Getting .mobi files into Kindle/iPad
Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 5:02 PM by Dave Winer.
  • I tweeted that you couldn't do this, and got replies from a dozen or more people with ways to do it. And I'm happy to report at least one of them works.
  • 1. Use the email address that Amazon provides for your Kindle. It's on the Amazon site, poke around, you'll find it.
  • 2. The Kindle app shows up under Apps in iTunes. You can drag .mobi files into its Documents directory and they show up in the Kindle app.
  • 3. You can use Dropbox. It will report it can't open the files but if you look in the upper right corner of the screen there's a way to send them to a bunch of apps, for .mobi files this includes the Kindle app.
  • There may be other methods, if you know of them, please add a comment below.