No marathon
Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 10:28 PM by Dave Winer.
  • A picture named wsmall.jpgThere are many New Yorks right now. I am lucky -- I live in one that's coming back to life quickly. I have TV, electricity, Internet, heat. Most of the stores in my neighborhood are open. The only catastrophe that happened nearby is the crane that fell during the storm. But that seems to be taken care of, and its only a concern because it's caused traffic gridlock in my neighborhood. Very small problem.
  • Last night I took a walk down to 4th St, went cross-town, and came back via Times Square. The contrasts were very heavy.
  • I wondered how we could get the energy that's flowing through Times Square -- and everything is normal there -- to flow through the parts of the city I had just visited that are dark.
  • Today for the first time we're getting a picture of what's happening in Staten Island.
  • What will become apparent tomorrow? And do we really want to use our resources at this time for a huge optional event when citizens and taxpayers in parts of the same city are fighting for their lives? It's more ridiculous because the marathon is a citywide event.
  • No marathon. Bad business for NY.