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Thread started by Dave Winer on Thursday, January 10, 2013.

The path to static nirvana

If you're using the new static sites feature on S3 here's something to watch out for.

I decided over the holidays to move to a static site running on Amazon S3.

A picture named accordionGuy.gifIt went pretty well, though uploading a folder with a huge number of files is something that we don't have good tools for with S3. But eventually I got it all up there, using a Firefox plug-in, called S3Fox Organizer. I had been using it for years, but forgot about it when I switched to Chrome last year. If you're managing large static S3 sites it's nice to have it around.

Then at the end, I had as a loose-end to do the same for I wanted to have it simply redirect to from an S3 bucket. I thought this would be a simple matter, but it turned out to be impossible, leaving me in a tough bind that I'm still in.

The reason I can't do it:

1. Amazon rightly requires that bucket names be unique.

2. Someone has a bucket named Don't ask me why, I have no idea.

3. Therefore I can't have a bucket named, even though I registered the domain, a long long time ago. No one has ever had it but me.

I haven't tried to figure out who it is, but I probably should, and ask them nicely if they could give it up.

Right now I have a dynamic server running on EC2 doing the remap. But gets a lot of traffic. It's the primary name the site went by until I became a fan of shorter names. :-)