "name": "centralParkHawk", "pgfnum": "15806", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Came across this hawk perched in a tree in Central Park today.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 22:52:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15807" }, "1": { "text": "\"A", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 22:52:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "15808" } } }, "41": { "text": "Twitter do something nice for users", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:28:40 GMT", "name": "twitterCouldDoSomethingNiceForUsers", "pgfnum": "15795", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Give us a way to delete a tweet from someone else in our Replies tab.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:28:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "15796" }, "1": { "text": "From time to time you get someone directing a speech at you, instead of to all their followers. They must have no idea how 20 messages from them look in someone else's Twitter equivalent of an inbox.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:29:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15797", "subs": { "0": { "text": "It's lazy and inconsiderate.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:37:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "15803", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I went to the trouble to write my ideas in the form of a blog post. Where I could use full sentences, and not use cryptic abbreviations which are often impossible to decypher. I tried to link to my sources so you could see what I'm talking about if my prose was too dense.", "created": "Sun, 09 Dec 2012 16:44:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "15831" } } }, "1": { "text": "They're rants.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sun, 09 Dec 2012 16:45:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "15832", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The rants you get in tweets often are not only full of vitriol, it's also impossible to tell what they're so excited about!", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:39:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15804", "subs": { "0": { "text": "As if I wanted to know. :-)", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:40:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "15805" } } } } } } }, "2": { "text": "If it were email, you could just delete them, and that would be that. But in Twitter, they just stay there, until they scroll off. And that could take a long time.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:29:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "15798" }, "3": { "text": "Even the most interesting person gets longwinded communicating in 140-character chunk after chunk. And most of these tweets come from people who are angry, exhausted, highly opinionated, and not very respectful (or else they would realize how much of your space they're taking up).", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:30:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "15799" }, "4": { "text": "It would be nice if we got one new simple user-oriented feature in Twitter in 2012.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:31:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15800" } } }, "42": { "text": "What is wrong with the Guardian?", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:08:10 GMT", "name": "whatIsWrongWithTheGuardian", "pgfnum": "15786", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "For some reason I started to read a long news piece on Julian Assange on The Guardian website, and it was interesting, until the reporter started trashing Assange. I've included a brief excerpt below.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:08:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "15787", "subs": { "0": { "text": "What about the fracture with close colleagues at WikiLeaks? \"No!\" he practically shouts. But Domscheit-Berg got so fed up with Assange that he quit, didn't he? \"No, no, no, no, no. Domscheit-Berg had a minor role within WikiLeaks, and he was suspended by me on 25 August 2010. Suspended.\" Well, that's my point ­ here was somebody else with whom Assange fell out. \"Be serious here! Seriously ­ my God. What we are talking about here in our work is the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people ­ hundreds of thousands ­ that we have exposed and documented. And your question is about, did we suspend someone back in 2010?\" My point was that there is a theme of his relationships turning sour. \"There is not!\" he shouts." } } }, "1": { "text": "The piece continues in this mode, mocking him, as if they were children." }, "2": { "text": "Assange stuck his neck out for all of us, and whether you agree with him or not, it doesn't matter whether you like him.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:09:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15789" }, "3": { "text": "They need better editors at the Guardian, and more respect for their readers.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:16:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "15794" } } }, "43": { "text": "Idea for a new democracy", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 17:52:51 GMT", "name": "ideaForANewDemocracy", "pgfnum": "15776", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "This idea isn't for today's United States, but if we were to ever try to boot up a new democracy, I'd suggest thinking about only offering the vote to citizens who had served on a jury that reached a verdict.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 17:53:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15777" }, "1": { "text": "Then at least we'd get voters who understand how the government works. And maybe we'd actually get a government that tackles the real problems.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 17:53:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15778" }, "2": { "text": "For example, we need a decision on climate change, and we needed to start implementing it 20 years ago, long before the effects could be felt by voters.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 17:55:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "15780" }, "3": { "text": "Even now, when the entire NYC metropolitan area was shut down by Sandy, things are returning to normal, and we are deciding to postpone change for another year, until next year's miracle happens. Sandy, imho, is as ominous as the attacks of 9/11 were.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 17:55:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "15781" }, "4": { "text": "Many things changed between 1776 and today. Instantaenous mass communication. Science appears to have conquered the elements. There's a sense that no matter what you see and hear and feel, that things can't really change that much.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 17:56:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "15782" }, "5": { "text": "But things have changed hugely in the last couple of hundred years. And we, for the most, feel these changes were positive. But that's changing now too. We've run out of frontier. We've run out of space. And we're more efficient at creating and sustaining human life. But that may be about to change (probably is) -- and we can't react until -- when? Not clear.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 17:57:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "15783" }, "6": { "text": "If jurors were making the decisions, we'd suck it in, figure it out and do what needed to be done. That's what jury duty teaches you to do.", "created": "Sat, 08 Dec 2012 17:59:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15784" } } }, "44": { "text": "Twitter and Instagram break up", "created": "Wed, 05 Dec 2012 15:38:58 GMT", "name": "twitterAndInstagramBreakUp", "pgfnum": "15761", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"ANick Bilton at the NYT reports that Instagram removed their Twitter cards metadata from their pages. This means that to view pictures taken by users in Instagram, you'll have to visit the Instagram site.", "created": "Wed, 05 Dec 2012 15:39:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "15762" }, "1": { "text": "Forgotten in the drama is: 1. Users and 2. the web.", "created": "Wed, 05 Dec 2012 15:40:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "15763" }, "2": { "text": "Having our pictures show up in Twitter isn't always the right thing. For example, when I link to a Flickr picture from a tweet, they take the picture from Flickr and show it directly in Twitter, without the reader having to visit the Flickr site. As a photographer, I would prefer this feature not be there, so people can comment on the pictures in Flickr, where there is no 140-character limit, and where the comments will have a relatively long period of visibilty. In Twitter they scroll off very quickly.", "created": "Wed, 05 Dec 2012 15:40:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15764" }, "3": { "text": "I don't use Instagram, so I don't have an opinion about whether my (non-existent) Instagram pictures show up in Twitter.", "created": "Wed, 05 Dec 2012 15:42:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "15765" }, "4": { "text": "I also think it's good for the web if there's separation between these websites. Twitter is rapidly becoming something bigger than the web, sort of a mega-web. That's not cool. The thing I liked about Twitter re Facebook is that it was a way of pointing people to other sites. Over time, they've stopped doing that so much. That has meant that we've only got 140 characters to play with. Some ideas require more than that. Only very simple ideas can be expressed in such limited space.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Wed, 05 Dec 2012 15:42:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "15766", "subs": { "0": { "text": "2005: \"People come back to places that send them away.\"", "created": "Wed, 05 Dec 2012 15:57:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15768" } } }, "5": { "text": "So it's not black and white. Not \"Twitter Bad\" or \"Instagram Bad.\" Imho the only thing that's bad is the lack of diversity. These sites are growing too large, and we're growing too dependent on them. And as often happens in tech, the users and open standards become an afterthought to the warfare between large companies. But the good news is that this kind of fighting is a sign of an implosion coming soon, and a new period of expansion and innovation. When companies and the press become too focused on each other, and forget the users, the users seem to always break out, and invent a new layer.", "created": "Wed, 05 Dec 2012 15:44:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "15767" }, "6": { "text": "Hugh MacLeod: \"Billionaires squabbling about who gets to own the commons.\"", "created": "Wed, 05 Dec 2012 17:06:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "15769" }, "7": { "text": "Rene Ritchie: \"Twitter doesn¹t want eyeballs on third-party clients. Instagram doesn't want eyeballs on Twitter. No one cares what the eyeballs want.\"", "created": "Wed, 05 Dec 2012 23:26:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "15776" } } }, "45": { "text": "Why The Daily failed", "created": "Tue, 04 Dec 2012 16:07:37 GMT", "name": "whyTheDailyFailed", "pgfnum": "15760", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AI don't even remember what the initial proposition was on The Daily, but I think it involved me giving them money to find out what it was. They told me it was great. They got lots of other people to say they were impressed. And that was the end of the pitch.", "created": "Tue, 04 Dec 2012 16:07:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15761" }, "1": { "text": "Everyone on the net is busy. All the time. I was riding the LIRR the other day from Queens to Manhattan, and everyone around me was staring into the screen of their smartphone, tapping, typing, clicking. I watched the faces. They looked like the people sitting around in the system lab at the UW Comp Sci Dept in 1978. Same damn thing. Except now instead of a handful of misunderstood geeks, now it's everyone. ", "created": "Tue, 04 Dec 2012 16:08:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "15762" }, "2": { "text": "BTW, they didn't look \"engaged\" or entertained, or even aware of what they're doing. Most of the time we spend pecking and nibbling at stuff on the net we sort of wish there was something more interesting to do. But there isn't, so we keep nibbling and pecking.", "created": "Tue, 04 Dec 2012 16:10:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "15763" }, "3": { "text": "And if you're the rare contributor on the net, you might tweet something once in a while. I would call that grunting and snorting.", "created": "Tue, 04 Dec 2012 16:10:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "15764" }, "4": { "text": "That's why I like to write blog posts, btw -- it keeps my writing muscles working, for the day when they might be needed again, which I hope I live to see. It would be justice though if it didn't happen. After spending a life selling this idea that people should live on the Internet, to find out that the life wasn't worth living! :-)", "created": "Tue, 04 Dec 2012 16:11:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "15765" }, "5": { "text": "Anyway, back to The Daily and why it failed. You might as well ask why the Charlotte Bobcats failed. Because they can't dribble, pass, shoot, block shots, get rebounds or avoid fouls. As in Charolotte, they didn't even field a team over there in MurdochLand.", "created": "Tue, 04 Dec 2012 16:12:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15766" }, "6": { "text": "Anyway this is the topic du jour. I'll write the same piece again and again, as I have been for decades, in different contexts. We have the power to do much better, but it's not a requirement. ", "created": "Tue, 04 Dec 2012 16:13:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15767" } } }, "46": { "text": "What's like RSS?", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:24:05 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/12/03/loveRSS.gif", "name": "whatsLikeRss", "pgfnum": "15758", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"ATo be like RSS, it would have to be some open tech that is free to be used by anyone without royalty, with no individual, corporation or standards body that can make your development work obsolete. To me, as a developer, that's what open means.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:25:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "15760" }, "1": { "text": "If Apple can deprecate and then remove an API, or not approve an app because it doesn't conform to a rule that didn't even exist when I wrote it -- that's very far from the ideal.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:26:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "15761" }, "2": { "text": "Lots of APIs these days are like that. And since they have corporate sponsors, they're the ones they talk about at tech conferences. Because they can pay for sponsorships. That's how the conference promoters get paid.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:26:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "15762" }, "3": { "text": "I have a reason for asking this question -- I'm wondering if there's enough open technology out there that's not corporate-owned that we could have an interesting meetup among interested parties and get some good cross-pollinating done.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:24:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15759" }, "4": { "text": "I think this is the core of what Stallman's free software idea is about. I really don't care that much about software, though I respect that he does. What matters to me is that I can ship something and have it keep working indefinitely, without worrying about someone outlawing my work. That kind of power always gets abused (I wonder why anyone would think it wouldn't).", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:28:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15765" }, "5": { "text": "Anyway here's a list of some ideas, but please post comments or send me mail of any formats or protocols that you think should be on this list.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:29:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "15766", "subs": { "0": { "text": "JSON", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:30:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15767" }, "1": { "text": "Markdown", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:30:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "15768" }, "2": { "text": "RSS (of course)", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:30:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "15769" }, "3": { "text": "OPML", "created": "Tue, 04 Dec 2012 01:17:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "15773" }, "4": { "text": "PNG", "created": "Tue, 04 Dec 2012 01:18:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "15774" } } } } }, "47": { "text": "Should feeds require HTTPS?", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 21:52:03 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/12/03/accordionGuy.gif", "name": "shouldFeedsUseHttps", "pgfnum": "15751", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AI said no, feeds should not require using HTTPS, and got an email from a developer friend asking me to explain, which I am happy to do.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 21:52:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15753" }, "1": { "text": "If you think everyone who wants to read your feeds uses an aggregator that's being regularly updated then you won't lose any readers. But maybe you'll miss the one person who could help everyone understand your product.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 21:53:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "15754" }, "2": { "text": "Engineers tend to think users are fungible. One user is as good as every other user. So if you lose 1 percent or 5 percent, no big deal. But it might be a big deal. And it might be more than 5 percent.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 21:53:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "15755" }, "3": { "text": "However if your users are creating great stuff that a lot of people want to read, then it might not matter, because eventually everyone will get to read your feeds, no matter what they're using. Over time, all aggregators will support HTTPS if enough developers of feeds require it.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 21:53:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "15757" }, "4": { "text": "If it should turn out that way, it'll be a pain in the butt to get my aggregator working with HTTPS, but if you make it compelling enough I'll do it. And I'll be pissed because it's time I'd rather spend doing something creative. Not make-work, because I can't see for the life of me why you need to push RSS over a secure connection. :-)" } } }, "48": { "text": "Cloud Atlas mini-review", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 18:51:08 GMT", "name": "cloudAtlas", "pgfnum": "14353", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The critics didn't like Cloud Atlas, so I almost didn't see it. That would have been a mistake, because I loved the movie. Much more than some other movies that got universally good reviews -- Lincoln, Flight and Argo, all of which I thought were yawners.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 18:51:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "14354" }, "1": { "text": "I loved the way they wove all the stories together, and how they all reached the same places at the same time.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 18:52:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "14355" }, "2": { "text": "\"AMost important, it's very much a continuation of The Matrix series. Hugo Weaving even plays the Agent Smith role in a couple of the segments. And like Argo, it mixes slapstick comedy with heavy action, but unlike Argo, they make it work.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 18:52:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "14356", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I think the nurse in one of the segments was played by Weaving in drag?", "collapse": "true", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 18:58:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "14361", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Update: Yes indeed!", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 19:23:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "14364" } } } } }, "3": { "text": "I like movies that make simple political points, and I like the message of The Matrix, and I like that they picked it up in Cloud Atlas.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 18:53:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "14357", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The simple message -- non-conformist -- be original, don't be a clone!", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 18:59:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "14362" } } }, "4": { "text": "Some of the reviewers said the story was confusing, but I wasn't even slightly confused. And I liked that it's also a love story, like The Matrix, but it's sweeter and grabs you at a more emotional level. Not to take anything away from The Matrix which is one of my all-time favorites.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 18:54:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "14358" }, "5": { "text": "NakedJen arrives tomorrow for our annual film festival, and I'm going to recommend that she see Cloud Atlas after we see the three Matrix movies. And if you've seen and loved The Matrix, I highly recommend seeing Cloud Atlas. Unfortunately it's probably too late to see it in theaters around the country. It's still playing in NYC on 42nd St and in Kew Gardens.", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 18:55:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "14359" }, "6": { "text": "Moral of the story -- if critics universally pan a movie that don't mean they're right! :-)", "created": "Mon, 03 Dec 2012 18:57:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "14360" } } }, "49": { "text": "Sidewalker map app", "created": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 16:18:29 GMT", "name": "aMapAppToMake", "pgfnum": "15727", "pubdate": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 16:17:22 GMT", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Here's an idea for a map-based app.", "created": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 15:52:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "15728" }, "1": { "text": "\"AThe other day I was walking down Columbus Ave, on the west side of the street, and passed an Italian restaurant that looked like a place I'd like. Just a neighborhood restaurant with waiter service, but nothing fancy. They have a place like this in Lexington, Mass that I like to eat at. And one in Mountain View, Calif. There used to be one of these in every neighborhood in NYC, but nowadays mostly they have are upscale places, which are nice, when you feel upscale. But sometimes you just want a plate of spaghetti with a couple of meatballs and a nice mixed salad with Italian dressing, a big glass of ice tea, for about $10 to $12 plus tip.", "created": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 15:52:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15729" }, "2": { "text": "And there it was!", "created": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 16:15:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15732" }, "3": { "text": "I looked back and made a mental image of the place. I didn't write down the name or address. Now I want to find it. What I'll do is slog through Google Maps street view of the neighborhood. But it would be nice to be able to take a virtual walk down the street, a little faster than I walk IRL.", "created": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 15:54:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "15730" }, "4": { "text": "Obviously this would have other applications. You get to play virtual tourist. Or do window shopping. Look for a nice nieghborhood to live in a town that's far away. Etc.", "created": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 15:55:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "15731" }, "5": { "text": "Update: The solution to the puzzle is Francesco's Pizzeria. Didn't find it via Google Maps. Instead I went by foot to the location and scoped it out. Even took a picture this time. :-)", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 21:36:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "15748", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A", "created": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 21:37:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "15749" } } }, "6": { "text": "Update: Had a nice plate of spaghetti and meatballs on the 7th with Ryan Tate, at Francesco's. Hit the spot perfectly.", "created": "Fri, 07 Dec 2012 20:02:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15771" } } }, "50": { "text": "Just found Talkatone", "created": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 00:33:26 GMT", "name": "justFoundTalkatone", "pgfnum": "15727", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "30 minutes ago I found Talkatone. I came across it because I'm wanting to make phone calls from my LTE-equipped iPad 3. Honestly, I thought when I got around to this, I'd just use the Google Voice app the same way I make calls from my GMail account on my desktop. Apparently it's much more complicated. On my Android phone it was just a matter of asking an automatic dialog that asked if I wanted to use Google Voice instead of T-Mobile for my calls. Of course being a totall Google Voice fan I said yes. Is this because Apple doesn't want GV to work on the iPad? Hmm.", "created": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 00:33:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "15728" }, "1": { "text": "Anyway, Talkatone seems horribly complicated. But I'm sure it's the kind of thing where it makes more sense the second and third times you read the docs.", "created": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 00:35:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "15729" }, "2": { "text": "PS: And then I came across this. :-)", "created": "Sun, 02 Dec 2012 00:45:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "15730" } } }, "51": { "text": "iTunes is an outliner", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:16:03 GMT", "name": "itunesIsAnOutliner", "pgfnum": "15706", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Doc Searls posted an item yesterday explaining how journalism is an outline.", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:16:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "15707" }, "1": { "text": "Then also yesterday iTunes 11 came out, and it's the topic du jour. Pogue says it's great, overlooking the features they took out. He says if you complain about iTunes you're a bad person. This, in the Paper of Record. I'll remember that next time they pan a movie I like. (Seriously the Times tech reviews are pretty awful. They used to be great when Sandberg-Diment was doing them.)", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:16:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "15708", "subs": { "0": { "text": "His actual words: \"iTunes 11 is, on the whole, better than what came before it -- if only because it's faster, far less cluttered and laid out more sensibly. Yes, change always ruffles people's feathers -- you could argue that Apple's specialty is feather-ruffling -- but this time, at least, the overall direction is up.\"", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:36:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "15715" }, "1": { "text": "Bleh. This is typical Pogue. Nasty shit they should edit out, on the chance that their reviewer got it wrong.", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:37:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "15716" } } }, "2": { "text": "Anyway, luckily if you know what pref to turn on, you can get iTunes working again. The way it ships you can't use it to move content onto an iPad or iPod. Not exactly a minor function of iTunes.", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:17:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "15709" }, "3": { "text": "Farhad Manjoo says it's time to take iTunes out back and shoot it. It's bad software he says. I'd like to offer the perspective of someone who has made his share of bad software. Go watch the great documentary, The Fog of War. Most software is like that. A big Ouija board. In one rev you try to solve a problem, but in doing so, you lose the solution to the problem three versions back. So you fix that, and undo something else.", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:18:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "15710" }, "4": { "text": "It's like renting office space for a growing company. In the first office you were on the ground floor but had windows that didn't open, so the office was stifling in the summer. So the next office has windows that open. But you forgot how nice it was to be on the ground floor.", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:20:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15711" }, "5": { "text": "The only way software really flows is if you focus relentlessly on a very small set of features, and write down what the rules are, and never break them, and take lots and lots of time to Get It Right.", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:21:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15712" }, "6": { "text": "\"AThat's why it's important to study something like iTunes to figure out what it really is, and don't just tack on annexes and add-ons to suit the needs of the next \"Stevenote\" demo. When you step back and look, and think and think some more, you'll see that it's an outliner. You have devices to hook in, and apps on those devices, and songs and playlists. Every one of which is a hierarchy. And you're moving and copying things from one hierarchy to another. When I realized that everything in computers was like this, I decided to make a tool that was really excellent at editable hierarchies, so I wouldn't have to keep making shitty little outliners for every one-off problem. Because managing iPods is a lot like managing documents on a hard drive or ideas that make up a presentation or a business plan or a set of software reviews. Why have five miserable iTunes-like tools when one really great one will do? That way you keep the fog down to a minimum. (Remember to go see the movie if you haven't already.)", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:21:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "15713" }, "7": { "text": "I thought Apple would copy us and put an outliner in the Mac Toolbox. Should have happened in the late 80s. But for whatever reason they didn't do it. So they're still stuck in the fog of outliners shuffling stuff from one rev to the next. Until that major reconceive happens, it won't do any good to start over.", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:24:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "15714" } } }, "52": { "text": "Don't blame the Repubs", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 14:22:32 GMT", "name": "dontBlameTheRepublicans", "pgfnum": "15698", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AWho can blame the Republicans for their lies if the press is willing to carry them, verbatim, as if there were some truth to what they're saying?", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 14:23:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "15701" }, "1": { "text": "It's like the SUL fiasco in the Twitter world a couple of years ago.", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 14:23:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15702" }, "2": { "text": "Who can blame Twitter if pubs like TechCrunch, Mashable, GigaOm, ReadWriteWeb were willing to take bribes in the form of millions of followers, openly. If I were running Twitter and could get away with that, I'd seriously consider doing the same.", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 14:31:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "15705" }, "3": { "text": "Business people have an obligation to follow the law, as do Congress people. But their first obligations are to their shareholders and to get re-elected. If the press is willing to sacrifice its integrity and it helps your cause -- you might want to go for it. Twitter did, and the Repubs do.", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 14:24:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15703" }, "4": { "text": "None of this will change until we change the way journalism works.", "created": "Sat, 01 Dec 2012 14:29:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "15704" } } } } }, "1": { "text": "November", "type": "include", "url": "http://static.scripting.com/denver/wo/dave/2012/12/01/archive022.opml", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Wireless laser printers that work?", "created": "Thu, 29 Nov 2012 00:44:31 GMT", "name": "areThereAnyWirelessLaserPrintersThatWork", "pgfnum": "15677", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AI got a Brother printer a few years back on the recommendation of a friend, and it's been a wonderful printer. Fast and trouble-free. As someone who doesn't print very often, it's important to have it be zero effort and the Brother is that.", "created": "Thu, 29 Nov 2012 00:44:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "15678" }, "1": { "text": "But it was advertised as having wifi, but when I tried to get it to work, I couldn't make heads or tails of the docs. And the consensus among users on Amazon is that it's unusable.", "created": "Thu, 29 Nov 2012 00:45:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "15679" }, "2": { "text": "Thinking about getting a new printer for mom for Christmas, she really needs one. I was just going to order her the same printer I have. But before actually doing it, I wanted to find out if anyone has gotten wifi and laser printers to work in an easy-to-set-up way.", "created": "Thu, 29 Nov 2012 00:46:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15680" }, "3": { "text": "Thanks!", "created": "Thu, 29 Nov 2012 00:47:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15681" } } }, "1": { "text": "Why Facebook sucks", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 17:36:44 GMT", "name": "whyFacebookSucks", "pgfnum": "15665", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I was emailing with a friend and found myself explaining why Facebook is changing the economics for people like Mark Cuban. Here it is.", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 17:36:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "15666" }, "1": { "text": "Facebook has to do what they're doing because their stock is screwed and they're being run by Goldman Sachs now.", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 17:37:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15667" }, "2": { "text": "I thought it deserved a blog post cause it was so concise.", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 17:39:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "15668" } } }, "2": { "text": "Nexus 4 arrives", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 14:46:18 GMT", "name": "nexus4Arrives", "pgfnum": "15654", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "This picture was taken with my Nexus 4 which arrived today.", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 14:46:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15655", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A" } } }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 20:16:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "4929", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "4925", "subs": { "0": { "text": "bold", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "1": { "text": "true" }, "2": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "4927" } } }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 20:16:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "4930" } } }, "2": { "text": "Micro-SIM issue", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 16:01:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "15661", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The first task will be to visit a nearby T-Mobile store to see if I can swap my old big SIM for the smaller one that the Nexus 4 takes. It may be that it doesn't take a T-Mobile SIM at all. I still am fuzzy on all this SIM stuff.", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 14:48:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "15656" }, "1": { "text": "Here's the problem with the SIM illustrated in a picture. The SIM that I have is far too big for the adapter they provide.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 15:34:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15659", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A" } } }, "2": { "text": "And here's the answer. It's a matter of converting a full-size SIM to a micro-SIM. CNET has a tutorial that explains all the options, including DIY.", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 16:01:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "15662" }, "3": { "text": "Update: The T-Mobile store on 8th Ave and 54th was able to fix it up in a few minutes. They were pretty impressed with my new phone. The guy said he was going to try to order one for himself later today. :-)", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 18:57:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "15669" } } }, "3": { "text": "Dispatching pictures", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 16:06:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "15663", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The camera app seems to have a lot of features, but there doesn't appear to be a way to send a photo directly from the camera app to email or Twitter or whatever. I seem to remember that Android could do this. It's the first thing I look for.", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 14:48:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "15658" }, "1": { "text": "Several people recommend using the Gallery, but the best answer for me, so far, is to swipe from right to left. The camera viewfinder is replaced with a browser of past pictures. From there you can dispatch them where ever you want.", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 16:06:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "15664" } } }, "4": { "text": "Setting the wallpaper", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 19:48:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15670", "subs": { "0": { "text": "It's really frustrating to set the wallpaper. I have a full-size picture of the Mona Lisa, it makes a great background image for a cell phone. I use it on my iPad, my iPod and I want to use it on my Nexus 4.", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 19:48:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15671" }, "1": { "text": "But the wall-paper setting function in the Settings only lets me select a very small portion of the picture. Can't figure out how to get it to zoom out. But when I display the picture in the Gallery app it works perfectly. And it works perfectly the first time on Apple's devices.", "created": "Tue, 27 Nov 2012 19:49:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15672" }, "2": { "text": "\"A" }, "3": { "text": "Update: I gave up and just used Google's wallpaper-setter app. It's confusing, but I've had it explained to me, and sort of understand. Turns out the Mona Lisa still looks good if you're just looking at a corner of it. Amazing painting that way. :-)", "created": "Thu, 29 Nov 2012 14:36:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "15682" } } }, "5": { "text": "Video player", "created": "Thu, 29 Nov 2012 14:33:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15678", "subs": { "0": { "text": "A few days ago I wrote how I quit Netflix. Partly because Amazon appears to be offering the same service as part of Amazon Prime, and I'm already a member of that (and it costs less than Netflix and I get free shipping).", "created": "Thu, 29 Nov 2012 14:33:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "15679" }, "1": { "text": "Then I got the Nexus 4. And found out to my surprise that Amazon Instant Video isn't available for the Nexus 4. Too bad, because it's a very nice little computer for watching movies. I watched Gangnan Style last night a few times and loved the video quality.", "created": "Thu, 29 Nov 2012 14:34:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15680" }, "2": { "text": "But I can play MP4 movies on the device. So it's possible for some of my entertainment to be viewed there.", "created": "Thu, 29 Nov 2012 14:35:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15681" } } } } }, "3": { "text": "Time for voter suppression trials", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 21:48:54 GMT", "name": "timeForSomeArrestsInVoterSuppression", "pgfnum": "15641", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Now that some Republicans have confessed that the real purpose of Florida voter suppression was to disenfranchise voters in order to change the outcome of an election, it's time to arrest and prosecute some of the offenders.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 21:49:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "15642", "subs": { "0": { "text": "That's a bit too conservative. The purpose of voter suppression is to steal an election.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 22:02:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15645" } } }, "1": { "text": "Let's see how well their excuses hold up in court with a jury of their peers (the people whose votes they were trying to suppress).", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 21:52:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15644" }, "2": { "text": "I've had it with the government looking the other way on political crimes. We have a free system that guarantees every citizen a vote. Screwing with the election is a serious crime.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 21:49:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "15643" }, "3": { "text": "Update: Thanks to Betsy Devine for suggesting a petition. Please sign it! Now, before you forget. :-)", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 22:44:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15646" } } }, "4": { "text": "Re: Our Twitter archives", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 17:37:07 GMT", "name": "ourTwitterArchive", "pgfnum": "15637", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "When we download our Twitter archives, which is supposed to be possible before the end of the year, what format will it be in?", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 17:37:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "15638" }, "1": { "text": "Update: At least one person seems to think this will enable people to switch to a different service. Not clear until you know what the format is. And what the terms are.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 18:11:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "15639" } } }, "5": { "text": "Bandwidth poverty", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 15:33:42 GMT", "name": "moreOnInformationPoverty", "pgfnum": "15629", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Yesterday I wrote a piece about information poverty from one point of view, but there's another -- bandwidth.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 15:33:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "15630" }, "1": { "text": "In New York, the largest city in the US, the bandwidth available to most residents is pitiful for 2012. There is some FIOS, but very little, and mostly in the outer boroughs. In Manhattan we get Time-Warner asymetric junk.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 15:34:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "15631", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A" } } }, "2": { "text": "Google is of course experimenting with gigabit fiber in Kansas City, and now they've bought a wifi service company. Ooops, turns out that was a hoax! :-(", "collapse": "true", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 15:35:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "15632" }, "3": { "text": "The short term solution to New York's connectivity problem isn't digging up the streets and laying fiber, it's wifi hotspots blanketing the city. Every cell phone, laptop and desktop computer comes with wifi today, world wide. It's the standard for the future. And you can get some pretty great throughput with wifi. Much better than the crap that cable companies offer today. And much much cheaper.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 15:36:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15633" }, "4": { "text": "Google is probably going to price it at $0. :-)", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 15:37:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15634" }, "5": { "text": "I've long argued that the NY Times should solve the city's bandwidth problem and charge us a reasonable price for it. The window of opportunity for that may be closing pretty quickly", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 15:38:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15635" } } }, "6": { "text": "A time of information poverty", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 01:39:53 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/11/25/rotaryDialPhoneLarge.jpg", "name": "movieMonitor", "pgfnum": "15621", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "It's Sunday night of a Thanksgiving weekend in NY and there are a bunch of movies playing I haven't seen. But in NY it's hard to know, for me at least, when theaters will be crowded. Is this a good time to go to the movies if you like a relatively empty theater and a short popcorn line?", "collapse": "true", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 01:40:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "15622", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Sometimes the theaters in NY are packed when you'd least expect it.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 04:33:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15630" } } }, "1": { "text": "We live in a time of information poverty. Someday you'll tell your grandchildren there was a time when you couldn't zoom in on the local theater and see how many people had bought tickets for the show that starts in 25 minutes.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 01:40:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "15623", "subs": { "0": { "text": "It might help fill in the empty spots in theater's calendars.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 04:32:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "15629" }, "1": { "text": "Related idea: I like to fly when the plane is pretty empty.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 04:34:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15631" } } }, "2": { "text": "Will we still have movie theaters then? Well, we don't really need them now, if it weren't for DRM and licensing we could watch them at home. But it is nice to go out to a movie. But maybe future generations will think that as quaint as the notion that it's nice to hold a paper book or printed news in your hands. Something about the smell of the ink or paper, I think.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 01:42:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "15624" }, "3": { "text": "\"AIn 1990, I was at my brother's house in Palo Alto. It was about 9PM and we knew the Mets were playing the Dodgers in LA. We decided to try to find the score, using the means available in 1990. We called the stadium. And the newspapers in New York and Los Angeles. Someone somewhere knew the score, but we couldn't find them.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 01:43:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15625" }, "4": { "text": "A number of years before that, driving into San Francisco, I wondered how many people I knew there, and thought I probably knew quite a few. No way to find them in 1979. I figured someday I'd have all my contacts in a database and would be able to synch up with a global database with people's addresses. I'm not sure if Facebook can do that today, but they certainly have the data.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 01:45:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "15626" }, "5": { "text": "Someday we'll have a lot more usable information, if things go as they should, or so it seems.", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 01:47:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "15627" }, "6": { "text": "It might be interesting to think of what we'll need to get there, that we don't currently have. If anything. :-)", "created": "Mon, 26 Nov 2012 01:53:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15628" } } }, "7": { "text": "Bullet points on Ev's new startup", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:52:14 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/11/22/oldFord.gif", "name": "evsNewStartup", "pgfnum": "15605", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I listened to a podcast interview between Evan Williams and Jeffrey Zeldman yesterday. It had a few bits about Medium, which is his new startup. I am interested in know what his thinking is on this -- as we've been exploring the same territory for a number of years, and his ideas are always worth a listen.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:14:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "15606" }, "1": { "text": "Here's the executive summary -- he is exploring a niche that exists. Sometimes you wonder what a designer is thinking, that they're exploring something that no one wants, but not in this case. People will want what Medium does.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:15:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "15607" }, "2": { "text": "Now to the bullet points.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:16:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "15608" }, "3": { "text": "1. It's a hybrid, at the intersection of blogging systems and commenting systems.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:17:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15609" }, "4": { "text": "2. You don't have to create a blog. This can be a huge barrier for some people. People who have something to say but view creating a blog as making a commitment. Technically they're not right about this. Creating a new blog is no more complex than creating a new word processing document. But there's a psychic overhead that stops a lot of people. I know this because I've been evangelizing blogs for many years. A lot of people feel this commitment and it stops them from contributing.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:17:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "15610" }, "5": { "text": "3. Like Twitter, this product is a simplification of what came before, a narrowing, and a focusing, but it's still wide open. Zeldman kind of got tripped up by this, but Williams was very clear. Users can create new buckets or collections and call them anything they want. A bucket is analogous to a blog post. Then other people can post to it. That's like a comment. But it doesn't look like a comment. It's got a place for a big image at the top. It looks much prettier than a comment, and much bigger. Looks are important here.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:19:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15611" }, "6": { "text": "4. There's no way for a user to control CSS or provide a template, or even choose a template from a library. This would make the product more complex. Not sure what their plans are here, but whether they offer these features will play a big role in defining the service.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:20:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "15612" }, "7": { "text": "5. It's closest to Tumblr right now -- another product that occupies the space between full-blown blogging like WordPress, and ultra lightweight blogging in Twitter. Clearly Twitter is moving more towards Tumblr. If Medium adds templates and CSS they will be aimed squarely at Tumblr.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:21:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "15613" }, "8": { "text": "\"A6. Also not clear is how much portability users will have. At this point they offer beta users a way to download the contents of their site. This doesn't make it possible to use it as an editorial system for other environments, or the other way around, to use other tools to author content for Medium. There's no doubt Ev understands the opportunities here. Blogger had a pretty complete API as did Twitter. But in Twitter, everyone got burned by the API, including the company (though to a much lesser extent than developers) so my guess is that Ev's new company will be more conservative about interfaces than his previous ventures.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:22:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "15614" }, "9": { "text": "7. The editor has some nice touches. The biggest one being that the rendering styles apply in when you're editing, so it delivers a level of WYSIWYG that previously I had not seen in browser-based editors. This will be a highly valued feature. This is the sizzle of Medium, along with the very easy to read template they use.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:24:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "15615" }, "10": { "text": "8. The more I understand about Medium, the more trouble I have seeing how it co-exists with another Williams startup, Branch. It seems like they're both camped out in the same space betw blogging and Twitter. That as the two products evolve they will keep colliding with each other.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:26:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "15616" }, "11": { "text": "9. They just hired a Director of Content, a former agent in the book publishing industry. Very curious. I guess that means famous authors will submit chapters from upcoming books and allow regular folk to attach our own writing to this stuff. Analogous to getting Oprah on Twitter? That could give Medium a very short honeymoon with the early adopters that make these kinds of services grow.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:27:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "15617" }, "12": { "text": "10. This is yet another company that compensates its employees without compensating the content creators. Although clearly there is a class of creators who may receive compensation (see the previous point). Personal comment -- this makes me reluctant to participate. I appreciate getting early access, and I have posted a few items to the service to better understand how it works. But without a fair balance between the valuation of all of our contributions, I can't continue, or recommend that others contribute. I've always been on the outside of Ev's creations, putting creativity in while he and others take the dollars out. It's fun for a while, but then it gets old. The Internet and the web weren't designed this way, and I keep waiting for one of these services to build something that doesn't have this very tilted posture. That would be harder, but much more significant.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:32:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "15618" }, "13": { "text": "11. Maybe the biggest point he makes in the podcast is his view that Medium should be seen as if it were YouTube for writing. We all understand what YouTube is. Is YouTube-for-Writing a niche? Not sure. Video obviously has special needs regarding bandwidth. And those issues don't exist for text. But aggregating them all in one spot has advantages. But it's possible to do that without capturing all of it one company's servers.", "created": "Sun, 25 Nov 2012 17:36:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "15619" } } }, "8": { "text": "Why I quit Netflix", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 17:05:12 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/11/24/linHardenBig.jpg", "name": "whyIQuitNetflix", "pgfnum": "15619", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Last week I turned off my Netflix account.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 17:05:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "15620" }, "1": { "text": "I have had it for at least a decade, paying between $9 and $21 a month.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 17:05:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "15621" }, "2": { "text": "I turned it off because I stopped using it. The last thing I watched on Netflix was Ken Burns' series The West. But I found I could get that on Amazon's video service, for no extra money, since I was already an Amazon Prime member.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 17:05:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15622" }, "3": { "text": "But even before I was using Amazon, I was hardly ever using Netflix.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 17:06:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "15623" }, "4": { "text": "\"ANetflix was a great way for me to fill in a lot of the blanks in my movie-watching career. I missed a lot of great movies in the last couple of decades, while I was busy with other things. And there were all the movies made before I was born that I had of course missed. With Netflix, I pretty much could always find something I hadn't seen that was worth seeing. And I could systematically march through whole genres. It was like TCM on steroids.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 17:07:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "15624" }, "5": { "text": "But then two things happened: 1. I caught up and 2. They closed the DVD side of the business, or if they didn't close it, they discouraged it. I forget how I came not to be a subscriber to the DVDs. But the on-demand service just wasn't worth it to me. There wasn't enough stuff to watch, or if it was there, I didn't know how to find it.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 17:12:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "15627" }, "6": { "text": "I think Netflix missed the boat, bigtime. They could have been the place on the net to learn about and watch and share movie experiences. I think they could have started a match.com type service. If you're in a strange city and would like to go to the movies with someone with similar tastes, just click a few buttons. They were gathering all this information about people's movie preferences. But they were reluctant to build systems around it. And reluctant to open it up to app developers. I think we all missed out on something, because movies at least to some of us are such an important form of personal expression.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 17:09:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "15625" }, "7": { "text": "These days there's hardly any time for catching up on old movies. My life is filled with all kinds of entertainment, I never have a chance to see it all. Netflix played a big role in the early days by giving us access to a huge base of old movies that are worth seeing. Now it's time for something new. Maybe someone else will try to fill the gap that Netflix never wanted to fill.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 17:11:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15626" } } }, "9": { "text": "Jeremy Lin and the small picture", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 16:40:10 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/11/24/linAndHarding.jpg", "name": "jeremyLinAndTheSmallPicture", "pgfnum": "15618", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Of course I watched the Houston Rockets play the New York Knicks last night, and I felt the way I felt on Election Day, that if the result wasn't what I hoped it would be that I wouldn't be able to face life. Luckily, both events had favorable outcomes. Both Obama and the Rockets won, decisively.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 15:50:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "15606" }, "1": { "text": "\"AThe Knicks protested that it was just another game and that they weren't even thinking of Jeremy Lin, the miracle that landed by accident in New York last year, the perfect player for the next decade of basketball. Esp in NYC where the Chinese-American community is rapidly growing. And in China, which loves basketball, they must be wondering why they moved Lin from New York to Houston. I believe we could have found an extra $50 million in an economy that has apartments that sell for $100 million (they are nice apartments).", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 15:51:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15607", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I grew up in Flushing, which then was a mostly Catholic, Irish and Italian neighborhood. Now it's largely Chinese. I went out to eat with my mom at a restaurant on Main Street a couple of years ago, and they asked if we were tourists (presumably because we were white). We laughed and said no, we're natives. :-)", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 16:15:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "15617" } } }, "2": { "text": "But the Knicks obviously were focused on Lin last night, at least at the beginning, and unfortunately for New York, Houston had three other players ready to go -- James Harden, Chandler Parsons and Omer Asik. All of them very young, and they kept their cool, while the veterans on the Knicks melted down. I expected it from Carmelo Anthony, but was surprised to see Tyson Chandler lose his cool (and they should have taken him out of the game after he elbowed Rocket Omer Asik in the throat, in anger).", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 15:53:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15608" }, "3": { "text": "And there were some dazzling Linsane plays to remind us how good this young man is.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 16:07:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "15615" }, "4": { "text": "The Houston team is made largely of reallly good young players who were on the benches of their former teams. They are the youngest team in the NBA. It's wonderful to see them playing with such enthusiasm, excellence and composure. In every way they remind one of the Knicks in the brief period of Linsanity. This is the team the Knicks could have had, now they're playing in Houston. I would swap the roster of the Rockets for the Knicks team any day.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 15:55:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "15609" }, "5": { "text": "I don't think either team is going to win this year -- but I don't go for sports to see my team win. What I love is a group of highly talented people helping each other to create something bigger than any one of them. That's why I despise what the Knicks are, a team that wins or loses based on the performance of a single player.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 15:57:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "15610" }, "6": { "text": "Watching the Rockets move the ball around the court, kind of daring the Knicks to figure out who was going to take the shot or the layup, was pure poetry. The kind of poetry that the Knicks were doing so well when Lin was our point guard.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 16:10:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15616" }, "7": { "text": "I think basketball has changed, and last night's game was a perfect demo. I don't expect many of the sports writers to cover it. I think their assignment was to \"prove\" that Linsanity either: 1. Didn't happen or 2. Was just a fluke. And 3. That basketball was always and will always be about superstars and individual performances.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 15:58:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15611" }, "8": { "text": "It's the same kind of thinking that leads you to believe that politics is about the bosses listening to the people to figure out what to say to get their votes. If that's how politics worked, marijuana and gay marriage would not have been legalized, and Mitt Romney would have won Ohio, if not the Presidency.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 15:59:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15612" }, "9": { "text": "\"AWe are riding a sea change in communication technology. It's been going on for 30 to 40 years. The people who grew up in the new world are maturing and taking power. It's not a centralized system any more. The owners and most of the players in the NBA want Linsanity to go away. Jeremy Lin and James Harden are symbols of what can happen if the individual says he or she is not buying into the system. I don't know about most of the fans, but this fan is fed up with the idea of a super-human superstar. I want teamwork and joy, and love enough for everyone. Humility and fun.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 16:01:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "15613" }, "10": { "text": "In the past it was the big picture that mattered. Today, and more so in the future, it's what individuals choose or want, the small picture, that matters.", "created": "Sat, 24 Nov 2012 16:02:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15614" } } }, "10": { "text": "The new Camp David accord", "created": "Fri, 23 Nov 2012 22:50:55 GMT", "name": "controllingTheEgyptianPeople", "pgfnum": "15597", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Everything was in balance between Israel and Egypt until Mubarak was overthrown in a popular uprising early last year. The US continued to give aid to the Egyptian military, but weren't sure if the deal was still in place after the change in government.", "created": "Fri, 23 Nov 2012 22:53:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15600" }, "1": { "text": "The deal, to be clear, was the US gives money to Egypt and the army supports peace with Israel and the people of Egypt are suppressed.", "created": "Fri, 23 Nov 2012 23:02:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "15603" }, "2": { "text": "The Israelis desperately wanted to verify that the old deal was still in place. They couldn't test it without some kind of conflict. So they created one. Now we need a cease fire. Secretary Clinton flies to Cairo. Drama. Does the old deal stand? she asks. Morsi asks to have the deal explained. She does. He says sounds good. She asks for proof. What would you like? Announce that you are taking extra-constitutional power. He asks if the money will keep flowing. She says yes. He says OK.", "created": "Fri, 23 Nov 2012 22:56:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "15601" }, "3": { "text": "That's what I think happened.", "created": "Fri, 23 Nov 2012 22:58:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15602" }, "4": { "text": "PS: Why would Israel want to know now whether the peace deal with Egypt was still in place? Maybe they're getting ready to attack Iran and want to be sure they don't have to fight Egypt too.", "created": "Fri, 23 Nov 2012 23:51:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "15604" } } }, "11": { "text": "Two best movies of 2012", "created": "Fri, 23 Nov 2012 15:34:36 GMT", "name": "twoBestMoviesOf2012", "pgfnum": "15590", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The best movies of the year are slotted-in at the end, but sometimes movies that are released earlier in the year are also great, but sometimes slip under the radar, so a lot of people don't see them.", "created": "Fri, 23 Nov 2012 15:34:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15591" }, "1": { "text": "My two favorite so far for 2012 are like that -- Paranorman and Savages. I knew to see them because both were born of movies that I adored in the past.", "created": "Fri, 23 Nov 2012 15:35:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "15592" }, "2": { "text": "Paranorman was created by the same animation studio that did Coraline.", "created": "Fri, 23 Nov 2012 15:51:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "15595" }, "3": { "text": "And Savages is classic Oliver Stone. One of my favorite movies of all time, Any Given Sunday, not a famous movie, is an Oliver Stone classic.", "created": "Fri, 23 Nov 2012 15:51:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15596" }, "4": { "text": "" }, "5": { "text": "" }, "6": { "text": "I believe both Paranorman and Savages are available in DVD now. They are great movies, the best so far in 2012, according to this reviewer.", "created": "Fri, 23 Nov 2012 15:37:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15593" } } }, "12": { "text": "How I ran ThinkTank/1987 in Chrome", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:47:23 GMT", "name": "whatWas1980sSoftwareLike", "pgfnum": "15592", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "A really interesting combination of technologies, old and new...", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:19:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "15593" }, "1": { "text": "1. An app written in JavaScript running embedded in a web page, viewed in Chrome.", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:19:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15594" }, "2": { "text": "2. Running on a Mac with 2GB of RAM and four terabytes of disk storage.", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:20:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "15596" }, "3": { "text": "3. That emulates an IBM PC running the original ROM BIOS.", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:20:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "15595" }, "4": { "text": "All this was put together by Jeff Par, whose blog is hashable.org.", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:24:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "15597" }, "5": { "text": "I heard about it from Dan Bricklin, who along with Bob Frankston, wrote Visicalc. I've known both these guys since 1979 believe it or not. Somehow they had gotten Visicalc to run in this emulator. I nearly shit my pants when I saw it.", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:27:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15599" }, "6": { "text": "\"AOf course I knew how to use Visicalc then and still do. I was able to put together a simple spreadsheet. It worked.", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:28:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "15600" }, "7": { "text": "Then of course I wondered if ThinkTank from that era would work. So I contacted Jeff, asked if he would be interested in trying it. I uploaded a Thinktank disk image to a folder on Amazon S3, then put together a list of files in the outliner I use in 2012, and saved it as a blog post on scripting.com.", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:29:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "15601" }, "8": { "text": "He took the files, did something magical with them, and now there's a menu item on his emulator page that offers to load an image of that disk into this virtual PC. So I fiddled with the commands a bit, got it to run. There was a little difficulty in getting the F10 function key to go to the browser, since some Apple system software was grabbing it. That was easily done in the keyboard section of the system settings app on the Mac.", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:30:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15602" }, "9": { "text": "I have a ref card of the commands in ThinkTank, but I didn't need them, because I still remember how it worked. I slaved over this UI many years ago. It would be hard for me to forget how to do this.", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:32:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "15603" }, "10": { "text": "Dan asked if I would do a video showing how it works. I will (and will link it in here). I imagine that years from now people will watch the video even if the emulator doesn't still run. Maybe it will. Back then I kind of hoped it would be possible to run this sofware 25 years later. What a thrill that it turns out it does, and in such a widely accessible way.", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:33:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "15604" }, "11": { "text": "If you're studying the evolution of user interface, being able to look at this time capsule could be pretty useful. This software running on 1980s hardware, is interesting in the same way it would be interesting to drive a car from the early 20th century. You can see ideas that would later take hold and blossom once machines had more capacity and could be easily networked, and we better understood how people work with the new technology.", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:34:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15605" } } }, "13": { "text": "Thanks!", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 14:59:10 GMT", "name": "thanks", "pgfnum": "15590", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Thu, 22 Nov 2012 14:59:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15591" } } }, "14": { "text": "ThinkTank 2.41NP (1987)", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 23:44:59 GMT", "name": "thinktank241np1987", "pgfnum": "15587", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "These are the files on the distribution disk for the 1987 version of ThinkTank for the IBM PC.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 23:45:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "15588", "subs": { "0": { "text": "AUTOEXEC.BAT" }, "1": { "text": "OS2", "collapse": "true", "subs": { "0": { "text": "READ_ME.DB" }, "1": { "text": "READ_ME.SAV" }, "2": { "text": "TANK.EXE" } } }, "2": { "text": "OS2INST.BAT" }, "3": { "text": "OS2INST.CMD" }, "4": { "text": "READ_ME.DB" }, "5": { "text": "READ_ME.SAV" }, "6": { "text": "TANK.EXE" }, "7": { "text": "TANKCLIP.BRD" }, "8": { "text": "TANKOPTS.DAT" }, "9": { "text": "TMPLATES", "collapse": "true", "subs": { "0": { "text": "123FNCTN.TXT" }, "1": { "text": "ADDRESS.TXT" }, "2": { "text": "AREACODE.TXT" }, "3": { "text": "BALANCE.TXT" }, "4": { "text": "BNKRCNCL.TXT" }, "5": { "text": "CALENDAR.TXT" }, "6": { "text": "CORPARNG.TXT" }, "7": { "text": "DEFENDNT.TXT" }, "8": { "text": "EVNTQUAL.TXT" }, "9": { "text": "INCALLOG.TXT" }, "10": { "text": "JOBRVIEW.TXT" }, "11": { "text": "JOBSPEC.TXT" }, "12": { "text": "LITIGATE.TXT" }, "13": { "text": "MKTINTRO.TXT" }, "14": { "text": "MKTRSRCH.TXT" }, "15": { "text": "NEWS.DB" }, "16": { "text": "NEWS.SAV" }, "17": { "text": "ORDRNTRY.TXT" }, "18": { "text": "ORGCHART.TXT" }, "19": { "text": "OUTCLLOG.TXT" }, "20": { "text": "PERSONAL.TXT" }, "21": { "text": "PLANTIFF.TXT" }, "22": { "text": "PRELEASE.TXT" }, "23": { "text": "PRNTRCOD.TXT" }, "24": { "text": "PRODPLAN.TXT" }, "25": { "text": "RESUME.TXT" }, "26": { "text": "SALELEAD.TXT" }, "27": { "text": "SALESCAL.TXT" }, "28": { "text": "SRVCCALL.TXT" }, "29": { "text": "STATABBR.TXT" }, "30": { "text": "STATCNTR.TXT" }, "31": { "text": "UPGRADE.TXT" }, "32": { "text": "WTMEASUR.TXT" } } } } } } }, "15": { "text": "Microsoft's bet-the-cash-cow move", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 21:56:25 GMT", "name": "microsoftsStrategy", "pgfnum": "15578", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AThis piece has an extensive quote from Reed Hastings as a departing Microsoft board member about Microsoft's thinking behind the odd way Windows 8 is organized.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 21:36:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "15579" }, "1": { "text": "They think there's a transition to touch taking place that's analogous to the transition to the mouse in the 80s and 90s. So they're putting the windows part of Windows into a compatibility box, the way they put DOS inside a window on Windows. You can still get to your Windows apps, but they're betting you will prefer to use the touch-based apps. That don't yet exist. But will soon. That's their bet.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 21:37:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "15580" }, "2": { "text": "My opinion: Wow. Why bet the company's user base and cash cow on that when they could just switch to Mac, as I'm sure a lot of them already want to, and get a \"traditional\" desktop.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 21:38:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "15581" }, "3": { "text": "Apple has been edging up to the same idea, in a much more conservative and rational way, imho. Testing the theory before betting what is not their biggest revenue source (Apple is now a devices company, iPad and iPhones make up most of their revenue). If Apple is being conservative, Ballmer thinks, I'll make the big bet. And hope I'm not wrong.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 21:42:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15583" }, "4": { "text": "Problem is this -- desktop computers as touch devices is not a new idea. HP's first PC, in 1983, was touch-based. It failed. Not because there was no software, there was. The reason is that it's really painful to hold up your arm and touch the screen as a way of controlling the computer when the screen is vertical, not horizontal. The keyboard won.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 21:40:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "15582" }, "5": { "text": "Touch belongs in a tablet interface, for sure. But desktop computers need a pointing device like a mouse. I think Apple realizes that now, and isn't pushing the Mac in that direction. But this appears to be a bet-the-cash-cow move for Microsoft. Let's hope they have a Plan B ready to go!", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 21:43:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "15584" }, "6": { "text": "See also: Jakob Nielsen's report on Windows 8.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 22:11:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "15586" } } }, "16": { "text": "Adjectives for Mitt Romney", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:27:37 GMT", "name": "adjectivesForMittRomney", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. Sad.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:27:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15571" }, "1": { "text": "2. Lonely.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:27:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "15572" }, "2": { "text": "3. Loser.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:27:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "15573" }, "3": { "text": "4. White. Traditional.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:27:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "15574" }, "4": { "text": "5. Beleaguered.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:28:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "15575" }, "5": { "text": "6. Republican.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:28:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15576" } } }, "17": { "text": "Who's your BOTY?", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:24:18 GMT", "name": "whosYourBoty", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Do you have a favorite blogger?", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:24:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "15563" }, "1": { "text": "Someone who you tell other people -- You have to read this person they're so interesting/cool/funny/smart/etc?", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:25:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "15564" }, "2": { "text": "If you do, who is it?", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:25:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15565" }, "3": { "text": "I want to make a list! :-)", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:25:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15566" }, "4": { "text": "PS: BOTY == Blogger Of The Year.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:25:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "15567" }, "5": { "text": "PPS: Could be a podcaster.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:26:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "15568" }, "6": { "text": "PPPS: Not someone who writes for a conglomerblog like Huffpost and not a pro who writes for a travesty like TechCrunch.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:26:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "15569" } } }, "18": { "text": "How to help the open web", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:45:12 GMT", "name": "howToHelpTheOpenWeb", "pgfnum": "15548", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The last couple of blog posts were about the open web. Both have gotten some great responses.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:13:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "15549", "subs": { "0": { "text": "An aside, one reason the comments might be more lively is that I went to Fred Wilson's blog and noted that his Disqus threads were much longer and easier to read than mine. I went to the setup page for Disqus and found some prefs I didn't know were there, and found an ability to add styles to their CSS, and voila -- much nicer!", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:14:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15550" } } }, "1": { "text": "In a comment on the first post, Kristopher Nelson, a PhD student and former software dev, said he didn't disagree with my points, but had trouble turning them into practical actions he can actually do, instead of relying on \"installed leaders\" to kick it of for him (paraphrasing).", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:16:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15551" }, "2": { "text": "He's right! I said what the problems are, but I didn't offer ways to help. This is equally important. So here's a list of things you can do to help.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:17:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "15552", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. Don't write mini-essays in Twitter. Instead fully express your idea on your blog and post a link to Twitter. That's the single most constructive thing people can do." }, "1": { "text": "\"A2. If you absolutely can't respond in a post, then respond in a comment. 140 character posts are very often impossible to parse. And are hard to respond to if my answer requires more than 140. That's why I don't do support on Twitter. I think it's impossible. And tweets have limited utility after they scroll off. Comments create a somewhat better record. And instead of concentrating everything on one company's servers, we can spread them around a little.", "collapse": "true", "subs": { "0": { "text": "That said, don't see this rule as requiring you to be long-winded. You still want to get to the point quickly so people read what you're saying. People are very busy these days, so you want to say what you have to say as quickly as possible. And if you have a blogging tool that supports collapsable text like mine, use it to add detail in a way that's optional for the reader.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:29:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "15558" } } }, "2": { "text": "3. For the installed leaders -- run a river of the blogs you read, and share it with your readers. Link to it prominently from your home page. Talk about it in posts. Get people to read more than just your blog.", "collapse": "true", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Someone asked for an example of a river. Here you go.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:31:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "15559" }, "1": { "text": "A river is the next thing after a blogroll." }, "2": { "text": "A blogroll just has pointers to blogs. A river includes their stories." }, "3": { "text": "It's a way of defining a community. It's one of those wonderful things that empowers the river-owner and the people whose content flows through the river." }, "4": { "text": "Someday not only will every publication have a river, but they will be defined by their river." }, "5": { "text": "We need to get one editorial organization to do it and do it right." }, "6": { "text": "BTW, people note that my river is mostly mainstream pubs. That's because bloggers are publishing so little these days. I subscribe to lots of blogs. But they aren't updating. Let's fix that!", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:36:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15562" } } }, "3": { "text": "4. Also do the thing that the \"big boys\" do so well -- reference each other. If I write something that you find interesting, write a blog post about it, and link to my post." }, "4": { "text": "5. Don't wait for a press release to write about something that's new. I find it amazing sometimes all the new stuff I've shipped on Scripting News, whci now is a fairly radical-looking blog with at least a few never-seen-before features, yet, as far as I know -- no one has written about them. Why? They say that news is just regurgitated press releases. This seems to confirm it.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:22:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "15554" }, "5": { "text": "6. Fight conventional wisdom. One of the reasons blogs started in the first place was to fight the CW that there was no new Mac software. All the reporters knew this wasn't true, but they reported the CW that there wasn't. Reporters still do this. So let's route around that. The great Scoop Nisker said -- If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own. A very wise man. :-)", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:23:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15555" }, "6": { "text": "7. Share your ideas and observations. Start new threads that aren't responsive to anyone else. If you have an epiphany or see something you don't think anyone else has seen -- that's a blog post. Write it up!", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:25:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "15556" }, "7": { "text": "8. If you're a developer, hook your favorite tweet-like system up to RSS, both ways. I want to be able to hook my linkblog feed up to everything. This is how we bootstrap a network of compatible twitter-like systems. Use an existing standard that's good enough to hook everything up to everything. This way we can have competiing visions for how this stuff works, and still have content flow easily across systems.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:33:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "15561" } } }, "3": { "text": "One more motto, a variant of something President Kennedy said. Ask not what the Internet can do for you, ask what you can do for the Internet. These days so many people look to the Internet to make them rich or famous or powerful. So much so that the poor Internet is exhausted from all those people taking from it. Think about what you can put back that may not help just you, that may help the Internet itself. It's important.", "created": "Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:26:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "15557" } } }, "19": { "text": "I hope Mark Cuban reads this", "created": "Mon, 19 Nov 2012 14:07:38 GMT", "name": "iHopeMarcCubanReadsThis", "pgfnum": "15514", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Hey Mark, I read your piece about Facebook, and think you're right about one thing and wrong about another.", "created": "Mon, 19 Nov 2012 13:42:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15515" }, "1": { "text": "1. You're right to be appalled that Facebook does not show your updates to all your followers. They are breaking a trust. You promoted Facebook to your customers for free, and not only don't they reciprocate -- by finding you new followers -- they don't even fulfill their side of the deal, by showing your updates to the people who signed up for them.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Mon, 19 Nov 2012 13:43:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "15516", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Yes, I know Facebook disclaims this. But we all thought that updates went to all followers, before discovering the hard way, that they didn't. Cuban is a smart guy. If he was surprised by this, imagine how surprised the less-savvy execs at other companies are going to be.", "created": "Mon, 19 Nov 2012 13:44:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "15517" } } }, "2": { "text": "2. However, your response, to diversify to other social networks is wrong. Why would you think they would do it any differently than Facebook? What have they agreed to do for you in return? If you're just using their normal TOS, they're agreeing to do nothing for you.", "created": "Mon, 19 Nov 2012 13:46:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "15518" }, "3": { "text": "\"ALast night I was watching football on one of the big networks. It was a boring game so my mind drifted. I noticed that when they show the name of someone speaking on camera they also show their Twitter handle. I wondered if their lawyers had reviewed this decision. Had they read Twitter's user agreement? Had they advised their client on how one-sided it is? That made me wonder if Twitter does special deals with big media conglomerates? I wonder what they look like? I follow Twitter pretty closely and I have no idea.", "created": "Mon, 19 Nov 2012 13:47:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "15519" }, "4": { "text": "Back to Mark -- hope you're still reading.", "created": "Mon, 19 Nov 2012 13:50:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15521" }, "5": { "text": "You're so smart about tech, why are you so dumb about this!", "created": "Mon, 19 Nov 2012 13:50:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "15522" }, "6": { "text": "We need to use the Internet itself as social media. Then you won't have to worry about Facebook putting their finger on the scale. Let's create the software you need to license. You can run it on your own servers, or let's start a company to run the service for media companies like the Dallas Mavericks and the NBA. Being at the mercy of tech startups like this is not smart. They are not your friends, or even good business partners.", "created": "Mon, 19 Nov 2012 13:50:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "15523" }, "7": { "text": "Update: Mark Cuban did read this, and responded.", "created": "Mon, 19 Nov 2012 16:14:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "15525" } } }, "20": { "text": "Our news predicament", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:46:36 GMT", "name": "tvNewsIsBullshit", "pgfnum": "15495", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Back in the 90s I thought blogs would be the antidote to the bullshit of news, but it didn't turn out that way. Here's what happened.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:48:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "15500", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. The early bloggers did deals with investors, so they needed revenue.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:49:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "15501" }, "1": { "text": "2. Mostly they become marketing channels for the companies. For example, I like Om Malik, but the only stories GigaOm covers are ones from big companies and startups with VC money. Om is a nice guy and all the people who work for him are nice people. They also have jobs to do. If you look at his conferences they are marketing events for the people who speak. That leads to a certain type of discussion, and ignores a lot of other things that require thought and discourse. Same with O'Reilly, TechCrunch, etc etc. You can't blame a shark for being a meat-eater. But you shouldn't think they're anything other than that.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:49:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15502", "subs": { "0": { "text": "How do I know how this works? Because as a company CEO I have participated in it, and if I'm ever a CEO again I will once again participate. So obviously I don't think it's bad. But let's not think we're getting our daily dose of tech news this way. What we're getting is marketing.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 20:06:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "15510" } } }, "2": { "text": "2a. It's not just tech. TPM, Redstate, Politico, Buzzfeed, Huffington etc, don't stray off the accepted path, or the market won't know what to do with them. The product they sell? Campaigns, the ability to shift public opinion so more government money ends up in your bank account, or your taxes stay low, or you're allowed to warm the earth for free, sell arms to bad govts, keep the UN out of your country, etc. Again, I'm not going to question the value of what they do, only to say what we need to do is much bigger than what they do.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 20:23:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "15512", "subs": { "0": { "text": "And music journalism supports the music industry.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 22:29:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "15516" }, "1": { "text": "Sports journalism supports the NBA, NFL, MLB, Olympics, NCAA, etc.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 22:29:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15517" } } }, "3": { "text": "3. Plan B was that user/bloggers would review the companies' products, and we'd at least get non-bullshit product news that way. That worked for a while, then people started using Twitter, and have been reduced to 140-character grunts and snorts. You can tell a little truth in 140-character chunks. Very little ones. Nothing factually interesting. For that you need a little elbow room. If that's really going to happen, more people have to write blog posts.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:51:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "15503" }, "4": { "text": "4. There are a few product-oriented blogs out there. But not enough for critical mass. Some of them make money, some even a lot. But there isn't enough to read to cover most of what I'm interested in, and also the stuff I don't know I'm interested in. If we could do more networking on a more regular and systematic basis, that would create incentives for more people to do it, and would build flow independent of Twitter. But blogs work like everything else. Installed leaders don't generally help upstarts. Might impact the bottom-line. Go back to the sharks analogy. It takes some big thinking and betting to see that we're going to starve outside Twitter soon, and we'd all do better if we invest in each other and in opening doors for newcomers. We're playing out the prisoners dilemma, as we always do.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:52:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "15504" } } }, "1": { "text": "I still think there's a way out of it. But it means that bloggers have to do more cooperating than they're likely to want to do. Believe me, I'm an expert in how hard it is to get bloggers to cooperate. I always have a bunch of propositions for them. Only a very few of them have even been seriously considered, much less adopted. Usually that happens when I give them my flow to get them to do something.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:53:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "15505" }, "2": { "text": "I'm into level playing fields. There isn't one now. We're in really bad shape in terms of news distribution. And it's going to get worse.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:54:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15506" }, "3": { "text": "We're always in the predicament Benjamin Franklin described at the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. \"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.\" If we could get past that we could start really reinventing news. Now.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:54:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "15507" } } }, "21": { "text": "Where is maps.apple.com?", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:24:22 GMT", "name": "mapsapplecom", "pgfnum": "15487", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Apparently there is no way to access an Apple map from a desktop computer.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:24:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15488" }, "1": { "text": "I'd love to try pointing to an Apple map from a blog post, so we could do a realistic A-B comparison with Google maps, which of course can be accessed from anywhere from a web browser.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:25:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15490" }, "2": { "text": "Pet peeve: Google Maps may have a serious problem with embedding. When I embed a bit of a map in a blog post it loses its position. For example, if you expand this headline you'll see a map of Bandley Drive in Cupertino. (If you scroll around you'll find it.)", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:25:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "15491", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A
View Larger Map" } } }, "3": { "text": "That might seem like a small thing, but I'm kind of a perfectionist. I insist on having my maps actually show the place I'm trying to show you. :-)", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:28:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "15493" }, "4": { "text": "Anyway -- it would be great to be able to try Apple Maps on my Mac or even a Google phone!", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:34:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "15494" }, "5": { "text": "Update: Turns out that Apple maps redirect to Google on the desktop.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 21:24:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "15515" } } }, "22": { "text": "The Apple of Steve's Eye", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 00:08:11 GMT", "name": "theAppleOfStevesEye", "pgfnum": "15475", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Last week I wrote a one-week review of the iPad Mini. And said that I was thinking of selling my Apple stock. Update: I still have both the Mini and the stock.", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 23:36:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15463" }, "1": { "text": "I got a lot of grief because of the piece. I've come to expect that. Seriously, Apple zealots might want to someday tone it down a little. This has been going on a long time. For such an elegant company, it sure attracts some inelegant fans.", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 23:50:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15476" }, "2": { "text": "I said what I think, and since it's a blog post, no one will think it's a final judgment, allowing no disagreement. Maybe the judgers are the kinds of people who leave no room for other people's opinions. They must think I am like them. I am not. I thrive on different opinions, because I learn from them. I'm truly interested in knowing what other people think, as long as its respectful.", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 23:36:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "15464" }, "3": { "text": "\"AFor example, I love talking about movies with my friend NakedJen, because she so totally loves movies, but the ones she loves are different from the ones I love. We've seen a lot of movies together, and I don't recall us ever coming out of the theater both in love. She tends to like movies I that I find boring or trite. But I always look forward to talking with her, because I like viewing things through her eyes. In that way I like almost everyone -- if an idea is well-expressed, it doesn't matter whether I agree or disagree. I love human expression. I really don't care so much about whether they're right or wrong. And in the case of how one person feels about a product or a movie, they just can't be wrong. They can't miss the mark, as long as they try to say what they see and what they think. And don't pretend it's anything more than that. I sure don't think my opinion is more than that.", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 23:53:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "15477" }, "4": { "text": "I love products. I especially love products that hit the mark perfectly. Of course I've never seen one. But some products come pretty close! And I've even had a couple myself that hit the mark squarely, and of course not perfectly. When I make a new product, that's what I try to do.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 23:38:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "15465", "subs": { "0": { "text": "It's not just products I love, but strategies.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 00:14:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15479" }, "1": { "text": "In baseball, you can look at an individual pitch, and see how perfect it is, but then look at it as part of an at-bat, or an inning, a game, a season, career.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 00:15:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "15480" }, "2": { "text": "Every act can be looked at in a lot of contexts.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 00:16:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "15481" }, "3": { "text": "It's possible for the iPad Mini to be a perfect product for one person, or everyone -- at one time. But it also exists in a sequence of products.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 00:16:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "15482" }, "4": { "text": "There are a lot of variables a strategist gets to tweak. And one of them is when to play the hand. You could keep accumulating cards for the perfect moment, and then wham lay them down. As Steve would say -- Boom.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 00:21:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15484" }, "5": { "text": "Sports, and theater, hardware and system software. It's all fun to put together and think about in a lot of different ways from all angles.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 00:18:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "15483" } } }, "5": { "text": "When I saw my first Mac, it actually spoke to me. No kidding! It wasn't like I walked into a room and knew there would be a Mac there. I saw it in a random office from a hallway on Bandley Drive in 1983, while it was still a secret project. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and instantly and viscerally I knew it was going to consume a big part of my life. I knew it was the machine I wanted to make software for. All in an instant. I'd say that was about as close to \"hitting the mark\" as any product I've ever seen. Even though it was a famously flawed product.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 23:39:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "15466", "subs": { "0": { "text": "
View Larger Map" } } }, "6": { "text": "So when Marco says I was far from the mark with my piece, that made me stop and think. He could be right, but we won't know for a while.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 23:41:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15467", "subs": { "0": { "text": "

Dave Winer is often right on the mark, but this is pretty far from it. gizmodo.com/5959770/is-theŠ

— Marco Arment (@marcoarment) November 13, 2012
" }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "7": { "text": "Let's think about it this way, how might Apple have approached this, assuming what so many people think is true, that in a year or two, they won't be limited to the current low resolution screen. Let's assume for the sake of argument that there's an 80 percent probability that in 2015 we'd be able to ship the absolutely killer product, one that makes you scream it's so cool. Never mind what it means to the users, of course that's important to you and me, but that's not how the Apple of Steve's Eye made its decisions. Doc Searls wrote about this in 1997, and talk about hitting the mark. Dead bull's eye for Doc. You want to understand Steve's Apple -- read that piece.", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 23:42:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "15468" }, "8": { "text": "Remember when netbooks were the rage? I kept saying Apple should ship one. And Apple kept saying we'll ship one when we're ready. The ones everyone is selling aren't good enough for us to put Apple's name on it. I think Cook even said they were junk. I thought that was extreme, but I respected the drama of it. That's some kind of confidence. So we waited. And what came? The iPad. I still wish they had shipped something that worked like the netbooks of the day, but they didn't. Apple wouldn't compromise. It took guts and vision and certainty, patience, and an absolute desire to hit the ball out of the park in a historic way. It would have been a lot easier to just ship something like a netbook. Just as it's easier to ship a compromise like the current iPad Mini.", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 23:44:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "15469" }, "9": { "text": "I also mentioned a change in the way I was thinking about my Apple stock. I felt that's part of the deal of writing a blog, when I write about companies I own stock in. If I'm thinking about selling, I have to say that, unless there's a really good reason not to. I put it at the top, at the beginning, so it would stand out. Because when I tell my readers that I bought the stock, and then tell them that I hold it, if one day I tell them I sold it, I'd like to have told them inbetween that I was thinking of selling it. It seems to me the honest thing to do. After all I didn't buy an ad and say this to random people as some kind of great proclamation. I wrote a blog post, on my blog, to people who read my blog, and said \"I'm thinking of selling my stock, and here's why.\"", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 23:46:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "15471" }, "10": { "text": "But the main point was to put a little stake in the ground, so a couple of years from now I could go back and see what I thought about this product when I first got it. My blog has lots of posts like that, and it helps me as a person who is into products and has changing tastes, and makes mistakes, and learns new stuff along the way.", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 00:04:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15478" }, "11": { "text": "\"cheesecake\"", "created": "Sun, 18 Nov 2012 00:29:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "15486" } } }, "23": { "text": "Google Reader communities", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 18:59:57 GMT", "name": "googleReaderCommunities", "pgfnum": "15449", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I had a phone conversation today with a reporter doing a story on Google Reader communities.", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 19:00:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15450" }, "1": { "text": "Apparently there was an active social network built around Google Reader that disbanded when Google tried to switch everyone over to Google Plus. This is something I didn't know about, except peripherally, because I never used Google Reader. I would like to learn more. (But have no interest in using Google Reader or Google Plus.)", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 19:00:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15451" }, "2": { "text": "Wondering if there are any opportunities for open development to help bring the communities back together, with the understanding that this time they will have to take responsibility for running the servers, and may have to pay for some of the software development.", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 19:00:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15452" }, "3": { "text": "This is a story that repeats in technology. I'm interested in trying to build sustained communities that don't depend on the continued investment of a single company.", "created": "Sat, 17 Nov 2012 19:01:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15453" } } }, "24": { "text": "How tech companies grow", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 19:18:47 GMT", "name": "howTechCompaniesGrow", "pgfnum": "15440", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Two really interesting posts esp when juxtaposed.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 19:18:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15441" }, "1": { "text": "1. Marco Arment writes about Twitter's limits on developers. \"Even though we don't currently have a Windows 8 client, we might have one in the future, so yours isn't allowed,\" he paraphrases on Twitter's behalf.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 19:19:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15442" }, "2": { "text": "2. Bijan Sabet, an early investor in Twitter, posts two pictures. One when the company had 15 employees and a wide-open API. That was just four years ago. And the picture from today, when the company has 1500 employees and doesn't allow developers to compete with them.", "collapse": "false", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 19:20:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15443", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A" }, "1": { "text": "\"A", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 19:25:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "15448" } } }, "3": { "text": "Now I don't know for sure why Twitter changed their policies, but I can take a guess.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 19:21:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "15444" }, "4": { "text": "Those 1500 employees have to do something. At least some of them are going to write the clients that the developers used to write.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 19:21:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "15445" }, "5": { "text": "Which raises the next question. Why does the company need to hire all those people to work for money and stock when the developers are willing to do it for love? When you have the answer, you'll understand why Microsoft has shipped so many new versions of Windows over the last ten years, when the market was perfectly happy with the version they produced ten years ago.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 19:21:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "15446" }, "6": { "text": "Spoiler: All those employees make decisions that tend to keep them employed. That's how small innovative companies become big incumbent ones.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 19:22:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15447" } } }, "25": { "text": "What is going on in Gaza?", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:25:46 GMT", "name": "whatIsGoingOnInGaza", "pgfnum": "15421", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I saw the initial messages on Twitter from the IDF yesterday and a flutter of other messages from people apparently on the other side.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:25:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "15422" }, "1": { "text": "News reports tell of the action, bombs and rockets, and what may come next.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:26:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "15423" }, "2": { "text": "I read Jessica Roy's excellent piece saying social media companies had no idea what to do. A war is being fought on the networks. This was inevitable, but now it's actually happening.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:29:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "15426" }, "3": { "text": "Maybe that's all there is to say. But it's very much a fog from my desk here in NYC.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:26:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "15424" }, "4": { "text": "If you can shed any light without turning my site into a war zone, please do.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:27:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15425" }, "5": { "text": "Here are some links I'm finding.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:36:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "15427", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Jeff Gauvin: \"Bibi launches a war on Gaza to win an election.\"", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:37:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "15428" } } } } }, "26": { "text": "Linkblog via email", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 23:59:55 GMT", "name": "linkblogLinksViaEmail", "pgfnum": "15411", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I learned how to use IFTTT today, thanks to a recommendation from Laughing Squid man, Scott Beale. It's quite nice.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 23:41:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15412", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Reminds me of a project I did with Betaworks a couple of years ago, that turned into bit.ly. We were trying to create an end-user programming language for Internet apps. They pulled it off. Congrats.", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 23:52:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "15418" } } }, "1": { "text": "My test project was to create an email version of my linkblog feed. This is the feed that comes out of my linkblogging tool, Radio2. The links flow to Twitter, and to their own site.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 23:42:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15413", "subs": { "0": { "text": "My goal is to have them flow everywhere, asap.", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 23:57:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "15419" }, "1": { "text": "I'm learning to be patient as the various environments prove they're not that into freedom for linkbloggers like me. :-)", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 23:57:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "15420" } } }, "2": { "text": "You can subscribe here.", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 23:43:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "15415" }, "3": { "text": "http://groups.google.com/group/daves-linkblog", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 23:43:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15416" }, "4": { "text": "Enjoy! :-)", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 23:43:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "15417" }, "5": { "text": "PS: Here's a link to the recipe I used.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 17:22:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15439" } } }, "27": { "text": "Seamless + NYMag reviews", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 01:19:14 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/11/15/coffeeMugWhite.gif", "name": "ideaForNewYorkMag", "pgfnum": "15406", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "When I'm looking for a restaurant in NY, I often turn to New York Magazine's reviews because they are concise and when they pick a restaurant it's usually pretty good, imho of course.", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 19:22:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "15407" }, "1": { "text": "But, when it's time to order a delivery, and having food delivered is a way of life in NYC, I'm stuck using the reviews at Seamless or Delivery. Let me just say that the tastes of their users and mine are not the same. I'd much rather eat food from NYMag-recommended restaurants.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 01:03:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "15421" }, "2": { "text": "\"ASo could we please have a melding of good criticism and a great commerce website? Integration would be fantastic, not only with restaurants but with movie listings. I like to use movies.google.com. Unfortunately the reviewers they link to from each movie are, again, not my favorites. For that I go to the NY Times, mostly. I'm learning to use other sources now that I have a movies river, thanks to NakedJen's recommendations of movie review sites, and an evening I spent browsing around a month ago.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 01:04:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "15422" }, "3": { "text": "Hey why not hook in Amazon's recommendation engine. That's what Chris Dixon and Caterina Fake were working on at Hunch. \"Here are some nearby restaurants we bet you'd like.\" You gotta know the world is going that way.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 01:06:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "15423" }, "4": { "text": "I guess the bottom line is there's still a lot of integration to do among the various data sources on the net.", "created": "Fri, 16 Nov 2012 01:06:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "15424" }, "5": { "text": "PS: Don't forget OpenTable. :-)", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 19:26:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15410" }, "6": { "text": "PPS: One more thing -- can we get an RSS feed for Frank Rich's columns. It's a serious omission. Thanks. :-)", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 19:25:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "15409" } } }, "28": { "text": "Vivid dreams", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:54:06 GMT", "name": "vividDreams", "pgfnum": "15385", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Something switched over for me recently, wish I knew what it was -- but I'm not spending as much time writing code. Instead I'm writing blog posts and hanging out, reading and doing a lot of sleeping. And because there's been so much sleep there's been a lot of dreams. And sometimes I remember little bits of dreams that at the time I thought were interesting or profound.", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:23:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15386" }, "1": { "text": "It seems significant when the narrator in my dream is my father. I wonder later if this is just my version of him inside me, or if there's some method of communication between the subconscious and the dead.", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:28:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15388" }, "2": { "text": "Sometimes it freaks me out that people in my dream see things about me that I don't myself see, in the dream. How could this be, I wonder -- because the other people are really me. It's as if my subconscious has written a play that my conscious self knows nothing about.", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:29:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "15389" }, "3": { "text": "And lately my dreams have had a long-gone lover in them, and we're re-living the agonizing last days of our relationship. I woke this morning with a real, sad, and unhappy question. What if this was the love of your life, and you didn't know it then.", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:30:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "15390" }, "4": { "text": "We say \"no regrets\" so casuallly, but is life anything but regrets?", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:31:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15391" }, "5": { "text": "And then I had a mathematical dream, wondering if time travel would be so entertaining to us if we hadn't invented awkward language for time that suggests that it could possibly be a two-direction thing.", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:31:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "15392" }, "6": { "text": "Stories about time travel are fun, probably because we live with so much with regret. What if there were the possibility of going back and doing it again, knowing what you know now. When you're young you don't even know what that idea means. It's not like life imparts all that much wisdom, no -- it's what you know about yourself that matters. This was the big one Dave. We know that now. Be more loving, more caring -- spend the time to avoid misunderstanding. Don't give up so easy. Or give up easier. Try something else because what you did the first time around didn't work. If only. If only life were like programming, where you could do it three or four times, each time learning from what you did wrong and choosing not to do it again. Or if I could travel back in time and have a talk with those two young people and find out what's really in their hearts. Force them together in an embrace so they can talk love instead of hurt.", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:50:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15396" }, "7": { "text": "It doesn't get any less confusing. But as you go forward things are done, they're finished. Books are closed and life goes on -- until it doesn't.", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:35:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "15393" }, "8": { "text": "I can still tell the stories about the people I miss, the loves of my life who are no more. The friends who are gone, the people who are just stories now, just actors in my dreams.", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:36:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15394" }, "9": { "text": "Apparently I have more important work right now that writing new code. :-)", "created": "Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:37:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "15395" } } }, "29": { "text": "Jeremy Lin belongs in Brooklyn", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 22:55:27 GMT", "name": "jeremyLinShouldBeInBrooklyn", "pgfnum": "15385", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AFor some reason it just feels right that Jeremy Lin should play for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 22:55:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "15386" }, "1": { "text": "The Knicks were too good for him, I guess -- but the Nets -- Brooklyn? Fugheddaboudit. It's poifect. Like Canarsie and Flatbush. The L train and the Q train. The Lawn Guyland Railroad and Junior's cheesecake. Prospect Park and Jeremy Lin. It works.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 23:02:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15390" }, "2": { "text": "Now, I want to say I don't know bupkis about the Nets except like the Knicks they have a couple of stars, and I'm sure the players wouldn't want Lin, but it would be reallllly smart business for the Nets to bring him back to NY where he is admired, and the Knicks are hated for letting him go. They can keep Carmelo and the rest, we want Jeremy Lin on the Nets.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 22:57:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "15387" }, "3": { "text": "It would be so cool. And you'd get all the folks from Flushing, and we'd come from Manhattan to see the Nets and when the Knicks play at Barclay we could yell in unison FUCK DA KNICKS and you wouldn't have to tell us to scream it louder.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 22:59:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "15388" }, "4": { "text": "He's the new Jackie Robinson. He should be in Brooklyn. Please someone have the imagination to make this happen!!", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 23:00:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "15389" } } }, "30": { "text": "How did Cuban get caught?", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:36:20 GMT", "name": "facebookgate", "pgfnum": "15356", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Facebook, as far as I know, has never showed all updates to all the people who follow you.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:15:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "15357" }, "1": { "text": "There's always been an assumption that Twitter does show all your updates to all the people who follow you, but how could you know? It's really something only they know. My guess is that they don't either. It certainly would be consistent with all their past policies.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:16:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "15358" }, "2": { "text": "We like to believe that our Internet services are like the Internet itself -- basically fair. But they are run by tech industry insiders, and they are not fair. Not even close.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:17:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "15359" }, "3": { "text": "There was a time, not long ago, when Twitter dramatically inflated the follower counts of their personal friends, or press people they wanted good coverage from. Not by small amounts -- by hundreds of thousands of followers. Up till that point we sort of assumed they were trying to run a level playing field. It was at that point we learned they were not, in any way, trying to.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:18:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15360" }, "4": { "text": "Here's a nightmare scenario for our friends in the media business, and these days almost everyone is in the media business, including Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:19:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "15361" }, "5": { "text": "1. More and more people depend on Twitter to show them the news. Other forms dry up. People stop going to home pages. Stop getting email alerts. Stop subscribing to RSS feeds.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:20:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "15362" }, "6": { "text": "2. Big networks like CNN and NBC direct their viewers to follow them on Twitter. When NBC runs the Olympics, there's a Twitter icon on the screen a large percentage of the time. Twitter has become like a public thing, like the web.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:20:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "15363" }, "7": { "text": "3. Twitter expands beyond the 140 character limit, for certain publications, at first they're liberal about who's included. And the first moves are small. Instead of a 140 character limit, there's now a 200 character limit. You can include a picture or a video, but not both. This is viewed without any ads on the Twitter site. More people don't bother going to the site to read the full story because they just wanted the synopsis anyway, or the picture.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:21:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15364" }, "8": { "text": "4. Now Twitter expands the limit beyond 200 characters. Full \"long form\" articles are now viewable directly on the Twitter site. They want to keep everyone on their site as much as possible. Now Mr or Ms Media Exec, what do you do? Do you go with them or not? But wait -- it gets better!", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:23:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15366" }, "9": { "text": "5. Off-site content gets a big warning about viruses and other malware. Be careful clicking on this link.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:33:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15374" }, "10": { "text": "6. Twitter, Inc, now worth $85 billion, buys the Washington Post, NY Times and NBC News.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:24:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "15367" }, "11": { "text": "7. You're not sure if they're showing your stories to your followers. You start to suspect that when the user clicks on your story they show them their version of the story.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:24:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15368" }, "12": { "text": "8. You threaten to pull all your content.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:25:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "15369" }, "13": { "text": "9. Twitter says okay. Don't slam the door on your way out.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:25:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15370" }, "14": { "text": "I know this is just one scenario. It could turn out that Twitter is not a media company at all. They just look like one because I have a vivid imagination. You want to bet on that? Well, you are betting on that.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:25:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15371" }, "15": { "text": "I think the media industry is as clued in on its future as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were about their chances at becoming the next President and Vice-President. I don't think Twitter is especially clever, they're just acting like a tech company. They're gradually encircling all the media entities and it seems the media guys don't have any idea it's happening.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:26:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "15372" }, "16": { "text": "That's why Cuban's exclamations about Facebook seem so naive. Did he not see this coming? Huh? He's supposed to be such a smart dude. How did he get caught in this trap? How did you?", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:27:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "15373" }, "17": { "text": "Other observations:", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:57:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "15375", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Twitter is not in any way \"democratic\" media. They amplify some voices, a lot. Not saying they cut back others, but they could and we wouldn't know.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:57:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15376" }, "1": { "text": "FYI -- there are no equivs of Mother Jones, Esquire, NY Mag in the tech world. It's all press releases and people gossip.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:57:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15377" }, "2": { "text": "The political pundits are too occupied with mandates and sex to look around them and see how the media has changed.", "created": "Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:58:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "15378" } } } } }, "31": { "text": "Spielberg's Lincoln", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:46:30 GMT", "name": "spielbergsLincoln", "pgfnum": "15362", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I saw Lincoln this afternoon.", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:46:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15363" }, "1": { "text": "Good acting, esp of course Daniel Day-Lewis.", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:46:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "15364" }, "2": { "text": "Famous TV actors from Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Law & Order. Surprising and fun to see them in 19th century costumes.", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:47:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15365" }, "3": { "text": "Basically it's a shallow ho-hum Hollywood movie. No surprises. A plot that could be on any TV show, not even a very good one.", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:47:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "15366" }, "4": { "text": "There were a couple of decent jokes in there, esp one about George Washington.", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:53:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "15370" }, "5": { "text": "A movie that will be quickly forgotten, though it will probably win a few awards.", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:48:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "15367" }, "6": { "text": "Could have almost reviewed it in 140 characters, decided to write just a few more. :-)", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:52:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "15369" }, "7": { "text": "Worth seeing, but not with a whole lot of enthusiasm.", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:48:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "15368" } } }, "32": { "text": "Generals Have Sex!", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 18:13:34 GMT", "name": "generalsHaveSex", "pgfnum": "15356", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Executive summary: It's safe to ignore what's happening in the news on TV.", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 18:16:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15359" }, "1": { "text": "I just tuned into MSNBC while I had lunch and caught the press conference with Jay Carney, White House spokesperson. The reporters want to know how the President feels about a general having sex. The logical, adult answer would be -- I don't really have an opinion about that. And that would be the end of it, because there's lots of sex going on all the time, and it isn't news.", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 18:13:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15357" }, "2": { "text": "Right about now the press should be having the same soul-search the Repubs are having about why they were so surprised by the election. Why did they waste enormous hours \"discussing\" absolutely nothing in the time time leading up to the election. Instead, as if to prove they aren't doing anything, the big story is about a general's sex life.", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 18:15:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "15358" }, "3": { "text": "PS: At some point in this \"story\" I expect Gary Tuchman or John King to get in front of one of those dazzling computer displays with an illustration of a penis and a vagina. They would then proceed to explain how it works. Then Alex Costellanos and David Gurgen could give the Republican view of sex, and Paul Begala could explain the Democratic view. Wolf Blitzer would proclaim it \"very interesting.\"", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 18:38:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "15360" }, "4": { "text": "PPS: Chuck Todd on MSNBC would show some numbers and Karl Rove on Fox would explain that Republicans don't have sex, so STFU.", "created": "Tue, 13 Nov 2012 18:43:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "15361" } } }, "33": { "text": "My iPad history", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 16:22:04 GMT", "name": "ipad3VsIpadMini", "pgfnum": "15369", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I have bought four iPads.", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:54:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "15370" }, "1": { "text": "1. The first one was handed down to my mom, who loved it, so we bought her an iPad 3 with LTE. Then I gave the hand-me-down iPad to NakedJen in Salt Lake. I think she likes it too.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:54:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "15371", "subs": { "0": { "text": "

@davewiner I really do love my iPad. Very, very, much! I wasn't convinced I even needed one, now I take it everywhere! e&

— nakedjen f' (@nakedjen) November 12, 2012
" }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "2": { "text": "2. I bought the iPad 2, which I still have. It's light and holds a charge for a long time, but it doesn't have LTE or a retina display. I keep it charged in the living room, and sometimes use it as a TV iPad.", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:54:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "15372" }, "3": { "text": "3. I bought an iPad 3 with LTE, which is getting the lion's share of use. As has been pointed out by many, I didn't like it when I first got it. I still don't like it for the reasons I stated then. It's heavy, runs hot, and doesn't hold a charge very long and takes a long time to charge. Managing its battery is a problem. Yet it's the one I travel with, and the one I read in bed, and often is the living room iPad, because of the beautiful screen and because of the LTE. For me the quality of the screen is important because I have impaired vision. This is not a theoretical thing, not something to brush aside.", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:55:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15373" }, "4": { "text": "4. I have an iPad Mini, which to me seems a lot like the Kindle Fire I bought when it came out. I use it as little as I use the Kindle. Maybe that will change. Maybe not. When I got the iPad Mini, I put the Kindle on the coffee table too, so I could, if I wanted to, pick it up sometimes. I pick up neither. But get this Apple freaks -- the Kindle has a nicer screen. It's heavier. And it's not an iPad so I don't really know how to use it.", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:58:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "15374" }, "5": { "text": "Disclaimers: YMMV. IMHO. AANW. (Apple assholes not welcome.)", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 16:22:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "15376" } } }, "34": { "text": "The new electorate", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:39:19 GMT", "name": "theNewPunditry", "pgfnum": "15356", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "It's fascinating to watch the Republican pundits hash it out post-election. I find many of them are saying things I wished they would have said before the election. Particularly this wonderful piece by Wick Allison at The American Conservative. Really nails it. Top to bottom.", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:04:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15357" }, "1": { "text": "This Obama ad came out shortly after Romney's 47 percent video. Something Republicans should think about now. And this one too.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:26:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "15365", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:26:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "15364" }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "2": { "text": "Ryan Lizza in the New Yorker explains how the Republican Party is one state away from no longer being a national party. If they lose Texas, the Democrats will have a lock on the White House. No more \"battleground\" states.", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:07:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "15359" }, "3": { "text": "\"AJonathan Chait writes in New York that we just had a class war, and the middle class won. But now that the war is over, \"what the people want is all fairly beside the point,\" he says. It's understandable, given what he does, that he feels that way, but he couldn't be more wrong.", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:09:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "15360" }, "4": { "text": "When everything settles down to the new normal, the pundits' view will probably be only slightly different from the old one. But the people, I think, are ready to move faster than the pundits are. I think part of the Democratic Party gets that, but I don't think they'll give up the power they would need to, in order for them to change at the pace the electorate is ready for.", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:06:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15358" }, "5": { "text": "I knew we'd get here. Obama won by making his own excellent Facebook. But we need our own tools, so we can drive the political process even when there isn't a looming national election.", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:31:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "15367" }, "6": { "text": "The people have to drive their own policy.", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:31:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "15366" }, "7": { "text": "And it's happening -- legalization of marijuana was not a corporate-driven thing. Wasn't done by lobbyists. Same with gay marriage." }, "8": { "text": "So the pundits will stay in the new reality where they are comfortable. And for the first time in a generation, the people get to drive on into the future, and define where we're going next.", "created": "Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:31:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15368" } } }, "35": { "text": "Tech reporting is often nonsense", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 18:14:40 GMT", "name": "reportingIsNonsense", "pgfnum": "15359", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The horserace school of election coverage has been debunked.", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:50:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15360" }, "1": { "text": "But it's not the only kind of reporting that's based on the gut feel of people who don't know what they're talking about.", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:50:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "15361" }, "2": { "text": "Tech reporting is a great case in point.", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:51:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15362" }, "3": { "text": "\"ALook at this article at Business Insider that says because they shuffled the chairs at the top level of management at Apple they can predict that a similar kind of revolution is coming soon in their software. The reporter thinks that Apple's mobile OS is no longer innovative, so the whole thing will be redesigned, deployed, somehow, in as little time as it takes to move one exec out and the other in. Never mind that the new exec isn't even a software developer.", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:51:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15363" }, "4": { "text": "\"It's Time For Apple To Unleash A Major Software Overhaul,\" they say. Sigh.", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 18:04:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "15373" }, "5": { "text": "You don't have to be an engineer to be a reporter, but you do have to pay attention. Unless you want to sound like an idiot.", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:52:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15364" }, "6": { "text": "When was the last time an OS got a total overhaul because an exec thought it needed one? Well, that was a trick question cause it happens all the time, of course. And how often are they disasters? Unfortunately for the companies, the execs and most importantly, the users -- that happens all the time too. So much so, that a smart company never undertakes such an overhaul without lots of process. Years of planning, and then it probably doesn't work. Look at how many times Microsoft tried it. Apple too, but in the last decade, they've been much more conservative. And that's a good thing.", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:53:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "15365" }, "7": { "text": "Now here's some more bluntness -- iOS is itself the major retooling. ", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:55:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "15366" }, "8": { "text": "Reading the tea leaves you can see that they had the idea that gradually they would bring iOS features to the Mac OS. If you quickly traveled to 2015 or 2018 and booted up what they're selling as a desktop then, you'd be booting up iOS, with the old Mac OS in a compatibility box to run your legacy apps. I think this didn't work out as they hoped it would, that the cultures are so dramatically different, that they couldn't make the transition work. As a Mac user who also uses iOS -- I certainly hope so.", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:55:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "15367" }, "9": { "text": "Apple would be ill-advised at this point to rip up the UI of iOS and start over. Too many users. Too many braincells already aligned to the way it works. That's why progress happens so slowly in OSes. And in so many other everyday things that billions of people use.", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:57:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15368" }, "10": { "text": "You could complain that iOS and Android are very much alike in UIs. And so are the UIs of Buicks and Toyotas. It has to be that way. It's good that it is that way. It means that our skills are transferable. It keeps lock-in to a minimum.", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:58:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15370" }, "11": { "text": "I guess reporters have to have something to write about, and maybe there isn't enough. But don't expect a major overhaul of Apple's mobile OS. It would be better for everyone if they concentrated in the next few years on fixing bugs and smoothing things out.", "created": "Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:59:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "15372" } } }, "36": { "text": "Horserace punditry is over", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 22:01:09 GMT", "name": "horseracePunditryIsOver", "pgfnum": "15365", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"APolitical reporting, as we've just seen in the cycle completed this week, is 99 percent horserace. But if you read and believed Nate Silver, as the race progressed, polling became more accurate, and it was fascinating to watch the pundits diverge from what the numbers were showing. Silver's model has been tested in two presidential runs, and both times it predicted the outcome in every state, almost perfectly. The 99 percent of political reporting that's about the horserace is over, obviated and unnecessary, now that we've got automated and near-perfect horserace data, thanks to Silver.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 22:01:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15366" }, "1": { "text": "Other elements of previously standard politics that were debunked:", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 22:03:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15367" }, "2": { "text": "1. Negative advertising. Users pretty much figured it out when the ads were lies, and discounted them. Some of the lies even backfired, the candidates basically spending money to slime themselves.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 22:03:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "15368" }, "3": { "text": "2. Voter suppression didn't work either. The voters tuned in, and just waited in lines that were supposed to make them go home. I don't think the Republicans will try such an open and obvious trick again.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 22:04:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "15369" }, "4": { "text": "3. The idea that anything any candidate says is off the record. Kind of amazing that after the macaca disaster, that Romney allowed himself to bear such terrible witness against himself. Pretty much have to expect that won't happen again. Not that the candidate will guard better so his off the record statements are not caught on tape, rather it'll be seen as too dangerous to nominate someone who is so thoroughly narcissistic, arrogant and dishonest.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 22:07:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "15371" }, "5": { "text": "The Obama campaign won basically by creating their own private Facebook, with unique features for political campaigns. You could argue that Obama's network is even more valuable than Zuck's. Maybe this is his Presidential library, or his version of the Carter Center or the Clinton Global Initiative. Only this time you might call it ObamaBook. The ultimate political machine.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 22:04:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15370" }, "6": { "text": "But I don't think ObamaBook is the last word. In this campaign the electorate was networked in ways that were not controlled by the media or the parties. That's only going to grow over the years. I hope that we'll eventually take over the political process, and the voters will start driving the discourse, not just during election season, but all the time.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 22:11:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "15373" } } }, "37": { "text": "How to spot an outliner", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 18:12:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "15346", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I went to a basketball game last night with Doc Searls, and after the game we went out for a bite to eat. And we had a long talk, as we always do.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 18:12:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "15347" }, "1": { "text": "Conversations with Doc are like multi-dimensional tennis. He always hits the ball back over the net. But sometimes he hits two or three. And then I hit two or three. All of a sudden there are all these threads going on, and of course since conversation is mostly linear a lot of them drop on the floor. My mind picks them up later.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 18:29:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "15355" }, "2": { "text": "One of the things I wanted to say to Doc, who is a long-term outliner guy, is that there's an easy way to spot an outliner. They start sentences like this. There are three reasons for doing this. First, blah blah and second, blah blah and third etc etc. (I heard him doing this several times last night and made note in my mind to come back to this later.)", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 18:14:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "15348" }, "3": { "text": "We tend to put bullet points on our conversations.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 18:14:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "15349" }, "4": { "text": "I, of course, am an outliner dude myself.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 18:15:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "15350" }, "5": { "text": "I'm happiest in rattling off lists of things that, together, make up a chain of thought.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 18:15:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "15351" }, "6": { "text": "My mind just organizes things that way for me.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 18:15:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "15352" }, "7": { "text": "It's as if it has a secretary that neatens everything up before delivering it to my mouth or fingers (for typing on the keyboard).", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 18:15:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "15353" }, "8": { "text": "If you don't believe me, read the previous piece. :-)", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 18:16:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15354" } } }, "38": { "text": "This is not Steve's Apple", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 18:01:37 GMT", "name": "steveWouldntHaveShippedTheIpadMini", "pgfnum": "15335", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "First, I have been an Apple shareholder for about 10 years. I haven't sold my stock, yet -- but for the first time I'm thinking about it. I'm worried that I'll decide to sell after it's too late.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:37:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15336" }, "1": { "text": "Anyway -- here's the thing. I bought an iPad Mini. It was too cheap not to give in to curiosity, to see if it's more compelling or useful or whatever, than the high-end iPad that I already have. Executive summary: It is not.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:38:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "15337" }, "2": { "text": "Here's the list of problems.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:39:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "15338" }, "3": { "text": "1. I already had a great iPad. It's big and heavy, and hurts my arm to read in bed. It's my primary bed computer, and also the second screen when I'm watching TV. When I read in bed it leaves impressions on my arm where it rests. I can't imagine this is good for the circulation in my arm.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:39:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "15339" }, "4": { "text": "2. I could use the iPad Mini, but I don't. People say they don't mind the grainier screen, but I do. If I have a choice, and I do, I always pick up the bigger iPad with the easy-to-read high resolution screen.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:40:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15340" }, "5": { "text": "3. What about as a traveling computer? Well, there too I go for the larger iPad, because it has LTE. It's very functional, in my knapsack, when I go out. I swtich it over from wifi to LTE when I go out. And I turn on Bluetooth, so that my iPod (blue, 32GB) has a way to get on the net. The iPad Mini could be a replacement for the iPod, I suppose. But it doesn't fit in the pocket as well. (However it does fit in my pocket, which is cool. Maybe I should try replacing the iPod with the Mini.)", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:40:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "15341" }, "6": { "text": "4. But here's the verdict, the reason why I think this product is making Apple's stock dive. Steve never would have shipped it. I know people have been saying that about all kinds of things ever since he died. Steve wouldn't have done this or that. I've stayed away from saying that -- even though the thought has popped into my head -- because I've never felt certain, and I don't think it's fair to say something like that unless you really feel it in your gut. But this one is kind of obvious. Technology has to keep getting better. Once you've shipped an iPad with a super high-resolution \"retina\" display, you can't ask people to buy a new one that doesn't have it. Steve wouldn't have done it.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:42:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15342" }, "7": { "text": "5. Some features are just features, like a camera, but the resolution of a display isn't a feature. It's integral to the product. It's like trying to sell a car with a fuzzy windshield. Everything you do with the Mini is a reminder that you could be using a nicer product. Always having the nicest thing is what Steve's Apple stood for.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:59:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "15344" }, "8": { "text": "6. The new Apple is willing to compromise. And what are they compromising for? Well, it looks like they're doing it so they can \"compete\" with Google and Amazon. But again -- Steve's Apple never deigned to do something as crass as \"competing.\" It was a foreign concept. Steve's Apple was so far in advance of everyone else, it was ridiculous to think of them as competition. But here is the new Apple inviting comparison to something else. But the comparison that's inevitable and damning, is the comparison between the Mini and its predecessor, the iPad 3. And in that comparison the newer product is a dust-catcher. Its battery is always fully charged. It never gets off the night table. It was an obsolete product the day it shipped, and the day before it shipped.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:59:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "15345" }, "9": { "text": "BTW, this is why the orchestrated reviews of products are often worthless. I invite Mossberg, Pogue or Gruber to re-review their iPad Mini now, a week after their initial reviews, and let us know if they're actually using it. And if they still think it's a winner. I believe it's not only not a winner, but it signals a new Apple that's no longer beyond compare, no longer insisting on delighting its users to the point of orgasm. This Apple is content to be a competitor. Not my idea of what Apple is, and definitely not Steve's.", "created": "Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:48:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "15343" } } }, "39": { "text": "My new blogging platform", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:27:36 GMT", "name": "myNewBloggingPlatform", "pgfnum": "15327", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "A few months ago, I'll have to look up the date, I switched to a new worldoutline-based blogging platform.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:27:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15328" }, "1": { "text": "I wanted something that would be halfway between a formal blogging tool, and Twitter.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:28:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "15329" }, "2": { "text": "Here's why. Because I found myself with things to say that couldn't fit into 140 characters. I think by now this happens to everyone.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:28:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "15330" }, "3": { "text": "So I wanted an environment that would feel as fluid and as casual as Twitter, but have no limits on length. I wanted to be able to edit as much as I want, and then quickly move on to the next piece.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:28:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15331" }, "4": { "text": "\"Fluid\" writing is the big thing. I didn't want to have to think about creating a blog post. I'd just start writing. If I didn't like the way it was coming out, I could just delete it and it would leave no trace behind. I'd never had a platform where the collection of all my posts was nothing more than a document. I've always wanted that, but until recently I hadn't gotten there.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:41:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "15340" }, "5": { "text": "I just wrote two blog posts in about ten minutes.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:29:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "15332" }, "6": { "text": "That's what I'm talking about.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:29:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15333" }, "7": { "text": "Blog posts that feel like a sequence of tweets.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:29:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "15334" }, "8": { "text": "I've got that working -- and it feels great. ", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:29:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15335" }, "9": { "text": "One of the downsides is far more typos and spelling errors.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:30:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "15336" }, "10": { "text": "But -- far more of my ideas make it out of my brain and onto the net.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:30:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "15337" }, "11": { "text": "Whether it means anything to anyone but me remains to be seen. :-)", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:30:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15338" } } }, "40": { "text": "The people are never a lame duck", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:21:33 GMT", "name": "lameDuck", "pgfnum": "15319", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Most of the punditry in Washington isn't worth a bucket of warm spit.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:21:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "15320" }, "1": { "text": "\"ATake this op-ed in the Guardian that say that because of gridlock in Washington it will be impossible for the President do do anything in his second term that matches what he got done in the first. They don't know that, and they like to pretend they do -- but they're just being lazy.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:21:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "15321" }, "2": { "text": "Less than two weeks ago New York City was being flooded by a hurricane of such strength with such a huge surge that it wasn't even considered possible before it happened. That triggered an immediate priority, what are we going to do to protect New York against future flooding? And more important, what are we going to do to protect the other coastal cities in the United States. A huge number of Americans live in danger of the kind of flooding we experienced in New York at the end of October.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:22:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "15322" }, "3": { "text": "And that's just one thing.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:24:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "15323" }, "4": { "text": "Who knows what kind of winter we're going to have in NY?", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:47:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "15342" }, "5": { "text": "And where the next drought will hit.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:47:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "15343" }, "6": { "text": "For the Repubs -- where is the next Benghazi.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:47:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "15344" }, "7": { "text": "You think any of those would disrupt the gridlock?", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:47:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15345" }, "8": { "text": "The gridlock isn't some sacred thing. If we push hard, the gridlock will break. Congresspeople are sissies. They really don't have much spine when the people are on their ass.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:47:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "15346" }, "9": { "text": "Life isn't that predictable. You don't know what's going to happen. We shouldn't waste our time thinking in such hum-drum terms. We could have a revolution, a legal revolution. I think it's going to happen one of these years.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:24:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "15324" }, "10": { "text": "What do we have to revolt about? Well, voter suppression for one thing! It's outrageous. And surprise -- the people figured it out, and they were outraged. For once the books balanced. :-)", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:25:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15325" }, "11": { "text": "Some of these diseased people should go to jail.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:37:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "15339" }, "12": { "text": "When you call the President a lame duck you're necessarily saying the People are also a lame duck. And if you read the Constitution, and believe we could be motivated to push back a little more, the People are never a lame duck.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:26:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15326" } } }, "41": { "text": "Thanks President Clinton", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 15:41:04 GMT", "name": "thanksPresidentClinton", "pgfnum": "15313", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I haven't heard anyone talking about the contribution President Bill Clinton made to the re-election of President Obama. So I decided to do something about it...", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 15:41:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "15314" }, "1": { "text": "http://thankspresidentclinton.com/", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 15:41:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15316" }, "2": { "text": "If you concur, please pass that URL along so everyone can take a moment and pay homage to The Big Dog, who played a big role in this year's victories.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 15:41:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "15317" } } }, "42": { "text": "Why Romney Lost", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:05:30 GMT", "name": "whyRomneyLost", "pgfnum": "15272", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The meme du jour is Why Romney Lost.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:05:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "15273" }, "1": { "text": "It's really not so hard to figure out.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:05:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "15274", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what.These are people who pay no income tax.\"", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:05:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "15275" } } }, "2": { "text": "You don't have to look any further. Basically this limited the field of possible Republican voters to people who were too stupid to get that he was talking about them.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:06:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15276", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AAside from being insulting, it's clueless.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:20:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "15281" }, "1": { "text": "I have a pre-existing condition, and if for some reason I lost my health insurance, I would not be able to replace it, no matter how much money I spent. I have never not had insurance. The system is terrible. I had to scramble to find insurance when I lost my job a few years back. Ironically, it was the health care law in Massachusetts that saved my ass.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:20:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "15282" }, "2": { "text": "I'm willing to pay for the average cost for a person with my health, I think that's fair. But health care is already highly socialized. I get the same treatment as everyone else with the condition I have. We need to pool our resources.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:24:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "15285" }, "3": { "text": "I don't feel entitled to health care. I am a very productive member of society, and I find it highly insulting that the Republicans think I depend on them to give me a sense of purpose with my life. That's just laughable it's so arrogant and ridiculous.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:22:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "15283" }, "4": { "text": "So if you want an idea of why this approach didn't work, join the human race -- and you'll find out right away.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:23:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "15284" } } }, "3": { "text": "As another famous Republican said: \"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.\"", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:07:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15277" }, "4": { "text": "In this case you could only fool 53 percent. And some of them were Democrats.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:09:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "15278" }, "5": { "text": "As President Clinton says -- it's just arithmetic.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:10:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15279" }, "6": { "text": "PS: I wish President Obama had thanked President Clinton in his victory speech. It would have brought the house down. The Big Dog really earned it.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:10:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15280" } } }, "43": { "text": "\"They don't know they're dead\"", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 02:51:07 GMT", "name": "theyDontKnowTheyreDead", "pgfnum": "15268", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I find it fascinating that Mitt Romney and his advisors went into election night thinking they were going to win. Reminds me of the famous \"I see dead people\" scene from The Sixth Sense with Haley Joel Osment and Bruce Willis.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 02:51:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15269" }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 02:52:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15271" } } }, "44": { "text": "Boehner on ObamaCare", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 00:06:46 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/11/08/chait121015_1_250.jpg", "name": "boehnerOnObamacare", "pgfnum": "15259", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Speaker Boehner says that ObamaCare is the law of the land.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 00:06:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "15260" }, "1": { "text": "1. So there you have it -- a clear mandate from the election. Whether you knew it or not, when you voted for Obama, you were making health reform in the US a reality. But there were other mandates.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 00:07:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "15261" }, "2": { "text": "2. You were also protecting Roe v Wade, and making a more liberal Supreme Court much more likely.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 00:08:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "15262" }, "3": { "text": "3. Another sure thing is a tax increase for the wealthy. Taxes may go up for everyone else.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 00:08:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15263", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The President has a lot more chips in the upcoming negotiation than the Republicans do, because they can only pass legislation or stop new legislation. The tax increase is already law. All the President has to do is this -- nothing.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 00:11:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "15265" }, "1": { "text": "Read Chait's piece for the full story.", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 00:21:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "15267" }, "2": { "text": "Also Businessweek: \"Obama and the Democrats can gain a huge source of new revenue by doing nothing at all.\"", "created": "Fri, 09 Nov 2012 00:13:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "15266" } } } } }, "45": { "text": "The world is socialist, part II", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:35:41 GMT", "name": "theWorldIsSocialistPartIi", "pgfnum": "15246", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I try to save big ideas for January 1, every year.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:35:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "15247" }, "1": { "text": "Hard things to write, things that take a while to think about, both as ideas, and how I want to approach it in writing.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:36:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "15248" }, "2": { "text": "On January 1, 2011, I wrote a piece called The world is socialist.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:36:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "15249" }, "3": { "text": "It was intended as a rebuttal to the idea that was going around that our President is a socialist, somehow more radical than all his predecessors, and that was somehow a threat to people who live in the United States.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:36:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "15250" }, "4": { "text": "It was said a lot during the campaign (I'm looking at you Peterffy) and now in the aftermath, they're still trotting it out. We're going off the cliff because the President is socialist. It's so sad to see people so adrift, for a couple of big reasons.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:37:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15251" }, "5": { "text": "1. The President is no more socialist than any other President.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:38:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15252" }, "6": { "text": "2. The world is socialist (as I said in the piece I wrote).", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:38:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "15253" }, "7": { "text": "Even the wild west, the supposed ideal of individuality, was highly socialist. The government gave people free land. The government moved the Native Americans out of the way when the Europeans wanted to harvest the buffalo or steal their land. Or is \"liberty\" something that only applies to white folk?", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:38:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "15254" }, "8": { "text": "Snowstorms are socialist as are hurricanes. When the city gets dumped on we have the roads cleared by the Department of Sanitation, government workers. You don't get a specific bill for this, it's covered under your taxes.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:40:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "15255" }, "9": { "text": "And taxes. Rich folk pay more, because they get more. The companies they own use more roads, water, education, police. We have to pay for these services. If you don't want to contribute, then you shouldn't take the services. That is, you should move somewhere else. Because just by living you're using the protective services of the government, the police, the military, etc.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:41:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "15256" }, "10": { "text": "And health care. Should your life be ruined because you get a curable disease? We've decided no. Is that socialist? Perhaps. But then disease, like snow and hurricanes, is socialist too.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:42:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "15257" }, "11": { "text": "Well, read the piece. In the follow-up to the election this would be a nice one to get out of the way. We, who voted Democratic this year, are no more or less socialist than you are. If you think otherwise, then tell me how. Do you not drive on roads? Do need to breathe clean air? Do you go to public events that are kept peaceful by the police? Do you like to have clean water running into your house? Do you want your neigbors to flush their toilets into the street? Etc.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:42:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "15258" } } }, "46": { "text": "Strange numbers", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:22:18 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/11/08/cards.gif", "name": "strangeNumbers", "pgfnum": "15240", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AI don't have a handle on this yet, because it's become virtually impossible to tell how traffic from Twitter arrives. But the hit counts on my short URLs are going way down. I used to get two or three thousand clicks on each one, as recently as a couple of months ago. Now I get two or three hundred clicks. I don't know what to attribute this to.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:22:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "15241" }, "1": { "text": "I recently started supporting the Twitter Cards feature, so you get a 200-character synopsis of each piece on Twitter, without clicking through.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:24:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15242" }, "2": { "text": "I'm not sure this is such a good deal. :-)", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:25:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "15243" }, "3": { "text": "I'm very concerned that we're turning over all our flow to a small number of companies. And we can't tell whether they're passing our tweets along to everyone who follows us. I'm beginning to wonder about that too.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:25:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15244" } } }, "47": { "text": "What Republicans look like, to me", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 17:07:05 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/11/08/archieBunker.gif", "name": "riotingAndLooting", "pgfnum": "15234", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Yesterday: \"Romney did something with integrity by saying we need to get behind the President. If Romney had won, Obama's supporters, most of them, would have swallowed hard and gotten behind the new President and hoped for the best.\"", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 17:07:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "15235" }, "1": { "text": "I got a response from someone who I later blocked, who said that before we got behind the new President, we would riot and loot first.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 17:07:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "15236" }, "2": { "text": "\"AThen I read this piece by Tom Junod on Esquire where he said: \"Though they will be back soon enough with their philosophy of limited government, they will heretofore practice their tried-and-true strategy of demonizing segments of the American population at their peril.\"", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 17:08:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15237" }, "3": { "text": "I thought these two go together. I wanted to tell my correspondent that I am a middle-aged white, affluent, educated person, who would never in a million years riot or loot anyone or anything. I realize of course that there's no point in saying that, if his intentions were respectful, he would already know that.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 17:09:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15238" }, "4": { "text": "This is how a lot of us see Republicans. I thought people who think of themselves as Republicans who aren't like this should know that.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 17:10:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "15239" } } }, "48": { "text": "As Repubs try to figure it out", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 15:17:12 GMT", "name": "repubsTryToFigureItOut", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "A few notes for Republicans trying to figure this election out, and for everyone actually -- because there was some new stuff.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 14:40:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "15223" }, "1": { "text": "1. The late-breaking ad run by Romney that said Jeep was moving jobs to China blew back in his face. The people figured it out. And they had great communication tools to share the news with each other. The message: \"Romney is a dick.\"", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 14:40:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15224" }, "2": { "text": "2. When Akin said the awful stuff about women and rape, that presented an A-B choice to the Republican leadership. They seemed to understand that, because they called on Akin to step aside. When he didn't, they stuck with him. I assume Republican strategists figured that while maybe it would be an issue in Missouri, the rest of us would forget about it. We didn't. And then it happened again in Indiana. This time the Republican leadership didn't say anything. What if, instead, Romney had made a big deal about it, like the Obama race speech in 2008. Cut support for Akin, on principle. That would have changed the tone of the campaign. But this isn't the kind of thing a Romney does. And that's a big part of why he isn't President-elect Romney. He isn't willing to take a risk for a big reward. He's a numbers guy. Not a good guy to be Leader of the Free World. (Not that we haven't already had presidents like that, we have.)", "collapse": "true", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 14:41:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "15225", "subs": { "0": { "text": "He said in his concession speech that he and Ryan had \"left everyting on the field.\" Not true. He didn't take any personal risks other than telling ever-more-bold lies about himself. If he had taken a principled stand on something maybe a few more voters would have looked into his eyes and seen some of the conscience his friends says he has. But if he has it, it never showed up in the campaign. Quite the opposite -- his calculating \"I'll say whatever I have to say to get your vote\" attitude is what we saw 100 percent of the time.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 15:03:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15232", "subs": { "0": { "text": "" } } }, "1": { "text": "Akin and Mourdock teed up a perfect opportunity for him to stand for something. How much guts would it have taken to completely withdraw support from these guys? Sure it would have made enemies in the Republican Party. But it would have given him at least one anchor to the human race, for the rest of us to connect with. \"At least he's willing to stand up for a woman who was raped.\" (It sounds terrible to say it that way, but that is what it comes down to.)", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 15:05:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15233" } } }, "3": { "text": "3. Romney sealed it with his 47 percent comment at the Florida fundraiser. These were familiar ideas. It sounded authentic, like this is what Romney really thinks. No matter how competent you think a guy is, he has abstracted a huge number of American voters to be sub-human. If that's what it takes to hold his world together, I don't want to live in that world. I was already decided not to vote for him, and I didn't imagine there would have been anything he could say to change my mind, but when the debates came around...", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 14:43:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15226" }, "4": { "text": "\"A4. The mistake Obama appeared to make was to paint Romney as a cretin, incompetent, dumb, rich, inbred jerk. Well, you could see, in the debate, he wasn't that. He could think on his feet. Put a good sentence together. And he had the fire that Obama lacks. If I had been on the fence (again, I wasn't) that debate might have pushed me over. If he hadn't shared the 47 percent bit, that might have made a difference. There was a moment in the first debate when a thought popped into my head that he's the real president. It wasn't something I reasoned my way to, it was a flash of insight. I imagine this is the feeling, that other people had too, that made his poll numbers go up.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 14:45:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15227" }, "5": { "text": "5. I think he disqualified himself with the bullshit about Benghazi. People were dying, we didn't know how many. The situation was fluid, and there was Mitt sticking his two cents in. Really some people don't have good intuition for politics. Romney proved that day he was one of them.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 14:47:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "15228" }, "6": { "text": "6. Don't make jokes about climate change or birth certificates.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 15:01:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "15231" }, "7": { "text": "7. I think the biggest lesson of 2012 is that the people are much better connected now than they ever have been. That means that bold manipulative lies don't work, because they can be exposed, quickly, by networks of people that voters trust. In the past, politics was totally centralized. Like everything else, it is not centralized anymore. We have fact-checkers, we can listen to them, and now apparently enough people do that we can enforce a certain discipline on our candidates.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 14:47:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "15229" }, "8": { "text": "8. Given the circumstances of the economy, Romney could have won. That's why Republicans should hear this loud and clear. If you run as the Party of Cretins you're going to keep losing. It might take a few years for the transition to be complete. If the Republicans want to reform, they should reform along the lines of empowered voters with good access to information. And show respect for everyone. Don't nominate patricians like Romney. Nominate people with decent political instincts, who would never say the kinds of trashy things Romney said, no matter how much depends on it.", "created": "Thu, 08 Nov 2012 14:50:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "15230" } } }, "49": { "text": "Election almanac e-book?", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 23:03:33 GMT", "name": "anEbookNeeded", "pgfnum": "15213", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "It would be useful to have an e-book you could buy for say $10 put out by a reputable news organization, that gathers, in book form, all the information about the election we have, almanac-style.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 23:03:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15214" }, "1": { "text": "It would be updated as new information comes in. Eventually it would stop updating.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 23:04:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "15215" } } }, "50": { "text": "Dear Repubs, we heard you", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 17:00:52 GMT", "name": "dearRepubsWeHeardYou", "pgfnum": "15201", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell on the top Republican priority, two years ago. It wasn't jobs. Not deficit or ending wars. Not health care.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 17:06:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15205" }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 17:00:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "15202" }, "2": { "text": "The United States paid dearly for this.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 17:01:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "15203" }, "3": { "text": "If you think we forgot, we didn't.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 17:01:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15204" } } }, "51": { "text": "It's a good day", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 16:08:33 GMT", "name": "itsAGoodDay", "pgfnum": "15184", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Lots of good stuff today.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:39:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "15185" }, "1": { "text": "1. Obama won re-election.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:39:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15186" }, "2": { "text": "2. He gave a great speech.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:39:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "15187" }, "3": { "text": "3. Romney gave a great concession speech.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:40:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15188" }, "4": { "text": "4. As of today, Romney becomes a punchline to bad jokes. Had he won, he still would have been the punchline to bad jokes, but they would have also been tragic jokes.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:40:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "15189" }, "5": { "text": "5. Obama talked about climate change in his speech.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:41:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "15190" }, "6": { "text": "6. He talked about self-government, implying possibly that he will help organize the people to do things that help our country regain some semblance of grounding. It's very true. In this country the people have all the power. But if you never work with us, if you treat us like mere voters, we can't work together. The President, of all the branches of government, must work with the people. Must like the people. And must lead the people. When the Repubs said the President wasn't leading, they were right. They could push us around because there was no connection betw the President and the people.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:42:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "15191" }, "7": { "text": "\"A7. By keeping things as they are, with the Senate and House, we told the government that they have to put the bullshit aside and start working for the good of the country. Some people will say this was a message to both parties, but that would be a mistaken interpretation. The message was to the Republicans. I don't know about you, but I heard them say they were being jackasses and holding the economy hostage to try to make Obama a one-term president. I assumed from that point on all the talk about principles was just smoke, covering for their remarkably honest admission. We all paid a huge price for the vanity of the Republican Party. No more of that or we will punish you with obliteration. And maybe we have a President now who knows how to organize the people.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:42:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15192" }, "8": { "text": "8. To Republicans, you may not like Obama, and I'm sorry you feel that way, but you have to man-up and deal with it. He not only is the President but he was just re-elected. Stop insulting the majority by saying we elected someone who is not legit. Don't be sore losers. Nothing is more un-American and honestly its disgusting to see grown men and women act like that. Romney did something with integrity by saying we need to get behind the President. If Romney had won, Obama's supporters, most of them, would have swallowed hard and gotten behind the new President and hoped for the best.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:44:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15193" }, "9": { "text": "9. I think our new President got the message about the Republicans. They will be bastards if they feel they can get away with it. So take Teddy Roosevelt's advice. Speak softly and carry a big stick.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:46:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "15194" }, "10": { "text": "10. The fiscal cliff is no problem. Read Jonathan Chait's excellent piece on this subject. Opened my eyes.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:48:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15195" }, "11": { "text": "11. If the Repubs want to play a game of chicken on the debt ceiling, again, I have two words for you: 14th Amendment. Dare them to impeach you. Look into the camera and tell the American people that we don't negotiate with terrorists. And mean it. This is where your new cojones come into it. Last time around when you took the 14th Amendment off the table, that's when you sealed our defeat. See #9.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:49:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "15196" }, "12": { "text": "12. ObamaCare FTW! When people see how much it helps they will love it. The law goes into effect in major ways next year, and with an executive branch that owns it, it has a much better chance. The Repubs will still try to starve its funding, but that's much better than having them try to dismantle it, as they would have under a President Romney.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:53:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15197" }, "13": { "text": "13. Even better, the Supreme Court will not be packed with Alito-Thomas-Scalia clones. More Kagans and Sotomayors, please. And Ginsburgs and Breyers and sheez even another John Roberts wouldn't be so bad.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:54:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "15198" }, "14": { "text": "14. Maybe Netanyahu will stop trying to go behind President Obama's back.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 15:55:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15199" }, "15": { "text": "In general, the President Obama we're getting in 2013 is much improved over the one we got in 2009. This one has battle scars. The old one was remarkably naive about the Republicans. We all knew what he didn't seem to know -- they're bastards. They don't like you and they don't want to work with you. But they have to if you use the bully pulpit. You have all the power that Franklin Roosevelt had, if you choose to use it. He had radio. You have even better tools. Use them or become the red meat that the Republican jackals eat for lunch.", "created": "Wed, 07 Nov 2012 16:00:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "15200" } } }, "52": { "text": "Today we're the Decider-in-Chief", "created": "Tue, 06 Nov 2012 16:16:08 GMT", "name": "theDeciderinchief", "pgfnum": "15170", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Bush said he was the Decider-in-Chief.", "created": "Tue, 06 Nov 2012 16:08:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "15172" }, "1": { "text": "A couple of days ago Bill Clinton picked up the idea and gave it to the President.", "created": "Tue, 06 Nov 2012 16:08:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "15173" }, "2": { "text": "But today is a special day. The day when we're The Decider.", "created": "Tue, 06 Nov 2012 16:08:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "15174" }, "3": { "text": "We still haven't done enough with it. But one day maybe we will do more.", "created": "Tue, 06 Nov 2012 16:08:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "15175" }, "4": { "text": "If we declare our independence from the two parties, and run the next election ourselves, and it's possible -- we have the means to do it -- we can fight a revolution and win. And keep the attention of our leaders long before and after Election Day. And not just on superficial \"values\" issues, but issues of war and peace, how the economy works, and whether we're serious about saving the planet.", "created": "Tue, 06 Nov 2012 16:08:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "15176" }, "5": { "text": "But no matter what, don't pay attention to people who say your vote doesn't matter. They're wrong. It does. The act of voting is like exercise. When you run a mile, you end up at the same spot you started at, and you give up an hour of your life. But you have done something. You've preserved your power to do something tomorrow and the day after. Same with voting. Even if you vote for someone you hate, you've still voted. The act itself still matters. And someday it will have more meaning, I'm sure of it.", "created": "Tue, 06 Nov 2012 16:10:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "15177" } } }, "53": { "text": "My favorite movies", "created": "Mon, 05 Nov 2012 18:01:13 GMT", "name": "myFavoriteMovies", "pgfnum": "15115", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://davemovies.blorkmark.com/" }, "54": { "text": "If Obama wins", "created": "Mon, 05 Nov 2012 14:06:06 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/11/05/jets.gif", "name": "ifObamaWins", "pgfnum": "15069", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AMy wish if Obama wins tomorrow is that he start building a cross-party coalition with his new buds Chris Christie and Bill Clinton. Go to a Jets game maybe. Ask Christie which Repubs are fun to party with. Bring them along too. Start a new informal Cabinet of advisers, people the President hangs with to talk sports or drink a beer or (privately) smoke some reefer. Then they plot out new ways to get the whole country working, not just the tri-state area. We have something much bigger than Sandy to recover from, that is if Obama wins.", "created": "Mon, 05 Nov 2012 14:06:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "15070" }, "1": { "text": "If Romney wins, god help us.", "created": "Mon, 05 Nov 2012 14:10:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "15071" }, "2": { "text": "Update: If Lindsey Graham keeps saying shit like this he can come to the football game too.", "created": "Mon, 05 Nov 2012 14:35:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "15072" }, "3": { "text": "Update: Wouldn't it be fun if Obama named Bill Clinton as Secretary of Getting People to Work Together? I heard Clinton give a speech at the end of his second term where he advised that we all \"find a shared vision.\" This is every bit as much needed today as it was in 2000.", "created": "Mon, 05 Nov 2012 14:37:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "15073" } } }, "55": { "text": "Pando on corporate platforms", "created": "Mon, 05 Nov 2012 06:13:09 GMT", "name": "pandoOnCorpPlatforms", "pgfnum": "15062", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AA surprising piece by Kevin Kelleher in Pando about lock-in on corporate platforms. It's surprising because none of the California tech blogs have been looking at the possibility that the corporate platforms might not be a permanent fixture. And Pando has been one of the most conservative, imho. It's great to see them look in this direction.", "created": "Mon, 05 Nov 2012 05:53:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "15063" }, "1": { "text": "Eventually the lock-in will break. It would be smart for one of the platforms to decide that as a business strategy they'll try to create an open platform with replaceable components. Let people use different editors, browsers, let them hook in their own back-ends. Create a real ecosystem, with freedom, constructed the same way the web is, using formats and protocols that already exist, where ever possible. This really can work.", "created": "Mon, 05 Nov 2012 05:54:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15064" }, "2": { "text": "They would be promising to compete on quality, performance, features and price, not lock-in. It's really the honest way to go, and lots of industries work this way. For example, I can buy a Ford, Toyota, BMW or Smart car -- and drive on the same roads and use the same fuel. Everything is interchangeable about them except the key that gets me in and starts the engine. It's a good model for how our communication systems should work, at all levels.", "created": "Mon, 05 Nov 2012 05:55:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "15065" }, "3": { "text": "Products like Twitter or Instagram are providing useful features, they really don't need to lock their users in. They will possibly survive this transition, if they're flexible when it happens. There's lots of examples of past transitions to study for possible strategies.", "created": "Mon, 05 Nov 2012 05:57:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "15067" } } }, "56": { "text": "How much does the NYT cost?", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 15:07:45 GMT", "name": "howMuchDoesTheNytCost", "pgfnum": "15043", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Here's a story for a reporter at the NY Times.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 15:07:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "15044" }, "1": { "text": "Find out how much I, a resident of the city of New York, a blogger, would have to pay per month for a digital subscription to the Times.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 15:08:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "15045", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A" } } }, "2": { "text": "Is it like a phone company contract? Do I have to sign up for one year? Two years? I'd much prefer to buy a month at a time like a no-contract cell phone. But sometimes it's hard to get rid of these things, like AOL. I had to talk to them several times, many years ago, to get them to stop billing me $20 a month. Given the deceptive way the NYT markets digital subscriptions, I strongly suspect they're like that when you want to say goodbye.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 15:08:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "15046" }, "3": { "text": "I don't care how much it costs for the first 12 weeks. That's such an insult. As a reader of the NY Times, I expect you to lay out the information clear unambiguous terms. It's such a contradiction that the Times markets itself this way.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 15:08:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15047" }, "4": { "text": "I honestly don't know how much it costs. But if it's not too unreasonable I probably would have bought in a long time ago. To the Times, the way you're marketing this product is totally inconsistent with the values of the product you're trying to sell. I don't care if this gets more people to buy in, you're never going to get my business until you level with me, in a Times-like way.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 15:09:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "15048" } } }, "57": { "text": "What are red state folks saying?", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 14:50:29 GMT", "name": "whatAreRedStateFolksSaying", "pgfnum": "15031", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "If Romney wins, we won't have to worry about what the red states are saying -- we'll hear it every day in the form of legislation, tax policy, executive orders. But if Obama wins, we have a chance to try to grow the majority through the simple act of listening.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 14:23:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "15032" }, "1": { "text": "\"AOn the surface the red state folks say things that we know are not true, and most of them probably do too. The president is American. He is no more a socialist than any Republican president ever was. It's all repetitive talking points given to them by their pundits. Same as the Democrat pundits on MSNBC give their people idiotic talking points. A lot of my friends think there's a difference. If anything the MSNBC dogma is richer than the Fox News bullshit. That kind of crap isn't worth listening to or arguing with. Time-wasters. The people who really believe that are hopeless. They are drugged into a coma.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 14:24:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "15033" }, "2": { "text": "I also say we should not focus on policy issues, because they are mostly symbols, ways of expressing a more fundamental distrust, dislike, perhaps even in some cases hatred of east and west coast liberals. It's the fundamental things below that, what the symbols are expressing, that we should focus on, because they have validity.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 14:26:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "15034" }, "3": { "text": "That may sound surprising, that the source of hate is valid, but it is -- and until we listen to it, and try to understand what causes it, we will not grow the majority. What if we can give them what they want? What if they feel the world is moving too fast and leaving them behind? Is that something we can relate to? We all feel that to a certain extent. My guess is that people in flyover territory generalize about people on the coasts, just like we generalize about them. We're all greedy, powerful, ignorant and rich.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 14:27:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "15035" }, "4": { "text": "But people voting for Obama are not all alike. And middle class people have similar issues whether they live in the Bronx or Jacksonville, Florida.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 14:30:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "15036" }, "5": { "text": "On the networks we hear from people in Louisiana saying that finally the people up north have a taste of what it's like to be them. That's sad, because that didn't just happen. It's been like that all along. People in Staten Island and Rockaway have always been forgotten. Just like people in Louisiana. ", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 14:31:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "15037" }, "6": { "text": "The crazy thing is we all feel forgotten. Every one of us. Even the chairman of Chase or the mayor of New York or the governor of New Jersey feel unheard and unappreciated. I think that's the symbol we're all trying to manipulate, to light a huge flare, to send a message saying very simply -- hey I'm here, don't forget me.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 14:32:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "15038" }, "7": { "text": "That's why the visual symbols of the people jumping off the WTC holding hands, or standing on roofs in New Orleans waiting for rescue, or lining up for gas in New Jersey, while differing in degree, are all expressing the same idea. I'm lost, we're all lost, we have no idea what we're doing, and what we're doing isn't working. This isn't a new idea with Obama. This has been our problem in America ever since the 60s, the last time we, as a country had a mission.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 14:32:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "15039" }, "8": { "text": "The way things are, our leaders will never come up with the answer. We have to do that ourselves. It's a game of inches. It's two people communicating and helping each other across the red-blue divide. It's bi-partisanship not in Washington, it's bi-partisanship between us.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 14:34:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "15040", "subs": { "0": { "text": "" } } } } }, "58": { "text": "Crowd-sourcing the election", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 13:56:09 GMT", "name": "crowdsourcingTheElection", "pgfnum": "15023", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "A note for next time, let's not let Shelly Adelson have all the fun. :-)", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 13:41:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "15024" }, "1": { "text": "One thing we've learned in the last few years is that if you have an idea that tickles the imagination of enough people, you can raise a lot of money online to develop the idea.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 13:41:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "15025" }, "2": { "text": "\"ASo, when a video like this one comes along, that mixes a Republican crowd mocking climate change with scenes of the Sandy disaster, we could put $50 million behind running it where ever we like.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 13:42:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "15026" }, "3": { "text": "The cool thing about this is that we could decide to run ads that our candidate would never run. We could run them in non-battleground states. Or we could run ads to make sure an issue gets discussed in debates that our favorite candidate is trying to side-step. We can make winning about making politics do for us what we want it to do, instead of settling for the compromises that come from letting individual fatcats do all the pushing. You and I may not have a billion dollars, but if we pool our resources, we can act like we do.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 13:43:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "15027" }, "4": { "text": "Or we could run ads that shame the big spenders, reveal things about them they don't want revealed, give them an incentive to crawl back into their holes and stop pushing the rest of us around. I'm looking at you Thomas Peterffy.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 13:46:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "15029" }, "5": { "text": "I believe that Citizens United actually opened a big door that we can all take advantage of, not just Republican dickheads.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 13:45:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15028" }, "6": { "text": "And yes, I know the title of this piece is funny. The founders of our country were the original crowd-sourcing guys, and voting is the ultimate form of crowd-sourcing. We've just gotten out of the practice of being proactive with our vote. We only vote on the things the rich guys let us vote on. Well, we have the tools to change that, imho.", "created": "Sun, 04 Nov 2012 13:47:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "15030" } } }, "59": { "text": "Help Annie help NYC", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 15:25:02 GMT", "name": "helpAnnieHelpNyc", "pgfnum": "15029", "pubdate": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 15:23:42 GMT", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Annie Feighery is working to get actual physical things to people who are hurting in the aftermath of Sandy. Here's what they need:", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 15:01:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "15030", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Cleaning supplies (especially bleach-based cleansers).", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 15:09:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "15037" }, "1": { "text": "Diapers/wipes." }, "2": { "text": "Food that does not need to be cooked (ready-to-eat: PB&J, bagels, prepared meals pre-packaged, etc)." }, "3": { "text": "Warm clothes and blankets (socks, long sleeve shirts, warm child PJs, etc)." } } }, "1": { "text": "Details", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 15:22:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "15045" }, "2": { "text": "Please pre-sort your items as much as possible, as volunteers have to do it if you don't." }, "3": { "text": "Don't mix cleaning supplies with clothes in a bag.", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 15:10:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "15039" }, "4": { "text": "Try to separate adult clothes from kid clothes by bag.", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 15:13:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "15042" }, "5": { "text": "They're filling a moving van. :-)", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 15:32:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15046" }, "6": { "text": "Where and when", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 15:22:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "15044" }, "7": { "text": "Bring supplies to 606 W 116th near Ollie's, 116th and Broadway, Sunday morning betw 8 and 10AM.", "collapse": "true", "subs": { "0": { "text": "
View Larger Map" } } }, "8": { "text": "The 1-train has a stop at 116th and Broadway. And the 1-train is running! :-)", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 15:17:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "15043" }, "9": { "text": "Tweet her at @AnnieFeighery if you want to drop-off today instead.", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 15:11:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "15040" } } }, "60": { "text": "Crane on the move", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 14:41:43 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/11/03/crane.jpg", "name": "craneOnTheMove", "pgfnum": "15023", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Remember the crane that blew over in the storm on Monday?", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 14:41:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "15024" }, "1": { "text": "Apparently it still works, and they're solving the problem by turning it, so that the dangling part is touching the building.", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 14:41:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "15025" }, "2": { "text": "\"A" }, "3": { "text": "Presumably from there, they can dismantle it safely, and cart away the broken bits down through the building itself.", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 14:42:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15026" }, "4": { "text": "It's kind of brilliant. They might do some damage to the building, but the ground below remains safe, and the problem may be solved quickly.", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 14:42:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "15027" }, "5": { "text": "Update: Here's a close-up of the crane. Note the net under the crane bits.", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 14:56:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15028" }, "6": { "text": "Update #2: Here's a Bloomberg article that explains the plan.", "created": "Sat, 03 Nov 2012 15:04:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "15033" } } }, "61": { "text": "Most brutal political ad, ever", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 20:46:38 GMT", "name": "theMostBrutalPoliticalAdEver", "pgfnum": "15021", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 20:46:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "15022" } } }, "62": { "text": "The 2001 Marathon", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:25:46 GMT", "name": "the2001Marathon", "pgfnum": "15011", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "In 2001, the New York Marathon took place 54 days after 9/11. The fires were mostly out by then.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:53:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "15019" }, "1": { "text": "Having the marathon on Sunday is more like having it a few days after the hellacious snowstorm of 2010. You might have been able to clear the streets for the race, but what about the streets you weren't plowing. How much money would be lost by those people not being able to get to work? I think you're looking at a much higher cost than the revenue a sporting event brings into the city. Penny-wise, pound-foolish. It's probably more money to get the bodegas and delis open all over the city. And the barber shops and halal food vendors. And get some more trees off people's houses. Re-open Central Park for the people. So totally like the mayor to focus on opening it for the media and elite runners. The city needs the park. And what about people with no electricity. Give me a break.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:28:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "15017" }, "2": { "text": "Another comparison. The Yankees returned home on 9/25/01 -- two weeks after 9/11. The baseball game involved a small part of the Bronx which was far from the disaster, and all transport systems to and from the Bronx were working at the time. Most of the infrastructure of the city was unaffected by 9/11. Not true in 2012.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:27:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "15015", "subs": { "0": { "text": "
View Larger Map" } } }, "3": { "text": "More prior art. The Bay Area World Series resumed ten days after the Loma Prieta quake in 1989. As bad as that was, and it was really bad (I was there), this is a much bigger disaster. I don't think that's sunk in with a lot of people yet.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:59:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15020" } } }, "63": { "text": "Occupy Staten Island", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 16:54:59 GMT", "name": "mayorBloombergILoveYouBut", "pgfnum": "15001", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Just read this in the Times.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 16:55:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15002" }, "1": { "text": "Staten Island Hotel Owners Won't Kick Out Guests to Accommodate Runners. As anger percolates over the the decision to hold the New York City Marathon, at least two hotel owners on Staten Island, where the race starts, said they would not kick out those displaced by Hurricane Sandy to accommodate runners who have reserved a room.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 16:56:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "15004" }, "2": { "text": "The rest of the piece is on the Times site, without a working permalink. But I'm sure you get the idea.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 16:58:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15006" }, "3": { "text": "The Mayor is a smart man, but he's made a very stupid decision, to have the marathon on Sunday. I can see the preparations happening right now in Central Park. It's a massive event that uses a lot of city resources at a time when all those resources should be used to restore power and transit and probably to some degree to save lives of New Yorkers. It's certainly possible that there's damage we don't even know about.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 16:58:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "15007" }, "4": { "text": "Maybe next year we can have a marathon. But this doesn't look like an ordinary disaster, like a snowstorm, which the mayor kind of blew a couple of winters ago.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:00:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15008" }, "5": { "text": "It's important to do this rebuild right, and to include all the people of New York. Someone must get that. This is the premier American city not a monarchy. As long as there are New Yorkers suffering this way, we can't have a party.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 16:55:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "15003" }, "6": { "text": "One person said this is like Mardi Gras after Katrina. Emphatically it is not. I went to New Orleans five weeks after Katrina. There's no way that city could have had any kind of party at that point. And we're a much larger city and this wound is fresh, the bleeding and dying hasn't stopped. New Orleans had its party, seven months after the hurricane. Maybe we'll be ready for a party at that point.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:03:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "15009" }, "7": { "text": "People don't realize how much damage was done to our communities, and even more important to the infrastructure that connect us. It looks like these systems are really damaged. Months before they come online. it's time to sober up and get a clue, all of us. Especially our mayor.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:04:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "15010" } } }, "64": { "text": "Nate is great!", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 14:59:52 GMT", "name": "nateIsGreat", "pgfnum": "14984", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I think the public editor at the NYT is just right when she admonished Nate Silver for offering a bet with Joe Scarborough.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 14:59:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "14985" }, "1": { "text": "Nate made a mistake. Here's my take.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:21:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "14998" }, "2": { "text": "\"A1. I am educated, with a math degree. I've spent decades writing software. To do what I do requires a precise kind of thinking, but there's also an art to it. So when I read Nate's analysis, I recognize and appreciate it. I think Nate is one of a small number of young folk who make me optimistic about the future. I appreciate that he uses statistical methods, and I understand what you can and cannot do with stats. It's possible that Romney will win when there's an 80 percent chance of Obama winning. But, according to Nate's model, four times out of five, Obama wins. He's not 100 percent sure of it. But he's sure enough to put his honor on the line. As a believer in Nate, and a supporter of Obama, I am relieved. But -- if Nate said it was the other way around, 80 percent likely that Romney would win, I wouldn't even think of trying to discredit Nate. Instead, I'd be depressed about the future of the world. A fundamentally different way of processing negative information. :-)", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:00:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "14986" }, "3": { "text": "2. Uneducated people probably don't understand the limits of statistical analysis. Probabilities don't come into it for them. I can't imagine that what Nate writes about makes much sense to them.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:02:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "14987", "subs": { "0": { "text": "BTW, self-educated people are just as educated as formally educated people. Not drawing a distinction between people with and without degrees.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:14:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "14997" } } }, "4": { "text": "3. Making bets with such people accomplishes nothing.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:03:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "14988" }, "5": { "text": "4. I have had to deal with gangs of Internet trolls for years. It happens to everyone who takes a leadership role. The more you accomplish, the more inundated with garbage you get. When I realize all the things I didn't do because I didn't have the stomach for dealing with these people it makes me really angry. If I had it to do over again I would not let them stop me. I've developed new procedures that keep them out of my way. They seem to work. Knock wood.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:03:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "14989" }, "6": { "text": "5. Nate may think it's possible to teach Scarborough something. If he wanted to learn, he would buy Nate's book, or take a course in stats, or listen instead of rejecting strange ideas. But that's not who he is. No matter what you say to him, his mind is not going to change. You can't open the door for him. You can't show him how wonderful your world is. He's not looking for new delights. Sad, isn't it, but there are lots of people like that. They will never become Nate Silver fans. That's life!", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:04:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "14990" }, "7": { "text": "6. You have to be satisfied by informing people who understand the process you use, or whose minds are open to new ideas.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:06:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "14991" }, "8": { "text": "7. The trolls will insult you for this. They will say you are not open to new ideas. Maybe they believe it. I don't know why they do it. But you'll never figure it out, no matter how hard you try, because they are truly different from you. So different that you can't communicate. So give up trying.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:06:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "14992" }, "9": { "text": "8. I think the Times has had this problem for generations. Long before there was an Internet.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:07:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "14993" }, "10": { "text": "9. Their isolation, their aloofness, could be functional, might be a response to this reality. I've often wondered why NYT people can be such assholes. Now I have an idea. They only let certain people into their discussion space. There are only certain people they listen to. Nate is to be commended for having a broader circle that influences him. But that doesn't make the Times wrong. They are probably just reacting to the reality that there have always been low-roaders like Scarborough. People who try to stop things they don't like or understand. Tune them out. But I think they go too far, and tune out things they should be listening to, that's not meant to harm them, or stop them. But too much time may have passed for the Times, organizationally, to be able to tell the difference between a troll and someone with strange wonderful ideas.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:07:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "14994" }, "11": { "text": "That's why I agree with the public editor that the bet he offered to Scarborough (which he, predictably, slimed) was a bad idea. Not something to be repeated.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:09:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "14995" }, "12": { "text": "On the other hand, the Times could find ways to open up a bit more and let some strange ideas in. They suffer for being too cloistered. And those of us in their community suffer too.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:09:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "14996" } } }, "65": { "text": "No marathon", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 02:28:29 GMT", "name": "noMarathon", "pgfnum": "14341", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AThere are many New Yorks right now. I am lucky -- I live in one that's coming back to life quickly. I have TV, electricity, Internet, heat. Most of the stores in my neighborhood are open. The only catastrophe that happened nearby is the crane that fell during the storm. But that seems to be taken care of, and its only a concern because it's caused traffic gridlock in my neighborhood. Very small problem.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 02:28:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "14342" }, "1": { "text": "Last night I took a walk down to 4th St, went cross-town, and came back via Times Square. The contrasts were very heavy.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 02:30:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "14345" }, "2": { "text": "I wondered how we could get the energy that's flowing through Times Square -- and everything is normal there -- to flow through the parts of the city I had just visited that are dark.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 02:31:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "14346" }, "3": { "text": "Today for the first time we're getting a picture of what's happening in Staten Island.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 02:31:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "14347" }, "4": { "text": "What will become apparent tomorrow? And do we really want to use our resources at this time for a huge optional event when citizens and taxpayers in parts of the same city are fighting for their lives? It's more ridiculous because the marathon is a citywide event.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 02:32:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "14348" }, "5": { "text": "This the Heckuva job Brownie moment for the mayor. Only a billion times worse.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 02:34:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "14349", "subs": { "0": { "text": "" } } }, "6": { "text": "No marathon. Bad business for NY.", "created": "Fri, 02 Nov 2012 02:47:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "14974" } } }, "66": { "text": "The paywall contradiction", "created": "Thu, 01 Nov 2012 23:03:37 GMT", "fldisquscomments": "false", "name": "thePaywallContradiction", "pgfnum": "14963", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "When I heard that the WSJ and NYT were turning off their paywalls for the duration of Hurricane Sandy, I felt sure there was something wrong with this, though I found it hard to put in words.", "created": "Thu, 01 Nov 2012 22:50:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "14964" }, "1": { "text": "I'm going to try now and see what happens.", "created": "Thu, 01 Nov 2012 22:51:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "14965" }, "2": { "text": "When I write something publicly it's because I want to put the ideas out there and get a response. I want the benefit of other minds interacting with the idea. To limit access is opposite the purpose of writing it publicly. So every person who can't read it subtracts some of the value. If that person had a pivotal insight, one that would make me change my mind -- then all the value of publishing it is gone if I never get to hear the response because of a paywall.", "created": "Thu, 01 Nov 2012 22:52:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "14966" }, "3": { "text": "One might argue that it's a matter of extent. If the paywall should come down because there's important potentially life-saving information on the site today, then it should come down tomorrow too, if the news organization is any good -- because that's always true. What difference does it make if they could save one life or one thousand? To the person whose life is saved, it makes none.", "created": "Thu, 01 Nov 2012 22:54:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "14967" }, "4": { "text": "In 1995, I called the attempted censorship of the Internet in the CDA a \"crime against humanity.\" Some people questioned the use of that term. I offered two defenses:", "created": "Thu, 01 Nov 2012 23:01:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "14971", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I have two answers. First, it's a felony to leave the scene of an accident, and it's a felony to blow up a Federal courthouse in Oklahoma City. Scale has nothing to do with it. If this isn't a crime against humanity, who is it a crime against? Do we hold our politicians accountable for their actions, especially if they're on a global scale? Are just US citizens offended by their attempt to shut down free speech on the Internet? No. The mail has been coming in from all over the planet. And rightly so. This act has global implications.", "created": "Thu, 01 Nov 2012 22:56:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "14968" } } }, "5": { "text": "Writers and publishers have different motivations and missions. A writer's job is to spread ideas far and wide and reap the benefit. That's his art. A publisher's mission is, well I don't understand that one -- because I am a writer. :-)", "created": "Thu, 01 Nov 2012 22:57:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "14970" } } } } }, "2": { "text": "October", "name": "october", "type": "include", "url": "http://static.scripting.com/orlando/world/dave/2012/11/01/archive013.opml", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I'm tired too Abby", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 23:40:31 GMT", "name": "imTiredTooAbigail", "pgfnum": "14957", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 23:40:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "14958" }, "1": { "text": "BTW, the cute kid award for the 2008 election went to Ross Mayfield's son, talking about Obamaman. :-)", "created": "Thu, 01 Nov 2012 00:09:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "14960" } } }, "1": { "text": "Backups!", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 17:14:27 GMT", "name": "backups", "pgfnum": "14952", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I see lots of mentions of NY-based companies that didn't have adequate Plan B's.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 17:14:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "14953" }, "1": { "text": "It's time to think about how you're creating redundancy in your communication systems.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 17:14:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "14954" }, "2": { "text": "Also important as a service you can offer to users to differentiate your product from others. \"We're good at keeping you online in times of emergency.\"", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 17:16:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "14956" }, "3": { "text": "Decentralize.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 17:15:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "14955" } } }, "2": { "text": "Is Google Maps realtime?", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 16:59:15 GMT", "name": "whenRealtimeReallyCounts", "pgfnum": "14947", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I just checked if Google Maps would give me driving directions through streets I know are closed because of the hurricane. It would and does.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 16:59:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "14948" }, "1": { "text": "An example -- 57th St is closed between 6th Ave and 8th Ave due to the crane collapse. Yet if I ask for directions from 501 West 57th to 501 East 57th, it gives me a straight line.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 17:04:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "14950", "subs": { "0": { "text": "
View Larger Map", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 17:04:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "14951" } } }, "2": { "text": "It's at times like this when utilities like Google Maps can help the most. Wouldn't it be great if it were kept up to date on road closures and could take that into account in giving directions.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 16:59:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "14949" } } }, "3": { "text": "The worst NY player", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 15:25:11 GMT", "name": "theWorstNyPlayer", "pgfnum": "14937", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AHarvey Araton in the Times writes today that the worst deal in NY sports is Amare Stoudemire of the Knicks. Hard to disagree. Except maybe Carmelo Anthony.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 15:25:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "14938" }, "1": { "text": "As a Mets fan since 1962, let me tell you -- it is not about winning. It's about love, and philosophy. The Knicks have two leading players that play from fear and have no philosophy. I think Carmelo could play on a team lead by someone with philosophy, as he showed in the Olympics this year, but even then, under pressure, he's the first to choke. I was watching the last great game in the Olympics against Spain, hoping that Anthony would rally, but instead he was benched -- and with the usual Baby Huey smile on his face, that seemed (to me at least) to spell relief.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 15:26:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "14939" }, "2": { "text": "The core problem of the Knicks is they chose a Number Two to be their Number One.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 16:23:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "14944" }, "3": { "text": "Neither Anthony or Stoudemire plays with heart. They are not competitors. Neither is a leader, or a winner. That's what's so fucked up about the Knicks.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 15:28:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "14940" }, "4": { "text": "They had a great team for a few weeks last year, sparked by a coach and a point guard who played with love and great philosophy. Chandler was happy to play along. Novak, Fields, Schumpert -- all young and looking for a chance to play -- flourished. Sure, given a chance this combination might not have won, but as I said -- as a Mets fan, and I'm sure as die-hard Knicks fans can agree -- it's not really about winning. It's about having a spirit that we can get behind.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 15:28:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "14942" } } }, "4": { "text": "Obama and Christie FTW", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 02:45:29 GMT", "name": "obamaVsRomney", "pgfnum": "14934", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. If you haven't watched the Frontline 2-hour election special, the rest of this might not make much sense. It's really worth watching.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 02:45:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "14935", "subs": { "0": { "text": "" } } }, "1": { "text": "2. I just caught up on the politics of the day. I didn't want to, but then two pieces came out at almost exactly the same time, a few hours ago, that shifted my perspective. One from Jonathan Chait at New York, and the other by Charles Pierce at Esquire. They both said in different but equally convincing ways that the response to Sandy is political and to view it any other way is wrong.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 02:46:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "14936" }, "2": { "text": "3. The timing is amazing, obviously.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 02:48:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "14937" }, "3": { "text": "\"A4. It couldn't be more dramatic in the context of the election. Because the problem being given to Obama is one he's perfectly suited for. It's the one he wanted when he arrived in Washington in 2009 and thought he had been given, in the economic collapse. Unfortunately for all of us, the Republicans responded very negatively to Obama (understatement). This was made very clear in the Frontline report (see #1). I hadn't understood how the Republicans despised him. It wasn't just expedient. They actually hated him. I didn't get this because I didn't feel that way about Obama. But I certainly have felt that way about other politicians.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 02:48:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14938", "subs": { "0": { "text": "They were right in some ways. Obama believed he was transformative. That was a mistake. He should have tried to make a difference in the context of what Washington was, not what he wished it to be. He was vulnerable and naive, and they took advantage of it.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 03:02:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "14947" } } }, "4": { "text": "5. Enter Christie.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 02:50:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14939" }, "5": { "text": "6. Unlike the Republicans in Washinton in 2009, he wants to work with Obama. Really wants to, it's not fake.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 02:50:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "14940" }, "6": { "text": "7. Why? Because he likes being governor of NJ, and here's his chance to do that in an incredible way, with all the money of the US govt available to him. All the planets lined up for Gov Christie. And Obama, seeing the opportunity (totally) says oh shit I'm getting the checkbook, and I'm going to spend the money and I got a Republican to play the game with me. \"How much do you want?\" he asks Christie. He gets to throw a Hail Mary pass, with almost no political cost, certainly none before the election. (I'd love to see Romney complain that Obama was spending too much on New Jersey, esp with the pictures on CNN likely to come in the days ahead. This isn't Benghazi or even Katrina. Our networks have lots of cameras and reporters in the NYC area. Even Republicans on Wall Street will want the money to be spent now. Look where the flooding happened.)", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 02:51:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "14941" }, "7": { "text": "8. This is what Obama is good at. Getting lots of governors, Republican and Democratic, to work with him. To let him lead and organize them. Use his intellect. Lead the team. (Give them money.) He did it at Harvard. And at Columbia and in high school. This is what he loves. ", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 02:52:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "14942" }, "8": { "text": "9. Now here's the ridiculous part. It's probably something that Romney would be great at too. It's exactly the kind of job he seeks out. It's the way he sees himself. Disaster strikes, and Romney comes in and saves the day -- through management, competence, consensus. If this crisis, exactly this crisis, happened in February and Romney was President, he'd be Christie's buddy too, with the checkbook open ready to fill in whatever number Chris asks him to. But he won't get to do it, and he knows it, and it must absolutely drive him crazy!", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 02:53:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "14943" }, "9": { "text": "10. Christie will get to rebuild New Jersey with federal money. Before this his state was broke. Now it'll be rich. Jobs galore. He gets to be hero. And I bet he doesn't like Romney, on a personal level. And I bet he does like Obama.", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 02:56:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "14946" }, "10": { "text": "11. Watch the Frontline report. :-)", "created": "Wed, 31 Oct 2012 03:10:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "14950" } } }, "5": { "text": "Google Maps API overview?", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:04:40 GMT", "name": "googleMapsApiOverview", "pgfnum": "14888", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I've used little scraps of time during the hurricane to experiment with the Google Maps API.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:04:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "14889", "subs": { "0": { "text": "http://googlemapstest.blorkmark.com/", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:12:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "14897" } } }, "1": { "text": "I hope to simplify it so that people can set up a map in the OPML Editor outliner, by entering a list of names of places and have them appear as icons on the map. They also get to specify the icons, from the set of Glyphicons. And of course they can write a document for each, in the outliner. The outlines will be displayed more or less the same way as the About outline on Scripting News home page.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:05:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "14890" }, "2": { "text": "The API is pretty strange to me, largely because I've never used a Javascript API before. The callback structure is totally bizarre. I'm accustomed to the enviroment managing threads for you. To me this is an odd way to program. Which makes learing a new API doubly-difficult.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:06:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "14891" }, "3": { "text": "I'd rather not read a whole O'Reilly book on this API. I'd like to find a narrative to explain these topics:", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:07:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "14892", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. How to turn a name of a place into a lat-lng value. I see there's an entrypoint for this, geocoder.getLatLng.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:07:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "14893" }, "1": { "text": "2. How to get a callback when the user clicks on an icon. It would also be nice to know where the mouse-click happened, on the screen, so the window can pop up close to it (I have no idea how to do this, but will have to figure it out).", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:09:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "14894" } } }, "4": { "text": "I see this as another way to do a presentation, or to organize information. I would like to have a single outline for a map, making it super-easy to edit, and also to have it in the most convenient form for someone browsing over the data.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:10:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "14895" }, "5": { "text": "Any pointers are much appreciated.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:11:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14896" }, "6": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 20:16:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "4929", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "4925", "subs": { "0": { "text": "true" }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "4927" } } }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 20:16:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "4930" } } }, "7": { "text": "Update #1", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 19:10:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "14920", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Thanks to some pointers from Ted (see below), my test map now have markers that:", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 19:10:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "14921" }, "1": { "text": "1. Are specified not by latitude and longitude, rather by human-understandable strings like Roosevelt Island, New York, NY and 23rd St and Park Ave, New York, NY.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 19:10:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "14922" }, "2": { "text": "2. When roll over the icon you see the human-understandable string.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 19:11:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "14923" }, "3": { "text": "3. When you click on the icon and alert dialog pops up with the string.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 19:11:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "14924" }, "4": { "text": "This is important because the string is what's going to be in the main headline for each chunk of outline text. In a sense it's the address both in physical space and in the outline. Being able to go from a mouse-click to that string is an essential step.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 19:11:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "14925" } } } } }, "6": { "text": "Hurricane status report", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:14:59 GMT", "name": "hurricaneStatusReport", "pgfnum": "14873", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I'm getting tweets and emails from friends outside NY asking if everything is okay.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:16:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "14875" }, "1": { "text": "1. Thanks! The concern is much appreciated.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:16:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "14876" }, "2": { "text": "2. Everything is good. Power is on. No one hurt. Exhausted. Happy to be safe.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:16:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "14877" }, "3": { "text": "3. Three trees fell on my mom's block in Flushing. She has lots of support nearby. They've lost some power. Luckily my brother was in town, he couldn't get out on Monday, so he's been there to help.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:16:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "14878", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:15:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "14874" }, "1": { "text": "\"A" }, "2": { "text": "\"A" } } }, "4": { "text": "4. I live in a high-rise in mid-town. The building swayed for hours, and it was exhausting and scary. One of the windows blew open, and it was a bitch to get it closed. But at 11PM or so the winds just stopped, and it's stayed quiet outside ever since. Got a great night's sleep. Power is on. Very fortunate.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:18:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "14879" }, "5": { "text": "5. The streets in Manhattan are virtually empty. Some cabs, cars. Lots of emergency vehicles.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:19:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "14880" }, "6": { "text": "6. My SandyCam site is up, but sad to say it's mostly getting pictures of raindrops on the windows.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:19:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "14881" }, "7": { "text": "7. Posting links on my linkblog, of course (these also flow to Twitter).", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:23:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "14884" }, "8": { "text": "8. All is good.", "created": "Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:19:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "14882" } } }, "7": { "text": "Climate change", "created": "Mon, 29 Oct 2012 19:39:18 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/10/29/change.jpg", "name": "climateChange", "pgfnum": "14873", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "To partisans: The issue isn't whether Romney wanted to kill FEMA, it's that we're having an election without climate change as an issue.", "created": "Mon, 29 Oct 2012 19:50:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "14878", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A" } } }, "1": { "text": "It should be the dominant issue.", "created": "Mon, 29 Oct 2012 20:02:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "14879" }, "2": { "text": "As usual, people want to blame the leaders, but we get as much bullshit as we demand from them. If we decided that climate change was the issue, it would be.", "created": "Mon, 29 Oct 2012 19:39:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "14875" }, "3": { "text": "Time for the American electorate to grow a pair and take responsibility", "created": "Mon, 29 Oct 2012 19:40:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "14876" } } }, "8": { "text": "NYT River repair work", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 14:42:10 GMT", "name": "nytRiverOverhaul", "pgfnum": "14710", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "A few weeks ago the NY Times firehose feed broke.", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 13:59:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "14711" }, "1": { "text": "I emailed with a friend at the Times, and we were able to get it working again. But the new version of the firehose is a mere trickle compared to the former raging torrent.", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 13:59:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "14712" }, "2": { "text": "This put me in a bad place because I depend on a gush of NYT headlines in my river. I could subscribe to all the feeds I could find, but that means that I'd get duplicate stories because the Times, like other pubs, runs many stories in multiple feeds.", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 14:00:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "14713" }, "3": { "text": "I've always been thinking about doing a heuristic to fix this. I'd keep track of the titles that had already appeared in a river and skip duplicates. Last night during the Giants game I gave it a shot, and it worked.", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 14:01:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "14714" }, "4": { "text": "I wrote the change up in this worknote.", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 14:41:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "14722" }, "5": { "text": "I added a huge number of feeds to the NYT river. And it's starting to feel good again. I wanted to share this as a possible best-practice for other aggregator developers.", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 14:02:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "14715" }, "6": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "bold", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "7": { "text": "Updates", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 19:44:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "14723", "subs": { "0": { "text": "After running for a few hours -- success. The NYT river is back to its rich flow, at a time when there's lots going on -- the presidential election and a hurricane. And there aren't any duplicates. All is good. :-)", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 19:46:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14724" }, "1": { "text": "It's been a while since I really looked at the NYT river. They write such good descriptions. You have a pretty good idea what the article is about even without clicking. Much more useful than getting full text. Because I get a breadth of the news, and the experience is created by editors who know what they're doing.", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 19:46:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "14725" } } }, "8": { "text": "Pointers", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 19:48:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "14726", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Pointers: NYT river.", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 14:13:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "14721" }, "1": { "text": "NYT feeds page.", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 19:48:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "14727" }, "2": { "text": "The OPML reading list for the NYT river.", "created": "Sun, 28 Oct 2012 19:48:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "14728" } } } } }, "9": { "text": "A social network's soul", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 17:05:44 GMT", "name": "aSocialNetworksSoul", "pgfnum": "14706", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "How to tell if a social network has soul?", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:50:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "14707" }, "1": { "text": "How often do the founders' tweets get retweeted. How often do their names pop up in your stream, not as ads of course, but because someone thought they were worthy of a pass-along.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 17:12:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "14705" }, "2": { "text": "In that spirit, I realized the other day that:", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:50:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "14708" }, "3": { "text": "1. I never see tweets from Ev or Biz, two of the three founders of Twitter.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:50:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "14709", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Of course today someone RT'd Ev.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 21:08:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "14706" }, "1": { "text": "It always works that way!", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 22:24:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "14709" }, "2": { "text": "To show I'm a good sport, I RT'd the RT. :-)", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 21:10:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "14708" } } }, "4": { "text": "2. I do sometimes see tweets from Jack, the other founder, and they're often useful.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:50:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "14710" }, "5": { "text": "I don't use Facebook or Google-Plus, but even if so, I would imagine from time to time I'd see things linked from Vic Gundotra or Zuck. And the other day I did see something from Vic. The only times I ever see something from Zuck is if there's a shitstorm over privacy and he has to write an open post to try to calm people down. But it should be a constant drumbeat. And not something synthetic. They should be NBBs. But no network yet has figured out that they need NBBs at the helm.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:51:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "14711" }, "6": { "text": "\"AThis epiphany comes after an embarassingly large number of years using social networks.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:52:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "14712" }, "7": { "text": "Back in the days of CB Radio on Compuserve, which was very much like Twitter believe it or not, the Compuservants (people who worked at the company) never used the service. In fact they referred to us as the Lonelyhearts Club (I knew this because I had a personal friend who worked there and heard about it over the phone, not on the network). Compuserve is long-gone.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:52:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14713" }, "8": { "text": "Whatever you may say or think about Scoble, he is retweeted. He works tirelessly to push new ideas out there. Any network should kill to get him on board. Pay him huge bucks. Wine and dine him. But they're so clueless they seem to resent him. Eventually this will flip around, and guys like Scoble will be seen as the equiv of NBA stars or American Idol winners. They are the reason people come to the service. If you're starting one of these networks you would do well to entice him.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:53:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "14714" }, "9": { "text": "What made me think about this is that Hugh MacLeod, the famous Gaping Void artist-blogger, told me that Scoble had told him he should be using Instagram as his social network. I agree, up to a point. But Instagram never sought out Hugh. And Instagram doesn't have feeds, so I can't plug Hugh's content into my flows. So bzzzt, I veto Scoble on this one. But he was 80 percent right. Instagram is a good choice for what Hugh does, if they 1. gave a shit and 2. let the data flow.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:55:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "14715" }, "10": { "text": "I think eventually the artists will rise and take all this over.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:56:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "14716" } } }, "10": { "text": "Sandy's message", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 10:18:36 GMT", "name": "sandysMessage", "pgfnum": "14678", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "It just occurred to me, reading an NBC article on how Hurricane Sandy might effect the election, that climate change will be an election issue after all.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 10:18:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "14679" }, "1": { "text": "We may not want to discuss climate change, but our planet does.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 10:20:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "14680" } } }, "11": { "text": "Lost Twitter connection", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 09:38:17 GMT", "name": "lostTwitterConnection", "pgfnum": "14667", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I am unable to send links from my linkblogging tool to Twitter.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 09:38:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "14668" }, "1": { "text": "This outage started at 5:45PM Eastern yesterday. The last four of my links didn't go through. The reply from Twitter is empty. There's no error message or error code.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 09:39:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "14669" }, "2": { "text": "The first three links were about Hurricane Sandy. The fourth was about the election.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 09:48:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "14674" }, "3": { "text": "I've tried re-authorizing the account with Twitter, but that didn't seem to make a difference. The response is still empty. Nothing is posted to my Twitter account.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 09:39:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "14670" }, "4": { "text": "If you have any clues what else I might try, I'm happy to. It's possible something changed in the Twitter API that I am not aware of.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 09:40:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "14671" }, "5": { "text": "It's also possible this is the end of the road, that for some reason they've decided that my contribution is no longer wanted.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 09:43:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "14673" }, "6": { "text": "I'll save any editorializing until there's more info. :-)", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 09:41:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "14672" }, "7": { "text": "Updates", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 14:09:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "14681", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I posted a note on the Twitter Dev discussion board.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 14:09:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "14682" }, "1": { "text": "Got a pointer to this issue, which seems to have happened about the same time. Not clear whether it's related to this.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 14:09:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "14683" } } }, "8": { "text": "While I'm stuck", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 14:23:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "14687", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I don't think I'm being caught up in the same mess as the other guys, because I'm getting back an empty response. They're getting back a message saying that the content-length header is missing.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 14:23:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "14688" }, "1": { "text": "Well, it turns out I was getting the message, it was just happening at such a low level that I wasn't seeing it.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 14:50:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "14700" }, "2": { "text": "So to be clear, I was caught up in the same breakage as everyone else.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 14:52:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "14703" } } }, "9": { "text": "Worknote", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 14:51:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "14701", "subs": { "0": { "text": "See this worknote for details on the workaround, which I will now release.", "created": "Sat, 27 Oct 2012 14:51:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "14702" } } } } }, "12": { "text": "Our Soviet Union", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 17:55:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "14657", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I just had a flash, and that's what blogs are for.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 17:55:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "14658" }, "1": { "text": "The Soviet Union collapsed. And that changed the world.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 17:56:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "14659" }, "2": { "text": "Could the United States collapse too?", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 17:56:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "14660" }, "3": { "text": "What if it already has?", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 17:56:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "14661" }, "4": { "text": "What if the change in the way the press works is the equivalent of a new political system, with a new division of power.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 17:56:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "14662" }, "5": { "text": "Isn't that what happened in the Soviet Union?", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 17:57:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "14663" } } }, "13": { "text": "Listening is Hard", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:58:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14643", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The constant theme of my blog is the title of this post -- Listening is Hard.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:33:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "14644" }, "1": { "text": "It is.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:33:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "14645" }, "2": { "text": "The way people read on the Internet usually has nothing to do with listening. What people seem to do mostly is skim the article looking for their own name, the name of someone they hate, or if neither of those turn up, they look for a key word or phrase that's linked to one of their canned schpiels. There are some notorious commenters here, people who make me groan when I see their names. I know what I'm going to hear has nothing to do with the topic of the piece. In the worst cases they just pick up a rant almost verbatim from The Ed Show or O'Reilly, and repeat it word for word. Nothing could be more boring. I usually turn those people off when I'm flipping through channels. I totally don't want them here on my blog, by proxy.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:34:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "14646" }, "3": { "text": "How you can tell if you're not listening? Here are some clues:", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:36:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "14647" }, "4": { "text": "1. The person you think you're listening to tells you that you're not. They might be wrong, but before you dismiss them out of hand, consider the possibility that they're right. And use the scientific method. Read the actual words they have written. Not the story you hear in your own head when you read those words. Read their words.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:36:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "14648" }, "5": { "text": "2. If you find yourself hearing someone familiar talking through them, you're not listening. For example, if the thought forms in your head that \"he is just like my brother\" or mother or father, or former best friend -- someone you have issues with -- then you're not listening. There's absolutlely no doubt. Classic clue that you're projecting. Instead take a deep breath, look at your surroundings, then look back at the screen. It's just a screen. Not the family kitchen table when you were growing up. Your abusive parent isn't berating you. It's just some bits on a screen. :-)", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:36:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "14649" }, "6": { "text": "3. Try this puzzle. Most people don't get the right answer. I didn't. I was amazed. That's another proof that listening is hard. If you can't count the letters, what are the chances that you've actually heard what someone is saying by skimming their story on the net.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:40:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "14650" }, "7": { "text": "4. Read this piece. See how bad inference can be. 99 times out of 100 it's not about you. So don't respond as if it were.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:42:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "14651", "subs": { "0": { "text": "" } } }, "8": { "text": "5. A famous editor hated me for a long time, but then all of a sudden one day started being nice to me. This kept going on long enough that we've now had a discussion about why he hated me so much. It's the old inference thing. I was saying \"Sources Go Direct.\" I wasn't saying that I wanted sources to go direct, or that editors deserved to be routed around (although as a matter of fact I did, and mostly do). But that wasn't what I was saying. I was saying that if you're in the publishing business, in any way, you have to realize that the lower cost of production and distribution has radically changed the way things work. You must factor that in. Hating me won't change anything. And if you actually listen to what I'm saying (there's the rub again) I say over and over that I want professional journalists to make the transition. But you can't make the transition by clinging to a system that has gone away.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:42:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "14652" }, "9": { "text": "6. Another clue is that the topic is something that you find repulsive. Most people can't listen to topics that disgust them. For example, if I say that the OWS people missed huge opportunities because they didn't listen, if you support OWS, you're going to likely respond with a story that's orthogonal. I know this because it happens every time. But isn't it better to hear about the missed opportunity, esp when it's not too late, because then you don't have to miss it? To me, this is like a programmer who argues with a bug report. Why? If you listen, you can fix it. Good programmers do not argue with bug reports. And good revolutionaries are always looking for ways to be more effective at revolution. Dilbert-like revolutionaries insist on telling you why you don't get it. Don't be a Dilbert-like revolutionary. Nothing is more pathetic.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:44:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "14653" }, "10": { "text": "Now let's see if anyone who comments has actually listened to what I said! :-)", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:53:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "14655" } } }, "14": { "text": "Why Obama Now", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 14:22:03 GMT", "name": "whyObamaNow", "pgfnum": "14635", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 14:22:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "14636" } } }, "15": { "text": "Sharing and mobile sites", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 14:33:15 GMT", "name": "sharingAndMobileSites", "pgfnum": "14627", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"ALet's say I'm using my iPad and I come across a video, and click the link, watch it and decide to share it with my followers on Twitter.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 14:13:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "14628" }, "1": { "text": "Something not-so-good happens. The mobile link goes to everyone. Whether they're using a mobile device or not.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 14:14:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "14629" }, "2": { "text": "Mobile is about at the same place where we were with RSS when we realized that subscription wasn't just a matter of giving someone the URL to the RSS feed. We had to do more. Unfortunately we couldn't get everyone to swing in the same direction, so the problem was never adequately solved.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 14:30:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "14637" }, "3": { "text": "The correct answer here is to have a link on the page that goes to a shareable version of the page. I might be on the mobile version, but this will take me to the \"general\" or default version of the page. Then if someone comes to the page on an iPad or some other supposedly limited device, they can show them the mobile version, if they must.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 14:15:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "14631" }, "4": { "text": "This happens often enough to be something we need to fix, soon -- before it becomes an unsolvable problem.", "created": "Fri, 26 Oct 2012 14:17:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "14633" } } }, "16": { "text": "Olbermann don't sell out!", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:33:33 GMT", "image": "http://static.scripting.com/larryKing/images/2012/10/25/dewey.gif", "name": "dearKeithOlbermann", "pgfnum": "14554", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "If you know Keith Olbermann please send him a pointer to this. I've tried tweeting to him, but I never get a response. Tell him I'm for real, that I've done this myself with great success. (I have!) You can make a lot of money doing Internet broadcasting. And Olbermann, someone we know well, is the perfect guy to do it. ", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:17:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "14562" }, "1": { "text": "Dear Keith Olbermann,", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:34:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "14564" }, "2": { "text": "Last time around the two people I read or listened to most were Frank Rich in his weekly column at the NY Times, and you.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "14556" }, "3": { "text": "This time around neither of you are out there. Your voice has been missed.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:11:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "14558" }, "4": { "text": "According to New York Magazine and other bits here and there, it seems you're looking for a job at a broadcast network. I think this would be a serious mistake. You have a popular Twitter feed. And lots of fans. You could very easily start something on the Internet and keep all the profits for yourself, and run your own show, and if you pissed someone off that would be good because it would get more people to watch and/or listen.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:10:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "14557" }, "5": { "text": "\"AI used to think creating an Internet-distributed radio show was hard, but it's not. You can do it with an iPod. A video show is a little more work. People don't care much about production value, esp for someone with as well-known a voice as yours. What we want is something no one else can provide -- you! Your insights, your ideas, your angst!", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:13:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "14559" }, "6": { "text": "Then, later -- once you've got a regular thing going on the net, you can get distribution from one of the networks, on your own terms. Don't stop distributing your stuff on the net, that's your fallback in case they start excercising control over your content.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:15:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "14560" }, "7": { "text": "I'll help. No charge! I just want you to do it. Nothing more.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:29:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "14563" }, "8": { "text": "What we, your fans want, is the pure unadulterated Olberman Experience™. We want to know we're hearing what you really have to say, not what some network executive will let you say. There's already so much of that. It's boring. Give us what we crave. Olbermann. Don't sell out!", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:15:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "14561" } } }, "17": { "text": "Buck-passing bullshit", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 15:19:45 GMT", "fldisquscomments": "false", "name": "recognizingBullshit", "pgfnum": "14525", "type": "blogpost", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The Repubs are tempting fate, trying to allocate blame for Obama's loss in November. Obviously it's a little presumptuous.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 14:57:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "14526" }, "1": { "text": "If Romney wins, it's not Obama's fault, it's not Bill Clinton's fault. It wasn't caused by the attack in Benghazi or the weak economy.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 14:58:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "14528" }, "2": { "text": "It's time to lay the blame squarely where it would belong if we elect Mitt Romney president.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 14:59:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "14529" }, "3": { "text": "It's the American people's fault.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 15:00:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "14530" }, "4": { "text": "We have been disclaiming our power for far too long. It's become habitual. And it's wrong. In the United States, according to our much-revered Constitution, if you want to know who to blame for things being royally fucked up, just look in the mirror.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 15:00:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "14531" }, "5": { "text": "When I suggested to the people in the Occupy movement, at least the ones who would listen, that after they finished with the occupations that we should move on to fight voter suppression, I was told, uniformly that our votes don't matter and there's no difference between Obama and Romney. I recognize that as pure bullshit.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 15:00:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "14532" }, "6": { "text": "The reason we get bullshit candidates, to the extent that we do, is that we ask for bullshit. And they give us what we want. Bullshit. And lots of it.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 15:01:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "14533" }, "7": { "text": "\"AI said last month that we suffer greatly from a lack of imagination. We are not creative. If we increased voter turnout, we the people, not some campaign or political party, or paranoid focus group like Christians or the Tea Party, if ordinary Americans of all political persuasions got together and decided that voting matters -- then get this -- voting would matter. It might even inspire a candidate like Obama to trust us, a little, and start telling more truth about things like cyber-terrorism and climate change. Instead we're arming our military to fight World War II and we're building stupid pipelines and fracking our water, and basically continuing to screw everything up. For no good reason other than we don't want to deal with reality.", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 15:01:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "14534" }, "8": { "text": "So when President Obama said to Rolling Stone that young people recognize a bullshitter, and Romney certainly is the biggest bullshitter we've ever seen run for President, he's saying that he understands something that apparently very few Americans get. The buck doesn't really stop at the desk of the President. Ultimately, the buck stops with us. ", "created": "Thu, 25 Oct 2012 15:04:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "14535" } } }, "18": { "text": "We need BYTE", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 18:52:33 GMT", "name": "weNeedByte", "pgfnum": "14510", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AWe used to have a pretty good technical journal for developers who worked on PCs. It was called BYTE Magazine. If you came up with something new that was relevent to a bunch of other developers, you could write an article, submit it, and they'd often run it. I wrote a few of them, about outliners and laptops if I remember correctly, when both were pretty new.", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 18:52:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "14511" }, "1": { "text": "TechMeme doesn't cover new technology. In all the stuff I've written in the last three or so years, they've only picked up a very few pieces I've written that were about investment. They are really a VC journal. They cover what the investor herd is following. So if you want to know all the nuance of the latest rumor about Apple or Facebook, you'll find it on TM. But if some developer comes up with a good idea we should all know about, that's not something they appear to be interested in.", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 18:53:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "14512" }, "2": { "text": "Obviously today it would be a blog, maybe even just a linkblog. But it would be moderated by people with a track record for creating innovative products. I would be willing to start something if others would join in moderating. Crowdsourcing is not what this is about. It must be peer-reviewed by people who create new products and have contributed to the general knowhow. And please no patents.", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 18:54:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "14513" }, "3": { "text": "What do you think?", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 18:56:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "14514" } } }, "19": { "text": "Walter O's revenge", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 17:13:58 GMT", "name": "walterOsRevenge", "pgfnum": "14471", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AIn 1958, when I was three years old, the Dodgers moved and with them took pro sports in Brooklyn.", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 16:54:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "14472" }, "1": { "text": "The owner of the team, Walter O'Malley, wanted to build a new stadium in Brooklyn to replace the aging Ebbets Field. According to his plan the new domed stadium, designed by Buckminster Fuller, would go at a transportation hub, where nine subway lines and the Long Island Railroad come together, in Brooklyn.", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 16:55:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "14473" }, "2": { "text": "He was opposed by the great highway builder and destroyer of urban ecosystems, Robert Moses, who wanted to build a new stadium at the confluence of three super-highways he was building, at Flushing Meadows, in Queens.", "collapse": "false", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 16:56:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "14474" }, "3": { "text": "O'Malley got his new stadium -- in Los Angeles. And Moses got his stadium and a new team, the Mets, to play in it. The Beatles famously performed there in 1965. They tore the stadium down in 2009, and built a more modern one, with restaurants and fancy skyboxes, in the parking lot of the old stadium.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 16:57:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "14475", "subs": { "0": { "text": "My Wikipedia bio incorrectly says I grew up in Brooklyn. I grew up in Queens, within walking distance of Shea Stadium. I come from a family of Dodgers fans, who instantly converted to the Mets in 1962. O'Malley was blamed for moving the Dodgers, but few at the time knew of the role Moses played in the story.", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 17:15:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "14477" } } }, "4": { "text": "Fast-forward to 2012, and a new sports arena has risen in Brooklyn, at the exact location favored by O'Malley. Fans won't drive to events at this stadium. Moses must be rolling over in his grave. Gradually the city is adjusting to the future it should always have had. And Brooklyn is on the rise again! All is good.", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 16:57:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "14476" } } }, "20": { "text": "AWS river", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 00:57:52 GMT", "name": "awsRiver", "pgfnum": "14457", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AYesterday while I was waiting, along with hundreds of other server guys, for Amazon Web Services to restore service on one of their Virginia availability zones, I kept referring to their status page, where they have kind of an ad hoc method of accumulating information about the outages.", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 00:57:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "14458" }, "1": { "text": "I had nothing better to do than stare at this, and it gave me an idea. Why not systematize it? They have a feed for every service. And my aggregator produces a fairly usable readout, imho of course. :-)", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 01:01:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "14462" }, "2": { "text": "So I wrote a script to pull out all the feeds from the Amazon page, and loaded them into River2 running on one of my servers (hosted at Rackspace, so it won't go down when Amazon goes down), and started running. It looks pretty good. So here it is.", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 00:59:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "14459" }, "3": { "text": "http://tabs.mediahackers.org/?panel=aws", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 01:00:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "14460" }, "4": { "text": "You might want to bookmark it and have a look whenever you're wondering what's going on at Amazon.", "created": "Wed, 24 Oct 2012 01:00:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "14461" } } }, "21": { "text": "Our crunch?", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 16:39:09 GMT", "name": "arringtonReturnsToTechcrunch", "pgfnum": "14428", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Interesting news that Mike Arrington and MG Siegler have returned to TechCrunch.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 16:39:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "14429" }, "1": { "text": "I have an idea that a new bloglike pub would be one where everyone that these guys attack gets a platform from which to defend themselves. Strictly to set the record straight.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 16:39:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "14430" }, "2": { "text": "Imho it would instantly outstrip all blogs in potential revenue and would probably put a little fear into the people at AOL. :-)", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 16:39:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "14431" }, "3": { "text": "I kind of like the idea. Should we start it?", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 16:40:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "14432" }, "4": { "text": "We could even run a conference, where the devs sit in the audience and the VCs boast about their talents on stage! We could even invent silly hoops for them to jump through. A personality contest. An award for best swimsuit.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 16:50:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "14433" } } }, "22": { "text": "Crowley and Raddatz killed", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:14:30 GMT", "name": "crowleyAndRaddatzKilled", "pgfnum": "14395", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Stating what's obvious.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:14:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "14396" }, "1": { "text": "Candy Crowley and Martha Raddatz were wonderful debate moderators.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:14:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "14397" }, "2": { "text": "Schieffer and Lehrer were as awful as the other two were great.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:14:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "14398" }, "3": { "text": "Next time I nominate Ezra Klein and Shepard Smith as the male moderators.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:15:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "14399" }, "4": { "text": "Time for a new generation.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:16:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "14400" } } }, "23": { "text": "He just makes this shit up", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:37:13 GMT", "name": "breakingTheFourthWall", "pgfnum": "14393", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "In theater and movies there's an imaginary fourth wall at the front of the stage. When an actor talks directly to the audience this is known as breaking the fourth wall. It's a good technique in acting, and it would also be a good technique in political debate, if you want to establish a bond between yourself and the audience.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:22:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "14384" }, "1": { "text": "In the three debates this year, neither candidate did it. I wished many times that Obama would have looked straignt into the camera as Romney was going on and on in fantasy-land and say \"He just makes this shit up.\"", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:24:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "14385" }, "2": { "text": "Instead we say it among ourselves on Twitter.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:28:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "14390" }, "3": { "text": "George Burns did it", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:29:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "14391" }, "4": { "text": "Breaking the fourth wall is not a new idea.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:24:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "14386" }, "5": { "text": "George Burns did it well, and he even took it a step further. After breaking the fourth wall, he'd stroll over to his TV set and snoop on people as if he were on Homeland or The Wire and could tune in any person he wanted to as if they were a program. Usually he'd spy on his ditzy but wonderful wife, Gracie Allen.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:25:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "14387" }, "6": { "text": "Here's an example.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:38:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "14394", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:26:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "14388" } } }, "7": { "text": "Bring the audience on stage", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:30:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "14392" }, "8": { "text": "I've also suggested that next time around the debaters would be allowed to bring a computer with them and hook into Twitter, or whatever is hot in four years, and participate in the discussion while his opponent drones on and on lying about this and that.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 13:26:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "14389" } } }, "24": { "text": "Today's AWS outage", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 21:54:49 GMT", "name": "threads2BackUp", "pgfnum": "14368", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Update: There was an outage on Amazon today. A segment of one of their server facilities, in Virgina, went out. This caused a large number of scripting.com sites to go offline. A couple of hours into the outage, I relocated my threads site to another server and started taking notes here. I was also posting tweets, some of which are included here. ", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 00:50:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "14373" }, "1": { "text": "Heh. I realized that now that everything I have is in the worldoutline, it's remarkably easy for me to move a whole website from one server to another. It took two minutes to do the tech work, and it'll probably take as much as 20 minutes for the DNS change to propogate. But we're now back on the air, somewhat, and I can document the Amazon outage and its effects here, where I should have always have been able to.", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 21:55:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "14369" }, "2": { "text": "I also have to hook up the static home page. Done.", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 21:56:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "14370" }, "3": { "text": "One thing I'm going to have to do is export the roots list on each server to OPML so that I can automate the movement of the content on one server to another. Should be possible to make it even more automatic.", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 22:09:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "14371" }, "4": { "text": "At 8:40PM with the debate about to start, the outage has cleared.", "created": "Tue, 23 Oct 2012 00:40:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "14372" } } }, "25": { "text": "Why the press isn't tough on candidates", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 15:59:59 GMT", "name": "whyThePressIsntToughOnCandidates", "pgfnum": "14357", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. Each of the two campaigns will raise approximately $1 billion this year.", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:00:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "14358" }, "1": { "text": "2. Much if not most of that money will be spent on advertising.", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:00:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14359" }, "2": { "text": "3. The employers of the reporters get that money.", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:01:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "14360" }, "3": { "text": "The rest is left as an exercise for the reader.", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:02:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "14362" } } }, "26": { "text": "Two warm-up projects", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 13:44:59 GMT", "name": "twoWarmupProjects", "pgfnum": "14351", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "This morning I have to solve two problems.", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 13:45:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "14352" }, "1": { "text": "1. When I view the scripting.com home page on my Android phone, the text is all scrunched up in one column. Why? It doesn't happen on any other device I've tried, and it works well on desktops and laptops. Works great on my iPod and iPad. Here's a screen shot that illustrates.", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 13:45:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "14353" }, "2": { "text": "2. I needed to create another Windows server on Rackspace, but they're no longer offering Windows Server 2003 images. So I had to go with 2008. The user interface is fairly different, but I've been able to puzzle it out. One thing I haven't figured out is how to access the web server on the machine over the Internet. The IP address that Rackspace gave me appears not to work.", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 13:53:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "14355", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Update: The problem turns out that I have IIS running on the machine. I should have figured this out for myself, but it took a Rackspace support engineer to find this for me. Now I have to figure out how to turn it off.", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:11:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "14363" }, "1": { "text": "I have turned off IIS, which required two tries (one to quit, it and one to disable it after it relaunched after a reboot).", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:26:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "14364" }, "2": { "text": "Now I am able to access the server on the local machine using its external IP address, but am not able to access it from my desktop using that address, orlando.scripting.com.", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:26:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "14365" }, "3": { "text": "Update #2: This time it was a firewall problem. You not only have to open port 80 for IIS (which was the default setting) it has to be opened for all other apps running on the server. It was blocked. Thanks to the excellent Rackspace support for their quick help. They should change their name to Rockspace. :-)", "created": "Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:52:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14366" } } } } }, "27": { "text": "I named my company UserLand", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 23:05:21 GMT", "name": "ii", "pgfnum": "14345", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Back in the 90s, before everyone was blogging, when I wanted to explain what we were doing, I would say this line and watch people's faces.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 23:05:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "14346" }, "1": { "text": "\"I named my company UserLand.\"", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 23:09:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "14350" }, "2": { "text": "It's actually a very powerful statement. It makes people think.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 23:06:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "14347" }, "3": { "text": "I mention it today, because at lunch yesterday at Startup School, for a while I was talking with a small group of UX engineers, one of whom had read my piece about users, and wanted to know if it was really okay if he kept using the U-word, because after all it's the first letter of his job description. These people love users and love what they do, and they don't want to stop.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 23:06:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "14348" }, "4": { "text": "Being the graybeard avuncular type, and being a UX guy myself, I gave them permission to continue to use the word as long as they kept loving the users. As soon as they didn't love them, they'd either have to quit and do something else, or stop using the term. If you use the word without love, it's a very harsh word, and unfair. But if you use it with love there's no higher honor than being called a user.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 23:07:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "14349" } } }, "28": { "text": "Uber strikes out at JFK", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:48:34 GMT", "name": "uberStrikesOutAtJfk", "pgfnum": "14329", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, did a great presentation yesterday at Startup School. So great, that I decided I wanted to try the service, first chance I could when I got into JFK on my trip back to NY.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:32:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "14330" }, "1": { "text": "So I set up a new account, entered my credit card info, installed the software on my iPad and my iPod Touch, and read a few docs that explained that it was not possible to arrange for a pickup in advance, that I would have to request the ride from the location where I was to be picked up.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:33:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "14331" }, "2": { "text": "So here's what I did when I got to the front of Terminal 7 at JFK at about 4:30PM today.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:34:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "14332" }, "3": { "text": "1. Opened the Uber app on my iPod, but it thought, for some reason that I was in the middle of Kansas. So that wasn't going to work.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:34:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "14333" }, "4": { "text": "2. I got out the iPad, and it knew where I was (it has GPS, apparently the iPod doesn't).", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:35:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14334" }, "5": { "text": "3. I got a confusing dialog that seemed to be asking me to choose which kind of ride I wanted. Either an SUV, or a Uber-x, or a regular ride. Too many choices.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:35:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "14335" }, "6": { "text": "4. Then the moment of truth. A nice big button that you click to request a ride. The caption below it says the nearest car is 9 minutes away. I click the button. Expecting to be congratulated with a map that showed me where my car was so I could watch it come to me! But nooooo...", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:36:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "14336" }, "7": { "text": "5. A big error dialog comes up saying that before I can order I ride I have to have my phone number verified. Why didn't they have me do it at the hotel. I'm standing in front of a busy terminal, with people rushing around me, and I'm supposed to do what? So I get out my cell phone, and do what they tell me to do. Text the word \"GO\" to a number they specify.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:37:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "14337" }, "8": { "text": "6. Now I'm juggling three different devices. And my luggage, and remember the nearest car is 9 minutes away. And there are cabs coming and going, any one of which would be happy to take me home.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:38:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "14338" }, "9": { "text": "7. I try clicking the big button again, on the iPad, but again I get the error message. You have to text to this number blah blah.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:39:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "14339" }, "10": { "text": "8. I look at the cell phone, and there's an error that says the number isn't registered with Uber. At this point I guess that my phone has identified itself by its T-mobile number, not the Google Voice number that I registered with Uber. I can never remember the T-mobile number (there's no need to, no one but Google Voice knows it). I figure maybe I'll go to the Uber site and register with that number instead of my real number.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:39:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "14340" }, "11": { "text": "9. So I get the iPad out and go to the Uber site. But I don't remember my password (I used my Macbook Air last night to fill out all the forms).", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:41:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "14341" }, "12": { "text": "10. So I open up Gmail, and start to search for the password and at this point I realize I've given it my best shot, and close everything up and get in a cab, give him my address and he takes me home.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:41:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14342" }, "13": { "text": "And I was so excited to try the service! Oy.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:42:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "14343" }, "14": { "text": "If anyone from Uber reads this -- validating the number is something I should have been asked to do when I was setting up the account, not when I'm standing on the street wanting to go home.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:42:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "14344" } } }, "29": { "text": "Do VCs ever spot the new thing", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:57:52 GMT", "name": "doVcsEverSpotTheNewThing", "pgfnum": "14327", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AOne topic that kept coming up yesterday is how do VCs spot the next big thing to invest in.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:57:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "14328" }, "1": { "text": "If there are only going to be 15 big companies spawned in every generation, how does the VC spot them?", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:58:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "14329" }, "2": { "text": "I kept thinking of our experience trying to convince VCs in the late 90s that there would be a market for self-edited websites, the category that would eventually become blogging and lead to the market leaders of today.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:58:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "14330" }, "3": { "text": "I would demo our software to VCs, showing them how they could update their own websites. They asked why would they want to do that? I thought it was self-evident. We were turned down. So I tried again with the idea being that their assistants, without any technical knowledge could edit their websites. Again, they didn't see the need. I came back with RSS, again -- why would anyone want that? The theory was that there would be three main websites, and they thought they would be Excite, Yahoo and maybe Google. Amazon and eBay in commerce. And that was about it.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:59:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "14331" }, "4": { "text": "I think if the VCs look at what they actually do vs what they say they do, they'll see they're more like the movie industry. Funding a lot of ideas, without any clue which ones will be big hits. That suggests that the YCombinator approach is more viable. And I gotta say I argued for that in the 90s, and was told (again) that I was hallucinating. I should have taken that as a compliment. :-)", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 15:01:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14332" }, "5": { "text": "And I'd look for more creative people making the decisions about what gets funded. Trying to get breakthrough ideas through the finanical guys who have been the gatekeepers, is a very inefficient process.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 15:05:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "14333" } } }, "30": { "text": "Is Number One the only one", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:14:56 GMT", "name": "isNumberOneTheOnlyOne", "pgfnum": "14312", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Yesterday's Startup School provided much food for thought, and possibly a few blog posts.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:15:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "14313" }, "1": { "text": "To start, Ben Horowitz, a principal at the VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, says there's only room for one product in any tech category. If you end up as number two, you'll end up going out of business.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:15:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "14314" }, "2": { "text": "I wondered if that was true, and if so -- why is tech so special.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:16:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "14315" }, "3": { "text": "He offered Sybase as an example. He said it was an excellent database, but it was number two and eventually Oracle came to dominate. Does anyone still use Sybase?", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:16:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "14316" }, "4": { "text": "But in many consumer categories there are plenty of number two's -- Avis to Hertz. Pepsi to Coke. The Rolling Stones to the Beatles. Ries and Trout in all their books, talk about there being three rungs on the ladder. One and two make most of the money, with one making far more than two. And three hangs on, barely.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:17:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "14318" }, "5": { "text": "Then I thought about it some and realized there are quite a few examples in tech where no single product dominates.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:19:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "14319" }, "6": { "text": "In web browsers there's Chrome, MSIE, Firefox, Opera.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:19:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "14320" }, "7": { "text": "In mobile OSes there's iOS and Android.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:19:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "14321" }, "8": { "text": "In desktop OSes, there's Macintosh, Windows and Linux.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:20:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "14322" }, "9": { "text": "In browser-based email there's Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:56:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "14324" }, "10": { "text": "Search has Google, Yahoo and Bing.", "created": "Sun, 21 Oct 2012 14:56:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "14325" } } }, "31": { "text": "Microsoft keeps blowing it", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 02:13:23 GMT", "name": "microsoftKeepsBlowingIt", "pgfnum": "14301", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Windows 8 has a whole new user interface. Is there any demand for a Windows with a new user interface? Doubtful. Extremely doubtful.", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 01:48:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "14303" }, "1": { "text": "If they want to try out a whole new way of doing things, great -- go for it. But don't drag Windows along with it. Market it as a new product, so people who want it can buy it. If they don't believe anyone will buy it, or not enough people to create critical mass, then they really must know that they're not going to achieve critical mass by trying to force their current users, who may want new hardware, to switch to a new user interface. The fact that they wouldn't buy it if it were a separate product is a very strong clue.", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 01:49:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "14304" }, "2": { "text": "The sad thing is that they had a product that people reallly wanted, with Windows at its core, but they wouldn't let us have it. Netbooks. I know because I was one of those people.", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 01:50:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "14305" }, "3": { "text": "Netbooks were marvels. Little packages of a computer with a good-size hard drive, a fast-enough CPU to do the kinds of things people would eventually do with iPads. But Microsoft wouldn't let them make machines that had more than a certain size hard drive, or memory, and I assume screen resolution. Which meant that all the innovation and improvement had to take place in battery life. Which happened, until they reached a level where more battery life was irrelevant. The price was truly awesome, you could buy a lot of computer in a very small package, that had wifi built in, for less than $300. At the time this was more than amazing, it was a breakthrough.", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 01:51:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "14306" }, "4": { "text": "Microsoft, which was already facing the Apple juggernaut, had a unique product that people wanted, before the iPad, and they wouldn't let it evolve. Instead they wanted to force people to want a product they didn't -- more upscale Windows laptops that were heavier, had less battery life, and were serious investments at $1000. The netbooks were like popcorn. The were people's third computers, not even second. They should have subsidized those babies, created a huge installed base, encouraged software developers to target this platform, and let the manufacturers move where ever they wanted. And btw, they could have laid off half their engineers, because the OS just has to keep doing what it has been doing all along, nothing more. Faster, on new hardware. And that's all.", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 01:53:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "14307" }, "5": { "text": "These products would have still had to have dealt with the iPad, and who knows, they might still have been wiped out, but the way Microsoft forced them to be anemic and non-improving, they didn't stand a chance against Apple. They were sitting ducks.", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 01:56:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "14308" }, "6": { "text": "Now, they don't have too many options left, but they still have a cash cow. And if they insist on trying out whole new UIs, then do it, but let Windows become a quiet reliable and invisible platform, and do experimentation elsewhere.", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 01:56:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "14309" }, "7": { "text": "Another way to look at it, the people who wanted rock and roll left Windows a long time ago. The people who are left really don't want to think about Windows. Maybe they want to buy some new hardware. And along with that they get a whole new way of doing things. Bzzzt. Wrong move.", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 01:57:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "14310" } } }, "32": { "text": "Morning in America", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 01:33:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "14297", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Reagan had a great ad in 1984 that was so good we remember it now, so many years later.", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 01:33:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "14298" }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 01:33:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "14299" }, "2": { "text": "But that was Obama's Morning in America ad, in 2012, that is in every way as moving as Reagan's. They should run this, a lot, in the next couple of weeks.", "created": "Sat, 20 Oct 2012 01:34:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "14300" } } }, "33": { "text": "Romnesia", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 18:20:37 GMT", "name": "romnesia", "pgfnum": "14297", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Look at all the women watching the President bring a new word into our vocabulary.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 18:20:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "14298" }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 18:20:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "14299" }, "2": { "text": "BTW, Romnesia is a good response to the Romneys calling the President a child.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 18:27:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "14300" }, "3": { "text": "Okay you call me a child, I'll say you're crazy.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 18:50:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "14301" }, "4": { "text": "Watch the Romneys come back to say Obama is not respectful enough.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 18:50:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "14302" } } }, "34": { "text": "I'm okay with Romney winning", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:24:32 GMT", "name": "imOkayWithRomneyWinning", "pgfnum": "14320", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "If Romney wins, I'm okay with it, because Obama has run a decent campaign, and a mostly honest one. And if people prefer Romney, then we deserve what we get. And I think it'll be really radical. There's a huge difference in direction for us based on who wins this election.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:44:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "14332" }, "1": { "text": "I think we understand now that Romney doesn't stand for anything. He doesn't even understand the idea of having a political cause worth fighting for. He isn't pro-life or pro-choice. He doesn't want to do anything in particular.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:36:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "14326" }, "2": { "text": "\"AOnce elected he will revert back to what he was in the primary. I think his choice of Ryan as VP cemented that. I think Ryan will run the Presidency as much as Cheney did. He's got the support in Congress. The only hope against that is if the Democrats keep the Senate, and if they refuse to deal with the Republicans with the same tenacity that the Republicans refused to work with Obama. But I wouldn't hold my breath for that. There are Democrats from red states in the Senate, who might not want to take the chance of crossing the Republicans, assuming they hold the White House and the House.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:37:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "14327" }, "3": { "text": "I think you'll see the Ryan budget pass, pretty quickly -- if Romney wins.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:39:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "14328" }, "4": { "text": "I read about this in a great piece by Jonathan Chait at New York Magazine.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:40:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "14329" }, "5": { "text": "The flipside is also true. Even if Obama loses both houses of Congress, his veto power will be all he'll need to radically rewrite the budget in his own image, because of the wonderful \"fiscal cliff\" that's coming up.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:40:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "14330" }, "6": { "text": "In order to raise taxes and drastically cut the military budget (and profits to the defense industry, a Repulbican patron), he has to do exactly nothing. Just kick back and watch the Republicans set their hair on fire. It'll be a thing to behold. Can Obama resist making a deal with them for a while, just for the fun of watching them get a dose of their own tactics?", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:41:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "14331" }, "7": { "text": "This cliff is nowhere near as dangerous as the one the Repubs pushed us to the brink of in August 2011. It's a good time to call their bluff. Especially after winning the election he wasn't supposed to win. :-)", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:51:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "14334" }, "8": { "text": "I'm not saying either scenario plays out, but I'm okay with either.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:51:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "14335", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. We get what we deserve.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:52:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "14336" }, "1": { "text": "2. The Repubs get what they deserve.", "created": "Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:52:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "14337" } } } } }, "35": { "text": "Do you love Silicon Valley", "created": "Thu, 18 Oct 2012 16:15:29 GMT", "name": "doYouLoveSiliconValley", "pgfnum": "14288", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I'm writing this from Mountain View, in the heart of Silicon Valley.", "created": "Thu, 18 Oct 2012 16:15:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "14289" }, "1": { "text": "I first came here in 1979. I drove a beat-up old van from Madison. I went via Eugene, where I had a friend from school, and drove down the coastal route. The brakes on the van failed, on El Camino, near Castro St. That's how I ended up staying at a huge campus-like temporary apartment community before moving to the hills outside Los Gatos.", "created": "Thu, 18 Oct 2012 16:15:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "14290" }, "2": { "text": "I had mixed feelings about the Valley then. It was a burn-out, everyone worked all the time, or so it seemed. It wasn't like school where there was a mix of fun and work. And I ended up staying until 2003, almost 25 years. There were lots of ups and downs. It didn't take long to rise to the top, that was the good thing. But there wasn't much substance to the place. Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't have done better climbing ladders in a comfortable east coast job. Might have left me more plugged-in at the age of 57, which is where I am now.", "created": "Thu, 18 Oct 2012 16:17:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "14291" }, "3": { "text": "I feel a lot of resentment from this place. I don't think they like me -- at all. I have what have become extreme ideas, but which in the beginning were the norm. That computers are tools of self-expression. That users are supremely important. When I came here I doubt if anyone had thought of running an ad on a computer screen as a way of supporting development. That didn't come until much later, after a few booms and busts.", "created": "Thu, 18 Oct 2012 16:19:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "14293" }, "4": { "text": "These days when a young tech person comes here, there's all kinds of structures that didn't exist when I arrived. There were angel investors and VCs, but nothing like the various incubators that take applications and have \"classes\" and graduates. I'm sure I would have liked those, but I wonder if they would have taken me in.", "created": "Thu, 18 Oct 2012 16:20:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "14294" }, "5": { "text": "I recently met a writer-in-residence at a famous university who said I should have no trouble landing a job in academia teaching young people how to do what I do. I encouraged her to give it a try at her school. Nothing happened. For whatever reason, I doubt if I would now be accepted in these programs. Yet, if I look back at my career, much of it right here in the Valley, it seems something would have been lost. Which is how I feel about my contributions now. Lots of missed opportunities. And maybe that's because the world isn't as open as it once was, and maybe that was the strength of Silicon Valley that has been lost. In 1979 there was a way for me to get involved.", "created": "Thu, 18 Oct 2012 16:21:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "14295" }, "6": { "text": "So I put this question out there, esp to young people who feel brilliant and driven to create real tools for personal expression, if there are any -- do you love this place? If not, where do you go? When I was young, this place was like Memphis or Nashville for country musicians, or Hollywood for actors or screen writers. Do you feel drawn to, and love for, Silicon Valley?", "created": "Thu, 18 Oct 2012 16:24:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "14296" } } }, "36": { "text": "Let's call them users", "created": "10/17/12; 7:21:19 PM", "name": "aboutCallingUsersUsers", "pgfnum": "14288", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Every decade or so this question comes up. Why do we use that awful U-word to describe our users. It's hard to even formulate the question without sounding stupid. And every time the discussion comes up, it lasts a while before everyone gives up because there really aren't any better words, and this is the word everyone uses so what are you going to do.", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 20:13:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "14289" }, "1": { "text": "Hey I called my second company UserLand Software, because I wanted to be clear who we were focused on. The idea was we would make a wonderful playground that we, as users, would love to er ahem -- use. And we'd make it easy enough to develop apps inside the land that developers and users would find they became the same people. Software made by users for users. This was a good idea, I felt.", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 20:14:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "14290" }, "2": { "text": "Words are like formats. You could try to come up with a better version of RSS, for example -- but the old one won't go away, so now you have two formats where once there was just one. That's why I say that two ways to do something is worse than one way, no matter how much better the second way is than the first. It's like taking features out of products -- you really can't do it. The users will eventually make you put it back (that is if you pay any attention to them at all).", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 20:22:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "14292" }, "3": { "text": "So rather than run away from the U-word (toward what exactly?) I decided to embrace it, fully -- and name the company UserLand. The idea caught on even if the company ultimately didn't make it.", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 20:15:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "14291" }, "4": { "text": "The answer is to love those users so much that they don't mind being called users. That's an art a lot of tech companies have yet to master.", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 20:24:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "14293" } } }, "37": { "text": "How to kick Twitter addiction", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 10:38:08 GMT", "name": "howToKickTwitterAddiction", "pgfnum": "14317", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"ALast night, a couple of hours before the debate, all of a sudden Twitter was radically transformed on my iPad. Previously it had appeared exactly as if I were accessing it on my desktop or laptop. This is as it should be, because the iPad has a full-size screen. And the compromises that designers make for \"mobile\" websites tend to fit much smaller screens, like an iPhone or Android smartphone.", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 10:43:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "14320" }, "1": { "text": "One might argue that this design is better than the full Twitter website, but that's unimportant, because no one asked me if I wanted a radical change, especially at a time like this -- just before a historic matchup that was going to be followed by all my friends on Twitter, in real-time, in a couple of hours.", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 10:42:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "14318" }, "2": { "text": "There was no way around it, and no time to get adjusted. I didn't know how to use this interface. I'd click on things and get unpredictable responses from the software. All of a sudden, software that I had mastered was foreign to me. I had become a newbie, in an instant, because of a bug, or some product committee at Twitter, or perhaps the CEO of the company. Someone decided that I would have to adjust, right now, with no warning, and no choice.", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 10:46:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "14322" }, "3": { "text": "This is an awful way to do this. And it's even worse than the way Twitter treats developers (I know, since I am a developer as well as a user).", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 10:47:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "14323" }, "4": { "text": "The bright side is that I realize that I am addicted to Twitter, and the feelings I have about this are the same feelings I had when I was forced to quit smoking a few years ago. My skin feels itchy. My mind can't focus. I keep thinking \"Just one more tweet, one more, and I'll be fine.\"", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 10:48:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "14324" }, "5": { "text": "So I suppose I have to thank the folks at Twitter for helping me see how hopelessly addicted I am. And maybe, instead of making peace with this awful interface, I'll use it as a way to remind myself that this is not good. As if perhaps someone had replaced my Marlboro Lights with a menthol cigarette like Kool or Salem. Yuck. Tastes bad. Oh that's right this isn't good for me. Maybe it's time to quit?", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 10:49:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "14325" }, "6": { "text": "BTW, the debate was excellent. I thought the President was fantastic. He told Romney that his bullshit is bullshit. Which made Romney nervous and he said some things he probably wishes he hadn't said. Finally someone stood up to the bully. Had I been able to tweet effectively this is basically what I would have said.", "created": "Wed, 17 Oct 2012 10:58:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "14327" } } }, "38": { "text": "The new River tab on Scripting", "created": "Tue, 16 Oct 2012 14:05:07 GMT", "name": "theNewRiverTabOnScripting", "pgfnum": "14274", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Today there is a new tab on the Scripting News home page. Screen shot.", "created": "Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:48:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "14282" }, "1": { "text": "I've felt for a long time that every serious news organization and blog should have a river associated with their publication. The river would include the news sources that the publication \"reads\" -- to give their readers a sense of the community they both belong to and the community they define.", "created": "Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:39:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "14275" }, "2": { "text": "\"AFor example, a blog about a town would include a river of all the bloggers who are active in that town. This is a vital resource for the editorial people who write for the pub, but it also gives access to everyone. The readers get to read all the news sources, and the news sources get to read each other. Very quickly, probably instantaneously, all these different boxes, sources, readers, reporters merge into one, because truthfully it's more like that every day. The imaginary line that separates a columnist from a voter from a mayor is more or less non-existent, in a day when mayors have blogs, and citizens become mayors.", "created": "Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:41:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "14276" }, "3": { "text": "This is the world envisioned by at least some of the founders of the United States. That the people would form the government, and that the press would cover everything, without regard to status. The tendency of cliques and ladders to form would be counteracted by new entrants in all the fields, and lower barriers to entry. This is what democratization of media looks like. It's why I put my collection of rivers on a site called Media Hackers. Because that's what all this is doing, hacking media, and turning it into something new, given the new realities of the technology we now use to publish and to read.", "created": "Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:43:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "14277" }, "4": { "text": "Rivers are revolutionary because they are flat. The ideal level playing field. I read NakedJen and Doc Searls along with the New York Times and whitehouse.gov. And Jon Chait, David Frum, Felix Salmon and Matt Taibbi. I love them all because they send me fresh ideas that get me thinking. And I love that I can share all that with you, the lovely people who read my humble blog.", "created": "Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:54:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "14283" }, "5": { "text": "The river on Scripting News home page is a collection of feeds that I read to be inspired and to keep informed. They reflect my interests, which is appropriate because it is my blog. It helps you know who influences me, and I'm always open to adding more feeds to my river.", "created": "Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:44:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "14278" }, "6": { "text": "My feeling is that if you read my blog you should also read my river.", "created": "Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:45:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "14279" }, "7": { "text": "I think the more innovative sites should get on board right away. I have pitched FastCompany and Wired on doing this. Technology Review at MIT has written glowingly of the idea of rivers of news, how about putting one together for your community? BerkeleySide, why not put a river of Berkeley bloggers on your site?", "created": "Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:45:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "14280" }, "8": { "text": "I am available to help any serious publication get started. We have the software, and the interest. And the community of users gathered around my site, ever-more-active, are zealots when it comes to spreading the gospel! :-)", "created": "Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:47:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "14281" }, "9": { "text": "PS: Thanks to Dody Gunawinata, a developer in Cairo, for helping get the flash out of my rivers. I'm still very much a Javascript newbie, and need help getting stuff like this to work smoothly.", "created": "Tue, 16 Oct 2012 14:12:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "14284" } } }, "39": { "text": "California trip", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 14:01:08 GMT", "name": "californiaTrip", "pgfnum": "14216", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I can't remember my last trip to California.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 14:01:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "14217" }, "1": { "text": "That's why it's time to spend a few days in Silicon Valley.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 14:54:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "14221" }, "2": { "text": "My trip begins on Wednesday and I return on Sunday. I'll be staying in Palo Alto and have one event on my calendar, the YCombinator Startup School at Stanford on Saturday. I'm not speaking or anything, just going to sit in the audience and listen.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 14:03:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "14218" }, "3": { "text": "Let's see how things have changed in the valley of tech. :-)", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 14:03:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "14219" } } }, "40": { "text": "Obama's easy sell", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:48:34 GMT", "name": "obamasEasySell", "pgfnum": "14207", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "For whatever reason, President Obama, has until now refused to sell.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:48:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "14208" }, "1": { "text": "It may be a little late to teach him salesmanship, but maybe that's what they're doing in his debate prep before the second debate tomorrow at Hoftstra.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:49:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "14209" }, "2": { "text": "The pitch is pretty easy:", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:49:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "14210", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. If you elect me to a second term, ObamaCare will be deployed and finally after a hugely long struggle, the United States will have the beginnings of health reform. It's not nearly everything we need to do, that will be something for a future president to tackle. For now, I promise to implement it. And that's a promise I can keep even with an obstructionist opposition party with a majority in the House.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:49:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "14211" }, "1": { "text": "2. In my first term we wound down the war in Iraq, and we're winding down the war in Afghanistan. I get how weary we all are of war. My opponent, a nice man for sure, will imho get us into another war in the Middle East, with another crazy country, Iran -- and this one, like the other two, will be hard to get us out of. We're probably looking at another 10 or 20 years before all this war is over. Another war in the Middle East is not what we want. I think we can manage this one without sending Americans in to fight and without bombing Iran. I think we can work this politically and economically, with the cooperation of our allies and even our adversaries. No one outside of a few crazy countries wants to see Iran with nuclear weapons.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:51:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "14212" }, "2": { "text": "3. Reproductive choices will remain with the people whose lives and bodies it concerns. None of us like abortion, but we have different views on what the correct moral choice is. As long as there is no consensus, and believe me there is not, we must stay with things as they are. You have to listen carefully to my opponent's words on this one. He says he won't pass legislation. But he also says he like Supreme Court judges like the ones who are prepared to overturn Roe v Wade. That means it's pretty likely if you elect him, that there will be a very serious changes to abortion rights.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:53:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "14213" } } }, "3": { "text": "There you have three totally pragmatic reasons why you should re-elect the President. You may not like the way he looks, you may think (incorrectly) that he's a radical leftist. You may have heard (again incorrectly) that he was not born in the US. But if you think you might get sick, and if you're weary of war, and if you might ever have a family member with an unwanted pregnancy, you really have to vote for Obama.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:55:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "14214" }, "4": { "text": "PS: I am an independent, I voted for Obama in 2008 and will vote for him this year. I've given his campaign $400 so far. However, I have still voted Republican more times than Democrat. So if you have a response to this post, I would appreciate if you took all this into account, and don't respond as if you're on Fox News and I'm one of the \"liberals\" they talk about. Thanks.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:57:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "14215" } } }, "41": { "text": "Dark social web history", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:43:48 GMT", "name": "socialWebHistory", "pgfnum": "14203", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AI read Alexis Madrigal's piece about the Dark Web with a bit of sadness, in a way -- that so much time had passed with so much history being rewritten, and it's happening again. Not due to any malice, I'm sure. We all have the experiences we have.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:33:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "14204" }, "1": { "text": "Madrigal was a teen during the huge initial growth of the web, and was an instant messenger, chatroom, ICQ and Usenet person. But in the blogging world, which was the precedent for Twitter and Facebook, we were constantly developing ways to surface the new and interesting content. Blogrolls, weblogs.com, RSS were all about that. And Live Journal had the social features of Facebook long before Facebook.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:40:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "14205" }, "2": { "text": "Just saying I agree with Madrigal, but we're still waiting for a serious history of this stuff to be written so we're not all blind men looking at the elephant and discovering alternate theories about how it all came to be based on looking at this part or that.", "created": "Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:42:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "14206" } } }, "42": { "text": "In 2016, a two-screen debate", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 16:04:48 GMT", "name": "in2016ATwoscreenDebate", "pgfnum": "14144", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "In four years, let's have a debate where the candidates may if they want have a computer and access to the Internet. This would allow the candidates to post pointers to things that viewers could read while listening to the debate.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 16:04:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "14145" }, "1": { "text": "By then most of us will be two-screen TV watchers. Why not let the debate happen on the second screen as well.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 16:05:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "14146" }, "2": { "text": "I know this will seem like a radical idea, but in 2008 they were still time-delaying debates so people on the west coast saw them three hours after the east coast. There were probably just a few thousand people commenting on the debates in real-time. Now, what a difference. We've covered a lot of distance in just four years.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 16:06:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "14147" } } }, "43": { "text": "He called the President 'boy'", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 15:04:41 GMT", "name": "theyreCallingThePresidentABoy", "pgfnum": "14132", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Just tuned into a little of the Sunday morning news discussion on various networks. The big issue seems to be whether or not VP Biden was disrespectful of Congressman Ryan in the Wednesday debate.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 15:04:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "14133" }, "1": { "text": "Yes he was. But I haven't forgotten what Mitt Romney said to President Obama. He said the President is like a boy who doesn't tell the truth.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 15:05:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "14134" }, "2": { "text": "\"Look, I've got five boys. I'm used to people saying something that's not always true, but just keep on repeating it and ultimately hoping I'll believe it.\"", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 15:35:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "14143" }, "3": { "text": "He called the President 'boy' -- to his face.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 15:10:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "14138" }, "4": { "text": "With 70 million witnesses.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 15:15:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "14141" }, "5": { "text": "There really isn't anything more offensive for a white man to say to a black man.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 15:18:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "14142" }, "6": { "text": "Watch the video a few times. I think this was far more outrageous than anything he said at the 47 percent dinner in May.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 15:13:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "14140", "subs": { "0": { "text": "" } } }, "7": { "text": "People complain about t-shirts at rallies worn by Romney fans. But please, this was said by the candidate himself. It didn't seem spontaneous or off-the-cuff.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 15:11:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "14139" }, "8": { "text": "After the debate Ann Romney called the President a child too.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 15:07:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "14135" }, "9": { "text": "This isn't an accident, these are strategies. Biden's condescension relative to Ryan was a response.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 15:07:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "14136" }, "10": { "text": "You wanted acting in debates, you're getting it. But come on, there are two sets of actors here.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 15:07:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "14137" } } }, "44": { "text": "AT&T will turn its customers in", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 14:25:56 GMT", "name": "attWillTurnItsCustomersIn", "pgfnum": "14123", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "This in TorrentFreak about AT&T and other ISPs turning their customers over to the RIAA and MPAA for accessing certain sites while using their service.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 14:26:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "14124" }, "1": { "text": "It's obvious to anyone with any appreciation of 20th century history that this is a first step which will have the ISPs cooperating with other multinational corporations to control what we do online.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 14:26:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "14125" }, "2": { "text": "Oh it's just the Internet, not freedom. But these days how much freedom can you enjoy without Internet access?", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 14:27:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "14126" }, "3": { "text": "This question came up in my first year at Harvard, when the RIAA convinced the provost to suspend several students who they believed were sharing music with other students. They cut the students off from Internet access for a year. In 2003, this was considered too onerous, that it was equivalent to expelling them from school. We changed our mind, a good result. Now in 2012, those same students are fully adult, in the workforce, and suspending their Internet access is like expelling them from life itself.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 14:28:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "14127" }, "4": { "text": "You think it will stop with music and film piracy? Heh.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 14:33:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "14130" }, "5": { "text": "First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist." }, "6": { "text": "Ask not what the Internet can do for you, ask what you can do for the Internet.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 14:31:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "14129" }, "7": { "text": "See also: Violate copyright? No Facebook for you!", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 14:50:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "14131" } } }, "45": { "text": "My blue iPod Touch is beautiful", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 14:14:21 GMT", "name": "myBlueIpodTouchIsBeautiful", "pgfnum": "14101", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I didn't love any of my earlier iPods or iPhones -- but this one is lovely.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:38:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "14102" }, "1": { "text": "It takes very nice pictures. Click on the thumbs below to view the full-size picture.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:39:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "14103", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:39:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "14104" }, "1": { "text": "\"A", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:39:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "14105" } } }, "2": { "text": "It's thin and light. I can hold it in front of my eyes while lying down without any strain. So it's great for watching movies. I'm watching a Frontline special about the choice between Obama and Romney. It's in HD, and the iPod does a great job with HD video.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:40:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "14109" }, "3": { "text": "The screen is large enough to read and write. My eyes aren't so great. So I haven't been able to use earlier iPhones for email or reading web sites. Maybe in an emergency. But I much prefer to use my iPad -- more screen real estate. But this one is different. I set up all my apps there, and used them -- and I think I will continue to do so.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:41:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "14110" }, "4": { "text": "I know other people love to look at and hold their iDevices, but I've never felt that way -- until this one. It really is beautiful and light. The five years of work on this product really show. It feels like it's the size of one of the smaller iThings, but it has all the power of an iPhone, minus the phone (which I truly do not need).", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:42:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "14111" }, "5": { "text": "When I travel I will now have four computers with me:", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:44:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "14112", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. My iPad with LTE.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:44:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "14113" }, "1": { "text": "2. My Macbook Air.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:44:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14114" }, "2": { "text": "3. My Nexus Whatever (I forget what model it is).", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:44:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "14115" }, "3": { "text": "4. My iPod Touch, blue.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:44:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "14116" } } }, "6": { "text": "It was only $299 plus tax. I feel like it was a total bargain.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:45:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "14118" }, "7": { "text": "I thought at first that the earbuds would work in my ears, but not when I'm walking. They still fall out every few steps. I think when my ears warm up they cause the buds to slip out. So far the only buds that work for me are the $8 Sony's. So the Apple buds go into my upper-right desk drawer along with all my other unused Apple stuffff.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:46:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "14120" }, "8": { "text": "I also like that Apple got me to buy something that wasn't a replacement for something I already had. Some people like buying shoes. I used to like buying stereo equipment.", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:45:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "14119" }, "9": { "text": "Finally, click the thumb below to see a full-size pic of the iPod itself.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 14:12:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "14121", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A", "created": "Sun, 14 Oct 2012 14:13:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "14122" } } } } }, "46": { "text": "My linkblog has an archive", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 18:02:12 GMT", "name": "myLinkblogHasAnArchive", "pgfnum": "14086", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The RSS feed for my linkblog, which goes back to December 2010, has a feature that I think no other RSS feed has (or Atom for that matter). Not only does it have an archive, but the feed itself describes the archive. It contains enough information so you could easily write a script that downloads all the content of my linkblog, in RSS.", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 16:34:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "14087" }, "1": { "text": "1. If you look in the feed, look for the <microblog:archive> element. Here's a screen shot.", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 17:36:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "14091" }, "2": { "text": "2. I wrote a script that downloads the linkblog archive in full. Here's a text file containing the script. Here's the script as an OPML file, and as a .ftsc file. It's written in UserTalk, but could easily be converted to other scripting languages.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 17:36:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "14092" }, "3": { "text": "2a. For fun, I pasted the script into the outline for this blog post. Let's see if it works! :-)", "collapse": "true", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 17:50:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "14099", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "12669", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Courier", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "1": { "text": "14px", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "2": { "text": "false", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "3": { "text": "115%", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "4": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "12670" } } }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "1": { "text": "on downloadLinkblogArchive (urlFeed, folder)", "subs": { "0": { "text": "local (xmltext = tcp.httpreadurl (urlfeed, 3, false))" }, "1": { "text": "xml.compile (xmltext, @xstruct)" }, "2": { "text": "local (adrrss = xml.getaddress (@xstruct, \"rss\"))" }, "3": { "text": "local (adrchannel = xml.getaddress (adrrss, \"channel\"))" }, "4": { "text": "local (adrarchive = xml.getaddress (adrchannel, \"archive\"))" }, "5": { "text": "local (urlarchive = xml.getvalue (adrarchive, \"url\"))" }, "6": { "text": "local (fname = xml.getvalue (adrarchive, \"filename\"))" }, "7": { "text": "on getdate (name)", "subs": { "0": { "text": "local (s = xml.getvalue (adrarchive, name))" }, "1": { "text": "return (date.set (string.nthfield (s, \"-\", 3), string.nthfield (s, \"-\", 2), string.nthfield (s, \"-\", 1), 0, 0, 0))" } } }, "8": { "text": "local (theday = getdate (\"startDay\"), endday = getdate (\"endDay\"))" }, "9": { "text": "loop", "subs": { "0": { "text": "local (urlday = urlarchive + file.getdatepath (\"/\", theday) + fname)" }, "1": { "text": "local (fday = folder + file.getdatepath (file.getpathchar (), theday, false) + \".xml\")" }, "2": { "text": "try", "subs": { "0": { "text": "local (xmltext = tcp.httpreadurl (urlday, 3, false))" }, "1": { "text": "file.surefilepath (fday) //make sure all folders in path exist" }, "2": { "text": "file.writewholefile (fday, xmltext)" }, "3": { "text": "bundle //set mod and creation dates", "subs": { "0": { "text": "local (xstruct, adrrss, adrchannel)" }, "1": { "text": "xml.compile (xmltext, @xstruct)" }, "2": { "text": "adrrss = xml.getaddress (@xstruct, \"rss\")" }, "3": { "text": "adrchannel = xml.getaddress (adrrss, \"channel\")" }, "4": { "text": "file.setcreated (fday, date (xml.getvalue (adrchannel, \"pubDate\")))" }, "5": { "text": "file.setmodified (fday, date (xml.getvalue (adrchannel, \"lastBuildDate\")))" } } }, "4": { "text": "msg (fday)" } } }, "3": { "text": "theday = date.tomorrow (theday)" }, "4": { "text": "if theday > endday", "subs": { "0": { "text": "break" } } } } } } }, "2": { "text": "bundle //test code", "subs": { "0": { "text": "downloadLinkblogArchive (\"http://links.scripting.com/rss.xml\", \"Ohio:mylinkblog:\")" } } } } }, "4": { "text": "3. I ran the script, it created a folder. Here's a screen shot of the folder, and the folder itself as a zip archive.", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 16:36:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "14089" }, "5": { "text": "4. Here are the docs for the archive element.", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 17:38:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "14093" }, "6": { "text": "Hopefully that covers all the bases.", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 17:53:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "14100" } } }, "47": { "text": "Radio2 volunteers", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 15:40:48 GMT", "name": "radio2Volunteers", "pgfnum": "14081", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AFrom time to time I get questions from people who want to set up Radio2 servers who are having trouble, are highly motivated, but it really isn't something they should do. I'm learning that running a server, like a lot of things, requires a temperment that most people don't have -- no matter how much they may want to do it. But it would be great if these people had Radio2 accounts somewhere. Then we could develop utilities to download their archives locally. This is a lovely little project I've been meaning to get to. If we had some users who needed it, it would actually make it easier to write.", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 15:40:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "14082" }, "1": { "text": "Anyway, all this is preamble to this question -- If you're already running a Radio2 server, would you be willing to let someone else virtually crash on your couch? Radio servers probably can host several hundred users, if not more. It's a pretty lightweight server app.", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 15:42:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "14083" }, "2": { "text": "Anyway, reply here with a comment if you already have a server and are willing to volunteer for this.", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 15:43:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "14084" }, "3": { "text": "I think it can be a good experience for everyone.", "created": "Sat, 13 Oct 2012 15:44:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "14085" } } }, "48": { "text": "New iPod Touch shipping?", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:50:30 GMT", "name": "newIpodTouchShipping", "pgfnum": "14050", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I find myself wanting to buy a new iPod Touch.", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:50:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "14051" }, "1": { "text": "\"A" }, "2": { "text": "The blue one of course.", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:54:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "14053" }, "3": { "text": "I wonder if it's showing up at retail yet?", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:51:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "14052" } } }, "49": { "text": "Catching up on OPML & RSS stuff", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:43:26 GMT", "name": "catchingUpOnOpmlStuff", "pgfnum": "14036", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Lots of things happening in the Land of OPML these days.", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:16:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "14037" }, "1": { "text": "1. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to provide full text descriptions and good titles to Google Reader people. But as often happens, after a night's sleep, and with the conversations with readers fresh in my mind, I figured out how to, step by step get there.", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:16:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "14038" }, "2": { "text": "2. Then last night, just before the debate, I had a bit of time, and wanted to see if I couldn't get a link to the OPML itself into the RSS feed. This is something I had working in the previous version of the feed.", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:17:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "14039" }, "3": { "text": "3. It proved a little difficult, so then I realized I could do something even better -- I could put the OPML itself right in the RSS feed. That way, if anyone wanted to provide a truly high fidelity view of the content of my blog, including the attributes that come with the OPML, and the full structure of the outlines, well, they wouldn't even have to read a file. So I did it. And it works.", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:18:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "14040", "subs": { "0": { "text": "http://static.scripting.com/rss.xml", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:19:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "14041" } } }, "4": { "text": "4. Microliner was released. Quite a few people tried it. Everyone seems to like it so far. I find it fascinating. We can have a structured conversation that's something like the Instant Outliner and something like Twitter, but really not like anything I've seen yet. So I want to get a better feel for it, so today I'm going to add a community feature.", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:19:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "14042" }, "5": { "text": "5. There was a bit of drama on Wednesday night when it looked like Microliner had been shut off. But it turns out to have been a coincidence, that it was the same day that Twitter shut off some of the long-deprecated URLs in their REST interface. Quite a few other developers had to scramble to get their apps back online (we tend to forget about the code we wrote five years ago, esp if it continues to work without problems, as our Twitter code did).", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:20:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "14043" }, "6": { "text": "\"A6. As the dust was settling on this, I wondered why there isn't a brain-dead simple machine image I could set up that does a subset of what Twitter's API does, reliably, fast, and with no terms and conditions. It could at least serve as a sandbox for testing apps before they go live. And it might turn into a coral reef. I sent an email to Dan MacTough, who has become fluent in node.js, to ask him to have a look. By writing this, I'm inviting all readers of this site to think about it, and maybe do it.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:22:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "14044", "subs": { "0": { "text": "It also occurred to me that Twitter might want to sponsor the work. They've been very active in open source, and it would be a great way to show that they love the wild innovation of the open Internet. It might be a smart way to zig to their own zag. :-)", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:36:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "14048" }, "1": { "text": "BTW, it's worth mentioning that the Bootstrap Toolkit, which came out of Twitter, and now is open source, came out early enough in the development process for the worldoutline software that we were able to get it in, at a very basic level. Every page rendered by the worldoutline, by default has the full toolkit available to it. That can lead to some pretty nice serendipity.", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 15:06:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "14054" } } }, "7": { "text": "7. If you can do it with tent.io, great.", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:24:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "14045" }, "8": { "text": "8. I'm still waiting for one of the alternate-Twitterverses to hook into my linkblog feed. The first one that does gets my full link flow, which is a nice little first step in what could be a wonderful bootstrap. It's my proposal to all developers for how I'd like to work with you. It's just RSS with a cloud element. You can even do it without using the cloud info (that's just for realtime-ness).", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:24:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "14046" }, "9": { "text": "Having a lot of fun. Finally we're getting some outliner users. That's a magic ingredient. Outliner people are smart and fair-minded, and love to think. Just the kind of users we like. :-)", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:25:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "14047" }, "10": { "text": "One more thing that's worth saying every so often, esp since President Kennedy came up in the debate last night. Ask not what the Internet can do for you, ask what you can do for the Internet. Really. It's good for you. :-)", "created": "Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:38:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "14049" } } }, "50": { "text": "Mr President, grow a pair", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:35:45 GMT", "name": "mrPresidentGrowAPair", "pgfnum": "13997", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "We all saw the debt-ceiling spectacle in the summer of 2011. The Republicans in Congress played an incredibly dangerous game of Chicken with the President. If either of them blinked at the wrong moment, the casualty would be American dominance of the world's financial system.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:17:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "13998" }, "1": { "text": "Most Americans, and I would bet a lot of our representatitves, don't understand that it's not so much our military that gives us power around the world, rather it's the fact that our currency, the dollar, is the safe haven for all value, world-wide. If either the President or the Congress dropped the ball, that would have shattered, and we would stop being the exceptional country, and all kinds of bills would come due. Not for future generations -- right now.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:36:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "14006" }, "2": { "text": "I was appalled when I saw the President take the 14th Amendment off the table early in the process. If you recall, the amendment contains a provision that says that the validity of the US debt will not be questioned. Clearly, there was no point debating whether we would honor our obligation. The Republicans can whine all they want. If they want to have an impeachment, the famously coool President would just look into the camera and say he was doing what the Constitution told him to do, and the Congress should get on board. They would still have to get the votes of 2/3 of the Senate, and it was controlled by Democrats, so they can jump up and down all they want, nothing was going to change.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:20:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "13999" }, "3": { "text": "Instead, our dreamy-eyed President decided to negotiate with them! He chose brinksmanship when we should have had some ballsy leadership.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:22:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "14000" }, "4": { "text": "That's why his numbers dropped when he did the same damned thing in last week's debate. We were reminded why this President hasn't yet got the message. The Republicans are dicks. You can't deal with people like that as if they would respond to reason. Romney made that clear from the outset. This debate should have been seen by the President as an opportunity to get something straight.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:23:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "14001" }, "5": { "text": "\"I am the fucking President of the fucking United States, and if you don't like that, fuck you.\"", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:24:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "14002" }, "6": { "text": "Luckily there's still time for him to get a clue.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:25:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "14003" }, "7": { "text": "This is not a negotiation with Congress or the Republicans, Mr. President. You are negotiating with your employers, the people of the United States of America. If this election were being held in August 2011, you would have lost. It's time for you to get the message, that we will not accept this kind of leadership in the future.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:25:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "14004" }, "8": { "text": "You have my vote. And my money. But I'm glad that enough of my fellow Americans were willing to tell a pollster that you're too wimpy to be President. So maybe you'll get a clue and maybe in your second term we can get a bunch more stuff done. Or at least Washington will be a bit more quiet and let us get on with our lives, without having everything fall apart for no good reason.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:26:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "14005" } } }, "51": { "text": "Unbreaking our Twitter", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 10:59:33 GMT", "name": "unbreakingOurTwitter", "pgfnum": "13990", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "We got hit by a wave of deprecation on Twitter yesterday.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 10:02:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "13962" }, "1": { "text": "First thing that happened (or so it appeared) is that Microliner stopped working. Since yesterday was rollout day for Microliner, it seemed that this was a response from Twitter to the edgy-ness of the app. We do display people's tweets as lines in an outline. But, we figured that maybe they'd see how interesting this project is and let it keep running. We're not trying to steal anything from them. The tweets were in response to ones generated by Microliner. So it's not as if we're trying to replace Twitter. But that was worth a shrug -- okay -- they don't want us to do it, so be it.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 10:02:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "13963" }, "2": { "text": "But later, Radio2 stopped working. That's much more serious because it's mission-critical. We use that software to keep an archive of everything we post to Twitter without having to depend on Twitter to provide one (they don't at this time). The only alternative would be to do all our tweeting inside Twitter. That would mean all my other uses for my linkblog would go away. Since that's a big part of the reason I do it, well -- there's no choice -- I would stop using Twitter.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 10:04:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "13964" }, "3": { "text": "But it turns out that none of this actually happened. Instead it was an unlikely coincidence. The very day that Microliner was released was also the day they turned off some parts of the API. I admit I wasn't paying attention to their deprecations. Figuring I'd cross the bridge when I came to it. If they shut us off that way, I'd decide at that time if I wanted to do the work to get it all working again. I really disapprove of platform vendors doing this. I think there are so many more of us than them, that they should stay compatible. But I don't get a say in this. And unless you work at Twitter, Inc, you don't either.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 10:06:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "13965" }, "4": { "text": "To Microliner users, many of whom are OPML newbies, to get the latest bits, choose Update opml.root from the File menu. That should get it working again for you.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:13:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "13996" }, "5": { "text": "Update: Here's the worknote that outlines the details. I was able to get Radio2 and Microliner working again. Yehi! :-)", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:01:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "13992" }, "6": { "text": "Update #2: I almost thanked Twitter. But that would be too weird.", "created": "Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:02:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "13993" } } }, "52": { "text": "Test post for Google Reader readers", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 18:32:30 GMT", "name": "testPostForGoogleReaderReaders", "pgfnum": "13949", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The first version of my app that re-links my CMS with full content feeds had a serious encoding bug.", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 18:32:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "13950" }, "1": { "text": "This post has a bunch of links to stuff. When you click the links, do they work?", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 18:33:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "13951" }, "2": { "text": "That is, when you see this post in Google Reader. (I know it works in the browser.)", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 18:40:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "13956" }, "3": { "text": "Here's a nice picture! Can you see it?", "collapse": "true", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 18:33:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "13952", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 18:33:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "13953" } } }, "4": { "text": "And a little bold and italic text. Does it look bold and italic?", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 18:33:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "13954" }, "5": { "text": "If you want to help out, come to the threads site and drop in a comment.", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 18:33:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "13955" } } }, "53": { "text": "A reprieve for Google Reader readers", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 17:08:15 GMT", "name": "aReprieveForGoogleReaderReaders", "pgfnum": "13943", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I hate to hear the stories of readers who will muddle along and keep reading even though they wish there was a way to get the full text of the stories in their choice of RSS tools.", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 17:08:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "13944" }, "1": { "text": "To be clear, the ones who threaten me can go now -- this is a labor of love over here, there's no money involved. You can be bitter or angry with me for not pleasing you, but it only makes me wish you'd go away, not that there was some way I could serve you better.", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 17:09:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "13945" }, "2": { "text": "Anyway -- I figured out how I could patch up the feed after the fact, without unnecessarily intertwining software that I'm desperately trying to decouple. The saving grace was that each of my stories is also available in OPML. So I did what Google Reader could and never will do -- I get the OPML and converted it to HTML and replace the feed item description with that text. After creating a title from the description.", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 17:09:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "13946" }, "3": { "text": "Not a horrible klooge, and as I said it doesn't involve one piece of software knowing anything about the other, which was the goal. Cost -- 1/2 day -- so far. Let's see if it stays that small an investment. :-)", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 17:11:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "13947" } } }, "54": { "text": "Outline your Twitter conversations", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 14:44:20 GMT", "name": "outlineYourTwitterConversations", "pgfnum": "13927", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I just released a tool called Microliner that lets you outline your conversations on Twitter.", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 14:44:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "13928" }, "1": { "text": "I don't think anyone has ever had a tool like this, so I'd better explain how it works.", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 14:44:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "13929" }, "2": { "text": "1. Open up the Microliner Workspace window. Enter an idea. 140 characters or less, please. :-)", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 14:45:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "13930" }, "3": { "text": "2. Click the Tweet button. It goes out to all your followers on Twitter.", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 14:45:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "13931" }, "4": { "text": "3. Wait a minute or so. Click the Replies button. Microliner calls Twitter and gets the replies, and arranges them under the messages they are in response to.", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 14:46:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "13932" }, "5": { "text": "4. You can then reply to the replies, and so on. Once you get going, you can participate in a dozen conversations at once, and not lose track of where you are or who you're conversing with. It really works.", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 14:46:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "13933" }, "6": { "text": "The tool is available now: http://microliner.opml.org/.", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 14:47:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "13934" }, "7": { "text": "I thought I was done developing on Twitter as a platform, and then I get an idea like this, and I have to do it, whether or not its advisable. :-)", "collapse": "true", "created": "Wed, 10 Oct 2012 14:47:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "13935", "subs": { "0": { "text": "" } } } } }, "55": { "text": "To Google Reader readers", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:20:18 GMT", "name": "toGoogleReaderReaders", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "12669", "subs": { "0": { "text": "135%", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "12670" } } }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "1": { "text": "As you may know, there's been a major redesign of the Scripting News home page. But, you may not be able to see that this is part of a much bigger change in the way I do content management, one which is being modernized to fit into the new realtime flow of links, pictures, podcasts, etc facilitated by Twitter, and what I hope will be a thriving ecosystem of feed-like apps that run outside of Twitter.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:20:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "13899" }, "2": { "text": "Things are changing, not just here but everywhere. And I'm moving quickly, and as this happens things break.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:21:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "13901" }, "3": { "text": "Yesterday I posted three items to my feed that were just titles. This was a bug, in some provisional software that patched the new system to the old system. I'm not going to fix the bug because there's going to be a new way to do the feed, and I'm just one person programming here, and I can't afford the time to maintain provisional code. I have to be working on the main line.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:26:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "13905" }, "4": { "text": "And here we have a choice -- continue to compromise for people who use Google Reader, which is a very fussy piece of software that doesn't play by the rules of RSS 2.0, or break Google Reader, just for this feed -- and do things the way the Twitterverse works, which imho is also the right way to do things. Obviously, given the way I phrased that, I'm going the way I feel is right.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:28:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "13906" }, "5": { "text": "The question is this -- must feed items have titles?", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:29:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "13907" }, "6": { "text": "The answer is clearly no. No, because the RSS 2.0 spec says so and no because Twitter has built a wonderful ecosystem of communication around the idea that posts can be short enough to be titles. How could you require a title to have a title? It would be ridiculous.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:29:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "13908" }, "7": { "text": "I already have a great linkblogging tool called Radio2 that takes blogpost-like items and turns them into an RSS 2.0 feed of Twitter-able items. It seems perfectly reasonable that Google Reader could adapt to make sense out of these feeds. It's just one piece of software. But they don't move, and that gives others a tough choice. To move anyway, knowing people who use Google Reader will be left behind, or continue to provide content as if Google Reader was the only way people were consuming it, when that isn't even close to being true anymore.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:30:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "13909" }, "8": { "text": "I hate it when users are caught in the middle like this. You guys did nothing wrong other than use a piece of software that works for you. And of course since you want to read my site, I think that's fantastic. Maybe there will be some compromise possible, a way to accomodate everyone without making me, just one person, do the work that a big company like Google should be doing to support you, people who use their software. But right now that just can't happen.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:30:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "13910" }, "9": { "text": "You will continue to get links to my stories in your input stream, I hope. But the full text will not be there. You can click the link to read them on my site, or skip it, or unsubscribe. And I'm sorry to be parting in this way, but we have to move forward, and it looks to me very much like Google Reader is behind us now.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:34:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "13911" }, "10": { "text": "Here's how my new system works.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:41:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "13912", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. I created a new Radio2 category called Scripting News.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:41:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "13913" }, "1": { "text": "2. When I want an item to appear in the Scripting News feed, I just check the box in the category list.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:41:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "13914" }, "2": { "text": "3. I click Post. When I do that, a bunch of processes are set in motion, including a callback script running on my server that copies the category feed to the location on S3 of the Scripting News feed, and pings our cloud server to tell it that we updated. It in turn notifies all services that have requested updates, and they read the feed. All this happens in a couple of seconds, at most.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:42:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "13915", "subs": { "0": { "text": "An aside: One of the benefits of this switch is that all the effort that's been poured into feeds on Radio2 in the last couple of years now accrues to Scripting News. The feed not only has archives, but the archive is described in the feed itself, so apps can easily find it. Podcasting isn't an afterthought, it's fully supported, and not hacked in. And there's so much more.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:59:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "13919" } } }, "3": { "text": "4. One of those agents cross-posts to Twitter. That's how you see the link on Twitter, and it's why my content, that lives outside Twitter, is archived separately. I'm not waiting for Twitter to give me access to my links, since I never gave it up to them.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:43:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "13916" } } }, "11": { "text": "This is also consistent with the philosophy of distributing pointers to the content instead of the content itself. That way there is a single archive for it, one authoritative copy of each bit, even though it can be referenced in many places.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:55:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "13917" }, "12": { "text": "I've never been a fan of full content in feeds. I know some people feel it's the only way to go, but I don't agree, and never have.", "created": "Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:55:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "13918" } } }, "56": { "text": "New scripting.com features", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 21:38:29 GMT", "name": "newScriptingcomFeatures", "pgfnum": "13890", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Two new features on Monday evening.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 21:38:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "13891" }, "1": { "text": "1. There's a new Archive tab. It links to the monthly archive pages back to April 1997.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 21:38:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "13892" }, "2": { "text": "2. Now each tab has its own URL. So if you're coming to the site for the links, you can bookmark that tab and go there directly. And there may be additional tabs in the future that you will want to bookmark.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 21:39:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "13893" }, "3": { "text": "Sometimes clicking on a tab causes a flash. If you have an idea what might cause that please leave a comment. Thanks.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 21:40:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "13894" }, "4": { "text": "Thanks again to Bootstrap for the great Javascript library.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 21:46:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "13895" } } }, "57": { "text": "They taught outlining wrong", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 14:54:09 GMT", "name": "theyTaughtOutliningWrongInSchool", "pgfnum": "13858", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "In school they taught us to outline first, then write from the outline. It's an ideal no one achieves, because it's impossible to have the essay arrive in finished form in our mind before we start writing. It doesn't work that way.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 14:14:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "13859" }, "1": { "text": "Instead we wrote the paper first, then the outline.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 14:14:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "13860" }, "2": { "text": "And that was correct, because it was the only way that worked. But it didn't get us much more than a slide show presentation of our work. It's different when you have a structure editor, an outliner. Because you can revise both the text and its organization after the initial burst of writing.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 14:29:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "13871" }, "3": { "text": "Here's how I do it today, in my outliner. I write from top to bottom. Then I review. If I find structure, I add it.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 14:16:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "13863" }, "4": { "text": "Then I have a structure to work with, I add more ideas become apparent, more things I have to record, to tell the reader. The order might change. The process of each little project is to iterate both the work product and the narration until I feel I'm ready to move on to the next thing.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 14:16:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "13864" }, "5": { "text": "Of course I might start two or more things at the same time. For example I have two worknotes open now, and this blog post.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 14:17:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "13865" }, "6": { "text": "In a blog post I play with order more than structure. They are meant to be read from top to bottom, as a story.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 14:20:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "13867" }, "7": { "text": "But worknotes offer different things to different people. I write them for today's users and hopefully tomorrow's too. But I also write them for developers, including myself, who will continue to work on the code behind the notes. I find it very useful to be able to open my notes from a previous project, while working on something related, and find it all neatly organized, so I can skip right to the part that's relevent to me.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 14:21:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "13868" }, "8": { "text": "I thought it would be interesting to take a screen shot of my worknotes outline so you can see what projects in various states of completion look like. At the same time here's one of my blog outline. See how they're different?", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 14:25:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "13870" }, "9": { "text": "Outlining works on a computer, as long as you revise. It doesn't work on paper because revision, especially of structure, is too hard.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 14:31:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "13873" } } }, "58": { "text": "I need grad students", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 13:16:01 GMT", "name": "iNeedGradStudents", "pgfnum": "13831", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Please, this is just a blog post, not an ad. I'm just writing aspirationally. Thinking out loud. You're welcome to listen, but do not feel compelled to act. That would be wrong. However if you're sure you know of a school that could do this, or even another kind of organization, please don't be shy.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 13:24:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "13838" }, "1": { "text": "A long time ago, a colleague of mine at Personal Software explained that I do software development as an academic researcher would.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 13:16:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "13832" }, "2": { "text": "It's still true, but I don't do it in an academic context. And that context is rapidly disappearing in academia, where so many students are now studying computer science not as a way to further the art, but rather to start something entrepreneurial and get rich.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 13:16:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "13833" }, "3": { "text": "And there's nothing wrong with that. In some sense, I did that too -- when I was younger. I thought making millions was the way to get validation for my work. My family and the society I grew up in raised me to see things that way. And I was successful, and as a result have been able to work on what I wanted to for my whole career. Pretty good.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 13:17:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "13834" }, "4": { "text": "Now it's time to take what I've learned and pass it on. There's a huge base of software, most of it open source, that reflects what I've learned. Not just as ideas, but as working code. And programming practices that are, imho, pretty far in advance of what's being done elsewhere. The only problem is, I'm not attracting the students I need to help build something substantial and long-lasting out of it.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 13:18:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "13835" }, "5": { "text": "I've outlined in the past what I hoped for in terms of an ideal environment, from the point of view of the institution. Now I realize that I don't need the institution as much as I need the students. And I can't work with beginning programmers. I'm looking for people who have spend at least a few years learning the basics, stumbling, falling and getting up again. What I have to offer is the equivalent of an actor's studio, for people with extreme talent and drive, to be creative making software. You might get rich from what you learn, but that shouldn't be the point.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 13:19:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "13836" }, "6": { "text": "Again, as with the previous piece this is not an ad, rather than an aspirational piece. Not looking for advice or \"solutions\" -- but if you have a compatible goal, I'd welcome hearing from you. Not guaranteeing anything, but I will listen.", "created": "Mon, 08 Oct 2012 13:22:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "13837" } } }, "59": { "text": "Update on OPML Comments", "created": "Sun, 07 Oct 2012 17:42:43 GMT", "name": "updateOnOpmlComments", "pgfnum": "13822", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "In early Sept we started working on a new role for the OPML Editor in web content -- as a comment creation and editing tool. It's a different way of doing it, and long-term I don't even think it'll be seen as comments.", "created": "Sun, 07 Oct 2012 17:42:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "13823" }, "1": { "text": "Now there's an official doc that explains in a small number of steps how to get going. It takes a couple of minutes. Almost at the threshold of a mass-relevant blogging tool. Getting there.", "created": "Sun, 07 Oct 2012 17:44:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "13824" }, "2": { "text": "There are more steps coming, hopefully pretty soon.", "created": "Sun, 07 Oct 2012 17:45:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "13825" }, "3": { "text": "\"AAnd if you're a web architecture kind of person, here's a comment I wrote the other day in response to some questions of my longtime programming buddy, Chuck Shotton. There's some pretty big dreams about how content should flow that have been realized.", "created": "Sun, 07 Oct 2012 17:56:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "13829" }, "4": { "text": "When Twitter vanished as a possible platform about three years ago, I got busy building what I really wanted. I think in the end it'll seem that Twitter did us a favor by kicking us out of the nest, even though it didn't feel too good at the time.", "created": "Sun, 07 Oct 2012 17:50:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "13828" }, "5": { "text": "We're still diggin!", "created": "Sun, 07 Oct 2012 17:46:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "13826" }, "6": { "text": "Yes indeed. :-)", "created": "Sun, 07 Oct 2012 17:46:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "13827" } } }, "60": { "text": "A funny thing about outliners", "created": "Sat, 06 Oct 2012 12:48:36 GMT", "name": "aFunnyThingAboutOutliners", "pgfnum": "13730", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "An idea that might be foreign to people who write in text editors." }, "1": { "text": "You can use an outliner to write multiple documents." }, "2": { "text": "Try creating a headline called My Diary." }, "3": { "text": "Then every day, add a subhead with the day's date." }, "4": { "text": "And under that write a paragraph about something you learned or did that day.", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A" } } }, "5": { "text": "Do it for a few days until the strangeness wears off." }, "6": { "text": "Does this make sense?" }, "7": { "text": "Here's a screen shot of my \"worknotes\" diary, which is one level deeper." }, "8": { "text": "You can think of every major head under a day as a separate document.", "created": "Sat, 06 Oct 2012 12:49:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "13732" }, "9": { "text": "In fact the CMS sees it that way. So I have one document which in turn contains many documents. Actually thousands!", "created": "Sat, 06 Oct 2012 12:50:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "13733" }, "10": { "text": "For many people this will be a new way of thinking about writing.", "created": "Sat, 06 Oct 2012 12:50:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "13734" } } }, "61": { "text": "Romney cowardice", "created": "Sat, 06 Oct 2012 14:06:32 GMT", "name": "republicanRacism", "pgfnum": "13735", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "When this election is over, we're going to ask the Republicans to apologize to every American for the disrespect they've shown to all of us by trying to make this election an appeal to race hate.", "created": "Sat, 06 Oct 2012 14:06:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "13736" }, "1": { "text": "They can make all the childish excuses they want, but as adults, we understand what they're doing. Even on the debate stage, when Romney talked to the President of the United States as if he was one of his children, and said it exactly that way.", "created": "Sat, 06 Oct 2012 14:07:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "13737" }, "2": { "text": "You know, of all the nasty shit Romney said in the 47 percent thing, the worst thing he said was this: \"I'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.\"", "created": "Sat, 06 Oct 2012 14:08:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "13739" }, "3": { "text": "That's so self-important, even for a President, to think that somehow it's up to him to convince the rest of us to do anything, much less such personally offensive and outrageously condescending, patronizing, arrogant, irrelevent, egotistic ideas. Imagine if Obama had be caught saying something like that. The hooting would never stop.", "created": "Sat, 06 Oct 2012 14:10:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "13740" }, "4": { "text": "It's up to us, Mr. Romney, to convince you to slither back into the hole you crawled out of. You sorry excuse for an American. Get a real job. Create something. Do something real with your life. How can I convince you to take personal responsibilty for the nasty shit you say, Mr. Romney.", "created": "Sat, 06 Oct 2012 14:12:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "13741" }, "5": { "text": "BTW, now that he says it was totally wrong, let's find out exactly what was wrong with it -- line by line. Each statement in that rant.", "created": "Sat, 06 Oct 2012 14:13:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "13742" } } }, "62": { "text": "Compromising Obama", "created": "Thu, 04 Oct 2012 15:11:25 GMT", "name": "compromisingObama", "pgfnum": "13654", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AI hated watching last night's debate. Not because \"Obama Lost\" but rather than being inspired, as some political discourse can leave you (e.g. Bill Clinton's speeches at the last three DNCs for example), it left me the opposite of inspired -- without hope. Hopeless.", "created": "Thu, 04 Oct 2012 14:57:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "13656" }, "1": { "text": "I imagine that the Republicans who had fought with the President behind closed doors know something about him that the rest of us don't. That when cornered, he turns into a bowl of jello. The hemming and hawing increase, and he starts saying idiotic things like \"I suspect the Governor and I agree on this.\" While his mortal enemy is lying, he nods and smiles. Inside something bad is happening with the President, and it's visible on the outside.", "created": "Thu, 04 Oct 2012 14:58:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "13657" }, "2": { "text": "So they paint him as an apologist. At first we think it's just talk for the Repub base, but they know that come the debate they are going to be able to get the President to appear to apologize. All that being so agreeable, maybe it's Stockholm Syndrome. And the Republicans are going to keep pushing him. Romney is not inept like McCain, who Obama aced. Nor is he Hillary Clinton, with whom Obama managed pouty sort of dominance.", "created": "Thu, 04 Oct 2012 14:59:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "13658" }, "3": { "text": "Romney is going to bully the President, and it's up to the President to grow a pair and bully back. We learned something I didn't want to know last night. And we'll learn something else at the next debate, whether the President has friends who will kick his butt.", "created": "Thu, 04 Oct 2012 15:08:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "13661" }, "4": { "text": "And btw, maybe John Kerry wasn't the best person to use as a stand-in for Romney. I wish Coach Walsh was alive to help out here (though I suspect he was a Republican). Maybe Bill Clinton would be a good coach for Obama? Just throwing things out there.", "created": "Thu, 04 Oct 2012 15:03:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "13660" } } }, "63": { "text": "The drama of debate", "created": "Wed, 03 Oct 2012 12:25:24 GMT", "name": "theDramaOfDebate", "pgfnum": "13546", "pubdate": "Wed, 03 Oct 2012 12:23:19 GMT", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Tonight's debate will be where alternate realities meet up.", "created": "Wed, 03 Oct 2012 00:30:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "13547" }, "1": { "text": "Unlike the Repub debates which were all the same flavor of crazy, this one may have two people trying to live in our world, and a third who pretends the Republican reality actually exists.", "created": "Wed, 03 Oct 2012 12:23:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "13559" } } }, "64": { "text": "Scripting.com redesign", "created": "Tue, 02 Oct 2012 17:23:15 GMT", "feedurl": "http://static.reallysimple.org/worldoutline/dave/rss.xml", "name": "scriptingcomRedesign", "pgfnum": "13527", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AI've been working up to this for a few months, now it's time to flip the switch and replace the old Scripting News home page with the new simplified and enriched version. Yes, it's got more features, but it's even cleaner than before.", "created": "Tue, 02 Oct 2012 17:23:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "13528", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. The menu is at the top of the page, unchanged, as promised. I said it would be a fixture through the transition, so if you found your way around the various sites that make up Scripting News, the links are still be there after the transition. This helps smooth out what I find to be a jarring about website redesign. You know how to find everything and then all of a sudden -- where did it go?", "created": "Tue, 02 Oct 2012 17:24:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "13529" }, "1": { "text": "2. There's a new About feature, very easy to find, in the upper-left corner, patterned after the approach taken in the Media Hackers site. And of course it's an outline, stored in my Dropbox folder, so it's reallly easy for me to edit.", "created": "Tue, 02 Oct 2012 17:25:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "13530" }, "2": { "text": "3. The banner is now down the left edge instead of across the top. But continuity is maintained. It's still the same typeface, but it's even bigger than the one before. I think ones' name should be bold and big.", "created": "Tue, 02 Oct 2012 17:25:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "13531" }, "3": { "text": "4. The biggest change is probably the most subtle. The text on the home page is rendered by the new outline renderer in op.render.viewOutline. This is the core rendering routine for the worldoutline software, but now it's so core it can be used in any application. So you see every bit of text exactly as it was meant to be rendered.", "created": "Tue, 02 Oct 2012 17:27:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "13532" }, "4": { "text": "5. Comments are back. They of course, never really went away. I moved my editorial act, gradually over to the threads site, where it remains now. You can read the articles on the scripting.com home page, or on the threads site. The star at the bottom of each piece links to the page with comments, and the one with paragraph-level permalinks. If you want to point to one of my pieces you should point to the page on the threads site. It's the permanent view. The home page only shows the 25 most recent stories.", "created": "Tue, 02 Oct 2012 17:28:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "13533" }, "5": { "text": "6. There is of course still an RSS feed, in exactly the same place. But there's also now a link in the head section of the HTML to a full outline of all the text in the new CMS, going back to March of this year when the threads site started. Nothing hard about this, because it's the outline where I do my writing. One big file for everything.", "created": "Tue, 02 Oct 2012 17:30:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "13534" } } }, "1": { "text": "Here's a snapshot of the Scripting News home page taken just before the transition.", "created": "Tue, 02 Oct 2012 18:55:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "13536" }, "2": { "text": "That's about it for now. Time for me to take a break, and when I come back, I'll fill in the links here and then flip the switch. Maybe tonight or early tomorrow.", "created": "Tue, 02 Oct 2012 17:31:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "13535" } } }, "65": { "text": "First October thought", "created": "Mon, 01 Oct 2012 16:06:45 GMT", "name": "firstOctoberThought", "pgfnum": "13489", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "A simple first thought for the tech industry at the beginning of October.", "created": "Mon, 01 Oct 2012 16:06:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "13490" }, "1": { "text": "\"AIf your users are always looking for the catch -- waiting for the other shoe to drop, the 10-ton weight, or waiting for the trap door to open -- you've got a problem. If they don't understand your business, how can they understand your product. How can they understand you? And if they can't understand you -- how can they trust you?", "created": "Mon, 01 Oct 2012 16:07:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "13491" }, "2": { "text": "How naive. To think you might need to have the trust of users to build a company.", "created": "Mon, 01 Oct 2012 16:08:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "13492" }, "3": { "text": "It's not so naive. I think it's actually pretty naive to think that you can go on indefinitely without nailing that one down.", "created": "Mon, 01 Oct 2012 16:12:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "13497" }, "4": { "text": "Now, back up a few feet and realize that it's not a single company, but much of an industry that has this vagueness at its core. Even some of the most prosperous companies are built on a foundation of mistrust with the people they depend on for their existence.", "created": "Mon, 01 Oct 2012 16:08:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "13493" }, "5": { "text": "Feels like the kind of thing you look back on after a bubble-burst and say \"Geez, of course that wouldn't work. How could we not have seen that.\"", "created": "Mon, 01 Oct 2012 16:09:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "13494" } } } } }, "3": { "text": "September", "name": "september", "type": "include", "url": "http://static.reallysimple.org/worldoutline/dave/2012/10/03/archive140.opml", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Ron Paul would probably like this", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 22:01:32 GMT", "name": "ronPaulWouldProbablyLikeThis", "pgfnum": "13422", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I'm still on the mail list from the Berkeley neighborhood I used to live in. Today I got an email about a fire on the block. Here's the email, with the names and addresses changed.", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 22:01:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "13423", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Hi," }, "1": { "text": "Last night a bit before 3AM, Shirley Hellman looked out her window saw flames shooting up from the vegetation in front of George and Helen's home @ 202 Filbert. She called 911 while Barney went across the street and put out the fire using George and Helen's garden hose. He prevented what could have been a devastating fire by his quick, intelligent and brave actions." }, "2": { "text": "By the time the fire department arrived with three vehicles plus a police car, the fire was no longer a danger. They completed extinguishing the fire and were gone by 3:20AM." }, "3": { "text": "My thanks again to Shirley and Barney for saving our block from disaster." }, "4": { "text": "Frank" } } } } }, "1": { "text": "Twitter is a tragic tale", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 11:28:49 GMT", "name": "twittersEpitaph", "pgfnum": "13420", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I've known Chuck Shotton since 1995, early days of the Mac web community. I was doing Frontier, an editing and database environment that turned out to be an almost perfect match for web design and programming. Chuck was doing WebStar, the leading HTTP server for the Mac. Our products complemented each other well, and we've been friends ever since.", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 11:29:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "13421" }, "1": { "text": "I wrote a piece yesterday about Twitter needing a plan B for developers, and Chuck left a comment which I think is worth quoting in full:", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 11:30:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "13423", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Since day 1, I have been unimpressed with Twitter's management team and their ability to grasp the potential of their own platform and capitalize on all the huge opportunities that could come from it. This is just more of the same from them. \"Let's take what could be the single biggest transformational change in peer messaging on the Internet and dismantle its value, bit by bit, over the next 5 years and see if anyone notices before we're dead.\"", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 11:30:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "13424" } } }, "2": { "text": "What Chuck says is true.", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 11:38:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "13428" }, "3": { "text": "And we still need to create the layer that Twitter could have created.", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 11:32:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "13426" }, "4": { "text": "This has always been the disagreement between financial types and tech types. We want to make progress, that's why we got into this field in the first place. I want to be part of creating new layers of technology. So we can be ever more powerful. I like making money, and have made some -- but for me it's just one priority. And once I had enough money to own my own time, it dropped a lot as a priority. I love what I do, but the financial guys mock my love. I've seen them do it over and over, for decades. Jim Manzi, who was then CEO of a big software company, accused me of being Mother Teresa. He wasn't trying to be funny (or if he was, it didn't work).", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 12:11:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "13429" }, "5": { "text": "They think that the only reason to create something is to make money. The more money the better. They're not wrong. When I buy stock in a company, I want them to feel the same way. I say this to counter their belief that I'm stupid or naive. I understand why the VCs want to maximize profits. But I don't think they're doing that. Because they've made a trade-off. By reducing Twitter to sell it as an advertising channel, they are cutting off possibilities that might make money from a wide-open market. And some might make a lot more money than the platform. I don't doubt that will eventually be the lesson of Twitter.", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 12:12:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "13430" }, "6": { "text": "As an example, who made more money off the PC -- IBM or Microsoft?", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 12:14:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "13431" }, "7": { "text": "Would IBM be better off if they had been able to foreclose on the openness of the PC platform (they tried and failed), or if they had invested in Microsoft?", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 12:15:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "13432" }, "8": { "text": "There comes a time when a platform has a choice whether the innovation should take place inside their own walls or to let chaos reign in the open market. Having been around this loop a few times, I think the optimal approach is for, after getting to a certain point, the platform vendor to transition from being a programming shop to being a distributor and financier. The choice is between investing in employees or entrepreneurs. The latter is a better choice, always. You just have to look at the history of tech companies to see that.", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 12:15:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "13433" }, "9": { "text": "Instead, Twitter is going to invest in employees. They won't be able to find enough. There will be disappointment. And there will be competitors. And in a while there will be another shiny new thing. With any luck one of them will be open and the platform will take a back seat to the innovation. And then Twitter will look like a very small place.", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 12:21:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "13434" }, "10": { "text": "Update: There's a Hacker News thread for this piece.", "created": "Sat, 29 Sep 2012 21:39:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "13421" } } }, "2": { "text": "How Dave Develops", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:18:55 GMT", "name": "developingIn2012", "pgfnum": "13334", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"Don't Be Evil\"", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 16:38:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "13388", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Is Google's commandment.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 16:38:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "13389" }, "1": { "text": "Mine isn't yet as concise.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 16:38:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "13390" }, "2": { "text": "But here it is...", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 16:38:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "13391" } } }, "1": { "text": "Apps must...", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:19:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "13335", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Give instant gratification and", "collapse": "true", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:20:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "13337" }, "1": { "text": "Convey a sense of purpose, yet", "collapse": "true", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:20:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "13338" }, "2": { "text": "Be deep.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:20:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "13339" } } }, "2": { "text": "We serve", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:36:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "13352", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Designers", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:21:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "13341" }, "1": { "text": "Programmers", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:22:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "13342" }, "2": { "text": "Writers", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:22:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "13343" } } }, "3": { "text": "Starter apps", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:27:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "13348", "subs": { "0": { "text": "In 1984 the Mac could never have made it without MacWrite and MacPaint.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:27:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "13349" }, "1": { "text": "Gave developers something to emulate.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 16:37:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "13387" }, "2": { "text": "Helped form the coral reef.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 16:41:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "13392" } } }, "4": { "text": "Where's the catch?", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:29:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "13350", "subs": { "0": { "text": "My goal is to deliver an outline-based writing, design and coding platform, and have there be no catch. ", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:22:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "13346" }, "1": { "text": "No hidden business model. Nothing I have to prove other than you can do all this at the same time.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 16:51:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "13394" }, "2": { "text": "I may want to sell something, but you will always have choice to buy or not. Or buy from someone else.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 16:52:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "13395" } } } } }, "3": { "text": "This is another test", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 14:57:56 GMT", "name": "thisIsAnotherTest", "pgfnum": "13333", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I just moved the r2.ly url shortener to a different server.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 14:55:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "13330" }, "1": { "text": "If you came here through the r2.ly link, then everything is working a-ok.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 14:56:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "13331" }, "2": { "text": "This has been a test. :-)", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 14:56:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "13332" } } }, "4": { "text": "Sites should have a \"readable\" button", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:09:43 GMT", "name": "sitesShouldHaveAReadableButton", "pgfnum": "13324", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AI'm finding myself using Readability to link to stories that for whatever reason are not imho readable. If I can't read it without using Readability (my eyes are not young anymore, and need a bit larger type, and I will not send out links to interstitial-limited sites) then I send out a Readability-processed link instead. It in turn points back to the original, if you want to see the ads, or squint at the tiny type. I'm calling on all site designers to spend 2013 working on making their sites work for readers. We're the reason you make your sites in the first place. Otherwise, why bother being in the writing business. It's not very profitable, I hear.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:09:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "13325" } } }, "5": { "text": "Romney as human being", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:02:51 GMT", "name": "romneyAsAHumanBeing", "pgfnum": "13314", "pubdate": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:25:53 GMT", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I was shocked to hear the beginning of Romney's talk at the Clinton Global Initiative. Why?", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:02:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "13315", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. He cracked a joke.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:03:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "13316" }, "1": { "text": "2. It was good.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:03:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "13317" }, "2": { "text": "3. It was self-deprecating.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:03:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "13318" }, "3": { "text": "4. It got the people on his side.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:03:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "13319" } } }, "1": { "text": "You gotta wonder why he doesn't show this side of himself when he's not talking to world leaders and fellow rich folk. Like during a debate. Or on the campaign trail.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:03:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "13320" }, "2": { "text": "But it makes his birther \"joke\" all the more certain to have not been innocent. Here's a guy who isn't tone-deaf to humor. He knows that a good joke has to be self-deprecating or relatively neutral or else it's flat. A good joke tells the truth in a roundabout or surprising way. Furthering an unfair racist insult against an opponent isn't funny. And it's not a sign of him being tone-deaf to humor -- it is however a sign of him having no moral compass. No place he won't go to win. He should have known that people aren't actually that stupid, we get it, even if we aren't in his social or economic class.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:04:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "13321" }, "3": { "text": "I read in Politico that he has plans to do bi-partisan deals in his first 200 days to ease gridlock in Washington and gain the confidence of capital markets. A Republican president has that power, where a Democratic president does not. I'm sure he'd face a rebellion in his own party, but they'd have to get in line. So the question is, if this is his plan, why isn't he telling anyone?", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:06:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "13322" }, "4": { "text": "Maybe Romney, in a desperate last Hail Mary pass, could come clean, dump his own party, throw them under the bus, apologize, and tell the voters what he really plans to do. It's conceivable that might make the race competitive. Not likely, but not impossible. It would be good for the country, regardless.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:07:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "13323" }, "5": { "text": "If Romney has a human side, doing something good for the country, even if it might not be good for his candidacy or his party, might not be completely unthinkable.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:25:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "13328" } } }, "6": { "text": "Twitter may need a Plan B", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 12:40:29 GMT", "name": "twitterMayNeedAPlanB", "pgfnum": "13312", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Sometimes the products of acquired companies fade away, but that's not happening with Instagram, bought by Facebook for $1 billion last summer. \"Instagram has a greater pull than Twitter on mobile devices\" says the latest Comscore report, according to Fast Company.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 12:37:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "15819" }, "1": { "text": "Problem for Twitter, with their current developer program, they're shutting down Instagram's photo sharing competitors. Which means there will be little opportunity for a challenger to rise, giving Twitter something to acquire -- assuming their own photo sharing service fails to topple Instagram. Which clearly is not what's happening.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 12:41:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "13313" } } }, "7": { "text": "Romney's 47 percent", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 23:33:01 GMT", "name": "obamaAdOn47Percent", "pgfnum": "13370", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 23:33:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "13372" }, "1": { "text": "I've never seen a more powerful political ad.", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 23:33:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "13371" }, "2": { "text": "Also note it was not necessary to quote Romney out of context.", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 23:35:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "13373" } } }, "8": { "text": "The Angry Birds platform?", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:14:11 GMT", "name": "isRovioLost", "pgfnum": "13312", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AI bought Angry Alex, and really tried to like it, but got bored and gave up. I ended up going through all the old Angry Birds scenarios dating back to the beginning, instead.", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:14:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "13313" }, "1": { "text": "Angry Birds is relaxing. I spend my days writing code and prose, communicating and creating. Playing Angry Birds is not about creating (obviously) it's about destroying. It's a perfect game.", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:14:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "13314" }, "2": { "text": "I'm sure that Rovio wants to grow, make more money, hire more people -- but maybe that wasn't meant to be. Maybe they should be happy with the success of Angry Birds, and try to do things to make their fans happy. No one would begrudge them some more money if they're helping make our downtime more relaxing.", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:15:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "13315" }, "3": { "text": "Anyway, I seriously think that Angry Birds could be a platform, and that's what they're trying to create with these other products -- including the new Bad Piggies, out today, which I admit I don't even want to try, because the idea seems like another Angry Alex, but this time with an element of the Angry Birds franchise.", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:16:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "13316" }, "4": { "text": "Instead, why not release the design tools they use to create Angry Birds scenarios, and open a store of their own. Let creativity rule. Even if the scenarios were just ripoffs of the ones done by Rovio designers, so what. Let's see what people come up with.", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:17:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "13317" }, "5": { "text": "An idea -- give the pigs and birds recognizable faces. Of movie stars, baseball players, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony. Or Republicans and Democrats! There could have been a special scenario around the death of Neil Armstrong that had him and Buzz as birds fighting off lunar pigs (whatever they might look like).", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:18:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "13318" }, "6": { "text": "I think there's still room for a lot of creativity with Angry Birds. Stick with what works Rovio! :-)", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:20:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "13319" } } }, "9": { "text": "I want a Galaxy S3 but..", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 03:51:45 GMT", "name": "iWantAGalaxyS3But", "pgfnum": "13303", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AI've been reading the reviews on Amazon for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and I want to buy one, but I don't know which one to get.", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 03:51:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "13304" }, "1": { "text": "Here's are the constraints.", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 03:56:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "13309" }, "2": { "text": "1. I don't want a plan or a contract, therefore it must be unlocked.", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 03:52:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "13306" }, "3": { "text": "2. It should work with T-Mobile in the US.", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 03:52:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "13307" }, "4": { "text": "3. Would be nice if I could use it internationally.", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 03:53:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "13308" }, "5": { "text": "I don't want to buy a phone only to find it doesn't work with T-Mobile. I know I should learn what all the different terms mean. Right now it's easier to write a post and ask you guys to tell me what to get. :-)", "created": "Thu, 27 Sep 2012 03:52:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "13305" } } }, "10": { "text": "I thought \"stench\" was real", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 18:31:40 GMT", "name": "iThoughtTheStenchPieceWasReal", "pgfnum": "13270", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Now it turns out that Roger Simon's piece about Paul Ryan and the Stench was supposed to be a joke. A few observations.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 18:31:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "13271" }, "1": { "text": "1. I read the piece, linked to it from my linkblog, even posted a link to a Google News search for the word \"stench\" because I thought it was historic. Like Sarah Palin going rogue in 2008.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 18:32:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "13272" }, "2": { "text": "2. It doesn't say it's satire, and Simon is not a satirist.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 18:38:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "13277" }, "3": { "text": "3. This is why it's wrong to run April Fools stories, as has become a tradition in the tech world. They're never funny, and you're rarely surprised, and if you are -- is that something a reporter really wants to do to someone who reads them? It would be like a programmer deliberately making software lose data. Not just appear to lose data, and not an accidental bug, but really throw the data away, as some kind of joke.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 18:32:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "13273" }, "4": { "text": "4. We don't read Politico for this kind of fun. Had it been on The Daily Show or The Onion, we would have known to discount it. But they wouldn't have run it, because it's not funny.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 18:34:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "13274" }, "5": { "text": "5. News should struggle to be plain and straight, so we get the information, so we don't have to hunt for it. It's amazing how many times you read a story and they leave out the one thing you would need to know if to act on it. For example, a preview of a football game that doesn't tell you what network it's broadcast on and at what time. Happens far too often.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 18:36:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "13276" }, "6": { "text": "6. News itself should not be the story. What arrogance of Simon to think we care what he thinks is funny. If he wants to be a satirist become one.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 18:42:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "13278" } } }, "11": { "text": "47% was not a gaffe", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:49:15 GMT", "name": "47WasNotAGaffe", "pgfnum": "13257", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "There are silly mis-statements that should have no bearing on the outcome of the election. To call them out amounts to \"neener neener\" and Americans who are undecided or could change their vote are not influenced by them. Who cares if Romney says windows on planes should open? People who are voting for him will forgive it. People who aren't voting for him think it's significant. But no votes change.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:49:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "13258" }, "1": { "text": "But the 47% line was not like that. It was an unusually clear statement of something very obvious about the Republican philosophy. Actually unprecedented. So important that it could not just bring down Romney, but it should also cause people who vote Republican to take another look at whether that's wise.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:50:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "13259" }, "2": { "text": "I used to vote Republican, for the reason I think a lot of people still do. I want a strong country, one that doesn't waffle. I thought the Democrats were nominating people who, as Romney suggests about Obama, were asking for forgiveness. It started with Carter, again, as he says. I see his election as a response to Watergate and Vietnam. We had just spent a decade doing horrible things, and when the truth was out, we didn't trust ourselves. So we elected someone who would never commit the sins of Johnson and Nixon. It was the right choice for 1976. But then we forgot, and we elected a series of Presidents who in the end were much worse than either Johnson or Nixon. How much worse? Well the 47% idea really spells it out.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:51:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "13260" }, "3": { "text": "What we need is to find a balance between the horrible governments of the Republicans and the anemic governments of the Democrats. That's why Clinton is so popular now. Even his Oval Office blowjobs look good. We don't want a saint. But we don't want Cheney or Romney either (don't kid yourself about who we elected in 2000 and 2004, it wasn't Bush, it was Cheney, Bush is a campaigner, a very good one, Cheney is governance).", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:54:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "13261" }, "4": { "text": "It would be nice if we Americans could talk to each other about this, instead of talking through the assholes we keep nominating. That said, Obama is not a terrible compromise, despite the atrocities Greenwald keeps reporting. That will change when we change. He's wrong to blame the government. As long as the Democrats have to run in the Republican environment, they're going to have to keep doing the shit they do to keep the bankers, oil industry, pharma, defense industry etc happy. If we ever decide to use our power, even for a moment, that might change.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:56:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "13262" } } }, "12": { "text": "Why Obama didn't meet at UN", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:31:50 GMT", "name": "whyObamaDidntMeetAtUn", "pgfnum": "13247", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I'm not a political reporter, or a partisan (really, I know Repubs think I am, but I'm not), so I can have opinions about these things, and express them, and you don't like it, that's okay.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:32:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "13248" }, "1": { "text": "Anyway...", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:32:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "13249" }, "2": { "text": "This is why President Obama didn't meet with any heads-of-state at the United Nations meeting yesterday.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:32:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "13250" }, "3": { "text": "1. If he met with any of them he would have had to meet with Netanyahu. He certainly couldn't have met with any other leader from the Middle East or North Aftrica without meeting with Netanyahu. The noise from Repubs and the press would have been deafening.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:33:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "13251" }, "4": { "text": "2. He knows this, better than anyone else -- there is no light between Netanyahu and the neocon part of the Republican Party in the US. They coordinate. Share the same goals. It's as if the Republicans here were of the same government as Netanyahu, much more so than they are of the same government at Obama. The disloyalty to America is disgusting, but it's there nonetheless.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:34:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "13252" }, "5": { "text": "3. If he met with Netanyahu, it would be scripted by Karl Rove, they would all know what to say. Netanyahu, masquerading as the head-of-state of a foreign government, as someone independent from the Republicans, would say something that could be spun by the Republicans as showing that Obama was weak. They would have worked this out before-hand. Karl Rove approved this message™. :-)", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:35:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "13253" }, "6": { "text": "4. Obama figured the cost of meeting with no one would be less than the cost of going through this charade. He's ahead in the polls. He wants basically nothing more than to run the clock on the election. Give the Repubs nothing to latch on to. A meeting with Netanyahu would give them the opportunity to push him into a corner.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:36:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "13254" }, "7": { "text": "The press, I suppose, has to pretend that there's no coordination between the Republican neocons here and the Israeli neocons there, but Obama actually isn't weak, and certainly isn't stupid. There's no reason he should give them ammo. Stay the course. Whatever negative publicity comes from this will pass quickly, because he didn't give the neocons any soundbites or photo-ops to grab onto.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:37:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "13255" }, "8": { "text": "PS: My link shortener chose this URL for this post. http://0bb.r2.ly/. I swear I didn't choose it.", "created": "Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:45:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "13256" } } }, "13": { "text": "Problem posting to Twitter", "created": "Tue, 25 Sep 2012 14:50:51 GMT", "name": "problemPostingToTwitter", "pgfnum": "13172", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I moved this note to the worknotes site.", "created": "Tue, 25 Sep 2012 15:23:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "13180" } } }, "14": { "text": "Today's podcast", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 16:26:37 GMT", "name": "todaysPodcast", "pgfnum": "13160", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "When you've had a chance to listen to today's podcast,", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 16:26:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "13161", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. Please post a note here using the OPML Editor.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 16:28:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "13164" }, "1": { "text": "2. Following the instructions on this page.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 16:28:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "13165" } } }, "1": { "text": "When you come back here look for the green button.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 16:27:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "13162" }, "2": { "text": "Refresh the page if necessary.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 16:29:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "13166" }, "3": { "text": "You can do it! :-)", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 16:28:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "13163" } } }, "15": { "text": "Open fields for discourse", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 13:35:03 GMT", "name": "levelPlayingFieldsForDiscourse", "pgfnum": "13145", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Interesting post by Josh Miller on Medium about open discussions, in reply to a post by Fred Wilson. It's interesting because Josh is the lead developer of Branch, a discussion system -- and Fred is the backer, and public face for Disqus, the discussion software we use here.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 13:05:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "13146" }, "1": { "text": "Fred argues that his blog is open to anyone to participate, but I've noticed what Josh has. While Fred, admirably responds to every comment on his system -- we're not getting much engagement beyond -- hey I'm here. To which you can reply and I'm here, and so am I, etc etc.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 13:07:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "13148" }, "2": { "text": "These aren't really discussions, not in any sense that peoples' minds come open to being changed. People come to recite their beliefs, they skim the posts and comments for key words, and then choose from a set of schpiels they memorized, and type them in.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 13:15:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "13149" }, "3": { "text": "Online discussions can be a lot like those on CNN or MSNBC, which to me seem like concerts. People are invited to sing their songs, in harmony with other songsters. The songs never vary. The volume does, and each has their own style, but there are rarely any new ideas.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 13:16:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "13150" }, "4": { "text": "To me, a good discussion is where a new perspective or fact can surface, and everyone has the possibility come away from the discussion changed. Smarter, better informed, with a possibly shifted point of view. Oh that's what they mean when they say...", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 13:17:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "13151" }, "5": { "text": "Miller may be on to something. Branch allows discussion among a pre-set group of people. The moderator, the person who started the discussion can add new people. And new discussions can fork off from previous ones, exactly as it worked on my LBBS system in the early-mid 80s, only prettier (that was in the day of 300 baud modems, and scrolling \"glass teletype\" displays).", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 13:17:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "13152" }, "6": { "text": "I still like the idea behind the H20 system developed at Berkman Center about ten years ago. It also had the concept of invited participants. To start, each would post positions on a moderator-supplied topic, privately. Then at a previously announced time, all the positions are revealed. There's a commenting period where each participant can write a rebuttal, again in private. They're revealed all at once. And that's it. The goal is to cover all sides of a topic, intelligently and not personally. Not surprising this was developed at a law school, by lawyers. It's a very legal approach to discourse.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 13:19:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "13153" }, "7": { "text": "What we really need are experimental platforms for non-programmers to invent new methods of discourse. We've relied too much on programmers, who have a definite style of arguing. But there are other professions that are fairly far ahead of us in understanding how humans communicate and share ideas. We are not that good at it, and so far most discussion systems have been limited by the imaginations of programmers.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 13:21:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "13154" }, "8": { "text": "BTW, a final note -- in case it isn't obvious -- I am also working on discussion software. There is a place to comment in Disqus, that's open to anyone. There's another way to participate here, by installing the OPML Editor and clicking on the green button you will see when you reload the page with the software installed on your computer. Instructions are on this page.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 13:23:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "13155" } } }, "16": { "text": "Why didn't Apple ease into maps?", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 03:22:47 GMT", "name": "whyDidntAppleEaseIntoMaps", "pgfnum": "13134", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "12669", "subs": { "0": { "text": "false", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "12670" } } }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "1": { "text": "When Apple switches basic technology it's almost always done in a gradual way, in stages.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 02:32:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "13118", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. First, it's optional. Only for the most adventurous users, developers usually.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 02:54:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "13126" }, "1": { "text": "2. Next, it's the default, but you can still run the old apps in a compatibility box.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 02:54:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "13128" }, "2": { "text": "3. Then they require you to install special software to run the old style stuff.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 02:54:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "13129" }, "3": { "text": "4. Then they introduce a version of the platform that only runs the new stuff.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 02:55:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "13130" } } }, "2": { "text": "Apple technologies that have transitioned like that include the switchover from the 68K processor to the PowerPC. Then from the PowerPC to Intel. They brought in the NeXT OS that way. It took many years before they shipped a version of the OS that would not run Mac apps from before the transition to NeXT.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 02:33:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "13119" }, "3": { "text": "People think they're doing that with app distribution on the Macintosh. And some people even think they're phasing out the Mac OS and that at some point they will say that Mac apps are \"legacy\" and eventually will ship a platform that only runs iOS apps. But that would have to be a long ways off, five or ten years, if ever.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 02:36:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "13121" }, "4": { "text": "But this time Apple didn't do a gradual ease-in of their new maps platform. One day we had a maps platform by Google that mostly worked. It was replaced with Apple's maps technology which is most definitely not ready for end-users. And the Google maps platform is no longer available. It's a remarkably discontinuous change.", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Screen shot.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 02:35:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "13120", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A" } } } } }, "5": { "text": "It seems they could have shipped iOS 6 with the Google maps platform, and with a new app from Apple that implements their new maps technology. That would get it hundreds of thousands of users, immediately. The most change-averse users would stick with the existing maps app. And the power users, the insiders, those closest to Apple would help them fix the glitches and smooth things out so it would be ready in a year or two for the average iPhone or iPad users.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 02:57:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "13131" }, "6": { "text": "They certainly haven't explained to users why they didn't also ship a Google maps platform. It's not as if the Google software won't run on the new version of the operating system. You can go to maps.google.com in Safari, and it works as before.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 03:08:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "13133" }, "7": { "text": "User communities are layered. Think of concentric circles, like the layers of an onion. There's an inner core of users who are developers. They get the earliest releases of software, and know that what they're getting is both buggy and subject to change. They want that stuff, because they want to be ready when it ships with their own apps. After that there are enthusiasts. People who get glory from being early with the latest stuff. They also don't mind so much putting up with buggy or incomplete software. It validates their view of themselves as pioneers. And there are many more layers of expertise and tolerance for weird behavior, all the way out to the prototype end-end-user -- our mothers.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 02:38:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "13122" }, "8": { "text": "It's surprising they would subject all levels of users to the quirkiest software, the stuff that usually only developers have to use, especially mapping software which is integral to using mobile devices. It's almost as if the NYC transit authority introduced new software for the subways, it's really that important these days to getting around. It's a very radical shift, with lots of problems, and they haven't provided an explanation of why it is this way. What other changes like this will they make? Why the change? What other Apple platforms are subject to this kind of change?", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 03:02:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "13132" }, "9": { "text": "See also: Apple's Feud With Google Is Now Felt on the iPhone.", "created": "Mon, 24 Sep 2012 02:44:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "13125" }, "10": { "text": "Update: Letter from Tim Cook to users re maps.", "created": "Fri, 28 Sep 2012 17:14:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "13401" } } }, "17": { "text": "As a renewed Knicks fan", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 15:10:06 GMT", "name": "asARenewedKnicksFan", "pgfnum": "13088", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I was a Knicks fan in the late 60s and early 70s. Then I went away until early this year. Jeremy Lin is what brought me back.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 15:10:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "13089" }, "1": { "text": "I know a lot about last year's roster. But I can only gather by listening to echoes of Knicks fan frustration that there were some horrible years before that. The names mean nothing to me. But one by one they come back, I read the stories, and they all say the same thing.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 15:10:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "13090" }, "2": { "text": "This is a crazy team.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 15:12:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "13091" }, "3": { "text": "And they reject luck. They have to be smarter than fate. And they make huge impulsive decisions that turn out badly. And keep doing them. Over and over.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 15:12:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "13092" }, "4": { "text": "If I didn't know better I'd say the team is run by an idiot.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 15:12:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "13093" } } }, "18": { "text": "Humanity doesn't scale", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 13:55:13 GMT", "name": "humanityDoesntScale", "pgfnum": "13081", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AEverywhere you look there's evidence.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 13:55:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "13082" }, "1": { "text": "So many of the systems we've built work nice, for now, but when one component fails, how will all the others respond. How is Japan dealing with the Fukishima meltdown? This is a country that depends on nuclear heavily -- they have no oil of their own, and their economy isn't so strong, so what do they do now that they've had a taste of what nuclear-mageddon looks like.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 13:55:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "13083" }, "2": { "text": "Great piece in today's NYT about data centers. Nice illusion there, but it's not sustainable. Yes that's where our bank balances and medical records are stored.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 13:56:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "13084" }, "3": { "text": "What if something happened to corn? Or if we run out of antibiotics? Believe it or not the questions are related. Something that seems as as reliable as corn might not always be so.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 13:59:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "13087" }, "4": { "text": "And philosophically and intellectually our minds can't grasp the complexity of the world we live in. That's why politicians who talk nonsense are so convincing. What they're really saying is Relax don't worry, things aren't really as complex as they seem. I can reduce it down to grunts and snorts.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 13:57:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "13085" }, "5": { "text": "We have far more people doing far more with technology than our resources can support, than our intellect can comprehend. It's exhausting.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 13:58:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "13086" } } }, "19": { "text": "Favorite movie reviews feeds?", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 21:24:18 GMT", "name": "doesSlateReallyOnlyHaveOneFeed", "pgfnum": "13052", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "12669", "subs": { "0": { "text": "false", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "1": { "text": "130%", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "2": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "12670" } } }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "1": { "text": "I'm putting together movie reviews panel for Media Hackers.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 21:24:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "13053" }, "2": { "text": "Here's the list of feeds so far.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 04:32:44 GMT", "name": "heresTheListOfFeedsSoFar", "pgfnum": "13057", "type": "include", "url": "http://dropbox.scripting.com/dave/readingLists/movies.opml" }, "3": { "text": "If you have any suggestions of movie review feeds, please post a link here as a comment. Thanks!", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 21:30:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "13056" } } }, "20": { "text": "Comments on Costolo talk", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:37:20 GMT", "name": "commentsOnCostoloTalk", "pgfnum": "13034", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "12669", "subs": { "0": { "text": "false", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "1": { "text": "130%", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "2": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "12670" } } }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "1": { "text": "I didn't catch the whole of Dick Costolo's talk with Emily Bell at ONA, but I did get to hear the part about developers and APIs. I think this part also relates indirectly to journalists who use Twitter.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:37:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "13035" }, "2": { "text": "1. Twitter will provide a way for users to download their history of posts to Twitter.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:38:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "13036", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I was amazed by this. And I don't believe it will ever happen, or if it does it will be in GIF format or PDF, some format that makes it virtually impossible to move the data somewhere else. It would be completely inconsistent for Twitter to offer freedom to its users when it's paying such a high price in goodwill to take away that freedom.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:46:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "13044" }, "1": { "text": "I think Costolo was caught off-guard by a clever question asked by Ms. Bell, and did what a lot of tech execs do, promise a solution even when they have no idea how to do it, figuring later on they can excuse themselves with a shrug or a joke (as he did in several other instances in this talk, when asked about previous commitments).", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:47:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "13045" }, "2": { "text": "Another clue is that he immediately qualified it as being subject to engineering realities. You could almost see the gears turning in his head. :-)", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 13:39:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "13036" } } }, "3": { "text": "2. Think of 140 characters as a caption. This is consistent with what they're doing. People who argue that 140 characters is some kind of sacred limit are wrong. They should listen to what Costolo says.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:38:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "13037", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I think this the right move, not just for Twitter but for everyone.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:39:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "13038" }, "1": { "text": "But it has implications that some journalists might not see. It means that there is no reason why Twitter couldn't host entire news articles. I am sure they will be doing that, probably fairly soon. I suspect this ability will not be open to everyone, and they will want favorable terms for those it permits to use this feature. Presumably there will be a revenue-share on ads placed on these articles.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:39:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "13039" }, "2": { "text": "Also play what-if -- what if Twitter acquires a news organization. Just because they say they are not a news org today does not say anything about the future. Twitter made all kinds of promises to developers that were broken, in total, within a couple of years.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:41:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "13040" } } }, "4": { "text": "3. Emily Bell did a great interview. The audience questions were also right on.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:42:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "13041", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I thought Emily Bell did a masterful job of raising these questions to Costolo, but in a disarmingly friendly way. To Costolo's credit he didn't always take the bait. He stuck with the idea that they are a tech company providing a platform, and are not going to cross into content. But he didn't exactly say that.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:42:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "13042" }, "1": { "text": "If I were a betting man, I'd bet that before too long Twitter will be competing with its top content providers, the same way it's now competing with its top developers. Only they'll have to tread more carefully there, assuming the journalists and bloggers still have their own mechanisms to get news out. That's why this is such a dangerous situation. As we rely more and more on Twitter, our websites become less-used conduits for distribution of ideas and news.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 13:43:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "13037" }, "2": { "text": "Obviously I believe Twitter is today a totally inadequate platform for independent journalists or bloggers and it's going in the wrong direction. They score points for not turning over tweets to governments, but they have an awful track record of tiliting the playing field to favor their partners and even personal friends. This is a very sloppily run platform for both development and journalism. People either don't know the history or are choosing to ignore it, presumably because building their own platforms seems difficult, expensive, or unlikely to succeed. However, the longer you wait the harder it will become, not easier.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 12:44:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "13043" }, "3": { "text": "Monocultures don't work very well for news.", "created": "Sat, 22 Sep 2012 14:08:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "13038" } } } } }, "21": { "text": "A comment *and* a blog post", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 18:29:04 GMT", "name": "itsAFloorwaxAndADessertTopping", "pgfnum": "13014", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 20:16:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "4929", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "4925", "subs": { "0": { "text": "false" }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "4927" } } }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 20:16:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "4930" } } }, "1": { "text": "Now, any OPML Comment can be viewed as a blog post, with its own comments.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 19:10:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "13032" }, "2": { "text": "The links below show how it works.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 19:11:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "13033" }, "3": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 10 Mar 2012 16:28:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "6228" }, "4": { "text": "Links", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 18:44:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "13025", "subs": { "0": { "text": "An example of a comment on this page.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 18:45:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "13028" }, "1": { "text": "Flip it over and here's the blogpost view.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 18:48:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "13031" }, "2": { "text": "There's a feed of all the comments.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 18:44:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "13026" }, "3": { "text": "You can browse the comments here.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 18:45:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "13027" }, "4": { "text": "Of course that's available in OPML.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 18:47:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "13030" }, "5": { "text": "There's a link to the comments in the Scripting News menubar.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 18:45:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "13029" } } } } }, "22": { "text": "An open note to Doc", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 14:56:01 GMT", "name": "anOpenNoteToDoc", "pgfnum": "12985", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "My longtime friend Doc Searls and an outliner guy going back many years is now using the OPML Editor and has started to post items to the OPML Comments community.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 14:56:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "12986" }, "1": { "text": "The community starts with the humble concept of a comment, and develops out from there, to create all the essential elements of an online community, but one built around replaceable parts.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 14:56:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "12987", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Small pieces loosely joined. It's the philosophy of Unix from the 70s, the PC world of the 80s, the Mac of the mid-late 80s and early 90s, the web and open source communities of the 90s, and the beginnings of Web 2.0 -- blogging, podcasting, RSS.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 15:11:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "12992" } } }, "2": { "text": "It's a good moment, because Doc has wicked way of writing about this stuff. His stories are very different from mine. He goes deep on photography, radio, geography, airplanes. But when it comes to formats and protocols, we are on exactly the same page. He's on the odd-numbered side, and I'm on the even-numbered one. But it's the same idea, flip sides.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 14:58:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "12988" }, "3": { "text": "\"AIt's a good time to write this story, because the very people that Twitter is pushing out the nest are the ones we want to work with. There will be competition for their hearts and minds. Evan and Biz are launching Medium. One of their colleagues is launching Branch. app.net is out there. There will be lots of new communities vying for the attention for the most creative and intelligent people on the web.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 15:02:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "12990" }, "4": { "text": "By actively participating, I hope to nudge all the new bootstrappers to share data with each other. So the users can not only delight in the experiences each of our software can create, but also in the magic they can create by combining our tools to create new online communities that the software architects would never imagine.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 15:04:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "12991" }, "5": { "text": "My belief is that if the right design, programming and writing tools are out there, and we foster easy movement of ideas, the amazing things we could only dream of in the past will come into existence. There are hundreds of millions of people in the world now whose minds share the space of the Internet. It can get a lot richer. They're ready for it.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 15:14:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "12993" }, "6": { "text": "Anyway, this is an invitation to Doc to post a response below, in the outline that's attached to my post. I would like to read a Doc ramble on these topics. It would be good for my soul. Then I will show you another way of looking at what Doc wrote.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 14:59:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "12989" }, "7": { "text": "Update: Doc posted a comment. And it appears on its own page, where you can comment on his comment.", "created": "Sun, 23 Sep 2012 16:35:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "13105" } } }, "23": { "text": "A new feature sneak", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 03:09:02 GMT", "name": "aNewFeatureSneak", "pgfnum": "12978", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Tomorrow I'm going to write up a new feature that's now \"out in the wild.\"", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 03:09:17 GMT", "pgfnum": "12979" }, "1": { "text": "Very briefly, every OPML Comment now has a dual life.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 03:09:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "12980", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. It's a comment (of course).", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 03:11:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "12983" }, "1": { "text": "2. It's a blog post.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 03:11:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "12984" } } }, "2": { "text": "If you're subscribed to the feed of comments from scripting.com, you have already seen this, if you clicked on a link to a comment. If you look at the RSS source, you'll see the <guid> element for each item points to the post.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 03:10:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "12981" }, "3": { "text": "More in the morning about what this means, and next directions.", "created": "Fri, 21 Sep 2012 03:10:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "12982" } } }, "24": { "text": "Maps, Tweetie and dBASE", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 18:46:30 GMT", "name": "mapsTweetieAndDbase", "pgfnum": "12960", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "12669", "subs": { "0": { "text": "false", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "12670" } } }, "1": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "bold", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "2": { "text": "" } } }, "1": { "text": "Two examples of potentially disastrous \"upgrades\" --", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 18:46:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "12961", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Maps on iOS", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 18:47:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "12962", "subs": { "0": { "text": "In iOS 6 the maps functionality took a major step backwards. Just shipped yesterday so we're still figuring out how bad it is. Maps are critical functionality for mobile users. Why it happened, no one knows. Could be that Google pulled out on their own. They might not come back, hoping that maps will be a feature advantage for their Android phones. Remember these companies have been suing each other over patent issues.", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 18:47:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "12963" } } }, "1": { "text": "Tweetie", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 18:48:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "12964", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I don't use Twitter clients, but I understand that their iPad app, acquired from Loren Brichter, was an exemplary iPad app. The new app apparently pales in comparison. Again, we don't know how this came to be. But it may be indicative of a similar kind of problem for Twitter.", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 18:48:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "12965" } } }, "2": { "text": "Ashton-Tate's dBASE", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 18:49:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "12966", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Ashton-Tate is prior art for self-destructive upgrades. They had a theory that you could ship a new version of a product, in this case dBASE, without anyone in the company actually using it. It didn't work. They ended up selling out to a much smaller competitor after this upgrade ruined the company.", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 18:50:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "12967" }, "1": { "text": "So the stakes can be very high.", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 18:50:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "12968" } } }, "3": { "text": "Personal note", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 19:08:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "12969", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I learned this one in 1984, when we shipped ThinkTank for the Mac.", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 19:08:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "12970" }, "1": { "text": "People thought we had removed features from ThinkTank, because they had used the Apple II or IBM PC versions. In fact this was a completely new codebase, and we shipped early because there was a lack of software on the Mac. So it didn't have a lot of the features of the earlier product. No matter, the users were outraged by this. They thought they had bought a better computer, and here was the product with less features. We totally didn't anticipate this, because from our point of view it was a major accomplishment to get something out at all.", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 19:08:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "12971" }, "2": { "text": "As the story goes, the customer is always right. We quickly came out with a new release that added all the features that were in the other versions.", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 19:10:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "12972" } } } } } } }, "25": { "text": "A day of construction", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 14:31:53 GMT", "name": "aDayOfConstruction", "pgfnum": "12958", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "You may notice some breakage in OPML comments today. I'm radically restructuring the code. In the end it should be totally transparent, except for things that break in the transition. Once they're fixed it'll be transparent again. :-)", "created": "Thu, 20 Sep 2012 14:31:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "12959" } } }, "26": { "text": "Un-Web 2.0", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 16:16:03 GMT", "domain": "unweb2.blorkmark.com", "menuname": "scriptingNewsMenu", "name": "unweb20", "pgfnum": "12965", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "You've heard of unconferences. They take the idea of a conference and flip it around. Instead of having speakers on stage, the speakers are in what used to be called the audience.", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 16:16:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "12966", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The term has been hijacked to mean something much softer, that the planning of the conference is deferred to the day of the conference. But the speeches are still speeches. The audience asks questions. The experts are on stage. Zzzz.", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 16:17:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "12968" }, "1": { "text": "But the original concept, pioneered at BloggerCon and the term coined by Len Pryor, was deeply disruptive. And it mirrored what blogging was doing to journalism.", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 16:17:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "12969" }, "2": { "text": "Un-Web 2.0 is to Web 2.0 as BloggerCon was to RegularOldCon. And as blogging is to journalism. The source and the destination become one. :-)", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 18:03:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "12973" } } }, "1": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "false", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 18:20:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "12976" }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "2": { "text": "So Web 2.0 was nice, as training wheels for the next steps in the future web. A two-way medium. The people who pioneered Web 2.0 are to be congratulated and thanked. But now it's time to Un it. :-)", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 16:18:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "12970" }, "3": { "text": "Because Web 2.0, while it started out as a freedom-inspiring thing, has been coalescing to being a dangerous form of locking-in the user's data so it can be applied to a corporate business model. We all know the dangers of this. It robs platforms of their openness. It makes moving data around impossible. And it makes creating hybrid systems impossible. It's not a very web-like direction for something that's inspired by the web.", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 16:17:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "12967" }, "4": { "text": "If the Web is Small Pieces Loosely Joined, Web 2.0 is Small Pieces Trapped In A Silo.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 18:05:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "12974", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Hat-tip to David Weinberger for the term.", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 18:19:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "12975" } } }, "5": { "text": "In Un-Web 2.0 you get full control of your data, and the services just get pointers to it, or copies of it. The originals live with you. Pointers are much preferable to copies because then you can keep updating the content after it has been incorporated in someone else's content tree.", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 16:20:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "12971" }, "6": { "text": "Food for thought. :-)", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 16:21:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "12972" } } }, "27": { "text": "MP3 of Romney's fund-raiser", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 14:12:59 GMT", "name": "mp3sOfRomneysFundraiser", "pgfnum": "12948", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Yesterday I posted a question about the availability of MP3s via SoundCloud.", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 14:13:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "12949" }, "1": { "text": "I just wanted to listen to this on my walk yesterday. But I also think the MP3s of this should be available outside of SoundCloud's server so they have a chance of surviving over time. So I created an MP3 and uploaded it to my Dropbox account. It's mirrored in my S3 archive.", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 15:14:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "12959" }, "2": { "text": "Romney Fundraiser MP3", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 14:24:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "12953" }, "3": { "text": "BTW, I listened to the full recording as I prepared the MP3 and some of what he says is reasonable. But it doesn't seem consistent that one person would say all these things. For example he talks about what a blessing it is to be born in America. 95 percent of it is taken care of for you. Where did that come from? If you started life as an American you were better-off right from the start than most of the other babies born that day, elsewhere in the world.", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 14:16:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "12950", "subs": { "0": { "text": "As a child of immigrants, I can tell you it's true. My parents emphasized the importance of education and my grandparents did very well financially and were able to create security for all of us. So I got an even better start in life. But clearly none of this would have happened had they not been able to come to the US during WWII.", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 15:56:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "12963" } } }, "4": { "text": "So how can you at the same time feel that America is great and think that 47 percent of us are losers. It doesn't make sense. At least part of what makes us great is that we have some greatness in our people. Or the system that we live in. It's not just a piece of paper, Mitt.", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 14:18:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "12951", "subs": { "0": { "text": "We aren't voting for Obama because we are victims, or losers -- some of us are doing pretty well. I'm voting for Obama because I think Romney would be a terrible President. Maybe you should try to earn our vote instead of throwing it away. I thought you worked hard? I thought you were a success? Is this how you achieved so much?", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 15:57:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "12964" } } }, "5": { "text": "A note about SoundCloud. By now we should all see the danger of trapping our content on a Web 2.0 company's servers. People say that it was Mother Jones' decision to not allow this to be downlaoded, but there were limits on free accounts, so even if they wanted to let everyone download it, they couldn't as long as they used SC. There are other free services that don't have such limits. For example, Dropbox. We should all be working together to be sure that valuble historic documents like this are adequately preserved. It's not good enough to upload a recording to a commercial service that doesn't allow downloads.", "created": "Wed, 19 Sep 2012 14:19:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "12952" } } }, "28": { "text": "Question about SoundCloud", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 23:54:19 GMT", "name": "questionAboutSoundcloud", "pgfnum": "12931", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Earlier this afternoon I was looking for an MP3 of the Romney video.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 23:54:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "12932" }, "1": { "text": "I noted that Mother Jones had SoundCloud versions of the MP3 on the Mother Jones site. But I couldn't find an MP3 download, or a link to an RSS feed for their podcast.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 23:54:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "12933" }, "2": { "text": "It's quite possible that I missed it. And that's the question. Is there a link on this page for either the MP3 or the RSS feed?", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 23:55:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "12934" }, "3": { "text": "I don't want to jump to any conclusions without clearly asking this question first.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 23:55:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "12935" } } }, "29": { "text": "Dear Green Button People", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 15:01:02 GMT", "name": "dearGreenButtonPeople", "pgfnum": "12907", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I want to show you something about where we're going.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 15:01:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "12908" }, "1": { "text": "Here's a screen shot. That's how I edit the posts on this site.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 15:01:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "12909" }, "2": { "text": "Does that look familiar to you? If you've already written a few comments, this is what your Comments Workspace looks like.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 15:01:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "12910" }, "3": { "text": "Obviously it's a pretty straight line between taking what's in one window and treating it as if it were in the other window.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 15:02:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "12911" }, "4": { "text": "\"cheesecake\"", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 15:02:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "12912" }, "5": { "text": "PS: Go here to learn about the green buttons.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 15:10:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "12913" } } }, "30": { "text": "Jury duty, voting and Romney", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 12:11:14 GMT", "name": "juryDutyVotingAndRomney", "pgfnum": "12878", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. Jury duty is amazing. Especially if you go all the way to a verdict. You learn how the architecture of our democracy places its faith in the people. You might think, if you listened to some of our political leaders, that this would be a bad idea. Because most of us are takers not makers. But it works, because people are a lot smarter, honest and hard-working than we give ourselves credit for. And when you trust people, when you really make that point, and the legal process does that, over and over, everyone comes through. Some people accept trust faster than others, but in the end, all twelve jurors accept their responsibility. When we passed judgement I was sure we had arrived at the correct decision.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 12:11:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "12879", "subs": { "0": { "text": "As a juror this is impressive. Everyone stands when the jury comes in. But then everyone, including the jury, stands when the judge enters. Speech is formal, polite, even when they're saying horrible things. May it please the court. Your honor. Mr. Jones. It's all about respect.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 12:41:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "12883" }, "1": { "text": "And the jurors must remain silent, for days on end. But the irony is that everyone in the room is waiting for us to speak. You are left with your thoughts and your senses. You look, you listen. Think. What does that mean. What are they really saying. Look at the body language. It's deliberative, almost a meditation. Because the question they're asking is serious. Did this person do something horrible. Something they must be punished for. In the US we don't take this lightly.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 12:42:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "12884" } } }, "1": { "text": "2. Voting is the same idea. You have to look and look at the people who are asking for your vote. Sure they're lying. So was the defendent in the trial. Everyone lies, even if they took the oath saying they wouldn't. Dirty little secret is that if you're on trial, everyone understands that you can lie to defend yourself. And so do politicians. But if you really think about it, you know who they are and what they're really saying, behind the lies.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 12:14:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "12880" }, "2": { "text": "3. So nothing was actually revealed about Mitt Romney in yesterday's tapes. If you had been watching this guy, like a juror watches every actor in the courtroom, you recognized the pattern. He might have been the guy who runs a company you once worked for. The principal of your school. Your friend's grandfather. To me, he was a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He was the kind of guy who doesn't know what it means to speak the truth. His existence has nothing to do with the truth. He's a goal-oriented person. He's trying to get something from you. He doesn't care what he has to say to get it. Since he's running for President, a lot of the times that means he's out of his element and you can tell. He's not comfortable with teachers, with working people. But speaking to the rich donors in that dining room, that was his element. He was comfortable. The same way the defendent in our DUI case would have been comfortable in a bar slamming down a few whiskies before going for a drive. No juror would have been fooled by Mitt Romney before the tape, but what we saw confirmed what we already knew.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 12:16:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "12881" }, "3": { "text": "I believe in the American system, and totally reject the idea that your vote doesn't matter. You think it doesn't matter because you haven't discovered what it means. If you had a little faith in it, if 25 percent more people had more faith, it would work a lot better than you have imagined. Because given enough time, no matter how much they lie, we figure it out. Change will come slowly but it will come. But don't tell me it can't change if you haven't even tried.", "created": "Tue, 18 Sep 2012 12:20:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "12882" } } }, "31": { "text": "I feel a little like a kid", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 18:47:02 GMT", "name": "iFeelALittleLikeAKid", "pgfnum": "12879", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "When I was a kid, my friends and I used to ride our bikes down to Shea Stadium and sneak in the back, through the bullpen and out on to the field. Only during the off-season. They didn't have much so security back then.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 18:47:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "12880" }, "1": { "text": "We'd run around on the field, marvelling that we were running in the same place that the great players of the day were playing. Roberto Clemente, Willie Mays, Ron Swoboda, Ed Kranepool.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 18:47:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "12881" }, "2": { "text": "Anyway, that's what I feel like now. Like someone left the gate open and I get to run around on the field and play whatever game I want. :-)", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 18:48:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "12882" } } }, "32": { "text": "River with JSON-encoded OPML", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 16:35:55 GMT", "name": "riverWithJsonencodedOpml", "pgfnum": "12859", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "This is a very bizarre animal.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 16:36:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "12860" }, "1": { "text": "http://dropbox.scripting.com/dave/misc/riverWithJsonEncodedOPML.js", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 16:37:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "12865" }, "2": { "text": "It's a river.js file that has an item that contains the OPML source encoded as JSON.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 16:36:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "12861" }, "3": { "text": "This means that a jQuery app that loaded this file would find the OPML structure already there in the DOM.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 16:36:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "12862" }, "4": { "text": "We're a short step from having Media Hackers be able to do something much richer with content.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 16:37:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "12863" } } }, "33": { "text": "OWS on its anniversary", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 14:43:01 GMT", "name": "ows", "pgfnum": "12834", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I've started a half-dozen posts about Occupy Wall Street on its anniversary. Here goes another.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 14:43:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "12835" }, "1": { "text": "This close to a national election, I wish they were doing something to try to influence the outcome. What they're doing will just remind people about last year's occupations. I think most people who sympathize with or agree with the premises of OWS (I am one) were concerned with how it would end. Is this really a protest we want to associate with? Becoming homeless and going to jail to make headlines is not my idea of good craftsmanship of political message.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 14:43:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "12836" }, "2": { "text": "I've felt in my gut that the right place for freedom-loving people to invest effort is to oppose the most heinous of the plots to control government to favor the rich -- voter suppression. If you're going to march somewhere, why not call attention to the places which are most dangerous to democracy?", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 14:45:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "12837" }, "3": { "text": "Also unlike most people who march I believe votes absolutely do matter. I believe in government of the people, by the people and for the people. True, we've given up most of our power. But what's the best way to get it back? By voting. I'm really serious about that. You can't take it back by getting arrested. You take it back by literally taking it back. And help other people whose votes are being obstructed to get around the obstructions.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 14:46:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "12838", "subs": { "0": { "text": "BTW, what taught me the value of the vote was doing jury duty about 15 years ago. The trial went all the way to verdict, so I had a chance to really think about how it worked and what it means. I had always glossed over this part of government. But here we were, 12 very random people, being trusted with a fellow citizen's liberty. We started out as raw cynics, but by the time we had to pass judgement we were true believers in the Constitution. It was an amazing transformation, in all of us, myself included.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 14:58:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "12840" } } }, "4": { "text": "People died to undo the terrible methods of voter suppression in the past. Now we're sitting by and doing nothing while they put it all back in place. Something very wrong about that.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 14:48:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "12839" } } }, "34": { "text": "Tech discussion of comments feed", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 13:42:30 GMT", "name": "techDiscussionOfCommentsFeed", "pgfnum": "12821", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Today I released a new feature for OPML Comments, which is explained with links, on this Scripting News post.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 13:42:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "12822" }, "1": { "text": "The core feature is of course the new RSS feed for comments.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 13:42:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "12823" }, "2": { "text": "If you poke around the feeds, you may find some things that raise questions or possibilities.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 13:43:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "12824" }, "3": { "text": "1. The JSON and JSONP versions.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 13:20:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "15794" }, "4": { "text": "2. The microblog namespace, which is used by the feed.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 13:20:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "15795" }, "5": { "text": "3. The roadmap post that shows where we're going.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 13:20:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "15796" }, "6": { "text": "4. A screen shot of a permalink on comments, a necessary feature for the feed.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 13:20:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "15797" }, "7": { "text": "5. My personal river, which subscribes to the feed, so it's an easy place to find the latest comments on the threads site (along with news from quite a few other sources).", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 13:40:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "15799" }, "8": { "text": "6. What's next? There's a full CMS behind the comments, with a templating system for designers. Lots of formats and protocols for developers. The only part that's visible is the writing tool. And that's as it should be, because the people we are doing this for are writers and readers.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 13:50:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "15801" }, "9": { "text": "Please post comments here, either in OPML or Disqus.", "created": "Mon, 17 Sep 2012 13:45:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "12825" } } }, "35": { "text": "Newspapers and blogging", "created": "Sun, 16 Sep 2012 20:18:33 GMT", "name": "newspapersAndBlogging", "pgfnum": "12821", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Henry Blodget has a graph showing newspaper ad revenue over time.", "created": "Sun, 16 Sep 2012 20:18:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "12822" }, "1": { "text": "Jay Rosen observed that its fall started as the blogs rose.", "created": "Sun, 16 Sep 2012 20:18:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "12823" }, "2": { "text": "Proves that the right thing for the news industry to do back at the beginning of blogging was to fully embrace the change. Open the floodgates, and help the new amateurs create news for each other.", "created": "Sun, 16 Sep 2012 20:19:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "12824" }, "3": { "text": "I wrote about this over and over, urged them to offer blogging to their communities. But change doesn't come easily esp when you've climbed the ladder. You don't want to hear the ladder doesn't matter anymore.", "created": "Sun, 16 Sep 2012 20:19:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "12825" } } }, "36": { "text": "To OWS -- please use the web", "created": "Sun, 16 Sep 2012 02:44:25 GMT", "name": "toOwsPleaseUseTheWeb", "pgfnum": "12797", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I wish I knew what OWS was doing now and why.", "created": "Sun, 16 Sep 2012 02:44:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "12798" }, "1": { "text": "If you don't have a website, here's a space to write.", "created": "Sun, 16 Sep 2012 02:50:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "12805" }, "2": { "text": "Please let me know. I don't understand. Thanks.", "created": "Sun, 16 Sep 2012 02:50:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "12806" } } }, "37": { "text": "Why Google is OK", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 19:01:31 GMT", "name": "whyGoogleIsOk", "pgfnum": "12785", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "At a recent meeting we were talking about the reversal of fortunes for Twitter and Facebook and wondering why Google wasn't suffering as much.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 19:01:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "12786" }, "1": { "text": "It isn't about money because Twitter is shrinking in order to make more money. But the stuff that was exciting about Twitter, the way it acted as a conduit for other software, it was sort of a message operating system on a global scale, the exciting stuff is exactly what they're taking out to get to profitability.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 19:02:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "12787" }, "2": { "text": "Facebook is wilting because the thing that was lifting them up was their stock, and that's not working for them anymore. In fact it's working against them.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 19:03:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "12788" }, "3": { "text": "True, Google has multiple revenue flows, but I theorized that that isn't why they have a strong future. It's because they're open where Twitter is not. Think about it. I don't have to be vetted by anyone to be part of their search engine. No one says yay or nay, and there are no funny rules about stuff flowing in or out, or using their code to display search results. Google is fairly laissez-faire. All you have to do to be in their index is to put it on the web, and we all know the web is the platform with no platform vendor. Anyone can put stuff there.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 19:03:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "12789" }, "4": { "text": "\"AI believe Twitter would have a much brighter future, Facebook too, if they trusted the web. If they let every bit of their service be replaced. That would force them to compete based on service, value and features. Now they get to be lazy and that's fine for a while. But the crazy chaos of the web will eventually do something exciting that you won't be able to match on Twitter. Had they been more trusting they would have guaranteed that whatever excitement comes along would automatically include them.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 19:05:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "12790" }, "5": { "text": "Google, on the other hand, has a better chance. It would be good for them if they were more open-minded about accepting formats and protocols from people who don't work for Google, but even with that inefficiency, they still have a pretty strong basis for continued growth.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 19:06:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "12791" }, "6": { "text": "And of course Amazon is the smartest of them all. They're automatically part of everything because they do everything to support and enhance the protocols of the Internet. They are very respectful of the web and choice. I can deploy my apps on Amazon if I want, but if Rackspace gives me a better deal, Amazon won't fight me. Same with Rackspace of course. This is the way we like it. :-)", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 19:07:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "12792" }, "7": { "text": "Who did Apple bet on in this field? Twitter. They'll never get networking right, imho. (I am a very happy Apple shareholder, btw.)", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 19:09:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "12793" } } }, "38": { "text": "Whole post to Scripting feed", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 18:41:11 GMT", "name": "thisIsATest", "pgfnum": "12780", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "David Nichols on Twitter said: \"Just realized 'Thread: whatever' posts don't contain the full text in Google Reader. I'm sure you have a reason, I don't get it!\"", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 18:41:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "12781" }, "1": { "text": "He's right. The connection between threads and my Scripting News feed is a little temporary glue to connect the old world feed with the flow from the new world. When I did it, I did it quickly, because I was juggling a lot of stuff and didn't want anything to break.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 18:41:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "12782" }, "2": { "text": "I gave it a little thought and realized I could easily broaden the pipe to allow full thread posts to go into the Scripting News feed.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 18:42:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "12783" }, "3": { "text": "This post is a test, to see if that works. :-)", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 18:42:37 GMT", "pgfnum": "12784" } } }, "39": { "text": "Dear @diveintomark", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:07:00 GMT", "name": "dearDiveintomark", "pgfnum": "12769", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Just before Mark Pilgrim committed Internet suicide he posted a tasty little flame about me on Twitter.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:07:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "12770" }, "1": { "text": "A spammer picked it up and every few days it shows up in my Replies tab on Twitter, a reminder of how much Mark loved me. Or whatever.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:16:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "12778" }, "2": { "text": "Here's what it says.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:16:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "12779", "subs": { "0": { "text": "RT@diveintomark: Just a reminder @davewiner ran http://weblogs.com w/o a privacy policy for years & sold all your ping data #blork", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:08:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "12771" } } }, "3": { "text": "It's a wonderful slam, something a Republican would be proud of -- because some of it is true -- but it's ridiculous at the same time. And it's packed with intrigue and innuendo.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:08:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "12772" }, "4": { "text": "1. I did run it without a privacy policy. No one ever asked for one. And it was still pretty early for privacy policies (it started in 1999 I think).", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:09:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "12773" }, "5": { "text": "2. A privacy policy would have read like this -- No privacy. The point of weblogs.com was to broadcast all the data to everyone that wanted it. It was a central ping server. For a while it was the only ping server for the entire blogosphere. If you wanted to let everyone know that you had updated all you had to do was send a message saying so to weblogs.com. We then would publish the ping as part of our XML feed.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:09:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "12774" }, "6": { "text": "3. I did sell weblogs.com to Verisign, but just the domain. No software, no data. The data, to the extent that it ever existed is in a remote folder on one of my hard drives. An Old stuff folder inside another Old Stuff folder, etc etc. All the data was public. In the end it was almost all spam. Not worth anything, that's why they didn't want it.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:11:12 GMT", "pgfnum": "12775" }, "7": { "text": "Anyway, I thought it was worth a rebuttal on a lazy Saturday afternoon, after seeing this message about a thousand times since Mark first posted it. It'll probably be echoing around Twitter's network from now until the end of time. Long after we're all dead people will be wondering who Dave WIner was and why he sold all your ping data and what was #blork and who cares anyway cause they're all long gone.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:12:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "12776" }, "8": { "text": "Happy trails! :-)", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:13:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "12777" } } }, "40": { "text": "I don't think this is Kansas", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 00:42:56 GMT", "name": "iDontThinkThisIsKansas", "pgfnum": "12765", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AIn the 1990s the very small web community, compared to today's web, had a lot of self-important ideas about the future of the medium. We were living in the future and prepared for it, or so we thought. In one way we believed that this would someday be the most important medium, or it already was, but on the other hand, not really. This was the kind of stuff you read about in science fiction, it didn't happen in real life. Well now it's happening. And it's freaky, and who knows where it leads.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 00:43:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "12766" }, "1": { "text": "None of us are prepared for the world we find ourselves in. Not even the net natives.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 00:48:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "12769" }, "2": { "text": "We don't know what comes after attacks on our embassies, all over the world now, but it's serious and unprecedented and couldn't happen without the net. Communication used to be controlled by governments. It would take days or weeks for stories of a war-like event in one part of the world to reach another part. I know this because it wasn't much better in the United States. When I was in college in New Orleans, I'd go downtown every Tuesday to get a copy of the Sunday NY Times. That, and the evening news, was my access to world wide news. It wasn't that long ago.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 00:44:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "12767" }, "3": { "text": "Now Google has told the US government that it won't take down the video that's theoretically causing all the trouble. That's weird but it's right. Google is a multi-national company. Sure its founders are American. But it can't be anymore beholden to the United States than to any other country. If they did, they would disappear pretty quickly because someone has a good reason for every piece of content to be removed. Whether they obey an order from the US is another matter.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 00:46:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "12768" }, "4": { "text": "Remember, this is all coming after WikiLeaks. And think of where Assange is now. It's only the respect the British govt has for the sovereignty of embassies that keeps him out of jail. And it's exactly that sovereignty that's under attack elsewhere.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 00:50:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "12770" }, "5": { "text": "And meanwhile in Kansas some people aren't embarrassed to say the President's name should be taken off the ballot because he's a black man, and they're white and they can't handle it. I know they'll say it's not that, but they're lying.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 00:51:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "12771" }, "6": { "text": "All this is happening at the same time.", "created": "Sat, 15 Sep 2012 01:06:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "12772" } } }, "41": { "text": "An idea for reporters conducting live interviews", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15:34:03 GMT", "name": "anIdeaForReportersConductingLiveInterviewsWithLiars", "pgfnum": "12752", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Just heard part of an interview between George Stephanopoulos and Mitt Romney.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15:34:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "12753" }, "1": { "text": "It went something like this.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15:41:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "12761" }, "2": { "text": "George: You going to take back what you said?", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15:34:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "12754" }, "3": { "text": "Mitt: No, basically the White House agreed with what I said.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15:35:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "12755" }, "4": { "text": "George: They agreed that the President sympathizes with the people who attacked the embassy?", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15:35:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "12756" }, "5": { "text": "Mitt: Basically the White House agreed with what I said (repeating his previous statement).", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15:35:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "12757" }, "6": { "text": "George: You refuse to answer a direct question.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15:35:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "12758" }, "7": { "text": "Now, that's what I thought I heard Stephanopoulos say, but he actually went on from there.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15:36:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "12759" }, "8": { "text": "I propose that when you're interviewing someone who doesn't answer a question, that you say exactly those words. \"You refuse to answer a direct question.\" It's like a receipt. Play back for them how you're interpreting. You still get to maintain your lack of a viewpoint. You're just saying what's obvious to everyone watching the interview. And it puts the burden on the person being interviewed. He could smile through it, and that would become the clip you use to summarize the interview. Or you might actually get a response to the question you asked.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15:36:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "12760" } } }, "42": { "text": "A question about class warfare", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 13:58:44 GMT", "name": "classWarfare", "pgfnum": "12745", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Was just thinking about the Republican tactic of liberal use of the concept of class warfare.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 13:58:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "12746" }, "1": { "text": "If you say taxes should be increased for the richest people, that's class warfare.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 14:02:23 GMT", "pgfnum": "12747" }, "2": { "text": "If so, isn't it also class warfare when rich people want to cut health care and retirement benefits for middle class people? Why aren't both ideas equally off-limits?", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 14:02:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "12748" }, "3": { "text": "No tax increases for rich folk in return for no cuts in benefits for middle class people. Great. Now what? :-)", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 14:02:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "12749" } } }, "43": { "text": "YouTube in the developing world", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 12:28:35 GMT", "name": "youtubeInTheDevelopingWorld", "pgfnum": "12736", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Pretty amazing that YouTube is playing such a central role in the battles in North Africa and the Middle East. And of course Twitter. A few notes on what's happening.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 12:28:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "12737" }, "1": { "text": "1. The rioters in Egypt and Yemen say they're incensed by the video. I haven't seen it myself and I don't need or want to. Much of what's there is crap and highly insulting to someone. I'm sure some of the rioters are sincere. I'm equally sure some of the rioters are no more sincere that the American assholes who look for excuses to get \"angry.\" They're not really angry. They're just using some pretense to try to violently and unfairly shore up their own power, in a highly undemocratic fashion.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 12:29:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "12738" }, "2": { "text": "\"A2. Clearly some of the people on the \"Arab street\" -- whatever that is -- are being manipulated. They need to understand that not only do we have free speech in the US, there's no guarantee that any video on YouTube actually came from the US. It could have come from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. If not this time, next time. Now that they see how powerful YouTube can be at stirring up mobs, it will be used again and again.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 12:31:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "12739" }, "3": { "text": "3. The solution is not to censor YouTube, the solution is for the citizens of the new democracies in the Middle East to get clued-in, fast -- to how they're being used. Use your own free speech to expose the assholes. Your assholes, not ours.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 12:32:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "12740" }, "4": { "text": "4. We should get rid of any premise in press reports that the rioters are upset about the film. The only thing we know is that they are attacking the US embassies. Are they really so stupid as to believe that the US produced the film? Shouldn't the press check that out before reporting the premise as fact. Could this possibly be some great drama whose purpose is to impose censorship on YouTube? It seems the press has a small conflict of interest here.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 12:44:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "12742" }, "5": { "text": "5. This is what I mean about tech and politics being inseparable. That the political and tech blogospheres are divided makes the whole thing much weaker. There aren't any divisions any more.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 12:46:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "12743" }, "6": { "text": "6. On a similar topic, Twitter decided to turn over the tweets of an OWS protestor. It's about time. Either tweets are public or they are not. Twitter needs to answer that question, very clearly. I thought they were public. Just like blog posts. If they're not, Twitter needs to clear this up right now. By not turning over the archive when asked for it, what pretense did they offer? I honestly don't know. Some sense of privacy? Tweets are the opposite of private.", "created": "Fri, 14 Sep 2012 12:33:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "12741" } } }, "44": { "text": "Blogging in transition", "created": "Thu, 13 Sep 2012 15:42:46 GMT", "name": "bloggingInTransition", "pgfnum": "12727", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"AA little over a week ago I wrote a piece called scripting.com in transition. I was getting ready to show people OPML Comments, and wanted to give you all a heads up. Now you've seen the next step. I've opened up a little window into the CMS running behind the threads site, called the worldoutline, to show you a bit of what it can do.", "created": "Thu, 13 Sep 2012 15:43:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "12728" }, "1": { "text": "Over the last couple of years I did a transition of my blog. First, I rewrote my CMS which had evolved in a disorderly research-driven fashion over several years. That was called Scripting2. Then I started a new CMS called the worldoutline, which was actually begun with the seeds of a way of organizing web content that goes back to Clay Basket in the mid-90s. But this time I achieved the goal I had been trying to reach the previous iterations.", "created": "Thu, 13 Sep 2012 15:44:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "12729" }, "2": { "text": "My goal was to create a way of writing, designing and programming for networks that was unified. Where a new domain is just a matter of putting a label on a node saying \"Start something new here, and this is its name.\" Its analogous to a page-break in a word processor. On the net the equiv of a page-break is a domain-break.", "created": "Thu, 13 Sep 2012 15:47:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "12730" }, "3": { "text": "Things that used to represent large conceptual changes, like the difference between content and its rendering, are shrunken so you just have to save a document to effect large change on the web. Why not? We already have tools like this for printing and page layout. We're 15 years into the web now. We all create lots of sites, so many that they're hard to manage. We live at the edge of our capacity to manage it. But our tools, the file system and IDEs have only made incremental improvements in the last couple of generations. We're not using the great new capacity of our machines very well.", "created": "Thu, 13 Sep 2012 15:48:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "12731" }, "4": { "text": "So I don't think most people have an expectation for what comes next. That's why this is going to be so much fun. I think you will be surprised at what you will be able to do. :-)", "created": "Thu, 13 Sep 2012 15:50:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "12732" } } }, "45": { "text": "A message to Republicans: Enough", "created": "Wed, 12 Sep 2012 13:52:47 GMT", "name": "simple", "pgfnum": "12662", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The problem with what the Repubs did last night is that we hadn't even begun to process the events. It was six hours before we even knew a US ambassador had been killed. The Repubs are trying to take control of the story. We, the press and the informed electorate -- Republican, Democrat and independent, need to tell the Republican leadership, in unambiguous terms that their behavior, as Americans, is unacceptable.", "created": "Wed, 12 Sep 2012 13:52:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "12663" }, "1": { "text": "Yes, these events are inevitably political. But our first priority has to be the safety of Americans. Maybe our fiftieth priority is wanting to know what Mitt Romney thinks about it.", "created": "Wed, 12 Sep 2012 14:00:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "12665" } } }, "46": { "text": "Do you see a green button on this page?", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 16:57:02 GMT", "name": "doYouSeeAGreenButtonOnThisPage", "pgfnum": "12636", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. You have to be running the OPML Editor to see the button.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 17:01:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "12639" }, "1": { "text": "2. We've had some reports of people using Chrome on Windows 7 who don't see the green button. If you're a geek, can you help us figure out why? I'm a Chrome user on the Mac, and I see it fine, and there haven't been reports of problems with other browsers. Help much appreciated.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 16:57:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "12637" }, "2": { "text": "3. BTW, this is what the button is supposed to look like in case you can't see it.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 16:58:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "12638" }, "3": { "text": "4. The button is generated by a page on a server on the user's machine.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 17:08:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "12640" }, "4": { "text": "Update: Problem solved! :-)", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 17:30:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "12641" } } }, "47": { "text": "Witting with Greenwald", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:18:53 GMT", "name": "twittingWithGreenwald", "pgfnum": "12584", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "This post came about from a brief twitter exchange with Glenn Greenwald.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:26:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "12590" }, "1": { "text": "Glenn thanks for listening. Here are some simple ideas. (And if you just want the conclusion skip to the end.)", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:39:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "12602" }, "2": { "text": "1. Discourse on the net is much like discourse was during the print age. I can write about tech stuff, you can write about political stuff, neither of us gets access to the other's community if you should happen to have something to say to the tech world or I should have something to say political.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:39:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "12603" }, "3": { "text": "2. This is working against us because today almost everything that is political is tech, and vice versa. We've got some smart people writing publicly who can put the pieces together, but we haven't yet actually put the pieces together.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:40:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "12605" }, "4": { "text": "3. You talk about Arab Spring type demos. I say that won't work in the US and I don't think it worked in Egypt.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:41:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "12606" }, "5": { "text": "4. What works here, and I know this sounds idealistic in a Mr Smith Goes to Washington way, is voter turnout.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:41:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "12607" }, "6": { "text": "5. Kickstarter. Look what happened there. Why? Because people crave power. They may only be able to put down $10 or $100 but it magically mulitplies quickly to become $1 million.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:42:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "12608" }, "7": { "text": "6. People are desperate to be involved. To be effective. To do something with their lives that's good. We are missing meaning.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:42:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "12609" }, "8": { "text": "7. We are blessed with a democratic system that is actually a lot like Kickstarter. If we were to use it, that would change things right off. If voter turnout increased by just 10 percent it would be seen as a revolution in Washington. It would be felt.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:43:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "12610" }, "9": { "text": "8. I believe it's possible to transform Obama, even just a little. I think he can be manipulated. If 10 percent more people turned out than were expected, it would shake him up.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:44:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "12611" }, "10": { "text": "9. If somehow we could attach to that a message that the filibusters had to stop, that when we elect a majority to Congress we expect them to have the power to legislate, and that there will be a memory of any politician who threatened that. (Think about the power the Tea Party has had with a small minority in just a few states.)", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:44:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "12612" }, "11": { "text": "10. I want to do more than vote and give money. Right now, other than knock on doors, which I did in 2008 and when I was a teen, that's about all that I can do. But I desperatelly want to do more. I thinkn there are a lot of other people like that.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:45:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "12613" }, "12": { "text": "11. I don't care what pundits think.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:46:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "12614" }, "13": { "text": "12. I believe in demonstrations, but not meaningless ones. Showing up to vote is the best tool we have right now. I can't believe we're not doing more with it.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:49:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "12616" }, "14": { "text": "Anyway, short term there isn't much we can do. I know that. The change that I want has to be something I create myself. I want to break down the walls that say only Josh Marshall, you and Ezra Klein (etc) can write about politics. And that the people who use the tech have the most important opinions, so I want to hear more vision about where this stuff should go from smart people like yourself. We're creating a new system for political discourse now. The tools are still early. We can make them much better. But first we have to create the expectation that they will get better, and the places we're looking for change are the places it can't and won't come from. The VCs will never give you the power that I will. The President will never bring about change on his own. But you and I and others like us can.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:55:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "12618" } } }, "48": { "text": "Dead people on voting rolls", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 21:10:31 GMT", "name": "deadPeopleOnVotingRolls", "pgfnum": "12578", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I love how the Repubs are so alarmed that there are thousands of dead people on the voter rolls. OMG. We have to purge them. It's a sign of fraud! This is terrible. Well...", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 21:10:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "12579" }, "1": { "text": "There are also thousands of dead people on Facebook and thousands of dead people with driver's licenses. Every university has thousands of dead people in their alumni databases. Why? Because voters die. And so do Facebook users, and drivers, and alumni.", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 21:11:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "12580" }, "2": { "text": "My father died three years ago, and while I miss him still, even more today than I did right after he died, I still haven't called the State of New York to say \"You need to take my father off the voter roll.\" For all I know if he showed up at the right voting place on November 7 they would let him vote. But I promise you he's not showing up anywhere. He's a former voter even though he may still be on the voter rolls.", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 21:12:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "12581" }, "3": { "text": "You have to check what the Repubs say very carefully, because while it may be true, what they say might also be designed to lead you to believe something else, something outrageous or fraudulent. That's not happening.", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 21:13:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "12582" } } }, "49": { "text": "A test of outline comments", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:42:58 GMT", "name": "aTestOfOutlineComments", "pgfnum": "12540", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Welcome to a test of some new software I've been developing. This is a test you can participate in if you have the OPML Editor running on your Mac or Windows PC.", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:43:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "12541" }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Sat, 10 Mar 2012 16:28:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "6228" }, "2": { "text": "Howto", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:43:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "12542", "subs": { "0": { "text": "1. If necessary, download and install the OPML Editor application.", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:43:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "12543" }, "1": { "text": "2. Fully update it by choosing Update opml.root from the File menu.", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:44:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "12544" }, "2": { "text": "3. Choose the Your name command from the Misc menu and enter your name. This will be used to identify your notes in the comments box.", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:44:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "12545" }, "3": { "text": "4. Important: Reload this web page. You should now see a green OPML button near the bottom. Click the button.", "created": "Tue, 11 Sep 2012 17:31:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "12642" }, "4": { "text": "5. The OPML Editor comes to the front and a window opens with a place for you to enter some comments. Please do so. When you're ready, click the Save button.", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:45:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "12547" }, "5": { "text": "6. Come back to this page and reload. You should see your comments below. You can go back to the OPML Editor and change your comments and Save as many times as you like.", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:47:28 GMT", "pgfnum": "12548" }, "6": { "text": "It's a social experiment. Let's see what you all do with this. I have some ideas, of course, but let's see how it goes.", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:47:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "12549" } } }, "3": { "text": "Problems?", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:49:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "12551", "subs": { "0": { "text": "If there are problems, you can use the Disqus comment box below to explain.", "created": "Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:49:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "12552" } } } } }, "50": { "text": "To TechCrunch hackathoners", "created": "Sat, 08 Sep 2012 16:38:29 GMT", "name": "toTechcrunchHackathoners", "pgfnum": "12499", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I hear today is the TechCrunch hackathon!", "created": "Sat, 08 Sep 2012 16:38:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "12500" }, "1": { "text": "If you're looking for something to do, how about picking off one of the ideas on the roadmap for the open Twitter-like ecosystem.", "created": "Sat, 08 Sep 2012 16:39:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "12501" }, "2": { "text": "You could do a nice linkblogging tool. Or a beautiful rendering of river.js in the browser of your choice (or hopefully all of them).", "created": "Sat, 08 Sep 2012 16:40:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "12502" }, "3": { "text": "How about a nice way to manage susbscription lists in a way that can be shared with all applications. One place where users can subscribe or unsubscribe.", "created": "Sat, 08 Sep 2012 16:40:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "12503" }, "4": { "text": "Remember to give your users' data to other apps, to be part of an ecosystem. Closed silos are for the big guys. It's how we disrupt them, by working together. :-)", "created": "Sat, 08 Sep 2012 16:41:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "12504" } } }, "51": { "text": "app.net's impressive start", "created": "Fri, 07 Sep 2012 13:57:46 GMT", "name": "appnetNumbers", "pgfnum": "12453", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "12669", "subs": { "0": { "text": "false", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "12670" } } }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "1": { "text": "The Verge has an interesting story with an awful headline, so rather than point directly to it, I wanted to get a chance to frame it in a way that I think is fair to app.net.", "created": "Fri, 07 Sep 2012 13:57:52 GMT", "pgfnum": "12454" }, "2": { "text": "They say that only 250 users account for over half the messages posted on the new system. There are over 20K users, each of whom paid $50 to use the system.", "created": "Fri, 07 Sep 2012 13:58:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "12455" }, "3": { "text": "They say this means that app.net is off to a \"slow start\" but I wonder how that compares to Twitter. I have never seen any good numbers, but I think there are really several classes of Twitter users, I have a sense of how they break out in numbers.", "created": "Fri, 07 Sep 2012 13:58:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "12456" }, "4": { "text": "1. Celebrities, whose grunts and snorts are fascinating to their fans. They don't really provide information, just the tiniest glimpses into the reality of their lives, which are suprisingly like those of normal people.", "created": "Fri, 07 Sep 2012 13:59:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "12458" }, "5": { "text": "2. Link machines, like myself -- people who spend a lot of time online reading stuff, and share links with followers. We post a lot more than the people in category #1. We're not very famous and we don't share a lot of our lives. The product is a linkflow. Another way of looking at it, we use Twitter the way others use del.icio.us (perhaps why the YouTube guys bought it, to turn it into the interesting part of Twitter, imho).", "created": "Fri, 07 Sep 2012 14:00:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "12459" }, "6": { "text": "3. Active readers who use Twitter as if it were a river-of-news aggregator, which of course it is. Yesterday I posted a screen shot that illustrates that sometimes Twitter is providing almost exactly the same flow as the Media Hackers tabbed river.", "created": "Fri, 07 Sep 2012 14:01:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "12460", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 15:32:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "12430" } } }, "7": { "text": "4. Darknet users. I have no idea who they are or what they do or if they are even real people. A huge portion of the numbers on Twitter. Who they are is totally unknown. Like the interior of Alaska or Siberia.", "created": "Fri, 07 Sep 2012 14:03:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "12461" }, "8": { "text": "Unless we know how things break down for Twitter how can we judge what's happening on app.net. For one, I am impressed. They have managed to get uptake, with a $50 pricetag, for an offering that is actually less functional than Twitter in many ways, from a technical standpoint. And it's a very small community relative to Twitter. Even so, they have managed to get a lot of people to part with a significant amount of money. And they're smart to go into a quiet period for a while to consolidate, and presumably get some new software ready, and perhaps some content deals.", "created": "Fri, 07 Sep 2012 14:04:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "12462" } } }, "52": { "text": "Breakdown of feed formats", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 20:23:30 GMT", "name": "feedFormatNumbers", "pgfnum": "12436", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "A question came yesterday up on the river-of-news list -- a list of developers who are creating tools and designs for rivers.", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 20:23:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "12437" }, "1": { "text": "Dody Gunawinata, is doing an aggregator and wanted to know if he should support RSS 1.0 format. I said that River2 does, but I didn't know the breakdown of different feed formats.", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 20:31:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "12439" }, "2": { "text": "So I wrote a script that recorded, when a feed updates, whether it's RSS or Atom, and if it's RSS, which version it is. Only feeds that updated in the 24 hour period would be counted, and each feed would only count once. The idea was to count feeds that were actually updating. Dormant feeds really don't matter for Dody's question.", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 20:31:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "12441" }, "3": { "text": "I ran the script overnight on the server that maintains my rivers. So this is a very unscientific test.", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 23:00:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "12443" }, "4": { "text": "The numbers: RSS 2.0 -- 338 feeds. Atom -- 36. RSS 1.0, 0.92 and 0.91 had 2 each.", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 20:31:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "12442" } } }, "53": { "text": "Life outside Twitter", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 15:29:42 GMT", "name": "myLifeOutsideTwitter", "pgfnum": "12426", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "12669", "subs": { "0": { "text": "false", "created": "Sat, 04 Feb 2012 19:09:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "4926" }, "1": { "text": "", "created": "Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:26:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "12670" } } }, "1": { "text": "" } } }, "1": { "text": "I've made an investment over the last year, building up the rivers I use, both from a software and content standpoint. I've realized more and more that's how I was using Twitter. To be in the loops of writers, both professional and bloggers, in a systematic way. I wanted to see how rich I could make it.", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 15:29:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "12427" }, "2": { "text": "Turns out it's pretty good. I still use Twitter, and for now that's okay.", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 15:31:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "12428" }, "3": { "text": "A few minutes ago there were five posts on Twitter, in a row, that I would love to have outside of Twitter too. Expand this headline to see the screen shot.", "collapse": "true", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 15:42:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "12433", "subs": { "0": { "text": "\"A", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 15:32:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "12430" } } }, "4": { "text": "Except for Newyorkist announcing that he is making his bed, each of the tweets is from people I feel I know well through their online personnas, and each is pointing to something worth reading.", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 15:32:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "12431" }, "5": { "text": "Bora Zivkovic is a scientist blogger from North Carolina. Philip Greenspun is a genius entrepreneur, systems guy, developer, pilot, libertarian. Highly opinionated, great writer. Jay Rosen is of course always on-topic, a thinker and linker and media observer. Miguel de Icaza is a great community leader, programmer, and is politically outspoken (like me and Greenspun) and Chris Dixon is a NYC-based entrepreneur, VC and also a wise guy. :-)", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 15:50:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "12435" }, "6": { "text": "I would subscribe to any of these guys in my rivers, and in fact I do. Most of the content they're pointing to exists on the web, outside of Twitter, but I'm not subscribing to all of it. I want people like Chris and Miguel to have a linkblog, so that their links live outside Twitter as well as their writing.", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 15:34:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "12432" }, "7": { "text": "These are all super smart people and I think they will immediately understand why it's good to have feet on both the platform and the train, at the same time.", "created": "Thu, 06 Sep 2012 15:46:46 GMT", "pgfnum": "12434" } } }, "54": { "text": "About Twitter's changes", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 21:18:25 GMT", "name": "aboutTwittersChanges", "pgfnum": "12415", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "There's nothing surprising in the changes Twitter announced today.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 21:18:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "12416" }, "1": { "text": "\"AThey telegraphed clearly, a long time ago that they were phasing out their earlier developer program. Earlier this year Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said they wanted more content flowing into Twitter and less flowing out of it. So of course that meant that they would cut back on API access. If anyone had been building on these resources, they now face a setback, but it was one they could have seen coming.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 21:24:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "12420" }, "2": { "text": "Twitter could have been something very different from what it's becoming. That's neither good nor bad. Every business has an opportunity to define itself, by what they do as well as by what they don't do. Twitter has had very strong positions like the 140-character limit and the decision to put links in the text that users type. These have become such fixtures that we hardly notice them. But different decisions could have been made, and a different environment would have resulted.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 21:20:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "12417" }, "3": { "text": "When Twitter pulls back from features, they create room for new potentially valuable networked products and services that are radically different from Twitter, with different tradeoffs. I think we're at the point in the evolution of the net where there will be a lot of experimentation, in part fueled by the new space Twitter is opening up for competition. It's good for innovation. I think we may well be getting unstuck in some very big areas, very soon, as a result of the changing developer landscape.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 21:21:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "12418" }, "4": { "text": "See Media Hackers for an idea of what can be done with news, entirely outside of Twitter, based on flows in RSS, Atom, XML and JSON, all of which are strong open formats with huge content flow from professional news organizations, bloggers, universities, schools of all sizes, scientific institutions, corporations, non-profits, media networks and government agencies.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 21:29:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "12422" }, "5": { "text": "It's important to note that none of this is in any way subject to Twitter's terms. None of these feeds or JSON rivers will stop flowing because Twitter is placing limits on its own ecosystem.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 21:31:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "12423" }, "6": { "text": "There are new projects from many developers that look promising. I believe there will be strong reasons the new projects will want to share user content more fluidly as a way to compete with the giant companies that are trying to carve out private areas of the Internet, as Twitter is.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 21:35:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "12424" }, "7": { "text": "Working together is how new markets are always created. There's lots of new stuff in the pipe, much reason for optimism and excitement. :-)", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 21:23:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "12419" } } }, "55": { "text": "scripting.com in transition", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:23:20 GMT", "name": "scriptingcomInTransition", "pgfnum": "12396", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "I'm doing more of my blogging over here on the threads site.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:23:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "12397" }, "1": { "text": "This was always the plan. When people say that I turned off comments, that wasn't exactly true. I wanted to start a transition from a site where discourse was more controlled, and set off from the main blog content.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:23:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "12398" }, "2": { "text": "There is more transition coming, some things I hope that many people will find exciting.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:24:10 GMT", "pgfnum": "12399" }, "3": { "text": "I think there's a new kind of writing for the web coming. I want to be a major proponent of it, and participant, as I was in the early days of blogging and podcasting.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:24:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "12400" }, "4": { "text": "Feel free to post a comment below (but keep it nice). :-)", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:24:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "12401" } } }, "56": { "text": "Why a second term for Obama?", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 12:09:06 GMT", "name": "whyASecondTermForObama", "pgfnum": "12377", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Economist: \"A president who has had a patchy first term now needs to make a convincing case for a second one.\"", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 12:13:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "12381" }, "1": { "text": "Pretty simple. Romney repeats a promise that he'll \"repeal ObamaCare.\"", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 12:09:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "12378" }, "2": { "text": "Obama will implement it. By the time his second term is over it will be a done deal.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 12:09:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "12379" }, "3": { "text": "Even if Obama did nothing else, it would be worth it to re-elect him just for this.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 12:10:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "12380" }, "4": { "text": "A little background", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:18:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "12388" }, "5": { "text": "Ten years ago I had life-saving surgery. It cost over $400K. And over the years since, my health care has been pretty expensive. I'm well-off. I can afford my health insurance. And I've had continuous coverage since I was in my 20s. So the insurance companies have to cover me.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:26:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "12402" }, "6": { "text": "But I understand what it would mean to not have the money and not be insured. I would have died ten years ago. So this means something to me personally.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:19:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "12389" }, "7": { "text": "I also have friends whose life requires maintenence from the health care industry to hold death at bay. If you look around you, and ask -- you'll find that there are many people who are in a similar circumstance. Not everyone likes to talk about it, but it's happening anyway.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:20:09 GMT", "pgfnum": "12390" }, "8": { "text": "People who don't understand are imho:", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:28:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "12403" }, "9": { "text": "1. Young.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:21:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "12391" }, "10": { "text": "2. Have never experienced the death or serious illness of someone they loved and/or depended on.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:21:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "12392" }, "11": { "text": "3. Are not paying attention. Probably an alchoholic or drug abuser, because it's all around you. You have to work at not seeing it. Work hard.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:21:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "12393" }, "12": { "text": "That we would play games with health care for our families is ridiculous. I guess Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney don't have any friends or family who might be at risk. But that can't be true for most Republicans. So I honestly don't understand. But I don't have to understand if we simply re-elect President Obama.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:22:04 GMT", "pgfnum": "12394" }, "13": { "text": "Q.E.D.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:23:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "12395" } } }, "57": { "text": "Ann Richards 1988 keynote", "name": "annRichards1988DncKeynote", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 00:20:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "12379" }, "1": { "text": "One of the best speeches ever.", "created": "Wed, 05 Sep 2012 00:19:55 GMT", "pgfnum": "12378" } } }, "58": { "text": "Repubs lie and obstruct, but Obama does not lead", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 21:15:44 GMT", "name": "repubsLieAndObstructButObamaDoesNotLead", "pgfnum": "12356", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "The Repubs tell the truth about one thing, and it's the one thing that damns the president. He hasn't been leading. Campaigning for re-election is not leading.", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 21:15:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "12357" }, "1": { "text": "I'm going to vote for Obama no matter what. Not voting is not an option, and voting for Romney is most definitely not an option. If the Repubs were to control both the executive and legislative branches we're in for a whole other level of catastrophe. Last time they ran the country we almost lost everything, economically, militarily as well as our freedom. The whole thing.", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 21:16:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "12358" }, "2": { "text": "What has to happen is the Repubs have to be reined in. And the President has to lead us to that future. He can't just get re-elected. It has to be more than that.", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 21:17:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "12359" } } }, "59": { "text": "The real liars are the press", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 02:22:29 GMT", "name": "theRealLiarsAreThePress", "pgfnum": "12285", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Who can really blame the Repubs for lying if the reporters let them get away with it.", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 02:22:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "12286" }, "1": { "text": "I read a piece by Emily Bell about how media neutrality is fueling lies. It's pretty radical considering she teaches jouralism at Columbia.", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 02:22:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "12287" }, "2": { "text": "But the truth is much more radical. The Republicans are finally taking down the press. What will be left of journalism after this election will not resemble in any way what it was before. This is a moment of breaking with the past, a discontinuity, reformation.", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 02:35:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "12298" }, "3": { "text": "Finally it's obvious to everyone that the news is not being reported accurately. What we see and hear in the speeches in the cable news broadcasts is different from what they report. Could not be clearer. We see A, they report B.", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 02:23:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "12288" }, "4": { "text": "If the headline is wrong, then now is the time for the press to stop lying. I would love for that headline to be wrong, but right now, it's correct.", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 02:37:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "12299" } } }, "60": { "text": "Embedded registration form", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 02:08:46 GMT", "name": "registerToVote", "pgfnum": "12281", "type": "thread", "subs": { "0": { "text": "", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 02:08:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "12282" }, "1": { "text": "Note: I used the Obama campaign's embeddable form. You can too. It's easy.", "created": "Tue, 04 Sep 2012 02:11:56 GMT", "pgfnum": "12283" } } }, "61": { "text": "Odd pic of two Presidents", "created": "Sun, 02 Sep 2012 16:22:33 GMT", "name": "oddPicOfTwoPresidents", "pgfnum": "12243", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/9212ByDw/aWeirdPictureOfPresidentsObamaAndClinton" }, "62": { "text": "Obama gets 1/2 of it", "created": "Sat, 01 Sep 2012 14:37:22 GMT", "name": "obamaGets12OfIt", "pgfnum": "12189", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/9112ByDw/obamaGets12OfIt" } } }, "4": { "text": "August", "subs": { "0": { "text": "We *Really* Built It", "created": "Sat, 01 Sep 2012 01:07:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "12183", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/83112ByDw/weBuiltIt" }, "1": { "text": "International news feeds", "created": "Thu, 30 Aug 2012 13:26:43 GMT", "pgfnum": "12175", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/83012ByDw/internationalNewsFeeds" }, "2": { "text": "Write a blog post", "created": "Thu, 30 Aug 2012 01:20:27 GMT", "pgfnum": "12170", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/82912ByDw/strangeIdea" }, "3": { "text": "Levity in Republican politics", "created": "Sun, 26 Aug 2012 21:41:31 GMT", "pgfnum": "11948", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/82612ByDw/levityInPolitics" }, "4": { "text": "Remember where you were when...?", "created": "Sat, 25 Aug 2012 21:29:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "11929", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/82512ByDw/doYouRememberWhereYouWereWhen" }, "5": { "text": "Thurs on the patio by the lake", "created": "Thu, 23 Aug 2012 01:40:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "126", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/82212ByDw/thursdayOnThePatioByTheLake" }, "6": { "text": "Protocols don't mean much", "created": "Thu, 23 Aug 2012 02:10:26 GMT", "name": "protocolsDontMeanMuch", "pgfnum": "128", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/82212ByDw/protocolsDontMeanMuch" }, "7": { "text": "Chrome RSS breakage, part II", "created": "Wed, 22 Aug 2012 01:17:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "117", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/82112ByDw/workingAroundChromeRssBreakage" }, "8": { "text": "User-editable structure", "created": "Mon, 20 Aug 2012 14:47:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "98", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/82012ByDw/whatsMissingInContentManagement" }, "9": { "text": "NYT joins Tabbed River 2.0", "created": "Thu, 16 Aug 2012 11:10:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "11848", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/81612ByDw/tabbedRivers21" }, "10": { "text": "What's in a tabbed river?", "created": "Fri, 17 Aug 2012 02:36:35 GMT", "pgfnum": "11879", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/81612ByDw/amaAboutTabbedRivers" }, "11": { "text": "How much does a digital subscription to the NYT cost per year?", "created": "Wed, 15 Aug 2012 19:27:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "11815", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/81512ByDw/howMuchDoesADigitalSubscriptionToTheNytCostPerYear" }, "12": { "text": "Trying out Medium", "created": "Tue, 14 Aug 2012 23:23:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "11799", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/81412ByDw/tryingOutMedium" }, "13": { "text": "An open Twitter-like ecoystem", "created": "Mon, 13 Aug 2012 22:22:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "11790", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/81312ByDw/openarchitectureTwitterlikeEcoystem" }, "14": { "text": "When I see Russell Westbrook", "created": "Sun, 12 Aug 2012 15:10:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "11706", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/81212ByDw/russellWestbrookAndBodieFromTheWire" }, "15": { "text": "German in World Outlines", "created": "Sun, 12 Aug 2012 18:59:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "11739", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/81212ByDw/germanInWorldOutlines" }, "16": { "text": "Convert UTF-8 to HTML entities?", "created": "Sun, 12 Aug 2012 21:37:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "11742", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/81212ByDw/cCodeToConvertUtf8ToHtmlEntities" }, "17": { "text": "Madison 8/21 through 8/23", "created": "Sat, 11 Aug 2012 18:12:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "11705", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/81112ByDw/madison821Through823" }, "18": { "text": "Feeds for my Apple river?", "created": "Fri, 10 Aug 2012 14:26:41 GMT", "pgfnum": "11671", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/81012ByDw/feedsForMyAppleRiver" }, "19": { "text": "Arrgh Chrome broke RSS again", "created": "Fri, 10 Aug 2012 13:38:42 GMT", "pgfnum": "11663", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/81012ByDw/arrghChromeBrokeRssAgain" }, "20": { "text": "Is the Twitter API an open standard?", "created": "Thu, 09 Aug 2012 22:25:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "11648", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/8912ByDw/isTheTwitterApiAnOpenStandard" }, "21": { "text": "Preview: Tabbed river", "created": "Sun, 05 Aug 2012 16:56:50 GMT", "pgfnum": "11567", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/8512ByDw/previewTabbedRiver" }, "22": { "text": "Trying Workflowy", "created": "Sat, 04 Aug 2012 08:59:30 GMT", "name": "tryingWorkflowy", "pgfnum": "11473", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/8412ByDw/tryingWorkflowy" }, "23": { "text": "Tabbed rivers question", "created": "Sat, 04 Aug 2012 19:08:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "11512", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/8412ByDw/javascriptQuestion" }, "24": { "text": "What if Feedburner closes?", "created": "Fri, 03 Aug 2012 13:18:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "11387", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/8312ByDw/theFutureOfFeedburner" }, "25": { "text": "Digg archive gone?", "created": "Thu, 02 Aug 2012 15:41:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "11401", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/8212ByDw/diggArchiveGone" }, "26": { "text": "Quick review of the new Digg", "created": "Wed, 01 Aug 2012 13:20:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "11397", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/8112ByDw/whatDoYouThinkOfTheNewDigg" }, "27": { "text": "In Madison, August 22 and 23", "created": "Wed, 01 Aug 2012 14:20:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "11404", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/8112ByDw/inMadisonAugust22And23" } } }, "5": { "text": "July", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Hello r2.ly, our new URL shortener", "created": "Wed, 01 Aug 2012 00:13:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "11387", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/73112ByDw/newUrlShortener" }, "1": { "text": "Apple OS updates scare me", "created": "Mon, 30 Jul 2012 14:42:53 GMT", "pgfnum": "11354", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/73012ByDw/appleOsUpdatesScareMe" }, "2": { "text": "Olympics on tape-delay? No please!", "created": "Fri, 27 Jul 2012 13:57:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "11218", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/72712ByDw/olympicsInRealtime" }, "3": { "text": "Non-standard body formats", "created": "Thu, 26 Jul 2012 21:06:18 GMT", "pgfnum": "11212", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/72612ByDw/formats" }, "4": { "text": "Dear Fred: A more concise question", "created": "Wed, 25 Jul 2012 14:16:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "11177", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/72512ByDw/dearFredSecondAttempt" }, "5": { "text": "Rich people need to pay more taxes", "created": "Tue, 24 Jul 2012 01:48:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "11171", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/72312ByDw/richPeopleNeedToPayMoreTaxes" }, "6": { "text": "Dear Fred: Re your users' content", "created": "Mon, 23 Jul 2012 13:58:57 GMT", "pgfnum": "11139", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/72312ByDw/fredWilsonAboutYourUsersContent" }, "7": { "text": "Beauty of the web?", "created": "Mon, 23 Jul 2012 18:33:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "11152", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/72312ByDw/beautyOnTheWeb" }, "8": { "text": "Are you busy?", "created": "Mon, 23 Jul 2012 13:20:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "11136", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/72312ByDw/areYouBusy" }, "9": { "text": "Olympics blogs or feeds?", "created": "Wed, 18 Jul 2012 11:24:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "11057", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/71812ByDw/olympicsBlogsOrFeeds" }, "10": { "text": "Why The Newsroom works where The Social Network didn't", "created": "Wed, 18 Jul 2012 02:28:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "11057", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/71712ByDw/newsroomWorksWhereTheSocialNetworkDidnt" }, "11": { "text": "I'm rooting for Yahoo", "created": "Mon, 16 Jul 2012 21:42:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "11038", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/71612ByDw/areYouRootingForYahoo" }, "12": { "text": "How do adults learn computers?", "created": "Tue, 10 Jul 2012 12:32:07 GMT", "pgfnum": "10913", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/71012ByDw/howAreAdultsSupposedToLearnAboutComputers" }, "13": { "text": "Berkman river?", "created": "Tue, 10 Jul 2012 22:06:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "10946", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/71012ByDw/berkmanReadingList" }, "14": { "text": "Nexus/S update woes", "created": "Mon, 09 Jul 2012 05:28:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "10907", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/7912ByDw/nexussUpdateWoes" }, "15": { "text": "Macbook Air/Lion won't wake up", "created": "Mon, 09 Jul 2012 05:49:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "10909", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/7912ByDw/macbookAirlionWontWakeUp" }, "16": { "text": "Is Obama the first black president?", "created": "Mon, 09 Jul 2012 16:57:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "10911", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/7912ByDw/isObamaTheFirstBlackPresident" } } }, "6": { "text": "June", "subs": { "0": { "text": "Questions re podcast suggestions", "created": "Fri, 29 Jun 2012 15:18:36 GMT", "pgfnum": "10901", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/62912ByDw/questionsAboutPodcastSuggestions" }, "1": { "text": "Our Supreme Court", "created": "Fri, 29 Jun 2012 15:51:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "10901", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/62912ByDw/ourSupremeCourt" }, "2": { "text": "NPR and Twitter", "created": "Thu, 28 Jun 2012 14:00:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "10901", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/62812ByDw/howImFollowingTheScotusDecision" }, "3": { "text": "Quick review: Chrome on iPad", "created": "Fri, 29 Jun 2012 00:26:29 GMT", "pgfnum": "10904", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/62812ByDw/chromeOnIpad" }, "4": { "text": "Bi-partisan", "created": "Fri, 29 Jun 2012 02:14:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "10910", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/62812ByDw/bipartisan" }, "5": { "text": "Time to reboot podcasting?", "created": "Tue, 26 Jun 2012 23:27:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "10882", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/62612ByDw/timeToRebootPodcasting" }, "6": { "text": "Should Twitter have a Hate option?", "created": "Tue, 26 Jun 2012 17:31:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "10859", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/62612ByDw/shouldTwitterHaveAHateLink" }, "7": { "text": "The story the tech press missed", "created": "Mon, 25 Jun 2012 04:33:22 GMT", "pgfnum": "10865", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/62512ByDw/theStoryTheTechPressMissed" }, "8": { "text": "Quick review of The Newsroom", "created": "Mon, 25 Jun 2012 04:27:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "10864", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/62512ByDw/quickReviewOfTheNewsroom" }, "9": { "text": "What does ICANN do?", "created": "Sat, 23 Jun 2012 15:43:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "10840", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/62312ByDw/whatDoesIcannDo" }, "10": { "text": "New Orleans river update", "created": "Tue, 19 Jun 2012 14:57:14 GMT", "pgfnum": "10665", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/61912ByDw/newOrleansRiverUpdate" }, "11": { "text": "The choir in Angry Birds Piglantis?", "created": "Mon, 18 Jun 2012 13:15:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "10640", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/61812ByDw/whatAboutTheChoirInAngryBirdsPiglantis" }, "12": { "text": "New Orleans blogs?", "created": "Sun, 17 Jun 2012 19:13:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "10590", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/61712ByDw/newOrleansBlogs" }, "13": { "text": "Wallenda safety feature?", "created": "Sat, 16 Jun 2012 14:11:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "10584", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/61612ByDw/wallendaSafetyFeature" }, "14": { "text": "Why did Dropbox kill the Public folder?", "created": "Fri, 15 Jun 2012 12:22:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "10566", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/61512ByDw/whyDidDropboxKillThePublicFolder" }, "15": { "text": "Netflix hamster commercial (2011)", "created": "Sat, 16 Jun 2012 01:42:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "10584", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/61512ByDw/netflixHamsterCommercial" }, "16": { "text": "New TLD apps", "created": "Wed, 13 Jun 2012 12:44:21 GMT", "pgfnum": "10488", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/61312ByDw/newTldApps" }, "17": { "text": "Is Twitter using Open Graph tags?", "created": "Wed, 13 Jun 2012 13:06:45 GMT", "pgfnum": "10490", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/61312ByDw/isTwitterUsingOpenGraphTags" }, "18": { "text": "Getting started with Radio2", "created": "Wed, 13 Jun 2012 19:30:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "10505", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/61312ByDw/gettingStartedWithRadio2" }, "19": { "text": "Dave's NYC cycling meditation", "created": "Tue, 12 Jun 2012 14:58:00 GMT", "pgfnum": "10483", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/61212ByDw/davesNycCyclingMantra" }, "20": { "text": "Chrome and DDE", "created": "Sat, 09 Jun 2012 18:27:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "10399", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/6912ByDw/chromeAndDde" }, "21": { "text": "Central Park cyclists", "created": "Sat, 09 Jun 2012 17:08:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "10378", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/6912ByDw/centralParkCyclists" }, "22": { "text": "The Unthinkable", "created": "Fri, 08 Jun 2012 21:04:13 GMT", "pgfnum": "10374", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/6812ByDw/theUnthinkable" }, "23": { "text": "What do you think of Twitter's new Display Guidelines?", "created": "Wed, 06 Jun 2012 20:18:01 GMT", "pgfnum": "10289", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/6612ByDw/whatDoYouThinkOfTwittersNewDisplayGuidelines" }, "24": { "text": "Problems with Disqus/Ajax", "created": "Tue, 05 Jun 2012 12:39:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "10217", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/6512ByDw/problemsWithDisqusajax" }, "25": { "text": "Outliner screencast #2", "created": "Mon, 04 Jun 2012 20:57:20 GMT", "pgfnum": "10195", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/6412ByDw/newScreencast" }, "26": { "text": "How big is a tweet?", "created": "Fri, 01 Jun 2012 18:22:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "10102", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/6112ByDw/whatComesAfterATweet" } } }, "7": { "text": "May", "subs": { "0": { "text": "My First Screencast", "created": "Tue, 29 May 2012 14:30:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "10035", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/52912ByDw/myFirstScreencast" }, "1": { "text": "Bitly's \"bitmarks\"", "created": "Tue, 29 May 2012 19:02:30 GMT", "pgfnum": "10041", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/52912ByDw/bitlysBitmarks" }, "2": { "text": "Zipper merge", "created": "Sun, 27 May 2012 14:41:54 GMT", "pgfnum": "9989", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/52712ByDw/zipperMerge" }, "3": { "text": "Should Google have posting API?", "created": "Mon, 28 May 2012 00:09:25 GMT", "pgfnum": "10024", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/52712ByDw/shouldGoogleHaveAPostingApi" }, "4": { "text": "Will Twitter ever have competition?", "created": "Sat, 26 May 2012 23:51:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "9986", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/52612ByDw/willTwitterEverHaveCompetition" }, "5": { "text": "$50 for a year of the NYT?", "created": "Sat, 26 May 2012 01:24:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "9970", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/52512ByDw/50ForAYearOfTheNyt" }, "6": { "text": "Dead is dead.", "created": "Wed, 23 May 2012 18:51:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "25", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/52312ByDw/deadIsDead" }, "7": { "text": "What we're missing in search", "created": "Tue, 22 May 2012 13:04:08 GMT", "pgfnum": "9965", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/52212ByDw/whatWereMissingInSearch" }, "8": { "text": "If I were Google", "created": "Tue, 22 May 2012 13:10:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "9967", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/52212ByDw/ifIWereGoogle" }, "9": { "text": "Why amateur reviewers are better", "created": "Thu, 17 May 2012 14:16:38 GMT", "pgfnum": "9784", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/51712ByDw/whyAmateurReviewersAreBetter" }, "10": { "text": "Tech design can't move that fast", "created": "Thu, 17 May 2012 13:18:19 GMT", "pgfnum": "9777", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/51712ByDw/techDesignCantMoveThatFast" }, "11": { "text": "What are threads for?", "created": "Wed, 16 May 2012 16:38:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "9753", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/51612ByDw/whatAreThreadsFor" }, "12": { "text": "Chrome is better", "created": "Tue, 15 May 2012 15:29:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "9732", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/51512ByDw/chromeIsBetter" }, "13": { "text": "JPM's $2 billion loss? I don't get it", "created": "Sun, 13 May 2012 18:07:11 GMT", "pgfnum": "9612", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/51312ByDw/jpms2BillionLossIDontGetIt" }, "14": { "text": "Interesting at Livefyre", "created": "Sat, 12 May 2012 19:45:58 GMT", "pgfnum": "9599", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/51212ByDw/interestingAtLivefyre" }, "15": { "text": "Question for HTML gurus", "created": "Wed, 09 May 2012 20:02:02 GMT", "pgfnum": "9498", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/5912ByDw/questionForHtmlGurus" }, "16": { "text": "Is computer science relevant?", "created": "Wed, 09 May 2012 12:56:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "9472", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/5912ByDw/isComputerScienceRelevant" }, "17": { "text": "Using Disqus 2012", "created": "Tue, 08 May 2012 21:32:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "9460", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/5812ByDw/usingDisqus2012" }, "18": { "text": "I relive my life through Mad Men", "created": "Tue, 08 May 2012 02:10:48 GMT", "pgfnum": "9406", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/5712ByDw/iReliveMyLifeThroughMadMen" }, "19": { "text": "Examples of great blog design?", "created": "Fri, 04 May 2012 21:52:39 GMT", "pgfnum": "9233", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/5412ByDw/examplesOfGreatBlogDesign" }, "20": { "text": "Missing Boostrap icons", "created": "Wed, 02 May 2012 19:44:34 GMT", "pgfnum": "9174", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/5212ByDw/missingBoostrapIcons" }, "21": { "text": "Canon 320 Wifi setup", "created": "Wed, 02 May 2012 21:24:40 GMT", "pgfnum": "9182", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/5212ByDw/canon320WifiSetup" }, "22": { "text": "Organ donor podcast", "created": "Tue, 01 May 2012 14:30:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "9060", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/5112ByDw/organDonorPodcast" }, "23": { "text": "I can see Clyde shaking his head", "created": "Tue, 01 May 2012 18:20:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "9120", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/5112ByDw/iCanSeeClydeShakingHisHead" }, "24": { "text": "Having fun with Bootstrap", "created": "Tue, 01 May 2012 17:45:26 GMT", "pgfnum": "9097", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/5112ByDw/havingFunWithBootstrap" } } }, "8": { "text": "April", "subs": { "0": { "text": "What's the dispute between Sun and Google?", "created": "Sun, 29 Apr 2012 14:08:15 GMT", "pgfnum": "9004", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/42912ByDw/whatsTheDisputeBetweenSunAndGoogle" }, "1": { "text": "Great NBA Playoffs RSS feed?", "created": "Mon, 30 Apr 2012 00:20:32 GMT", "pgfnum": "9043", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/42912ByDw/greatNbaPlayoffsRssFeed" }, "2": { "text": "Trying out Google Drive", "created": "Tue, 24 Apr 2012 22:07:24 GMT", "pgfnum": "8779", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/42412ByDw/tryingOutGoogleDrive" }, "3": { "text": "Free rent?", "created": "Sat, 21 Apr 2012 17:45:05 GMT", "pgfnum": "8629", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/42112ByDw/freeRent" }, "4": { "text": "New EC2 for Poets", "created": "Fri, 20 Apr 2012 12:27:51 GMT", "pgfnum": "8502", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/42012ByDw/newEc2ForPoets" }, "5": { "text": "Question about URLs", "created": "Thu, 19 Apr 2012 12:13:06 GMT", "pgfnum": "8444", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/41912ByDw/questionAboutUrls" }, "6": { "text": "Casual Games for XBOX?", "created": "Sat, 07 Apr 2012 23:10:33 GMT", "pgfnum": "7359", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/4712ByDw/casualGamesForXbox" }, "7": { "text": "Readability vs Instapaper", "created": "Mon, 02 Apr 2012 16:47:49 GMT", "pgfnum": "7056", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/4212ByDw/readabilityVsInstapaper" }, "8": { "text": "Instability vs Readapaper", "created": "Mon, 02 Apr 2012 16:26:44 GMT", "pgfnum": "7045", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/4212ByDw/instabilityVsReadapaper" } } }, "9": { "text": "March", "subs": { "0": { "text": "A rule for reporters", "created": "Wed, 14 Mar 2012 13:04:47 GMT", "pgfnum": "6375", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/31412ByDw/aRuleForReporters" }, "1": { "text": "It's amazing anyone uses Google+", "created": "Mon, 12 Mar 2012 17:39:59 GMT", "pgfnum": "6328", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/31212ByDw/itsAmazingAnyoneUsesGoogle" }, "2": { "text": "Which Facebook billionaire will buy NYT?", "created": "Sun, 11 Mar 2012 20:29:16 GMT", "pgfnum": "6274", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/31112ByDw/whichFacebookBillionaireWillBuyNyt" }, "3": { "text": "Should journalists play roles in movies?", "created": "Sun, 11 Mar 2012 14:51:03 GMT", "pgfnum": "6257", "type": "redirect", "url": "http://threads.scripting.com/31112ByDw/shouldJournalistsPlayRolesInMovies" } } } } }; //7/9/15 by DW
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