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Thread started by Dave Winer on Friday, May 03, 2013.

Fargo and Markdown

A picture named drummer.gifA quick note about a new development with our Fargo outliner.

Fargo now has a Markdown processor baked-in. This means that a user can write a Markdown-formatted outline, and generate HTML from it, with a single command in the File menu.

We're using the open source Pagedown library.

Markdown and text go together, by design. Outliners are text editors, a special kind that understand structure. There is a structure to Markdown, as there is structure to HTML, but so far as we know, none of the Markdown editors have been outliners.

How the connection with outlines and Markdown will proceed is an unknown. By baking in Markdown we're asking a simple question. How does this work? We hope to hear from users and other smart people who have ideas.

This feature is available in Fargo 0.55, which is now released on the site.

Let's have fun! :-)