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Thread started by Dave Winer on Sunday, January 06, 2013.

Clyde makes Knicks games hum

A picture named frazier.gifYou know how I say there's room for something between a tweet and a blog post? Like this one. A simple idea worth a few words, but not too many.

I like watching Knicks games on MSG because one of the guys calling the plays is an ex-NBA superstar, and a really smart guy, who takes his job very seriously -- Walt Frazier.

His narrative, I realized watching the game last night, is what goes through the mind of a player on the court. And because he's so smart and cares so much, it's quite a narrative. He loves the sport, and he loves the players, and he loves great basketball. And while the nature of the job isn't to be overly critical, if you listen carefully you can hear what he doesn't like. In a word, lackadaisical play, a term he uses more than he should. :-)

What Clyde doesn't like:

1. Cross-court passing.

2. If you don't play D.

3. Lazy players.

But it's all good. Thanks Clyde for making it real.

"They're still paying homage to JR for his antics."