Today we're the Decider-in-Chief
Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 11:16 AM by Dave Winer.
  • Bush said he was the Decider-in-Chief.
  • A couple of days ago Bill Clinton picked up the idea and gave it to the President.
  • But today is a special day. The day when we're The Decider.
  • We still haven't done enough with it. But one day maybe we will do more.
  • If we declare our independence from the two parties, and run the next election ourselves, and it's possible -- we have the means to do it -- we can fight a revolution and win. And keep the attention of our leaders long before and after Election Day. And not just on superficial "values" issues, but issues of war and peace, how the economy works, and whether we're serious about saving the planet.
  • But no matter what, don't pay attention to people who say your vote doesn't matter. They're wrong. It does. The act of voting is like exercise. When you run a mile, you end up at the same spot you started at, and you give up an hour of your life. But you have done something. You've preserved your power to do something tomorrow and the day after. Same with voting. Even if you vote for someone you hate, you've still voted. The act itself still matters. And someday it will have more meaning, I'm sure of it.