Something amiss in IOS-Land?
Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 8:18 AM by Dave Winer.
  • Two blog posts in the last 24 hours add up to something possibly amiss?
  • 1. Linus Ekenstam's Simplicity my ass. It's a wonderful rant, and I say that with deepest respect as someone who believes the rant is rapidly becoming a lost art. We need more strong opinion. Too many people wishing and washing. Say what you think. And what Mr Ekenstam thinks is that IOS 7 is a crock.
  • 2. In his own way, Marco Arment agrees that IOS 7 is a crock, but one filled with opportunity for predatory developers, such as Marco. Of course he just sold Instapaper to Betaworks, and his Tumblr stock, sold to Yahoo, has made him rich -- so he has nothing to lose as Apple, apparently has pulled the rug out from all their developers. This is also a great rant, filled with testosterone. A must-read in what is becoming a lost art.
  • So, if all this is true, what does it mean?
  • I can't imagine that developers relish the choices that Apple is giving them.
  • But what about users? As an iPod user myself, I'm accustomed to Apple ripping up the pavement in iTunes, making things that I depend on disappear in one version, only to re-appear years later in a wholly new place in the UI. Most of my use of the iPod depends on this connection, so I've deliberately kept my dependency on this product limited. I'm accustomed to Apple playing hide-and-seek with vital features.
  • My iPads are a somewhat different story. I use lots of software there. Some of it might go away. It's hard to imagine me getting too upset. Until I read these two pieces.
  • As a veteran developer myself, I'm so glad I do not develop for this platform.
  • I am still an Apple shareholder. Not necessarily happy about that! :-(
  • And as someone who relishes tech as entertainment, I'm grabbing a box of virtual popcorn and watching, hopefully from a safe-enough distance.