Dead people on voting rolls
Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 5:10 PM by Dave Winer.
  • I love how the Repubs are so alarmed that there are thousands of dead people on the voter rolls. OMG. We have to purge them. It's a sign of fraud! This is terrible. Well...
  • There are also thousands of dead people on Facebook and thousands of dead people with driver's licenses. Every university has thousands of dead people in their alumni databases. Why? Because voters die. And so do Facebook users, and drivers, and alumni.
  • My father died three years ago, and while I miss him still, even more today than I did right after he died, I still haven't called the State of New York to say "You need to take my father off the voter roll." For all I know if he showed up at the right voting place on November 7 they would let him vote. But I promise you he's not showing up anywhere. He's a former voter even though he may still be on the voter rolls.
  • You have to check what the Repubs say very carefully, because while it may be true, what they say might also be designed to lead you to believe something else, something outrageous or fraudulent. That's not happening.