We need BYTE
Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 2:52 PM by Dave Winer.
  • A picture named byte.gifWe used to have a pretty good technical journal for developers who worked on PCs. It was called BYTE Magazine. If you came up with something new that was relevent to a bunch of other developers, you could write an article, submit it, and they'd often run it. I wrote a few of them, about outliners and laptops if I remember correctly, when both were pretty new.
  • TechMeme doesn't cover new technology. In all the stuff I've written in the last three or so years, they've only picked up a very few pieces I've written that were about investment. They are really a VC journal. They cover what the investor herd is following. So if you want to know all the nuance of the latest rumor about Apple or Facebook, you'll find it on TM. But if some developer comes up with a good idea we should all know about, that's not something they appear to be interested in.
  • Obviously today it would be a blog, maybe even just a linkblog. But it would be moderated by people with a track record for creating innovative products. I would be willing to start something if others would join in moderating. Crowdsourcing is not what this is about. It must be peer-reviewed by people who create new products and have contributed to the general knowhow. And please no patents.
  • What do you think?