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Thread started by Dave Winer on Saturday, September 29, 2012.

Ron Paul would probably like this

I'm still on the mail list from the Berkeley neighborhood I used to live in. Today I got an email about a fire on the block. Here's the email, with the names and addresses changed.


Last night a bit before 3AM, Shirley Hellman looked out her window saw flames shooting up from the vegetation in front of George and Helen's home @ 202 Filbert. She called 911 while Barney went across the street and put out the fire using George and Helen's garden hose. He prevented what could have been a devastating fire by his quick, intelligent and brave actions.

By the time the fire department arrived with three vehicles plus a police car, the fire was no longer a danger. They completed extinguishing the fire and were gone by 3:20AM.

My thanks again to Shirley and Barney for saving our block from disaster.