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Thread started by Dave Winer on Monday, November 05, 2012.

If Obama wins

A picture named jets.gifMy wish if Obama wins tomorrow is that he start building a cross-party coalition with his new buds Chris Christie and Bill Clinton. Go to a Jets game maybe. Ask Christie which Repubs are fun to party with. Bring them along too. Start a new informal Cabinet of advisers, people the President hangs with to talk sports or drink a beer or (privately) smoke some reefer. Then they plot out new ways to get the whole country working, not just the tri-state area. We have something much bigger than Sandy to recover from, that is if Obama wins.

If Romney wins, god help us.

Update: If Lindsey Graham keeps saying shit like this he can come to the football game too.

Update: Wouldn't it be fun if Obama named Bill Clinton as Secretary of Getting People to Work Together? I heard Clinton give a speech at the end of his second term where he advised that we all "find a shared vision." This is every bit as much needed today as it was in 2000.