The Fargo-WordPress connection
Thu, May 2, 2013 at 10:59 AM by Dave Winer.
  • A picture named wheel.gifMy outliner is an authoring tool. I think of it as the hub of a wheel with lots of spokes. At the end of each spoke is a way to communicate.
  • Some of the spokes lead to private places, for example, the worknotes I share with my programming partner. No one else sees those. But then there are blog posts, like the one you're reading now. At the end of this spoke is software I wrote that renders an outline in this form. I'm one of a small number of people, today, using that method of rendering.
  • Yesterday we released a spoke that leads to WordPress, the popular open source blogging environment. You can now use Fargo to create and edit posts in WordPress. This works in two ways:
    • 1. You can use the outliner to organize a library of posts you want to be able to access quickly.
  • Here are the docs for the feature, and a list of recent new posts written in Fargo.
  • Here's a homemade video demo of the new Fargo-WordPress connection.
  • Over time you'll see us add more connection, and of course offer a general way for anyone to add new spokes to the wheel. And because we're using an open format, it'll even be possible to hook other outliners up to the same connections.
  • For anyone who cares, this is how you bootstrap a new standard, a coral reef for authoring and rendering.
  • PS: This is what the post looks like in WordPress. :-)