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Thread started by Dave Winer on Thursday, January 31, 2013.

Developing developers

I've had the privilege to work with a number of young devs over the years, and helped develop their skills. When it really clicks there's a lot of learning going on, all around. And the combination of a graybeard and young turk as a devteam has a lot of things going for it.

It's probably a lot like Mike Woodson working with Carmelo or Ray Felton or JR Smith. Only the older programmer can still do it, if the mind is willing. It's like directing movies as well as basketball.

I know NakedJen who loves both basketball and movies will understand this. :-)

BTW, when NJ came to visit in December, I knew she loved movies, but I had no idea about basketball. How did that happen?

In tech, however -- we set those young talented people out to conquer the world on their own. Their coaches, unlike basketball players, aren't developers. So they don't know what to tell them.

No wonder we make so little progress from generation to generation.

I'd really like to change this.