Dinner in Cambridge on Wednesday?
Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 10:29 AM by Dave Winer.
  • I'll be in Cambridge, MA on Wednesday, staying overnight and am free for dinner, so let's have a meetup!
  • I posted an item on the Berkman-Thursday list (awkward because this is a Wednesday night event, but it's the people that matter, imho, not the day).
  • Some possible items for discussion.
  • Hey what do you guys think of Jeremy Lin? I love that he came from Harvard.
  • I've been programming in JavaScript in the browser for the last few months. Would be happy to share observations.
  • I'm coming to meet with some folks at Shorenstein and at MIT, and am working on a super-secret project which I might leak about if properly incentivized.
  • I hear they tore down our building. How can something like that happen.
  • One more thing. I heard that Bombay Club is closed. That, and climate change, is enough to cause one to lose hope, I think. But the Red Sox have won the championship, so that's something. I can't imagine what their fans will do now without the curse to lament.
  • Anyway, if there's enough interest we'll pick a restaurant, and post the details here before Wednesday night.