A reprieve for Google Reader readers
Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 1:08 PM by Dave Winer.
  • I hate to hear the stories of readers who will muddle along and keep reading even though they wish there was a way to get the full text of the stories in their choice of RSS tools.
  • To be clear, the ones who threaten me can go now -- this is a labor of love over here, there's no money involved. You can be bitter or angry with me for not pleasing you, but it only makes me wish you'd go away, not that there was some way I could serve you better.
  • Anyway -- I figured out how I could patch up the feed after the fact, without unnecessarily intertwining software that I'm desperately trying to decouple. The saving grace was that each of my stories is also available in OPML. So I did what Google Reader could and never will do -- I get the OPML and converted it to HTML and replace the feed item description with that text. After creating a title from the description.
  • Not a horrible klooge, and as I said it doesn't involve one piece of software knowing anything about the other, which was the goal. Cost -- 1/2 day -- so far. Let's see if it stays that small an investment. :-)