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Thread started by Dave Winer on Sunday, July 14, 2013.

10 steps to My First Post

This is how we iterated over web content managment to arrive at what we now call blogging, in the late 90s.

I wrote down the steps it took to update a page on my website. When we started, there were a huge number of steps, and you had to hold two models in your head, one for the web version, and the other for the content version, and know how to translate from one to the other.

Once we realized this was the problem, we determined to coalesce it into one view. And that made it possible to reduce editing a post to three steps from several dozen.

We're at a similar place now, but we've optimized even further, and now creating a new blog and writing your first post has been reduced to 10 steps, which include things like press this key, or click this icon. 10 steps from nothing to your first post.

1. Launch Fargo.

2. Choose New from the File menu.

3. Enter the title of your outline.

4. Choose Name outline from the File menu.

5. Choose a name that isn't taken.

6. Click the + icon in the left margin.

7. Enter the title of your post.

8. Press the Tab key.

9. Enter a few lines of text.

10, Click the eye icon to view your post.

And we did it without sacrificing depth. This is a highly configurable system, for people who like to dabble a bit, all the way to professional designers and developers. And it's easier to get to My First Post than it has ever been before.