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Thread started by Dave Winer on Tuesday, November 27, 2012.

Nexus 4 arrives

This picture was taken with my Nexus 4 which arrived today.

A picture named nexus4.jpg

Micro-SIM issue permalink

The first task will be to visit a nearby T-Mobile store to see if I can swap my old big SIM for the smaller one that the Nexus 4 takes. It may be that it doesn't take a T-Mobile SIM at all. I still am fuzzy on all this SIM stuff.

Here's the problem with the SIM illustrated in a picture. The SIM that I have is far too big for the adapter they provide.

A picture named sim.jpg

And here's the answer. It's a matter of converting a full-size SIM to a micro-SIM. CNET has a tutorial that explains all the options, including DIY.

Update: The T-Mobile store on 8th Ave and 54th was able to fix it up in a few minutes. They were pretty impressed with my new phone. The guy said he was going to try to order one for himself later today. :-)

Dispatching pictures permalink

The camera app seems to have a lot of features, but there doesn't appear to be a way to send a photo directly from the camera app to email or Twitter or whatever. I seem to remember that Android could do this. It's the first thing I look for.

Several people recommend using the Gallery, but the best answer for me, so far, is to swipe from right to left. The camera viewfinder is replaced with a browser of past pictures. From there you can dispatch them where ever you want.

Setting the wallpaper permalink

It's really frustrating to set the wallpaper. I have a full-size picture of the Mona Lisa, it makes a great background image for a cell phone. I use it on my iPad, my iPod and I want to use it on my Nexus 4.

But the wall-paper setting function in the Settings only lets me select a very small portion of the picture. Can't figure out how to get it to zoom out. But when I display the picture in the Gallery app it works perfectly. And it works perfectly the first time on Apple's devices.

A picture named wallpaperandroid.jpg

Update: I gave up and just used Google's wallpaper-setter app. It's confusing, but I've had it explained to me, and sort of understand. Turns out the Mona Lisa still looks good if you're just looking at a corner of it. Amazing painting that way. :-)

Video player permalink

A few days ago I wrote how I quit Netflix. Partly because Amazon appears to be offering the same service as part of Amazon Prime, and I'm already a member of that (and it costs less than Netflix and I get free shipping).

Then I got the Nexus 4. And found out to my surprise that Amazon Instant Video isn't available for the Nexus 4. Too bad, because it's a very nice little computer for watching movies. I watched Gangnan Style last night a few times and loved the video quality.

But I can play MP4 movies on the device. So it's possible for some of my entertainment to be viewed there.