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Thread started by Dave Winer on Saturday, December 08, 2012.

Twitter do something nice for users

Give us a way to delete a tweet from someone else in our Replies tab.

From time to time you get someone directing a speech at you, instead of to all their followers. They must have no idea how 20 messages from them look in someone else's Twitter equivalent of an inbox.

It's lazy and inconsiderate.

I went to the trouble to write my ideas in the form of a blog post. Where I could use full sentences, and not use cryptic abbreviations which are often impossible to decypher. I tried to link to my sources so you could see what I'm talking about if my prose was too dense.

They're rants.

If it were email, you could just delete them, and that would be that. But in Twitter, they just stay there, until they scroll off. And that could take a long time.

Even the most interesting person gets longwinded communicating in 140-character chunk after chunk. And most of these tweets come from people who are angry, exhausted, highly opinionated, and not very respectful (or else they would realize how much of your space they're taking up).

It would be nice if we got one new simple user-oriented feature in Twitter in 2012.