First October thought
Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 12:06 PM by Dave Winer.
  • A simple first thought for the tech industry at the beginning of October.
  • A picture named tenTons.gifIf your users are always looking for the catch -- waiting for the other shoe to drop, the 10-ton weight, or waiting for the trap door to open -- you've got a problem. If they don't understand your business, how can they understand your product. How can they understand you? And if they can't understand you -- how can they trust you?
  • How naive. To think you might need to have the trust of users to build a company.
  • It's not so naive. I think it's actually pretty naive to think that you can go on indefinitely without nailing that one down.
  • Now, back up a few feet and realize that it's not a single company, but much of an industry that has this vagueness at its core. Even some of the most prosperous companies are built on a foundation of mistrust with the people they depend on for their existence.
  • Feels like the kind of thing you look back on after a bubble-burst and say "Geez, of course that wouldn't work. How could we not have seen that."