What Republicans look like, to me
Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 12:07 PM by Dave Winer.
  • Yesterday: "Romney did something with integrity by saying we need to get behind the President. If Romney had won, Obama's supporters, most of them, would have swallowed hard and gotten behind the new President and hoped for the best."
  • I got a response from someone who I later blocked, who said that before we got behind the new President, we would riot and loot first.
  • A picture named archieBunker.gifThen I read this piece by Tom Junod on Esquire where he said: "Though they will be back soon enough with their philosophy of limited government, they will heretofore practice their tried-and-true strategy of demonizing segments of the American population at their peril."
  • I thought these two go together. I wanted to tell my correspondent that I am a middle-aged white, affluent, educated person, who would never in a million years riot or loot anyone or anything. I realize of course that there's no point in saying that, if his intentions were respectful, he would already know that.
  • This is how a lot of us see Republicans. I thought people who think of themselves as Republicans who aren't like this should know that.