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Thread started by Dave Winer on Monday, March 18, 2013.

Dear Mr Pierce

Over the weekend Charles Pierce took a swipe at my earlier piece about sources going direct.

He has summarized my thoughts: "Journalism is no longer an actual profession because everyone can do it because BLOGS!, that's why. Well, fine, that's an argument. But it's not a good one."

Nor does it in any way resemble what I said.

Or anything I have ever said or thought or even dreamed.

And btw, how insulting to be called that superficial and that stupid.

This is what I mean about reporters not listening to people outside their own profession.

To Klein, he was condescending, but respectful, at least superficially. He didn't read Klein's piece either, or if he did, none of the meaning was reflected in his critique.

My piece? Clearly he didn't even read it. And he didn't care how stupid it made him look, to be so dismissive and condescending without even bothering to find out what it was he was dismissing.

Regardless, he's an entertaining and often insightful writer. But I'll always remember when reading him that I've seen some pretty sloppy thinking on his part, and it'll make me question the other stuff he says.

To Mr Pierce: I love reading your stuff, and if your getting paid is what it takes for you to continue, I hope you continue to get paid for a long time to come. I hope that puts to rest any thought that I begrudge you your salary. :-)