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Thread started by Dave Winer on Tuesday, January 01, 2013.

Moving to S3

With the new static sites feature in Amazon S3, it should now be possible to host in an S3 bucket.

This is my first project of the new year. We hope. Knock wood. :-)

I have a script that will upload all the files from, some dating back to 1994, to the bucket.

I would like to, if possible, preserve the creation and mod dates on the files. Through all the transitions over all the years, I have managed to do that because my scripts have been careful to transfer this metadata along with the actual data.

Now I'm trying to figure out if this is possible with S3. I see how you can associate metadata with a file as you upload it. However I don't see a way to transfer the modification and creation dates. If anyone has a clue, the help would be much appreciated.

PS: I know is down for most people now. Unfortunately this transition has not been without glitches. And there are broken images too! Still diggin.