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Thread started by Dave Winer on Friday, April 19, 2013.

Wish for WordPress and Tumblr

I love that WordPress and Tumblr have APIs.

However, I wish their APIs were callable directly from JavaScript running in the browser.

As it stands now, unless I'm missing something, if I want to connect to either service from an app running in the browser, I have to run a proxy server that does nothing more than act as a gateway between my browser-based app and their server.

It would be incredibly helpful if they ran that endpoint. They already have to run a server since their apps are entirely server-based.

We're trying to keep server load to a minimum in Fargo. It's one thing to deploy a server that provides some visible functionality for users, but this is just getting around a limit in the browser.

Over time, more functionality can migrate to the "edge" computer. Smoothing out and optimizing the interface between the browser and the server will help move that process along.

Update: It looks like Tumblr has what we're looking for!