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Thread started by Dave Winer on Sunday, October 14, 2012.

He called the President 'boy'

Just tuned into a little of the Sunday morning news discussion on various networks. The big issue seems to be whether or not VP Biden was disrespectful of Congressman Ryan in the Wednesday debate.

Yes he was. But I haven't forgotten what Mitt Romney said to President Obama. He said the President is like a boy who doesn't tell the truth.

"Look, I've got five boys. I'm used to people saying something that's not always true, but just keep on repeating it and ultimately hoping I'll believe it."

He called the President 'boy' -- to his face.

With 70 million witnesses.

There really isn't anything more offensive for a white man to say to a black man.

Watch the video a few times. I think this was far more outrageous than anything he said at the 47 percent dinner in May.

People complain about t-shirts at rallies worn by Romney fans. But please, this was said by the candidate himself. It didn't seem spontaneous or off-the-cuff.

After the debate Ann Romney called the President a child too.

This isn't an accident, these are strategies. Biden's condescension relative to Ryan was a response.

You wanted acting in debates, you're getting it. But come on, there are two sets of actors here.