Servermatrix becomes IBM
Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 9:25 AM by Dave Winer.
  • A picture named grandpa.gifAbout ten years go, seriously, I signed up at Servermatrix and created three or four servers. The first podcasting servers were there. Podmonster1 and 2 I think were their names. A lot of the old UserLand sites are still running there.
  • Servermatrix was something of a breakthrough in its day. Previously, to get hosting, I had to buy a box and colocate it at some place with good net connectivity, electricity, air conditioning, etc. What they did was make renting a server almost as easy as buying something on Amazon.
  • I still have one server running there, with all the stuff I'm too busy lazy to port.
  • Then a few years ago Servermatrix got bought by a company called Softlayer.
  • Their emails were a little different, but I just let them charge my credit card, and tried to forget about the server still running there. Mostly I was able to do that.
  • Then this morning I got an email saying Softlayer was bought by IBM.
  • Now I have a server at IBM.
  • Not a big deal, just worth observing.