Outline your Twitter conversations
Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 10:44 AM by Dave Winer.
  • I just released a tool called Microliner that lets you outline your conversations on Twitter.
  • I don't think anyone has ever had a tool like this, so I'd better explain how it works.
  • 1. Open up the Microliner Workspace window. Enter an idea. 140 characters or less, please. :-)
  • 2. Click the Tweet button. It goes out to all your followers on Twitter.
  • 3. Wait a minute or so. Click the Replies button. Microliner calls Twitter and gets the replies, and arranges them under the messages they are in response to.
  • 4. You can then reply to the replies, and so on. Once you get going, you can participate in a dozen conversations at once, and not lose track of where you are or who you're conversing with. It really works.
  • The tool is available now: http://microliner.opml.org/.