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Thread started by Dave Winer on Wednesday, April 03, 2013.

I do outliners for the thinking

A picture named beetlejuice.gifI love outliner people. They are so cool.

I love how the new outliner is so lightweight and "transparent", yet powerful. It's a great mind mapping tool sans the cognitive load of layout and "making it pretty". I would love to see native experiences and sync to cloud (Evernote and the like are IMO becoming too heavyweight and start to get in the way of quickly taking notes or thinking)

When I ship a new outliner that's where people are looking for them, and today that is on the web -- I get to meet a lot of outliner people. And that makes me feel great!!

And that gets me thinking about why I do it. Because now the part about whether or not we attract users, which was speculative a couple of weeks ago, is no longer speculative. They are here, and more are coming.

This is why...

We need better tools for thinking. With those tools we might do more of it, and be more effective. I want the thinkers to be more powerful. That's it, that's why I work on outlining software. It's for the thinking.

The rest of it, open formats, keeping choice in the software, valuing users, that's all so we do more thinking.